Saturday, July 19, 2008

NOCs, NOCs who's there?!...Just a bunch of foreign pet poodles!

Flanked by two very powerful American- Zionist (William Cohen and Paul Halfwits) so what are we to think Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!

*News update*

An angry picture of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) on the front page of the Sunday Times today with a quote from him which says: " I was stripped naked and had my private parts examines. They also measured the parts." But, of course they have to do that to you because you have been charged under the law for such a case! Well let us get into a correct perspective here. To begin with, he is being charged for sodomy, a criminal charge that is. For what he ios and was, he was given a special privilege where the authority asked for his consent to be examined in this case. Now then, the law says if a person is charge in such a case the authority has every right to do the initial procedure such as checking his whole body, without permission. Procedures are procedures, no one actually should be exempted from it. Isn't it enough that a hospital director had to explain the procedures to BABI. How can we allow this one man to hold this country hostage by his foolish and theatrical antics by accusing the authority of being biased towards his detention and treatment? BABI, as the PM have said, just comply with the procedure and get it over with for I and the rest of the world want to know whether you are a sodomite. If you are found not to be guilty I, and all of us will apologise to you and your family. Until then do not be a FUCKER and just comply with the authority because we are just plain tired of you and your nagging problems.


Yes my fellow Malaysians! NOC stands for "non official cover", or to put very bluntly a non-official informers working for the interest of foreign power, especially the American.
A short story before I ramble on. Years ago during "Operasi Lallang" a futile attempt was made by a bunch of un-patriotic non-Malay Malaysians who banded together to destabilise and to "overthrew" the existing government of Mahathir Mohamad at that time. Many people, under this operation, were detained,
One particular Malaysian Indian, a very senior editor of an English tabloid at that time, that shall remain anonymous, was clearly known to be working very closely with the American Embassy. He was seen and being photograph having a meeting with a Kuala Lumpur CIA station chief at that time. Lo and behold this particular Malaysian editor of Indian origin managed to flee to America to escape Operation Lallang where he was given a green card to stay and work in the USA. The question then was how in the world did he managed to get a green card in a jiffy!
He is now back in the country working as though nothing had hapened and I was told he is still working for the opposition, possibly for Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) still, last time I check, and more than likely to be still working for the CIA! Sigh! Read more here...
Okay let's cut to the chase, many more non-Malay journalists that I know then and today are still believed to be happily working for foreign government's interest, such as Singapore. They have no qualm about doing it, why not the perk is good. But then you cannot really blame them for doing what they do. Many feel so "alienated" and "disenfranchise", but then that is really not a valid reason to be traitorous, or to sell your country tot he highest bidder, or to create chaos via your writing!
Back to Operation Lallang , it was something like what is happening today, such as a vocal NGO's questioning many unrealistic issues, a non-Malay owned newspaper writing disparaging remarks questioning the wisdom of our deeply entrenched institutions, such as the NEP, the judicial system, the police, the army. Or an English tabloid that shall remain unmentioned here appears to be subliminally a voice of the opposition i.e. of BABI. A good column written by my good old friend, in the same tabloid, which was not complimentary of BABI was buried in page 34. So go figure!
NOCs can also come on many forms here. An English-tabloid is owned by a Chinese party appears to be fanning the issues pertaining BABI. Why this tabloid is doing this? Well so many Chinese-Malaysians really want to see the solidly entrenched Malays institution to falter, the best way to do this is to support BABI in his Quiotic quest to be a PM? Hey if I am a Chinese or Indian chauvinist I would want the same also right! To destroy anything Malay via an unhappy but dangerously popular rabble-rouser that can tricked people into believing anything through lies!
There is this picture of BABI with two ardent Zionist supporters and why is BABI being so well protected by this powerful Zionist members, well you say it and use you grey matter and I am not going to say it for you.

P.S. I received a SMS which says, already there is an incident where a peaceful ground breaking ceremony for a surau was marred ugly by protest from a Hindu group, where a politician was slapped when he intervened. All I can see is a Hindu group is now too bold enough to challenge a Muslim community, so where do you think this might lead us to, well I am not going to say it for you but you use you grey matter to figure this one out. A very dangerous time indeed for all of us.


