Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No one is invincible in this country ...and he is a liar and is running on fumes!

Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat baruyang akan di ujudkan pada 16th September, 2008. Kerajaan ini akan di restui oleh Singapura adan Amerika Ayarikat that European Union!

Chinese Vercanular school, protected by the government but BABI refused to tabled such act to protect it, so go figure morons!

Future of the country is in fact protected by the present government, where BABI, when he had the power, refused to even consider other people's future!

Listen the good people of Malaysia!

When Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (B.A.B.I) was a Minister of Education, under Mahathir's regime, he refused to table an important Education Act that will protect vernacular schools, SJKC and SJKT, from being dismantled. Why, because he wanted to be popular with the Malays.
BABI refusal to do so had made the status of vernacular schools at that time to be in a state of constant limbo. Now get this, that is if you people are capable of thinking and using your grey matter matter (brain!).
That same Act was tabled by Dato's Sri Najib and since then the question of getting rid of vernacular schools doe not exist anymore. This is what made Malaysia a truly great country in this region where different races have their own schools using their own mother tongue, and being protected! Now where else!
Actually BABI, when he was a cabinet minister, wanted vernacular schools to be dismantled, and he has never been a protector vernacular schools.
Today, he is telling Malaysians, where stupid ones will believe him, that he wants to champion vernacular schools when the existing government has already done so. I don't know about you but BABI is speaking with forked tongue and he may just the biggest manipulator that this country has ever recorded.


If you have to cajole failed blind and former Indonesian president, who is not an ulama by the way, and fly him into the country on a private jet (whose jet I want to know!) to tell Malaysians BABI does not need to swear in the name of Allah, and if you have to pay former Canadian prime minister, and promised that stupid former US vice-president Al Gore that Malaysia will firmly be the US sphere of influence, and you refused to swear in the name of Allah that you are not a sodomite, we we have no choice but to brand you a selfish traitor and that you are a confirmed sodomiser and I would like to see you punish here on earth as soon as possible. This is a man who will have a pact with the Devil just so that he can become a prime minister, at all cost!

Cheers! Why not!


suhaila said...

err, isn't vernacular school system one of THE VERY REASON of disunity among Malaysians? I want vernacular school to be dismantle! Let all our children study in the same school. Let everybody regardless of their race have the equal oppurtunity to learn languages such as Mandarin and Tamil in Sekolah Kebangsaan.

Why do you need Chinese school to learn Chinese. Why not offer Tamil to Malay and Chinese students as well? Why need separate system for different races? That is ridiculous!

So, vote for Anwar and lets dismantle vernacular school! Lets start racial unity at school level.

Lets stop segregation. Segregation is what UMNO wants. Najib wants chinese to flock with chinese and indian with indians. that way, these group can hate the malays and the malays can forever be doubtful of "other races" When will UMNO learn!!

brain said...

DSAI looks desperate to gain support for his coming election. So he is going to boost his efforts in order to win the election in pp. Nowadays people vote for politicians that concern about their needs, does not matter if they are hypocrite or not. But then again, hypocrites are not worth to trust for becoming leaders.

kamal... said...

ermmmm satu ulasan yg bernas,berdasarkan fakta dan kupasan yg menarik dari pengarang blog..ada logiknya dan ada kebenaran juga..blh d katakan kupasan yg mendalam dan membuka minda pembaca..all the best saya akan tengok lg kupasan yg akan datang..

Donald Tramp said...

Try to think outside box,
Maaf gramer tak bagus. Satu lagi Saya memang tak suka Nuar, tak salahkan?

ini cerita rekaan semata2 sebagai pengajaran.

Part 1-

Mamadir a philosopher- found 3 group animals living in a land.

Monkey called themselves landlord, Chimpanzee 'seek better land to get rich', Humanzee & few species which Mamadir didn't know on that time claim their status.

BTW, Mamadir was a sophisticated type - wanted to be rich, exclusive & peace. He also loved to see all these animal live in prosper and progressive.

So he made a research. From his findings,he knew that this species look like similar- but in some cases they are totally different.

These called 'untouchable issue' and could be 'OK' after some action taken. Then, he made a vision, to make these species to live together.

Hoping in 2021, no more Monkey, Chipanzee & Other type including Humanzee which his species was.

