Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yes this country is indeed in distress and something got to give!

I can sense something that I thought I will never feel again. There are a lot of you morons out there that truly love your country very much. Then by all mean defend it people! Do not allow people like BABI to besmirch it to the entire international community! Do not allow one motherf#%ker to dictate! A serial sodomite, like serial rapist, or serial killers, or serial nostril pickers will never shake their habits! So here is our beloved Flag!

*news update* (8.30am Friday 8th, Aug, 2008)

Sodomy, forced or consensual, in this country is against the law and it is punishable quite seriously. It is an act of going against the law of natural order. I want all of us to ponder and think hard over this question. When BABI was charged for sodomy the first time, did you really think the government under Dr Mahathir was really that mean to put BABI's entire family to shame? I do not think the Dr M administration was that cruel. Today BABI is being charged again for the same problem. May be, just may be, this man who aspire to be the prime minister of this country is having that kind of a sexual inclination or is enjoying a kind of a sexual satisfaction which is against the law of natural order! Personally I have nothing against gay people, or people with a different sexual orientation. But in the case of BABI who probably had an unnatural sex in his Mercedes Benz with a Pakistani who is a naturalized US citizen during fasting month then proceed to give a Friday khutbah, a sermon, as to portrays himself as someone who is a religious and a pious and quoting the Holy Koran a Arabic gibberish to kampung Malays! now that pisses me off! This man must be stopped at all cost before it is too late!

*news update*
I am relieved the government is finally going to charge BABI for sodomy and I hope this time it will be done properly that the charge will stick and no fuck-ups (notice I use a lot of this word eh! I am just angry and furthermore this is my blogsite if you are offended go visit Rockybru, okay). As I said before BABI can contest and he can even win, who knows, or he may lose! But one has nothing to do with another. The due process of the law must be observe and to be fully complied with. If he is found guilty he will get 20 years and if he wins, well that is a mere speculation I will not get into it. Many cheers today!

I want to tell a story, my story. I am not happy with Malaysia nowadays when mental chaos has over taken our ability to care and to love, as a nation and people.
Politicians waste their time and energy spiking one another. Charge Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim if he were to be found guilty of sodomy and the hell with protest from the international community, throw him in jail and throw away the key. How can we allow one man to hold this country in a state of mental hostage.
The other day a bastard of a Korean male buffoon who bought a house next to where I live and every evening he will take his dog on our side of the compound and the dog will do its things. When I told him nicely about what he should not do with his dog he told me to fuck off. Yes he said "you fuck off". I was so angry I walked away. Today he cut down his neighbour's tree and had a big arguement. Policemen came and went. This is a blatant example of a ripple effect of a weak government under a weak leadership. When there is a flaw in the system everything elses will follow suit. Foreigners will not care an iota about our rule of law because they know they can get away with it.
This country is well inundated with millions of illegal immigrants, mostly bad and ill-mannered, and they seem not to care whether they should respect the local norms and constraints or mores. Many South Indians immigrants, mostly from Bangladesh, even molested and raped Malaysian women and do you know why! Because they know they can get away with it!
They came in the past, hiding away from the whole system, including from a very effective security forces, today they can thumbed their noses at locals without batting an eye lid. Want to know why, it is because they know they can get away with it.
In my nice neighborhood recently, a foreign student and his maid were found murdered, and right next door at a construction site about twenty immigrant contract workers, probably illegal, are living in a shed and I cannot help but to wonder if they have anything to do with the murder, hey I cannot help thinking about what IF okay! And since the police did not even bother to check or to investigate! These workers will be making a lot of noises and and the "chattering" of their mahjong bits that they play almost every night is so irritating and deafening.
Reported to the local council and the police and they came but left and still the same shit went on. So what do you want me tho think when our law enforcers are not able to enforce the law ands protect my rights as a tax payer!?
A friend called me from Mersing, Johor, and said his Kelong that he rented to a Singaporean has been turned into a gambling den and drug haven for youth on ecstasy and he has not been able to regain his property in spite of the court ordering this Singaporean to do so. After many reports made to the local police the illegal activities went on as usual.
This friend also told me a crack special task force from Bukit Aman went on a special operation to catch this bad Singaporean and his activities and after two hours of negotiation, said my friend, this special task force form Bukit Aman left the kelong and guess what, the activities went on as usual as we speak.
Bangkok is far advance as a happy city than that of Kuala Lumpur. A city of about 10 millions, people can still smile and care for each other. Modern Bangkok is like a big "kampung" where everyone knows each other, when KL is becoming an urban blight where the inner core city areas is not a safe place to walk at night.
Saw a big burly African shouting at a taxi driver, a Malaysian, and I was seething with anger when no Malaysian came to his rescue. I went and told one of the big burly bastards that foreigners must respect the local and not to shout at them and he was stumped by the fact that I told him off. He probably did not expect a local guy would do it. How I wish more Malaysians can take care of each other in this kind of a situation. Sometime we behave the way we do because we know at the back of our head that the situation is hopeless so why bother. But I say that is not true, I did it so can you.
Then I have to put up with black-robed rude and smelly Arab women who will push you if they want to jump queue. We have to be nice to these rude people? For their money?! What are we prostitute! Sometime I think we are because to Malaysians in general money is everything!!!
Unlike the Singaporeans, the Thais they also love money but they will not do it at the expense of their dignity!
Yes I am in distress and the country is in distress. I was quite distress when we lost our Pedra Branca to Singapore when we could defended it if only we have that rare commodity called dignity, no we do not have that.
Can we from today onwards be more firm with those who came to our "house" who are rude, and uncouth and we must also tell this government to stop bickering and to take care of Malaysians who placed their trust in looking after their interest.

