Sunday, August 31, 2008

The difference between a guest and the to speak!Yes this is about Malaysia!

Malay Kingdom have been trading with others since time immemorial!

Let me quote Datuk Dr Hassan Ahmad, chief executive of Yayasan Karyawan, he was also the former Malaysia permanent representative at the UNESCO and former director-general of DBP.
He said in an issue of a Malay magazine Dewan Masyarakat, that "Bangsa Melayu has always been the "tuan" in Tanah Melayu since centuries ago. "Just as the Chinese, Indian, Japanese and the Germans, in theirs," he added.
Actually the issue of Malay sovereignty and Malay supremacy in the country has never been an issue or being questioned in the past. The problem lies when some one or a group of people who try to equate the Malay sovereignty and supremacy, in a political context, as a a pro-Malay policy.
It must be reminded that a major race, that is the owner of the country or the "host", has two distinctive characters: one, is that they are the owner or a host of that particular country, and second, as a majority they have the right to determine their fate or future based on what they want for themselves, without interference or having to listen to the whims and fancies of other races who came and decided to make the country home, or having to listen to what other countries have to dictate to tell us what to do.
"Tuan rumah" the host, in this case the Malays, are not of the same status as the "orang pendatang", or those who came from other region or plain, or country to settle here.
It must be remembered by everyone that the Malay supremacy int his country is related very closely with the concept of Malay sovereignty.
One must remember that one of the most important character of that particular race is that it is a sovereign race it has a country and a government of its own.
The Malays have their own governance since the beginning of the Kerajaan Melayu-Srivijaya in Palembang, from 7th to 12th century. Then the Malay government of Melayu-Islam Samudera-Pasai from 13th century in Acheh and the rest of the Malay Peninsular until the 15th century in Malacca. Followed by the government of Johor-Riau that later on to inherit the Melayu-Malacca government.
The Malays must not fall to trap into believing that the Malay government is only 50 years old, the assumption when the British gave us our "freedom" after colonising us for a while. No sir! I do not and cannot accept that they, the Malays, have been an entity only after 50 years, I as a person cannot accept 31st of August as the day of Independence for the Malays!
In the final analysis, this is a Malay country and we are sharing it with the rest but they must abide to a majority rule. If the non-Malays feel that they have been treated as a second class citizen they must have their heads check.

P.S. I can also be as racist as the next racist and this is my point. This is very important for all the bleeding heart liberal Malaysians out there to remember, Malays included, not to stir up a hornet's nest we can get stung!


Anonymous said...

the "pendatangs" need a refresher course especially the older generations so that they should have teach their later generations their hardship and how acomodating the MELAYU to let them share a life here in the The Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

now after few generations, these lots are becoming what the Malay called "KURANG AJAR" trying to have equal rights with te Malays, that once gave them an helping hands.

they are trying to do this thru politics that lead by some half-past six so called Melayu that championing their course without knowing their roots.

i don't care if the "pendatangs" want equal treament as any individual in this Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.





mydin said...

Bro I have a problem. I am a mamak but when i make my ic they say i cannot put mamak as a race because i have a "bin". So i have no choice to accept myself as malay. Actually i dont want to be malay although i am born here but i have no choice. I dont want to be the Tuan, i prefer the real Tuan malays tell me what i can or cannot do because i consider myself tumpang in this country.

My cousin he also has a problem, he was born in UK. He dont understand why he has the same rights as the white people there. He want to be second class citizen and accept the white people as Tuan. But he is dissapointed that there is no such thing as English supremacy. Now he cannot stand it and want to migrate to malaysia so he can live normal like me.

Linette said...

It is the UMNO politicians who keep on harping on this Ketuanan Melayu thing and complaining that it is being challanged. It is UMNO politicians who keep frightening the Malays about the other races. I am a Chinese. I have never considered it wrong to give an advantage to the poor and marginalised to bring them on par with the rest of society. The poor and marginalised include segments of all society. If asking for some fairness (when one is not a Malay) is considered racist than yes, I am racist. The world is globalised now and we need to compete with the rest of the world or we will be left far behind. The Government is not preparing us for this. Pasquele you need to open up your eyes and mind.

Anonymous said...

How narrow minded a view can this be? We are living in the 21st century. It is not about being a liberal or a traditionalist, its about keeping up with the times and profiting from our diversity. By Pasquale's argument how then can we justify the fact that evn in the United Kingdom a non English immigrant can become a mayor of a city and even Prime Minister if he so wishes. Is it the Malays of this country who are keen on perpetual ketuanan or is it only the power crazy UMNO?

islandboy said...

Is that your keris or are you just happy to see me?

Firdaus Wong said...

I think you should use your brain rather than your feet to think and talk. If a malay is Muslim he.she must know that even in Islam no race is superior than any other race and please do not forgot that Malaysia wont be this prosper without the help of those so called "pendatang". Yes, this is previously call Tanah Melayu but now is call Malaysia so that should not be Bumiputra or non-Bumiputra because most of us is born here...Can Khairy call himself a Bumiputra since he born and raised in Kuwait? Can a Malay born and raised in other country and came back and claim they r Bumi? If Malay doesnt on par with non-Malay then who should be blame? Malay leader that hv lead this country for more than 51 year and if the Malay still poor then who discriminate Malay? The answer is those Rich Politician Malay than discriminate Malay and not those so called "pendatang". UMNO doeasnt represent the majority of Malay. I'm a Chinese Muslim and please do not use Islam as a tool for politic gain because of the action of those ambitious politician that make Islam look bad... Islam never teach us to discriminate or teach us to feel more superior than any other race... Islam is bigger than any race BECAUSE ISLAM IS UNIVERSAL... I born as Malaysian and I died as Malaysian... Malaysia for MALAYSIAN...We love this country as much as you love it... WE ARE MALAYSIAN and not Bumi or non-Bumi...FULL STOP...

ayor lemuju said...

