Friday, August 15, 2008

Rakyat Malaysia celek kan mata sabelum terlambat!

Agak nya ini lah cara dan jijik nya jika sesaorang itu memaksa sesaorang lelaki lain untuk bersek, dia menjadi dari orang yang di sangka baik dari segi akhlak kepada menjadi shaitan selepas naik shahwat untuk meliwat. Makhluk saperti ini harus di musnahkan hingga hancur!

Saiful Bukhari Azlan sudah bersumpah dengan menjunjung Koran, BABI bila lagi!

*news update* (On 17/08/2008 at 7pm)

Saiful ikut syariat Islam - Nik Aziz


BUKIT MERTAJAM 16 Ogos - Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (gambar) mengakui cara bersumpah laknat (mubahalah) yang dilakukan oleh Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan semalam mengikut syariat Islam bagi membuktikan kebenaran dakwaan dirinya diliwat oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Kata beliau, untuk melakukan mubahalah dalam Islam cukup dengan hanya melafazkan Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi. Menurutnya, mengikut hukum Islam apabila seseorang itu sudah bersumpah dan membatalkan balik sumpahnya, dia dimestikan membayar kafarah atau denda iaitu dengan menyembelih seekor kambing.

''Benda ni (mubahalah) bukan boleh dibuat main-main, azabnya cukup pedih walaupun kita nampak di dunia, di akhirat kelak tanggunglah nanti.

''Dan walaupun kesalahan itu sudah lepas tetapi itu bukan bermakna orang yang mengangkat sumpah itu sudah selesai tanggungjawabnya di dunia," katanya.


Ini senang sahaja bagai BABI, jikalau Nik Aziz sudah pun berkata sumpah yang di buat oleh Saiful itu sah dari sisi ugama Islam, bila pula BABI hendak membuat sedemikian. Cuma orang yang bersalah sahaja akan berdaleh dan takut! Buat sahaja sumpah di hadapan mufti Perlis yang di hormati, Nik Aziz, dan Wan Azizah dan panggil kesemua kawan kawan BABI di media massa untuk liputan dan bersumpah lah sabelum Pilihan Raya Kecil, hey! jika BABI tidak jatuh tersungkur salepas membuat sumpahan palsu dia akan menang, hey BABI apa yang di takutkan!??

*news update* (On 17/08/2008 at 10am)

Dalam erti kata yang mudah mimang lah BABI ini makhlok perosak yang harus di hapuskan. Dan Mukhriz di dalam kenyataan nya di bawah cuma mahu memperkukuhkan tanggapan sabahgian besar masyarakat Malaysia bahawasanya BABI semimang nya bersekongkol dengan Amerika Syarikat dan Singapura untuk menguasi Malaysia. Petualang besar ini harus di senyapkan!






One wonders whether former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore’s unfounded allegations and reprehensible statements against Malaysia in support of Anwar Ibrahim is proof of the pudding that Anwar Ibrahim is a political puppet of the United States government. Isn’t this proof that there has been and is in vigorous motion a concerted conspiracy to install their lackey in Malaysia as further evidenced by the summoning of the Malaysian envoy by the US State Department?

The United States lost all moral authority when it lied to the world in order to invade Iraq for its oil for starters. Democracy, human rights, and justice are merely slogans used by the United States administration when it is convenient. This is a government that sanctioned the ‘extraordinary rendition’ or kidnapping of suspected ‘’terrorist’’ around the world to be transferred to secret torture camps in parts of Europe and in third world countries.

Perhaps Al Gore needs to be updated that true democracy is alive and well in Malaysia. We have had 12 general elections with the ruling coalition losing five states, the Federal Territory as well as its two-thirds majority in parliament in the most recently concluded general elections. This couldn’t have been possible if elections in Malaysia weren’t free and fair. Al Gore of all people should know this difference after failing in his popular bid for President in 2000 against a ‘’well-connected’’ George W. Bush.

How does one determine if a case is politically motivated if the due process of law isn’t allowed to take place? It’s a double insult that Al Gore had first supported the reformasi-riots in 1998 and now chooses to support Anwar Ibrahim whom faces the very same charges of sodomy. Perhaps Al Gore doesn’t understand the gravity of the charges of sodomy as it may not be a crime in the west, but in Malaysia it’s a serious unlawful act. Also, the present political situation is getting even more severe as Anwar Ibrahim is like a chameleon, changing colours whenever it suits him.

The world as well as Malaysia lauds Al Gore’s efforts to combat global warming but playing the worn geo-political game of propping up stooges in foreign countries will just serve to damage his credibility.