He belived God, and proved to do his best for God. -to fulfill his greedy, his vision will be enjoyed by these animal & he will see this excitement when he in heaven.

'Kerana Tuhan Untuk Manusia & God never changed a tribe' he believed.

Then a BABI trained by Global Elite came. This expert know how to create chaos, made chaos in all part of Monkey land. In that situation, suddenly becoming a New Hope for these animal and together with a group of animal destroy these all stage by stage.

But Mamadir knew it very fast & put it into jail.

Anonymous said...

dear Malaysians,

Dont make yourselves look stupid even if u really are stupid...The Chinese and the Indians are the one who didn't want their schools (SJKC & SJKT) to be dismantled..But that homosexual lad kept fighting to dismantle it to deny the Chinese and Indians rights..But as a multiracial government, Najib safeguard their rights and protect these vernacular schools..What i don't understand is, how can you Malaysians (who supports Anwar) says that the government sidelined other races when the culprit who spread all the racist words (and denied other races rights)is Anwar?

Anwar said that other races parties in BN are the "YES MEN" (whatever that means) to UMNO when obviously other parties have their say in everything the BN does..But you failed to realized that all the opposition parties are the YES MEN to Anwar alone..No one stood up and urged him to tell the truth about the sodomy allegations or urged him to swear on Qoran..It's a serius allegations and all of you just sat there like pussies? All the oppositions does is agreeing to everything that he said..That is a typical idiotic Malaysians thinking...And please don't think that the so-called political tsunami (stupid Malaysians metaphor) happened bcoz you Malaysians are not stupid and knows that the oppositions are right but it happened bcoz some of you Stupid Malaysians are really stupid and fell for the lies and hatred that anwar spread...

Anonymous III

Donald Tramp said...

Part 2: Clone-Amimal War
“Ini Cerpen sekolah menengah- rekaan semata2- Sori en Pasquale, Baru nak belaja English, cerita ini pun muncul dlm ½ jam semalam”

Rich & old Mamadir already tired had lost his interest to these animal a little bit before
He had appointed a NEW Monkey leader (Porah) to ensure the Vision 2021. He had other habit, ‘curiosity’.

“Will these animals live AS SPECIES and harmony ? Through my rational vision, it is impossible in my lifetime”.
Mamadir, as Philosopher, knew that many animals couldn’t see what his thought but he hope so. “It seem working, the world recognized it”.

Success story spread Globally. This made the Porah dreamed and freed BABI to show his kindness. BABI moved & worked his old plan again which set by Global Elite, very well. BABI said “I have no challenge only back pain”.

Then, In Monkey Land: Chaos started again, Porah woke up “What wrong ?, I have work to do”, then dreamed back. BABI overthrow, Porah and let the FreeMasong rule the Monkey land.

“Abolished previous DEB and AnjingEvilMonkey (AEM) will replace it” Dogfowig said. “We believed merit & fair could cause US POOR”.

From eye of pyramid-BABI & Dogfowig live in peace. Yes we are successful.
“Monkey Vs Monkey coz unfair treatment. Monkey VS Chimpanzee coz failed the food, tender & education place. Majority of Monkeys now back to struggle stupid coolies VS chimpanzee relax-clever in higher ranking, Humanzee in small have no choice- become batu api between two, & many died because of struggle to live.

In Global World: Humanzee-Chipanzee fought, Monkey land was a start point.
Global Elite didn’t like them coz they stole luxury life which they enjoyed for centuries. Global Plan also, worked well (trained Humanzee Nuke directly & the other side through their Big-Partner R long ago).

“They are stupig” Said FreeMasong. That’s why we rich.

Suddently Porah woke up again “Nasib baik ini mimpi. Ya Allah protect us”. Then, Porah looked out the window “PutraBoya, Penus Double Craper still there, I must focus Mamadir 2021 vision”.


ayor lemuju said...

Interesting recap by Mr. Donald Tramp.

Suhaila, it's human nature that "birds of a same feather flock together".

This idealistic Malaysian Malaysia shit simply wouldn't work. People can't escape the need to belong - to a family, to a clan, to a tribe, to a community, to a race and finally, in the bigger denomination, to a nation. Each of these group have their own unique characteristics, needs, culture, faith, whatsoever. So if Chinese wants Chinese education, let them have it, and if Indians want Tamil schools, let them have it too.