Oh, sure Mydin there's no such thing as English supremacy. I'm sure your cousin can be Queen's grandson-in-law. And I'm sure if he visits Mumbai all the Hindustanis will bow on their knees and smell his toes for he is an Briton.

Omong said...

Convenient to use globalisation as a mask for stealing the original people's rights.

China is stil not a democracy and India is still practising the caste system.

If they want change then, like the western countries, every administration WILL be in the language of the country - Bahasa Malaysia (Melayu). All business transaction will solely be in that national language.

This means no Chinese or Indian schools (like the western countries). Adopt in totality. No Mandarin or Tamil newspapers, no Tamil or Mandarin news channel.

Official ceremonies dictate the Baju Melayu and songkok for men and scarfs for the women.

Don't ever make the mistake of equating humility and modesty as stupidity and weakness!!

What say you Mydin and Linette?

Anonymous said...

yeah,...makak don't want to be a malay, but they fight for ASB. what a hypocrite and selfish lots. That's why if you see a K... and a snake kill the K...first. orang tua-tua Melayu dulu dah kena dengan bangsa ni. Remember mamak Bendahara dalam kerajaan Melayu Melaka?

Anonymous said...

Until this 'ketuanan Melayu' clique was politicised by UMNO, the Malays never had to defend their 'ketuanan' because as a race, they are very humble and well mannered people.

I am a Chinese and grew up in Trengganu and I could not have asked for better fellow citizens than the Malays I went to school and grew up with. And they never looked at me at any time as a 'pendatang'. Sadly, we now look at each other through coloured visions
all because politicians find it opportune to play the race card to get ahead and damn the consequences.

Anonymous said...

refreshing...wa caya sama lu bro. an

Anonymous said...

Sayadahbosan said:

Since we have given them a place called home why not we kick them out as we are their host? But then there is this word TOLERANCY.

Melayu tahap toleransinya sangat tinggi kadang-kadang I wish we are not that tolerant. Now these people that we welcomed into this country especially their younger generations are biting the host's hands. What should WE do? just sit and be courteous and tolerant? Can we tolerate this?

Malays are too TOLERANT. let us stop being too tolerant when others are not.


The Guest said...

Lets talk about common etiquette.

When you invite/allow someone into your home, you consciously agree to a set of unwritten rules; one of those rules is that as a host you have the obligation to accord your guest the best you have to offer. This practice cuts across race, religion and geography.

If you agree your guest to stay in your house for an extended period of time, or permanently, then you are consciously agreeing to make them your 'adopted' family member, and as such must accord them the same treatment you accord to your own flesh and blood. This practice also cuts across race, religion and geography.

Now your guest on the other hand, whether staying temporarily or permanently in your house, has their own rules to follow. They must accept and accept you as the host, and owner of your abode, and they must accommodate and bear with your principles, habits and/or eccentricities.

And the guest, whether staying temporarily or permanently in your house, should contribute in some way towards the expenses of the host, either through helping with household chores, looking after the hosts' children, or in the case of a permanent guest, pay their share of the food and utility bills, while also helping with chores around the house. This is just the right thing to do.

So as long as the guest is well behaved, do not cause the host any problem or have conflict with the host's children and family, the host should ensure that his guest's stay is as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. The host should not discriminate the guest by not allowing him to eat his fill or deny him the use of the house's facilities, especially since the guest is paying for their share of the food and utility bills.

And what should the host do when in fact the guest is paying for 90% of his household bills? Shouldn't he treat the guest even better, and allow him even better access to all the facilities in his house?

Should any host ask a guest who is paying for 90% of his household bills to leave and go back to where the guest came from? And if the host's children are unable to pay for the host's household bills, but still lives in the host's house, while the guest is paying for 90% of the host's household bills, shouldn’t the host consider giving the guest better reign of his house? The house will always belong to the host, that is an unchallenged fact.

Shouldn’t the host adopt these simple rules of etiquette which cuts across race, religion and geography?

rocco said...

Gugusan kepulauan Melayu = Nusantara

Before Merdeka for more than thousand years; Malaysia+ Sumatera (refer batu bersurat)

were Tanah Melayu, Jawa=Jawa. Borneo = Kesultanan Berunai.

Kesultanan Jawa, Sunda, Sulu, Acheh, Pasai, Jambi etc.

There were no kesultanan Linggam or Sultan Kit Siang.Malay accepted others for citizenship with 'kontrak sosial agreement'.

If other races do not agree with this agreement pls find other citizenship. You have other hop & betterland. But malay is only here & we die here.

Or Mahkamah Dunia will decide it. We don't worry to be poor coz you migrate to HK, Beljing, or Tamil Nadu. What we need is land to live.

Pls read this link:

Linette said...

hmmmmm...the PM in his Merdeka speech has this to say:

"No one citizen is recognised as being of a higher position than another in this nation. This nation belongs to all of us. Whether we rise or fall depends on all of us,"

Just thot I'd point this out.

Malaysia4AllMalaysians said...