Idzan Ismail said...

Dear Pasquale,

You mean the guy is back. I know he was home when Anwar was at his zenith. Heard he was offered a position with a major corporation with a bungalow and chauffeur- driven car. Guess he thought Anwar will be the next PM. But the sodomy case surfaced. He took the first flight home to his adopted country. When I was in the tabloid, I like him personally and professionally. His political affiliation, I will not comment. He's lucky indeed to have pals in a powerful nation. Yeah, I don't know why the Americans have a fixation with Anwar. I think they perceived him to be persecuted. You know how they love to be saviours. I still remember an incident in 1999 when I was at my eldest gal's graduation in Amherst. There was this parent who shouted you mean you are from Mahathir, the dicator, country. And now the same happened to my youngest girl, a freshman at University of Chicago. Questions often asked: isn't Anwar your PM yet?.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Bro Pasquale,

Wlcme bac to d blogging world, heheh..its been quiet on ur blog n miss sum of ur articles..again gud to read ur articles,.. as for Bro AnWar, wat I heard is not gud but having a moron like PLah is worst.. Seems PLah intervene to have bro AnWar release on bail whrere as initially d police wanted to seek a remand order.. PLah is collaborating wth bro AnWar & KJ is d executioner..heheh..wat can I say..cud b thru cud b false..go figure out ourself..all dis happening frm debate to d special request(demand) for bro AnWar to give DNA is all a political game to give publicity to bro AnWar.. why d heck didun anybody approach Nalla for all d infos on bro AnWar's antic.. ask Nalla to expose on d communication between bro AnWar n CIA during Tun's time..wat bout d tape taken in Nalla's house, d one frm undr d swimming pool wth d glass panel..wat bout d fax frm CIA to bro AnWar..what d heck r we waiting for...duh..wat can I say..Nalla have a lot of bro AnWar's secret so UMNO shud get him to talk..apo nak di kato,.heheh..(",)


Fac ut gaudeam!

lebih percaya pada ular said...


Bersedia kah kita untuk berjuang demi agama dan bangsa kita?

Bersedia kah kita untuk mati demi agama dan bangsa kita?

Atau kita ini hanya mempunyai pemimpin retorik seperti Nik Aziz PAS (anda belum tentu masuk syurga), Anwar Ibrahim PKR atau pemimpin2 UMNO yang hanya mementing kekayaan sendiri sahaja?

Pak Lah,

Hanya Tuhan sahaja memahami apa yang kami fikir tentang ketidak keupayaan anda dalam mentadbir negara ini.

Anwar Ibrahim Dot Com (AIDC) said...

Tiga soalan untuk bakal PM


Abafahim said...

adakah kerajaan PR selangor akan terus membelakangkan kaum melayu?

Kita sedih, kecewa, marah tapi bila masa untuk bertindak? Caranya?

Pls share with us!

Anonymous said...

I think I know who that Malaysian-Indian editor you mentioned, and yeah he is a bit of a racist and I don't believe he ever likes the Malays when he was with the Star (oops!) I mean an English tabloid! His English was okay but when he speaks he has some kind of a speech impediment, very unusually irritating. And also Pasquale I do know you we have worked together, remember Rennies?


A gerago from Seremban!

Anonymous said...

man oh man...

i felt sorry for your country..i can't believe that there are people in your country that supports gays and homosexuals liars as politicians..and he (anwar of course) sure is a major drama queen ever..fags!..His supporters hail him as the second coming and his words are all words of wisdom to them..but none of them ever realize that he is a faggot?bunch of idiots!

I've said this before, you (anwar supporters) said that you guys are not stupid and realize your government wrongdoings pretty sure that you guys are very,very stupid..coz all that i read these past couple of months are just about you guys being so severely stupid for standing up to this fag (Anwar) without really thinking his motives, goals and even the future of your country's sovereignty. Can't you realize that?
Even during the live debate, he is trying to hustled you Malaysians.He can't even provide an evidence that support his statement that he is against the IMF (during the economic crisis).All he cares about are just his personal gains from all these chaos situations. I think all you Malaysians should realize that he is an un-patriotic homosexual liar and you Malaysians all-races should stand united to get rid of these traitors (anwar and his friends).