If Anwar Ibrahim has nothing to hide and hasn’t committed any offence against the laws of Malaysia, then he has nothing to worry about. Although it is known that he has made public certain allegations against the impartiality of the judiciary, it is the same judiciary that acquitted him of sodomy on a technicality. Therefore, one wonders whether the recent disparaging comments made by foreign individuals about Malaysia is the direct result of Anwar Ibrahim complaining to them and inviting them to exert pressure on the Malaysian government to subvert the process and rule of law in order to allow him to continue with his ambitions to become the next Prime Minister – however surreal that may be. This then begs the question whether Anwar Ibrahim will surrender our sovereignty as a nation and sell out the Rakyat’s interest if, however unlikely it may be, he were to become Prime Minister.



silentwhisper said...

Anwar will never become the PM of malaysia; if other countries he might possibly have the chance. The sultans and the Agong will never permit that to happen.

Racist Nuar said...

To Babai, if he still belive Allah or other God (probably thaghut)

I hope he will sacrifice himself. As 'Pejuang Keadilan' who had taken shit as panadol from US to stop his sodomise habit.

Don't drag malaysian into your pig farm. If you die- die alone. You borrow shit money and promised before 16 Sept.

Don't worry many 'along' borrower kill himself to save others from death.

Anonymous said...

anwar memang p*ki*a.. babi betul.. tanya dia mati, malaysia selamat!

uAREEVIL said...

pasquale BURN IN HELL

Pasquale said...


You must be a product of BABI education policy-Malay to ask me to go to hell!
Did you know that all the ministries that BABI helmed were a total failure, think about it! Except you are that shallow, timid, and fucked-up Melayu who cannot see an evil design when you see one!

Wake up moron!

ayor lemuju said...

All his supporters are still in denial mode. Can't they figure out why he keeps avoiding the issue of taking an oath? Everyone knows that, he can, by a simple swear the way as suggested by Perlis Mufti, he can bring down the entire BN. A simple swear is what it takes can turn people to believe he is innocent. He knows that, yet he is afraid to do so. Why? The answer is simple... he is GUILTY!

Anonymous said...

pasquale, i m curious. ur hatred of DSAI seems extreme. y?

just curious

tonistuck said...

It's sad that there are so many Malays especially youths who are arrogant and think that they would be better off without Bumi-rights.

These Malay youths all dream of a "Malaysian" Malaysia but sadly, they are just dreaming while the Chinese and Indians laugh at us bickering amongst ourselves. These Malay youths truly believe that a non-Muslim leader would impartially help the rakyat regardless race.

I say wake up. It goes against the law of nature to be impartial. It is possible to be non-racist as we all are but it is impossible to be oblivious to race. If the non-Muslim leader has one mango, and there were two persons who wants it. Who would he give it to? The one with the best tender? I don't think so. Should he give it to the Muslim, he would be called a betrayer by the non-Muslim, the very same people who labelled Malays racist.

And for all those educated people, I wish to alert to you that there is a very big big difference between being passionate about your race and heritage and being a racist. Take this into consideration before labelling others racists as you wish. I take offence when bloggers and commenters call Malays racist because I am NOT a racist. RPK is one such person. Tak sedar diri.

No one can be truly unbiased that is why there are parties of different races. Each act as a voice to take care of each race's welfare.

Pasquale said...

"Anonymous said... pasquale, i m curious. ur hatred of DSAI seems extreme. y? just curious August 17, 2008 1:57 PM"

Well to begin with BABI is a fake, to me he is no more DSAI. He bombed out all the ministries he had ever held when he was in the Cabinet. When he was a Finance Minister he suggested Malaysia to enslave herself to the Western world by recommending Malaysia borrow money from the Devil (World Bank and IMF).
Mahathir had to put to a stop this BABI. The truth is Mahathir knew of BABI predesposition...a gay! But willing to ignore it as long as he was a good leader, but lo and behold BABI not only that he was a bad leader he is a also faggot, but possibly an American spy too and that he has not the interest of the Malays, Malaysians at heart. Anonymous I covered him as a senior journalist I was never impressed by his political performance. For me I can smell a fake from miles! The good news is he will lose in PP! Anonymous that is why!


LOL said...

Racist Pasquale a Symbol of Hatred,
He is constantly spewing venom and hatred with his biased opinions against DSAI...because he is weak.
My advice to Racist is Dilute some of the HATRED by loving your enemies including DSAI.