I presume you are Malay? Please elaborate, who is stealing whose rights? Orang Asli were in Peninsular Malaysia before anyone yet they are one of the most backwards socio-economic groups in Malaysia. Same goes for the natives in Sarawak and Sabah. If anyone has the right to claim Malaysia as their own, they do. But yet, their lands are literally being taken away from right under their feet and their native customary rights are being erroded by the majority-Malay led Government. Please, don't talk so big and accuse non-Malays of being kurang ajar "guests" when the Malays themselves are not the original inhabitants of Malaysia.

Let me ask you and the other "let's kick out the kurang ajar non-Malays" commenters here: What's the difference between rights of a 10th generation Malaysian and a fourth-generation Malaysian? No difference right? All are Malaysians born and bred here.

You don't agree? What if I said the 10th generation Malaysian was an Indian and the 4th generation Malaysian was a Malay? Who has more rights? If I use the standards some of the "let's kick non-Malays out" commentators have said here, the 10th-gen Indian actually has more right to be in Malaysia. But that's blasphemy right?

Get it in your head, Malaysia is for all Malaysians, doesn't matter what race you are. Stop living in paranoia and believing the lies spread by certain parties that non-Malays are the enemy and that all of them are out to suppress Malay rights and that Malays need to kick non-Malays down in order to "preserve" their Malayness. If you are even half as open-minded as you imply you are, you would know that the majority of Malaysian non-Malays have no enmity towards Malays. They are not interested in forcing Malays to give up speaking Malay, to stop wearing songkok etc. In fact, they are quite happy when their Malay brethren do well and they can appreciate the uniqueness of the Malay culture and lifestyle. They only expect to be treated fairly and equally. Yet, some people continue to demand that non-Malays prove their loyalty to Malaysia by trying to get them to stop speaking their mother tongues, stop practicing their religion etc. These same people also demand Malaysian non-Malays shut up and balik India/China whenever they try to stand up for their ethnic traditions and culture.

This has little to do with globalisation. You and the other commenters accusing Malaysian non-Malays (whose ancestors may have actually arrived in Malaysia before yours) of being poorly behaved "guests" are like pots calling the kettle black.

If you cannot accept that, well, tough toenails to you. The only way to clear this particular type of myopia is with new spectacles and a new point of view.

unta said...

Dear Linette,

Yes that what PM said as a whole Malaysian has work together and stick together to overcome any tsunami ahead of us, but it doesnt relates to Malay Supremacy. No ordinary person has ever talk or raise the issue of Malay supremacy eventhough it is the fact. Malay supremacy is being disputed by the politicain and professional especially from the Bar council. It is the fact that lies in history Malay was and will alway be supreme in this country.Anywhere in Malaysia there a Sultan Chinese or Indian or Agong India or CHinese? Like what was mention by one of the commentar there no empayar Linggam or Kit Siang. The trick in surving in Malaysia is toleransi. Malay have a high toleransi rate that even Bahasa Malysia was not respected and used by non malays they still dont mind. They even trusted the chinese for manufacturing Halal goods. So linette go back and learn history. Malays do not ask you to greete them with hight respect whenever you meet them, they just ask you to recognise and do not question Malay supremacy. This is the land of Malay, Chinese, Indian and other but the backbone of this country is Malay and malay supremacy still stand. When BN was strong, no issue on Malay supremacy becasue everyone keep it under the carpet and the BN formula works that why we managed to stay together for the past 50 years. Malay supremacy was just an issue that no one bodered. Whay now?

Jason said...

Oh my God... so, it is true that people like you still exist in the 21st century in Malaysia... I am so glad that I have Malay friends who are not like you.

I am living at overseas at present for my studies. Repeatedly, I insist that I am Malaysian and NOT Chinese whenever I am asked the question about my origin. Cos I am proud to be a Malaysian, whether you like it or not.

I fully support and honour Bahasa Melayu as the National Language and everyone should learn and speak that language. But we must also be fluent in English. Please don't live in denial. English proficiency is important at work, like it or not. 'Mandarin and Tamil should NOT be made official languages' - I agree. But just to correct you on some facts. Many other languages such as French, Spanish, Polish, Mandarin and Hindi (YES, the Chinese and Indian languages) are taught at the UK schools. AND there are also special schools where all subjects are taught in a particular popular foreign language (French and etc.) and you will only learn ONE module in English, which is the ENGLISH Language module. This is not because the Brits are bowing to the other races (minority so to say). It is a matter of INCREASING COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in the globalised world. They want to cultivate multilingual proficiency among the next generation so that they could gain an upper hand in multi-national businesses.

Sometimes, I really can't understand what SPECIAL privileges you are talking about have been challenged and questioned...

1) you want Malay as the head of state - it is well written in the constitutions and respected by all citizen. I see no point and no one would like to challenge the status of our beloved YDP Agong and Sultans.

2) you want Malay Language upheld as the National and Official Language - it is done and written in the constitutions. And YES, I would say those who insist that Mandarin and Tamil shall enjoy the same status as Malay ARE MORONS. But this does not mean that I agree with UMNO policy to 'eradict' use of other languages and education in other languages. I definitely want my next generation be well verse in BM, but at the same time, it will be even more delightful if my son or daughter can be multilingual; learn mandarin, tamil or even spanish! It is to ensures a better future for them.
There are newspaper in other languages in the UK and US, to name a few, Mandarin, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, Farsi.
There are signboard and advertisements in languages other than English. No other reasons than commercial ones.

3) you want Islam as the national religion - it is done and written in the constitutions. But this does not mean other religions are not allowed? no?