I agree that your country is currently lead by an incompetent leader and ministers but there are a lot of people in your current government that can replace them. Your country are well-known for its races diversities and the great respects,peaceful and harmony among these races that other countries didn't possessed. Don't destroy your beautiful country and nation by believing in his(anwar) lies.

Your forefathers has fought hard for your country's freedom and you should defend it harder so it will never fall into the evil hand of anwar and his proxies. Trust me, you Malaysians are a great nation.

Anonymous III

Hj. Kamaruddin Taib said...


Apa pula saudara tulis seolah-olah orang Hindu nak lawan orang Islam? Kenapa saudara bersikap batu api padahal tiada sebarang ancaman atau situasi seperti ini?

Sikap saudara ini kurang bertanggungjawab, kerana membuat andaian palsu yang sengaja ingin mengkucar-kacirkan hubungan di antara bangsa-bangsa di negara kita demi kepentingan politik sendiri.

Usahlah begini, saudara. Usah mengheret masuk isu agama pabila tiada pun sebarang permusuhan seperti ini.

Pasal HINDRAF tu, yang orang ramai-ramai dulu tu ikut membuat perarakan untuk apa? Untuk menarik perhatian kerajaan terhadap orang India yang miskin papa kedana terutamanya golongan estet yang ditindas dan terbiar.

Kenapa pula saudara nak ungkit-ungkit pasal persengketaan antara agama? Ini bukan realitinya sama sekali. Ini boleh dikatakan menghelah. Ingat-ingatlah, cukup salah berbuat begini di mata Allah SWT.

Saya gesa agar saudara lebih bertanggungjawab dan bersikap adil dan objektif dengan tulisan saudara itu. Biar apa pun yang kita tulis itu terdiri daripada apa yang benar.


Queen Elizabeth III said...

I think your country is in deep shit. I have seen a lot of photos of Tun Dr M and George Soros together. For 22 years Malaysia is being screwed. Hope your next PM Najib does not take picture with Jews.

Pasquale said...

haji kamaruddin taib, I think you are in reality a Hindu. My take is I am not trying to be a batu api, as you said, it is just that Hindraf and the extreme Hindu community must think rationally before deciding to be more aggressive towards this Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Your action will riled up some right wing Melayu, now that will be bad!


only human said...

Pasquale, please stop harping about Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. This land does not belong to Malays alone. In fact, every inch of land on this planet does not belong to any single race as it is Allah's and His alone.

Your presumption of Haji Kamaruddin Taib being in reality a Hindu clearly shows that you are a bigot. You think you are always right and others who do not subscribe to your way of thinking are your 'enemies'. Tsk tsk.

buttercity said...

batu api.. :(

btw, i am a malay..

Pasquale said...

Dear only human and buttercity!

I can harp on Persekutuan Tanah Melayu as long as I want. Just like Persekutuan Tanah German, Persekutuan Tanah America, Persekutuan Tanah Canada, etc etc. I can harp on it since it is my house, and in my house I expect to see order and decorum, if you are not happy go find another house. And do not be naive in your assessment of the world. BTW I am still not convinced both of you are Malay!

Anonymous said...


Hang ingat hang ni pandai. Hang kagum dgan "kebijaksanaan" hang sendiri.


You will learn from this mistake insyallah. If you still would not, then i can only have sympathy for you.

You are a disgrace to Islam.

PS: You dont have to be convinced that i am a Malay.

A Muslim

Anonymous said...


broken Malaysian said...

If u want to be Malaysian, forget referring with Tamil Nadu. Abolish Tamil school etc. & Only mainstream education will be allowed.

Like American, british Japan.
Hindraf: stupid to make show in UK.

British cheat Indian but Malay become their hate object.