I am fed up!


braner said...

I've been following your writings for sometimes, but today you really hurt my feeling by putting my pride upside down. I thought you are different, but no, you are just one of them - the brainless bloggers... sad.

MMcrossings said...

I do share your angst.

I'm working in the UAE where 70% are foreigners, mainly from india, pakistan, and around the region.

My wife feels safer here.

They say its a police state, well that's good for law abiding residents.

It seems that these foreigners here are well behaved. Even the lorry drivers are disciplined enough that they will stick to their lane regardless if the truck in front is slower.

You can double-park your car with the engine running and ran up the apartment, with out having the fear for your car getting stolen.

Its the enforcement here, that goes by the book.

I think we should bring this idea back of a police country. Let everyone fear the police. let the foreign workers fear the police. Be it.!

Mind you, a police officer in the UAE get paid around dirhams 20k, (RM18k).

If the the government takes good care of their enforcement officers, I'm pretty sure they will take care of the enforcement. We do not want someone else takes good care of our enforcement officers.

day of no return said...

I truely agree with you that it is indeed distress and to support you I will also hang the flag upside down and to go a step further I will also sing negarakuku come 31st Aug 2008.

Why don't we just give Johor away and help the people in Johor to be less distress. Giving birth is less distress as their government pays baby bonus. Visiting USA and China will not need the distress to apply Visa. No MP will shout at you for being Bocoh or monkey, hence less distress. Even after death your next in kin does not face the distress of someone else from the religion department to claim your body.

Pasquale said...

Fuck you braner if you cannot be hurt go play somewhere else. You are amoron! Brainless moron! There are bigger things at stake here in this country and fuck with your feeling. If you cannot understand my message let me tell you again, upside down flag is a sign of distress, get it distress, and this country is in distress had better get their shit together! If you are going to be a self righteous shit do not visit my site!

ayor lemuju said...

I am offended too, Pasq. Sorry, I love your site before, this is the first time I'm commenting, and my last. My last visit too. Ciao!

kunta kinte said...

Ni yang sampai nak terbalik2 bendera ni apa cerita ni. Tak perlu buat macam tu dalam keadaan sekarang ni, keadaan sekarang tidak seteruk itu. Ini dah macam tak menghormati. Tak perlu gelabah sampai tahap macam ni. Cuba bertenang sikit.

Piggy Singh said...