4) you want quota allocated for bumi in university application - ok, we have no problem of having 60, 70% of bumi in the uni. Whoever wishes to study, should be granted the opportunity. This should be the ethos of education. But I can't understand why must you REJECT non-bumi students? If there are 3000 non-bumi qualified applicants, why can't u accept ALL of them and, by proportion, grant 70% bumi applicants the entry? Everyone is happy...

And you were trying to deceive us with history of Kesultanan Melayu...

Then, please advise on this: Paduka Sri Maharaja Raja Parameswara of Temasik, his family was from Palembang. Shall Indonesia come to claim sovereignty on Malaysia? And insist quota allocation for Indonesian workers in our country?

Dear BarkingMagpie, wise up and grow up... the world is out there... there is no point fighting with your countrymen. Please be rational, logical and analytical. Our neighbours and the rest in the world will just laugh at us and overtake us in every possible aspect.

I wish you well. And I hope you and any other Malaysian, be it bumi or non-bumi, prosper and rise up to the challenge. As you mentioned repeatedly, Malay is the majority. Hence, the majority's performance will decide the fate of the country. We want a strong, wise and capable group of Malay to LEAD. If Malay is ONLY as good as picking on the minorities who believe in them, rely on them as governers of your so-called 'Malay State', but unable to rise up to compete with other countries and bring Malaysia up to the international arena; you are just a narrow-minded Tuan KAMPUNG... what use is that?

Do you know how hurt is it when you have to explain to a foreigner where Malaysia is using description like "We are at north of Singapore and south of Thailand". YES, I can tell you this is still happening NOW, I had to do this last week to, guess who, an EGYPTIAN, to introduce my country. And even Vietnam is enjoying higher status than Malaysia in the eyes of the westerners. (my secretary in Vietnam speaks Vietnames and 4 foreign languages, English, Mandarin, French and Russian. That's why we are paying her double salary) They attract more foreign investments than us nowadays.

You can only EARN RESPECT as a Tuan, you CANNOT CLAIM respect from others.

Long live Malaysia. Happy Merdeka Day to all.

Anonymous said...

Do they have Chinese schools or an equivalent of sekolah Kebangsaan Tamil or any other ethnic school in the UK?
No? I wonder why.

kopi susu

talk until the cow comes home said...

Can we say the American own the moon?

Can we say the Dayaks own Sarawak?

Can we say the Kandazan own Sabah?

Can we say Siam own Northern Malaysia?

You might own but I prefer to contribute for the one who contributed is always the utimate winner.

Anonymous said...

Pasquale = mat rempit.

Linette said...

Dear Unta,

I don't think I need to explian anything further to you. Jason has said it all. I completely agree with him - what supremacy are you talking about? Just go on being the way you and the rest who think like you are - katak di bawah tempurung.

Anonymous said...

To: "Anonymous said...

Do they have Chinese schools or an equivalent of sekolah Kebangsaan Tamil or any other ethnic school in the UK?
No? I wonder why."



ayor lemuju said...

I'm a racist alright. To those Cina and India... FUKC YOU if you are not. The fact that you respond to Pasquale's postings shows that you are racists. If you hate your luck by being born immigrants, then go hell instead. Sick of you all, macam melepaskan anjing tersepit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Barking Magpie,
No non malay is challenging the rights of the Malays. The rights of the Malays are solidly enshrined in the constitution ie Islam as the official religion, Bahasa Melayu as the official language, the sovereignty of the Malay rulers,etc.
Non of us dispute or question this. Can you give me a concrete example of how Malay rights have been undermined? This is an honest question. The majority of the population in Malaysia are Malays. Almost 70% and slowly increasing.
We non Malays as far as I know do not question Malay rights.
Malay rights will be there for generations to come and I repeat, non Malays do not question them. Period.
All we ask is that we non Malays are not treated as strangers/outcasts in our land - the land of our birth. Don't treat us like "pendatangs" or call us with similar remarks. God knows we love this country. We and our forefathers contributed to the development of this country. We are not parasites, sucking of the resources of this beloved country without working.
I repeat, Malay rights is here to stay and no non Malays question this. All we ask is to be treated as citizens of this country and not looked upon as pendatangs.
Thank you.

A Malaysian who loves Malaysia

Anonymous said...


the people that you met were probably an ignorant lot hence the necessity to explain where malaysia is. i never had any problem when i mentioned that i am from malaysia. whatever bad press or downward spiral our country is facing now has little to do with what we are discussing now, rather it's the current bad leadership.

of course the schools in the UK are offering French, Spanish etc as classes. It is to encourage students to learn second language. Just as English is taught in malaysian schools as a 2nd language. But how many bilingual brits that you know? I may be wrong but I thought the schools in uk that teach in other languages are all private as opposed to Malaysia where government fundings are received. I have not come across any state schools that teach in MAndarin, Urdu, French etc. here in UK.

who's denying that English proficiency is important? Its the Malaysians that cant string a decent sentence in our Natinal language that I , and many others, cant stand.

And while we are it, are we living in the same britain? You mentioned that there are signboard and advertisements in languages other than English. Pray tell me where? the only ones I can see are at the airports and main tourist attractions but this is to be expected since UK is one of the biggest tourist destinations. Oh probably you were referring to the Polish adverts in some banks (e.g. natwest). But bear in mind that the latter is a very very very small exception and there have been some complaints about it in the newspapers. In my opinion, these people who couldnt speak English should not come to work in the UK but thats a different discussion altogether.


Ibrahim is my name said...

