Sunday, August 24, 2008

Najib is not a Hindu but a Jew, possibly a Zoroaster! And BABI has a selective memory syndrome! A sickness!

Rabbi Weiss, if I tell you he is a good friend of Najib you have to believe me, right?

*news break*
I am going to make a Statutory Declaratiuon to say Najib is not a Hindu but in fact a Zoroaster, or may be even a Jew. I am sure what ever that I write in my SD you will have to believe after all it is a Statutory Declaration, therefore you must believe, you must!

We all know BABI has a lot of cronies when he was in power. When he challenged and accused Dr M for practicing cronyism, Dr M came out with a list who were BABI's cronies, which included his father and brothers and many more.
And yet he declared openly to challenge to anyone to come out with a list of his cronies but this weak government could not respond quick enough with a list that appeared in 1998 where he had awarded many big fat contracts to his friends. His list of cronies can easily be retrieved from he NST archived
BABI also wants to expose PD, a place where Najib allegedly was caught with a certain female personality. But if this government care about Najib, it would have exposed who was the real Najib who was arrested for close proximity. There was a Najib then who was arrested but he was a son of a policeman.
As for BABI harassing a politician's wife, all we have to do is for the police to come out with the recorded telephone conversation where BABI making sexual advances to this politicians wife! The circulated ti around! My question is why are these things not done? The answer is even within Umno and the government that there are people who want Najib to stumble and fall and to break his political nose.
There are so man y things that the government can do to counter BABI's allegations but yet they are not done, and it makes me wonder! As for you Najib just fight your own battle with people who are still loyal and that are close to you now, for you cannot expect more than that from the rest of the morons!
BABI's game is very simple, all he has to do is just to lie to the people because he has always assume the Malays, especially, will always believe him and he is doing it again and he will do it as long as he lives. Why if you may ask? That is the nature of the beast! For BABI he is not capable of telling what is real and what is fantasy! He suffering from a selective memory syndrome, ask him if he is a sodomite he will selectively tell yoiu "Of course not!" Convincingly!



kamal... said...

wuooo wuoo brooooooooo pedas bro lebih pedas dari cili apiii brooooo..kupasan yg menarik dan hebat..i selut u broooo..tq

senjakala said...

At least there is someone not onesided.Do it more

Anonymous said...

"I am sure what ever that I write in my SD you will have to believe after all it is a Statutory Declaration, therefore you must believe, you must!"

I lol'd. What a sad society it has become

Anonymous said...

Wat is there 2 selut. Boring ! I am out of here.


Omong said...

Yeah and he had been convicted for ABUSE of power and corruption.

anakmalaysia said...

Can i make a SD too?

I want to make about... hmmm... hmmm... what kind of fitnah i will make?

hmmm... Later... i will think it first

suhaila said...

At least there is someone not onesided.Do it more

hahaha senjakala, now that is a good joke ;)

tonistuck said...

DSAI's supporters will most probably jump at the opportunity to vouch for the "truth" in this latest SD.

But they have dismissed Saiful's SD with Allah SWT because DSAI is a saint and can do no wrong.

As a Muslim, I'm am deeply saddened by this.

Anonymous said...

Menuduh seorang muslim sebagai kafir tanpa bukti yang sahih adalah berdosa besar di dalam Islam. I'm surprised no Ulamaks and the smart people in Umno can counter RPK's transgression.

We always chastise PAS for kafirkan Umno, and they repented. Should we let this RPK get away with this?

Thank you.


idzan ismail said...

Dear Pasquale

Selective memory syndrome. Truly well said.
I add another one: TAS. Terminal Ass Syndrome.
He's taken on the cross of everyone with undue sense of heroism.
It's a terrible syndrome which usually kills those around him, but not him.

Raja Petai Kamaruzaman said...

Makin lama makin teruk mainan Anwar. Orang macam ni ke kita nak sokong dan angkat jadi PM? Kerja dia buat kacau, buat kecoh, hantar cerita fitnah dan buat huru hara je. Hancur lah alamat nye Malaysia kalau dengan dia ni.

Anonymous said...

it's funny to see that some people are blinded by this stupid political power struggle being portrayed by the leaders and their even more fanatic supporters. what they fail to see is the people, everyday people from all walks of life suffering because of it. BN had their chance and they blew it, big time. taking and taking and taking, and never giving. they all talk about this and that being done, but nothing has materialized. our economy is crippling, the people, esp the lower income, have to suffer because nothing has been done to ease that. i've seen people in the hospital refusing life-saving treatment to just feed their family and it's really sad. yes, the goverment has suggested some incentives but that alone can never help. its sad to see that our country, which has so much more potential, is going backwards. something has to be done to turn this around. and if anwar or who ever which takes the helm has a solution to all this, i say we let him have his chance.not on the base of because he's been projecting his RM2 per liter price tag, but on the basis that he is an educated man, a man which can and hopefully change the fortunes of this great nation and lead it in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who wishes to gove a chance to BABI to be PM, you say that we should give BABI the chance because he is "an educated man". What education background is he from? He is sastera major lah, that also repeat. You say he can "change the fortune of this nation", have you forgot how BABI almost ruined this country's economy by following IMF and raised interest rates sky high? Please, consider the facts, BABI is only a liar.