Magpie, don't let others tell us what does the sign mean, but ask ourselves, do we really want to turn this country upside down. Though Dollah and BABI are doing it, let them dig their own grave, and make trip to eternity in disgrace.
For once, I do not agree with you on this. Though it is bitter to swallow what Dollah and co are turning this country into, we cannot project our frustration to our beloved nation.
This soil, we earn our bread and butter, and soon will also be our place for eternal.

LongFinger2u said...

Hey Pasquale you are a RACIST shit.My middle finger(Gesture)to you.I too have been a reader of your blog for some time now and today's write up is JustBS.And one more thing,you are not only a RACIST but also a Paranoid Schizophrenic Moron.A distress to people

BurungNuri said...

Well Pasquale you are indeed a person who can seems to think before you speak. If you can agree with what some of the bloggers are doing-hoisting the flag, then why are you that hurt when one single fella-braner has a different opinion about this matter?
So what if he/she didn't agree with your stand? Why do you have to go all emo about it?

Pasquale said...

People! The upside down flag is merely a symbolic gesture or a personification, so to speak, of the state of being of this country IN DISTRESS, economically, psychologically, socially and politically! If you guys a bunch of nationalists, as I can detect which makes me very happy, then you guys must understand what it means! Hey otherwise, what can I say, you are all morons and to keep on dreaming. BTW if you want to have a feel good blog go visit Rockybru, leave Barkingmagpie for the strong and those who want only harsh reality! BTW again, sorry to offend your fragile (read weak)personality!

bunga raya said...

you have your opinon.i respect that.but your stand and opinion on hoisting our beloved flag?i am not into that.i totally against it.sorry again if you're offended.other people have their own stand and opinion as well and most of us against this idea.

My Raison D'etre said...

Yep, Pasquale.

Malaysians are prostitutes for money. We have been so stymied that our balls have shrunk so much that its easier for us to be fucked whichever fucking style they want.

Don't lose hope, though. They are still some good men and women out there, just not that many.

braner said...

Can you handle a little negative feedback in a conscientious and professional manner, or do you find yourself having to resist the urge to bite your critic's head off? Being able to accept and effectively put constructive criticism to use is essential if you wish to correct bad habits and improve yourself. Knowing what you're doing wrong and what you could be doing better will allow you to reach your greatest potential.

Good luck Bro, may Allah bless you and all the persons you love.

bugis said...

my raison d'entre: You called youself one of those GOOD men?. My holly cow! By going through your lines I know that you are one of the m**her fuc***rs!

Pasquale said...

Okay okay enough already!

I apologize to the whole bunch of you for being nasty especially to you braner, I almost call you a non-braner for your comment and for not seeing the big picture of my inverted flag story.
We are all missing the point of my inverted flag, a sign of distress in which we all should ponder on what I am trying to say but you guys get sensitive and went off tangent personally.
Like I do, I truly appreciate you/ guys sense of loyalty to our country but beyond that you all have to use your brain and think and do not go off tangent again, am doing something to tell Malaysians by placing the inverted flag as a sign of distress okay! You guys have to figure out what you can do instead of mimicking the English language to get personal with an internet!

idzan ismail said...

Yoo Hoo Magpie

Welcome back. Sad to see that you are despondent. Why don't we go back to the good old days of Dr M. Everything was hunky-dory. He dictates, we follow. Dissenting voices can go to hell. This so-called open government of Dollah is not doing us any good. It's okay if he is firm and in control. But he's slipping away. It's pathetic to see that misdoings in Umno branches go to ACA. Come off it, this happened during my late grandpa's day. If Mazlan and co want to be in limelight, go for major corruption. But on second thoughts, who will be left then? LOL

Anonymous said...

You're a true patriotic malaysian telling us the true state of this country. Nothing wrong there. For the rest of you brainless fucks.. Go read some other blog sites that make u feel rosey all inside..

( Real. Hurtful. Bloody True)

Anonymous said...


I agree with you Malaysia the Country and her citizens are in distress. I am sad and angry but I still have some hope -- so I will not yet put Jalur Gemilang upside down. But I will boikot the Merdeka celebrations!