Even though I am a Bumi so what? I prefer to be "Pendatang" because I earn my living the honest way. I work hard without help and so are my children. Many people who doesn't know me though that what I got are through the easy way like those UMNO moron but really this are through hard earned effort just like the "Pendatang". Somtime I feel that I can be identified as a "Pendatang" instead of the "Tongkat race".

I send my children to "Pendatang" school so that they know how to compete. I refuse UTiM for them too because a university that doesn't open to everyone is the worst university you can think off, all the best university in the world are open to everyone.

Now I am working in USA and when I return to my own country they are welcome to call me "Pendatang". Anyway when my great grandfather came from Java he was a Pendatang too.

Anonymous said...

This is to post a to the anoymous comment about life in the UK. I am a malaysia living in UK particularly in Leicester. There are four mosques in Leicester alone, so yes we have diversity. There are numerous faith schools as well, one is the popular Madani high school (such a beautiful iSlam based faith school), we have sikh based faith schools and hindu based faith school... (these are all similar to sekolah tamil dan cina). You need to visit this country dude to know what you are talking about.

I'm a hindustani malaysian now British...what are you on about visit bombay and the'll smell our feet.. Dude the world has moved on from such colonial mentality so should you..

I agree if the malays are the majority then we are waiting for the majority malay led nation to make a mark in this world. No point bickering with you fellow countrymen when you allow your own politicians (malay i may add) to tarnish the judicial system. Make your mark and lead us then! Show us what can you do so that Malaysia a well and truly developed country!


Anonymous said...

kopi susu

There isn't a school for chinese or any ohter ethic minority in UK because the numbers just doesn't make it feasible to have one, Stupid.


Anonymous said...

Canadian government is considering to adopt a law which says English must be a pre-requisite for those who want to be a Canadian citizen. I was told Lim Kit Siang's and Karpal Singh's fathers could not even utter a word in Malay if their Bah Lut Teh or chappatis depended on it!

Former Malay Mail Reporter!

Pasquale said...

"ibrahim is my name" go fuck a duck you fucking Malay moron, that is if you are indeed a Malay, which I doubt you are!

unta said...

Dear Linette,

As long as there is no 'one education policy' for all races to move forward as one, we will still be like what we are today. 51 years of merdeka we still have Chinese, Tamil and Malay or pondok school. Chinese will never forgo their chinese school neither are Indian nor Malays. Forgo is the main sacrifice that all or us has to made to achive as one nation and trully call ourselves as MALAYSIAN.The existing of these school is an evidence that rasicm is still a fact in Malaysia, that is why in 51 years of BN rule we can still live happily. As I said before, politician and the people up there are barking on Malay Supremacy while all these years no one ever talk about it. And seems it has been a subject of debate among them then Malays have the rights to defend its 'supremacy'. Chinese will protect their interest like the Chinese School and Indian with their Hindraft issue then Malays will definetly would not by go what is theirs especially Malay Supremacy that was made known to them recently . People like you are those under the coconut shelf. With the help of potician and people up there who politicise the 'supremcay' now Malays reliase the important of 'Malay Supremacy. Dont blame them, blame the politician and since now Malays know how important it is therefore they will defend it like how Chinese defend the Chinese school and Indians with their Hindraft. The key to prosperity and stablelity is 'toleransi'. It seem that we forgetting about 'toleransi'

Anonymous said...


i see that there are many anglophiles here in your blog. There's nothing i hate more than people who leave malaysia to work/study then continue to compare every single thing and then slate their own country.


Anonymous said...

it would have been different if the previous leaders decided not to grant citizenship to foreigners.

Just like in certain Arab countries.

Anonymous said...

Cina di Indonesia boleh bercakap bahasa Indonesia.

Cina di Thailand boleh bercakap bahasa siam.

Tapi cina di Malaysia ramai yg tak boleh berbahasa Malaysia.

Kenapa ya? Jadi siapakah yg rasis sebenarnya?

Anonymous said...

will the chinese/indian do away with their racial chinese/indian schools - the zong dong or zong boa or what have you? ?

will the chinese/indian do away with their racial and clan based societies and orgnisations?

will the chinese/indian do away with their racial based political parties?

what special rights has the malays? tell me - is it the special discounts when you buy houses? is the special entrance to university? what else?

majority of the chinese here are already well-off and some bloody filthy rich beyond their ancestor's wildest dream, so why still want to complaint? these lot can send their children to any school of the their choice anywhere in the world - so why still complaint?

the Malays cannot involve in the businesses of pig rearing, sweepstakes, horse racing, liquor selling, gambling, prostitution, illegal gambling, illegal betting and so forth. the chinese can, so why still complaint? so much billions of $$$$ can be derived from these kind of businesses which are being monopoloised by the chinese. that's one of the reason why the chinese are far ahead of the malays in economic. the chinese had a capital headstart from these businesses. these are to name a few.

yet they complaint. what else do they want. look around, who owns most of the bungalows, those expensive condos, buildings, businesses especially in sungei wang plaza, lot 10, klcc suria wherever you see hypermarkets or supermarkets. yet they want to complaint.

they think their ancestors work hard to make this country what it is today - they are wrong, everybody contributed not only the chinese. the chinese then brought in chandu (morphine) and gangsterism into malaya.

there was few commentators making comparison to UK, if UK is better than, please by all mean don't miss it.

Anonymous said...

The non Malays in this country think that they have a monopoly on sensitivity. Their NGOs and political parties continue to harp on what belongs to the Malays as enshrined in the constitution but as soon as any Malay touches on what has been conceded to the non Malays in the constitution, they will scream for blood. Our education system has failed dismally on the subject of history. Malaysia intruth is a Malay land with non Malay citizens. There is no denying this.