Nusantara for past Millennium belong to Malay. & Malay nowhere to go like Hidraf- can stay in Tamil Nadu or Jaipur Or Delhi..

But I think yuo know ccorruption In india is worst. & In malaysia there are many political party for Indian. This fact shown corruption in leadership.

If tou are poor, blame your leader first. work hard reduce your 'Mandor ular' attitude & habit during working time.

the plot said...

envy rahman??? najib should jaga jaga as pak lah and anwar are ganging up. the link men to this plot are envy and kali. bro, use your military intel source and check the connection between envy and kali.

yesterday once more said...

I do hope Persekutuan Tanah Melayu will be strong as PT German, PT America, PT Canada one day. We must learn not to send our man on others space ship on a holiday in space, we must start to win gold in SEA game & Asia game more often and not depends on non-Melayu otherwise how can we be proud to claim the credit and don't share house with them.

BTW do we really have something called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu? If we have it must be very low & stuck in the mud. I like P Ramlee movies but again he isn't a product of PT Melayu?

Anyway we should support Najib he is Malaysia's hope.

Pasquale said...

Dear A Muslim!

I also think you are a Hindu!


monk said...

You are sounding like a broken record...just like Tun M.

agree with buttercity, firestone la u...

Anwar will not be charged. Pak Lah will make sure of that.

AG and IGP will go for early retirement due to fabrication of evidence.

Pakatan Rakyat will not form govt for now. Pak Lah to continue his reign well past 2010.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pasq ,

Pi Thailand buat apa ??????? he he he he he he ...............

Anyway BABI thinks he is above the law again n again n again . He is also behind Hindraf(babi got his singnature all over hindraf)Hindraf uses babi style , memalukan malaysia kat overseas .


Anonymous said...

You can watch hindustan/tamil movies to familiarize yourselves with a nature of a culture. Nobody is created equal and some groups may be more emotionally violent than others. Denials disguise as being fair/unracist or whatever will create more trouble in future.

Rab said...

welcome back!! Anwar will stop at nothing to be PM. He has crippled our country all over again in the eyes of the world, by painting the country in a dictatorship light whose only concern is to go after him, and invoke US's penchant for playing saviour.

buttercity said...

I am a 28 year old Muslim Malay. I dont care about Ketuanan Melayu. Allah created every each of us equally..

p/s: Pasquale, how old are you? My pakciks & makciks also had the same kind of thinking like you.. I had difficulties arguing with them..

Pasquale said...

Dr Nedu I have to reject your comment since you signed off as "BarkingmagpieARACIST". I will not tolerate this. Barkingmagpie is not a racist he is just practical.

As for you buttercity, either you have been buggered by BABI or you are just one of those unfortunate Malay Muslim who was brought up by this country's flawed education system. You are the AF generation, you have no idea what is the meaning of the word nationalism. Me your auntie and uncle are probably from my generation who still remember Malays in Singapore being ethnically cleansed (look up in the Dictionary if you do not understands the words)driven out of their villages by the Chinese! You will forever have problem arguing with your older relatives simply because you might be a Moron (look it up again in the dictionary). If you don't care about ketuanan Melayu prepare to be ethnically cleansed again!

buttercity said...

Although you had a quite foul mouth, at least one good thing about you is that you speak from your heart. Keep up with the writing.

Sigh.. Now I understand my makciks & pakciks better..

buttercity said...

Btw, uncle Pasquale..

"Ethnically cleansed.." statement is also used by HINDRAF..

Pasquale said...

buttercity,my mouth is only foul when I am confronted with imbecile, moron, and simpleton. If you are any of the above please go visit somebody else. Many people mistook the Malays for buffoon and idiot. One thing for sure is that the Malays will not embarked on any foolish "ethnic cleansing" program unless they are being challenged or provoked. Always remember that Malays are very accommodating people and many of other groups mistook this as a sure sign ofweakness and decided to take advantage upon. Always remember Hindraf woes lie with its leader in this case it is S. Samy Vellu. And they are stupid enough to be made use of by BABI!