Friday, August 29, 2008

While we are bickering...our natural resources are plundered our territory gobbled!

Iskandar Development Region (IDR) is sitting on top of the world biggest underground water reserve!

If Singapore is sitting a majority stake holder at IDR we can safely say it will control the underground reserve!

It is not about developing the area as a regional economic hub but about siphoning our precious natural resources and we are so stupid not to know!

The map courtesy of the above.

Yes water water everywhere, the blue areas indicate underground water and we are so moronic not to know that it will be taken away from us!

Remember the movie Chinatown starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway? The story is about the siphoning of underground water from one area to another in California and many got killed in that movie.
Stealing water has been going on since time immemorial and only Malaysia is not aware that we are being taken in by a big "con-job" to steal our underground precious resources.
Did you know that Malaysia is the second country in the world with the most underground water resources that can last for hundreds of years? And a country in South America is the first with the most.
Now why is this important? Well next to fossil fuel, water can just be the next reason for a country to be invaded and our neighbour from the south is ever ready to that. In fact they have set up a plan! Did you know that Johore's commercially and economically strategic Iskandar Development Region will sit on top of a big mass of land that belong to Malaysia that have the biggest, yes he BIGGEST mother lode of precious underground water and we are oblivious to it, that is because the Malay regime is not capable ofl ooking 100 steps ahead nor is it capable of looking at things three dimensionally, in other words the Malay regime is not equipped to act and behave retroactively for the sake of the interest of the country.
We have lost Pedra Branca because of our incompetency and we are about to have a major scuffle with Singapore over Pulau Pisang. Never mind that!
Just consider this, if Iskandar Development Region is going to be controlled by Singapore rest assured our underground water resources will be siphon out without our great Umno leader knowing it, all these leaders see is money like prostitutes who can only see the RM sign on their potential customers.
A very classified map that I came across will show you that what Singapore wants is just our natural resources, bad enough we have to supply them with ground water and now they have a potential of invading this country over this precious natural resources, the H2O!
We have the power to stop southern Johore from being sold to others, because if they have it there is no stopping of them siphoning our water into the republic.
Think and stop the bickering!
We are tired of it!


Anonymous said...

Interesting. You should definitely forward this to the morons that are planning the Iskandar area......or they already know and have fantastic plans typical of Badawi's govt.

Anonymous said...

Dear Magpie,

Please get your facts right, please verify your claim that Singapore is a majority stakeholder in Iskandar Malaysia (IDR).

There areas which are marked are mostly under the control of the Johor State Government.

Anyway, resources benath the ground cannot be owned by foreigners. E.g. even if you find oil under your own property, it does not belong to you!


Omong said...


The bickering is a ploy to take attention away from critical strategies, and the carrot RM is a small investment to Malaysia's enormous wealth.

Here's a sincere and heartfelt views of a Malay in Singapore.


Pasquale said...

anonymous portman moron, since when anything that can stop anyone from doing anything within the law. Israel has been stealing water from its neighbour sine the time of Jesus and Samson and Delilah.

zack said...

dear pasquale

i think you maybe can forward this info to PEWARIS....they are very critical about this iskandar malaysia

zack said...

sorry, PROWARIS...not pewaris

Omong said...


I realise that this link has been converted to a subscription panel.

I will try to type out he whole article soon.

Keep on blogging ...

a n n n a said...

wow.. this is something not many of us are aware of, especially us in the east side of malaysia.

Al said...

Wake up people ... wake up all Malaysian. I somehow have had reservation about the whole IDR thing from day 1. Thanks to our "brilliant" gatekeeper ... our dozy PM … surely we’ll get fcuk stupid again. This time face up … not ass up! Remember the Parkmay-Pantai Hospital-Temasik debacle … was not too long ago mind you! Singapore is really shrewd … they’ve maximized their own resources that they need to, have to & must think & act beyond the so-called box or “tempurung.” They saw our astounding PM and his circles of goons (SIL) from 3 miles away. Sway these moronic pack of ‘pariahs’ with lush money … lots-n-lots-sa-money ... show them their brilliantly constructed “oasis” … coz the actual juice of the whole thing is some other thing that what the naked eyes can see … then when they get into the system … will literally suck the blood out of us (Johor & Malaysia for that matter) alive. We gonna be skinned alive … kid-me-not people!! Be careful … be scared … be really scared! Our PM wants something big so he can be attributed with something grand like our previous premier before him … and SIL just wanna accumulate as much & as fast as possible coz game-time for FIL is getting rein in. It is detrimental for him to amass huge for his post-political aspiration. Need big money maa to play politic later when FIL is done. Go figure!!

Citra said...

For once i'm in agreement with you on this. Our resources must be protected no matter who runs the country.

I'm also concern that you mentioned "a very classified map". I hope you dont get yourself in trouble for this.

And whatever our political difference may be, thanks for this expose.

Anonymous said...

As the world population is increasing, there will be a shortage of water in the future. Water will be traded as a commodity.

Anonymous said...

If the Prime Minister is part of the problem, why not have his Deputy to take immediate action- or are they both responsible for this?

Purple Sky