Anonymous said...

We are not comparing every single thing between malysia and countries abroad... just trying to put the facts straight when some malaysians tend to think that they've just about done enough to help their fellow citizens... there is so much more to do, there is so much more that can be done. by arguing about ketuanan and all that it's not going to help us make the country a better place is it?


Anonymous said...

Dear Malaysia4AllMalaysians,

It is sad that your history knowledge is very shallow. The Orang Asli and Malays have been brothers since time immemorial, thousands of years. They are part of the Polynesian group. The Malay/Native Ethnics are inhabitants of the Nusantara comprising of Southern Thailand, Malaya, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Maldives, Christmas Island and many more, before it was divided by the imperialists. We fought this colonialists with blood, tears and sweat alongside with the Orang Asli Melayu. The notion or term 'Orang Asli' as the native was invented by the Singaporean Chinese to legitimise their plundering of the Singaporean Malay Land and politics. Dear Bumiputra brothers of Sabah and Sarawak, don't you ever forget of our heritage. Some of us are just divided by religion due to our historical past.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jason,

The Malays are angry not because they are racist, but because some irresponsible people who pretend to uphold the social contract but try to actually destroy the same understanding among us. I have to Japan with one of my Chinese friend. He was perplexed that I converse to my friend in English. Same when I go to Turkiye, they couldn't understand why I spoke English with my colleagues. Aren't we supposed to be Malaysian? Or, are you simply proud of your own Mother tongue and consider the Malays are inferior people?

Anonymous said...

What the hell "toleransi" are you talking about? where are you guys from? do you even believe what you've wrote?? or is it just for arguments sake?? i'm non-malay but some of my best friends(who are malay) are the coolest bunch of people i know. For goodness sake, please go mingle with more people. which God or UMNO forsaken kampung do you hide in dude?

Budakboy said...

I am a 50-something Malay who grew up in a mining kongsi in Perak where I had Chinese, India & Punjabi friends and neighbours. We walked to the English medium primary school together, we raided orchards together, we swam in old mining pools together, in fact we did almost everything together.

We communicated mainly in a mixture of broken English, pasar Malay with a generous sprinkling of Hokkien, Cantonese and Tamil. We respected dietary constraints without making a big fuss of it. No one told us to kongsi our Hari Raya, CNY or Deepavali, we just did.

50 years later, we are at each others' throats. Why? Going through your comments I can tell you the answers are all there. We just have to take off our race-coloured blinkers to see them. By the way, don't pay too much heed to what our politicians say, they're the main reason we're having this discussion.

Anonymous said...

I read a comment above about how gracious the British etc has been just because a non-white can become a Mayor in one or two city councils.

Mind you these are nothing more than ceremonial positions within their political traditions and conventions. i.e the Pakistani or the Chinese, if there is one, has to join the dominant party there i.e Tory or Labour and subscribe to the British ways of interpreting or doing things.

Likewise ditto Malaysia.

Oh yes racism and fascism are prevalent in the so-called advanced democracies. And when they talk about immigration laws, you know Malaysia is 100x a better place. If you are in Rome, be like the Romans.

Anonymous said...

Some anonymous person said:

"majority of the chinese here are already well-off and some bloody filthy rich beyond their ancestor's wildest dream"

My comment - do u know that the chinese and other rich pendatang work bloody hard to be where they are today? No handouts etc.

"who owns most of the bungalows, those expensive condos, buildings, businesses especially in sungei wang plaza, lot 10, klcc suria wherever you see hypermarkets or supermarkets"

My comment - I beg to differ. Where I live in KL all the large bungalows etc are occupied by Malays. just wait at the entrance to one of the up-market shopping complexes (such as Bangsar Village)and you will notice that the majority of the owners of big luxurious cars stopping for valet parking are Malays. Who buys the expensive labelled goods in those shops? Most of the time I see Malays. I an average pendatang am struggling to make ends meet and can't afford those luxuries.

So don't talk as if the Malays are all oh so poor. Yes, I accept that a large percentage of Malay society in the kampungs need help. so do the poor Indians and Chinese. the problem we are having now is wealth distribution within our own races. Government always mask this by comparing income for Bumis vs non-Bumis. Bumi includes the natives from Sarawak and Sabah (who are really very poor). Why don't they separate Bumis into different catagories and than see where the Malays' average income really stands?

Another thing is that there is complaint of discrimination of Malays in the private sector? Oh please, in the GLC where I work it does not matter how hard and well you work if you are a non-Malay. If a position becomes available they will not promote you. They would rather look for a Malay from outside.

When we complain it does not mean that we do not care for our country. We only want to make it better. I am a 3rd generation Malaysian. This is my country - I am not going anywhere. Tell me which family does not have disagreements. But I agree that we must have tolerence if the country is to live in harmony. Tolerence works both ways.

Anonymous said...


rocco2 said...

There were no kesultanan Linggam or Sultan Kit Siang in the past here.

50 yeas ago Malay accepted others for citizenship with 'kontrak sosial agreement'.

50 years ago, they weren't stupid, they knew someday in the future, 'pendatang' would try to overthrow Bumi.

It is true, That's they made 'kontrak sosial agreement'
-to protect the future of Bumi's right.

Pls read this link:

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, reading all the comments in your various posts makes me sad sometimes. There seems to be no toleransi by nearly ALL the commentators. I don't remember such a state in our country before. I have lots of frens from all races. I do not see them as this or that race, they are just Siti, May, Puspa etc. I wish things could be back to the way they were.