We can't deny each race's rights in Malaysia and so far we are quite comfortable being recognised as a multiracial society. What is most important now is how to mantain the racial harmony we have achieved througout the years. Previously the key was mutual respect and compromy and national spirit. Today all those qualities are thinning. These races interact so badly and the reason was someone has instilled hatred ideas into our once peaceful and harmonious society. That person is... Anwar Ibrahim.

ayor lemuju said...

And for those who think this man can change Malaysia, o yes, he can. But I have to tell you, the benefit will be small but the damage will be great!

neutral said...

suhaila , are you blind ?

yang memperjuangkan untuk terus mengadakan sekolah2 jenis kebangsaan cina dan india ini datangnya dari DAP ..

dan percayalah, Anwar TIDAK akan menutup sekolah2 jenis ini ..

Knights Templar said...

I agree with suhaila ,the vernacular school system one of THE VERY REASON of disunity among Malaysians.So down with for whoever you guys want but remember the chinese saying: Be careful of what you wish for ,for you might actually get it.

Kalid otak babi. said...

Tak salah rasanya kata Kalid Ibrahim otak Babi.

1.Sebab dia boleh kata UiTM otak belacan.

2. Wawasan BABI Selangor -adalah agenda pertama & utama ketika beliau jadi MB selangor.

3. Bekerja dgn BABI dunia..

Tak salah kan.. gurau2je. Kalau nak marah makan belacan, mesti jadi enjoy.


Saya yg otak belacan ni pun relax aje.

sexyjudge said...

Somehow, I agree with your statement there Pasquale; he is indeed running on fumes. Scary isn't it... I have my fears too when it comes to this person.

suhaila said...

Ayor Lemuju,

if we are all birds, why not we flock togather as Malaysian. If we have the need to belong, why cant we belong to Malaysian Race. As an individual, every one of use play multiple charactors. father, friend, teacher, guard, singer, muslim, hindu, johorian, penagite, malay, iban, libralist, fundamantalist, romantic. But we all share a common trait. We are Malaysian. We have one common trait that can unite us all, but we still choose stubbornly have this "need" segregate on racial lines.

Its race based loyality that caused the bloody 13 mei tragedy. It's race based arrogance that results in some of use forking out 30% more than some to own the same property. But still we choose to cling on race!Well some of us that is.

I believe that the responsibility of a government is not to fullfill every whims and cries of its citizen, but to build a harmonious, balanced and progressive society. For that to materialize, the people of the nation has to unite, to belong to each other. For this they have to first identify themselves to one common trait. We are a Multiracial nation. So race based flocking is out of the question (Ironically, you said Malaysian Malaysia wont work, I wonder why, since we are all malaysian so a malaysians' malaysia means Malaysia belongs to us all, yes?)

So, if the chinese wants chinese school, ask them to build one, just dont expect the government to foot the bill! The Government should instead focus its resources in improving the standard of our education as a whole. How much money are wasted in preparing UPSR for Sekolah Kebangsaan and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan. How much are wasted in sekolah peralihan? How much goes down the drain just to sustain a Tamil school of 32 students??? And what do we get for all this wastage? A more polarized society where people merely tolarate each others existence. Where malays and chinese and indians hold hands and hugs only in Petronal ads!

On a lighter note,

What is most important now is how to mantain the racial harmony we have achieved througout the years
Is this supposed to be your comedic punch line? Racial Harmony? Are you being sarcastic? or do you think you can blantantly lie and people will believe that the non existence racial harmony is being enjoyed by malaysians?

Previously the key was mutual respect and compromy and national spirit
Maybe this one is? Mutual Respect? need i name names? need i spell examples?

These races interact so badly and the reason was someone has instilled hatred ideas into our once peaceful and harmonious society. That person is... Anwar Ibrahim.
Hahaha!!! Get yourself a seat at any BTN bootcamp. You'll experience Government Sponsored Hatred Campaign. And guess what, Anwar is not in the government!

night temple said...

"You'll experience Government Sponsored Hatred Campaign"

Anwar- "Hatred Campaign"

Jumpa orang, hari2 cakap busuk.Cakap baik tak dak.

Najib dah sumpah, nala nak tunjuk video blu. Nuar panggil samseng kacau Nalla. Dah le melayu dicacai, sekarang india pula jadi barua Nuar ni.