Yearning for a better time.

Anonymous said...

saydahbosan said:

go fly a kite if you think the Malays will let you hold their balls.

today is the end of the word tolerancy for me. f^ckers

Anonymous said...

Kenapa seorang towkay cina mesti meletakkan syarat "Mandarin speakers only" ketika mencari pekerja untuk syarikatnya, tetapi pada yg sama boleh pula mengambil pekerja indonesia yg tidak tahu berbahasa cina sebagai amah di rumah towkay tersebut?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are the overall Champions of the just concluded 2008 Beijing Olympic! Will the Chinese feel proud and rest on its laurels and be complacent with their success? Have the Melayu race attended the Olympic game embracing the Olympic Spirit?

Sigh! If the Melayu race has witnessed the One World one Dream in Beijing Olympics, this Ahamd Ismail will never utter such racist slur.

The Chinese are tolerant, patient and kind type of people! If the Chinese are like those Barbarians, the Melayu race would be kicked out of Bolehland long ago!

But no, the Bolehland Chinese just want to live peacefully and harmoniously with the other races, working diligently and contributing to the well beings of the nation!

But alas! The Melayu race because of lack of culture and hence the lackadaisical attitude, wants to manipulate the people of Bolehland for their selfish interests at the expense of the Rakyat!

Can China be the overall Champions of the 2008 Beijing Olympics if the Chinese were like the Melayu race with lackadaisical attitude?

What did Bolehland get in the Beijing Olympics? Yes! Just a silver medal despite Bolehland is labeled as the Kingdom of Badminton!

The Chinese in China will climb to a higher level, working harder to attain greater success. But alas, we have a stupid racist like Ahmad Ismail playing the racial politics dividing the people of Bolehland!

Do you think Bolehland can get a gold medal in the 1012 Olympics? Gold in a kampong in Bolehland Yes, but not in the 2012 London Olympics.

Hence for Bolehland to succeed nationally and internationally, this Melayu Culture must be changed from a convergent scope to a divergent scope, otherwise Bolehland will have this kind of demeaning apparatchik creating troubles and chaos among the races in Bolehland.

The Melayu race must condemn this demeaning apparatchik if the Melayu race wants to breakthrough the narrow boundary they encompass and soar to greater height…. who knows, a Melayu might get a gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics if they don’t play racial politics but unity politics…..

AnonyMouse said...

"Kenapa seorang towkay cina mesti meletakkan syarat "Mandarin speakers only" ketika mencari pekerja untuk syarikatnya, tetapi pada yg sama boleh pula mengambil pekerja indonesia yg tidak tahu berbahasa cina sebagai amah di rumah towkay tersebut?"

That's because some companies trade with China and need Mandarin speaking staff to handle the job. Syarat tu bukan "Chinese workers only", tapi "Mandarin speakers only". Kalau you sanggup belajar Bahasa Mandarin, you boleh apply for the damn job. Hell, if you're willing to learn an extra language - Japanese, or French, or Spanish, etc - I'm sure you'll stand a better chance in the job market than the next guy with the same qualifications.

The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to improve your chances in the job market? Or are you just gonna sit around and wait for a handout?

Judging by your narrow-minded comment, I'm thinking you'll just complain and whine, and blame it on someone else.

Anonymous said...

The secret success in Business by the Chinese is actually known by every body :


Even in blogger comments they readily admit that they are Bumiputra, Muslim and Malay.


Kah, Kah, Kah

the so called 3000 year old rich of culture and a liar.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:33 AM

Well who can blame them as they are the devils who came here and teach what corruption means physically and literally.

Lets end this tolerancy thing. Lets stop apologizing like a mad cow. Of course we should be a good host but don't be such apologetic bastards.

I think the climax is around the corner. Brace yourselves.

Anonymous said...

If this is the response of the Malay commentators here - name calling and no rationale discussion I can see why you are in the sad state you are in.

Anonymous said...

Seorang wakil rakyat cina DAP enggan memakai songkok ketika majlis bersama Sultan dengan alasan kononnya songkok itu "islamik/melayu".

Tetapi ramai pula cina malaysia bukan muslim yg bekerja di Timur Tengah yg sanggup pula memakai pakaian menutup kepala/tudung ketika bekerja dengan majikan Arab contohnya di hospital2 di Timur Tengah.

Sesetengah airline di timur tengah pula mewajibkan cabin crew wanitanya memakai uniform yg menutup aurat. Ramai gadis2 cina malaysia yg bukan muslim bekerja dengan airline2 ini.

Tidak pula kedengaran suara2 sumbang terpekik terlolong mengatakan hak mereka dicabul dari mulut2 cina2 ini.

Adakah kerana mereka dibayar gaji yg mahal dari majikan pak2 arab, maka cina2 ini diam sahaja menurut kata walaupun disuruh memakai pakaian ala islam?

Jadi dimanakah prinsip/pendirian anda sebenarnya wahai cina2 malaysia?

Anonymous said...

I’m so sick and tired of this bickering and poisonous postings. I think no one would want to stay where they’re not wanted (at least I feel that way). Problem is, we can’t tell whether it is a prevalent attitude that permeates the entire Malay community or just a few loud mouths that are barking as loudly as this magpie. Let’s settle it once and for all. Why don’t you (barking magpie) set up a poll to gauge, anonymously, whether babi should balik cina, and so forth for the other ‘pendatang’. In fact maybe this should be a nation-wide poll. Meant only for the Malays to express how they feel. Non-Malays, please refrain from voting. Don’t you want to know how your Malay brothers and sisters really feel about you? If they want us to stay, we’ll stay. And if the answer is fxck off we don’t need you, then let us leave and build our fortunes elsewhere. Just give us a one way ticket to a destination of our choice, the eviction process should take hopefully only a year or two.

Babi Cina (and proud of it)

Anonymous said...

Oh my...Overwhelming and unanimous stand by the muslims...Now we really know what's in store for us..

Anonymous said...

Saya, Babi Hutan, sumpah bahawa saya adalah dilahirkan in hutan Malaysia and bukan hutan di Cina. Oleh itu, saya adalah babi hutan Malaysia and tidak akan balik ke Cina.

Anonymous said...

Every fucking sane rational human being knows that FAIRNESS AND EQUALITY is the way anything should be. Only RACISTs believe otherwise. If you are a student, you will want your lecturer to treat you with FAIRNESS and EQUALITY. If you are a worker, you will want your boss to treat you with FAIRNESS and EQUALITY. If you are a citizen who pays taxes and does what every other citizen does, you will want your country to treat you with FAIRNESS and EQUALITY. So for anyone who thinks otherwise, FUCK YOU, YOU ARE A FUCKING RACIST. Admit it and burn in hell because Islam abhors RACISTS. FUCK YOU HYPOCRITES who prays 5 times a day but demand INEQUALITY when your god tells you that we must be fair to all. If you have a single ounce of respect for your religion, REPENT and stop looking at skin colour and asking for your fucking supremacy. Islam says there should be no such fucking thing as racial supremacy. There is NO BUTS. Citizen is a citizen, your history, where you come from, be it from INDIA, CHINA or INDONESIA, we are all fucking citizens of the same country, so FUCKING GET ALONG and BE FAIR!! ARRRRRRRRRGGHHHHHHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

the real malays are the orang asli. the UMNO malays are just pendatang like everyone else. What gives you the right to lord over allwho have helped to pay for your Mara scholarships, gives you 30% of business that the pendatang built and you just collect rent...If you want to consider yourself a host, then stand on your own feet, don't use the wood from my pendatang boat as your crutches!

Anonymous said...

Saying Malays as the "The Tuan Rumah" of Malaya/Malaysia is like saying you make yourself a house and the guest who stayed in your house supposed to pay rent and not complaint at your Tuan Rumah. If Malaya/Malaysia is a big house under it multi racial guests then Malays should have their rights but Let me tell you this, ALLAH MADE MALAYA/MALAYSIA NOT THE MALAYS. You are not the tuan rumah you are just a guest who happens to be living here before any guest. Malays shouldn't be making any special rights to them just because they arrive first. Doesn't matter what government had govern this piece of land. You are not the one who made this land you only live in it. ALLAH OWNS THIS PIECE OF LAND. ALLAH OWNS YOU.

Fendy of Selangor

Anonymous said...

pretty upset to see people who are really against non-malays in this blog 'coz i thought only UMNO insanes who are doing this for their own agenda.

But if I were to leave this land that doesn't appreciate me, i won't cina balik cina but migrate neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Australia, and then contribute to their science & economy as a way to avenge this silly Tanah Melayu

forget about the say of tolerance & kindness, i was rejected by public universities here and was offered by Singaporean ones. Though, I went to private college on loan (oh yes i need to pay back for i'm not bumiputra) Now I work for foreign company and pay tax to the gov that claims me as pendatang asing.

And you still want me to be gratitude to Malays or Msian gov?

I'm born and grown up here but I never enjoy the equal rights that I could easily have in another country as a real immigrant.

China has 56 ethnic groups and the quotas there are reserved for minorities. and M'sian gov not only discriminates Indian + Chinese furthermore marginalized orang asli aka bumiputra too. I bet you don't know because you don't read anything other than newspapers controlled by UMNO

Orang CINA said...

Ok guys heres the senario...when i was a boy i always like to hangout with friends rather than just sitting at home, you know, we do things like shooting bird, catch the fish, hide and seek, etc, and one of our favor games was "whos the boss", lol, we "established" a so called "gang" in tht village and try to determine who own this territory, well obviously there r few gangs there and so we always fight each other,eg mocking, tried to destroy opponent's property and etc, hehehehehehe, nothing else in our mind besides of just thinking whole days whos gonna win this leadershit thing lol how to "owned" this village hahahahaha, pretty kiddies isn't. But we dont do that anymore after reaching 12 yrs old, because we know its so silly, hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Pasquale or Barking magpie.
What difference does it make, if its the same person. My point is if you have a son inlaw or a daughter inlaw who is not a malay, where do you put your grand children in the event their parents lose partnership in life for whatever reason.
Anyway, what do you accord to your 'in-laws' whether they are son or daughter. As a mala, would you tell them, please go back to your country of origin because you were only a GUEST here. No. this is not going to happen because you would be climbing the PM's office to get them reconized as MALAYSIAN and in any eventuality you will make sure they are malays the rest of their lives.
Okay. whatever, after you die, another malay calls him names and tells him that this country is for MALAYS and your 'in-laws' are only guest. I bet you would be kicking in your grave and your 'in-laws' would be urinating on your grave.
Wake man, this is a century where even the 'ORANG PUTIH'S' can accept a BLACK fromAFRICA to be their president. How grand are you guy. You definetely not above GOD who views all mankind as one, we human made each other, HINDU, MUSLIM AND KRISTIAN.
I am sura a malay is not greater then a MUSLIM.