Living outside Malaysia now it is painful to see that there literally is no governance left. On my trip to KL last weekend a friend lamented his frustration and he openly declared that Malaysia is already in a state of anarchy -- because there is almost no respect and regard for the rules of law, almost no power and influence from the people enforcing the laws.

Most importantly, added the friend, the Police and all government agencies are in a state of total chaos at the top that the people on the ground are confused on what is the right thing for them to do.

I was still trying to convince myself that this friend of mine is wrong until my experience at dinner in Ampang on Sunday...

As I sat down at a restaurant, a sweet fresh face boy with a songkok approached my table to sell a calendar. In a confident, perfect sales pitch he told me that he was from an Anak Yatim House collecting donation to build a school in Yan. He further told me that he is doing this voluntarily to 'belajar berniaga'.

I told him he need not collect money to build a school as there are enough schools in the country. I further told him he should be on his way home as it was Saturday nite and Sunday is a school day in Kedah.

The boy convincingly said he will be home in time for school and he is doing it out of his own desire to volunteer. He also said his parents are in the know of his whereabouts (earlier said he was from Rumah Anak Yatim!).

I gave him a small token and told him to keep it for himself and to go home. As he walked away I kept thinking of my little boy being abused to beg in the streets! While I prayed for the boy I remember images of a road accident that killed a few such Anak Yatim, not so many months ago...

As soon as the boy walked away, a tiny girl in a cute tudung appeared with a Surah Yassin and doa books asking for help -- I learnt she is a 5-year old Myanmar and has been doing this in Ampang every day. I was getting very angry and asked her to take me to her mother. The girl refused to move and then I threatened to take her to the Police... and she coolly snubbed me and said 'blah lah lu!'. She walked away to another coffee shop with me in hot pursuit.

As I got there she was busy begging from a foreigner who was having his coffee. I stopped the foreigner from giving and a family at another table told me this girl is from a syndicate and they are regulars in Ampang Point area. I held the girl by her arm and forced her to take me to her mother. As we were walking another little girl appeared and I grabbed this girl too! I forced and pushed both of them to walk and as we get to the side of Ampang Point I saw 5 mothers enjoying their meals or feeding more babies as their little girls walk around the city making a living. Are these girls their children?

I went to the mothers and scolded them for putting the children in danger and I chided them for not working and taking the easy way out to exploit the girls. They could not be bothered with my ramblings...

As I walked away from Ampang Point I saw a Malaysian stopped by to drop a few dollars to the mothers... I shook my head and these questions came to mind:

1 Where is the welfare dept?
2 Where is the Children ministry?
3 Where is DBKL?
4 Where is the management of Ampang Point?
5 Where is the BN and PR Wakil Rakyat and protector of children?
6 Where is the Immigration?

To all the above, please also check the places below:

1 Sunday nite market in Bangsar -- it seems that all those with no legs and arms from China have congregated into Bangsar!

2 The popular Nyonya nasi lemak shop in Damansara Uptown -- plenty of beggars from China decided this is a good spot too!

Sigh... it is hard to continue to be optimistic!!


Anonymous said...

Your flag is upside down?
Join the likes of Haris Ibrahim, Rockybru, kickdefella etc.

I do wish you bloggers, like Rocky and all would choose words carefully.
You are all fed up. I am too. But that is not the same thing as saying we are in distress. Nuances, nyet?


Anonymous said...


Allow me to congratulate you on hoisting the Jalur Gemilang the way it should be flown.

Many ppl up and down the country have been greatly distressed by the Kickdefella unnatural campaign.

rawna hibramin said...

BABI yang banyak buat kacau dan huru hara sana sini dekat Malaysia sekarang ni. Sana sini habis dia tunggang terbalikkan. Dengan hasutan dia semua, dengan tuduhan2 dia. Masa dia takda dulu aman sikit. Kalau betul dia ni salah, benam je die dalam jail, senang cerita. Takda hancur Malaysia ni nanti.

Anonymous said...

Mr Pasquale,

You have spewed very dangerous BN/racist propaganda on your website. I too, like others, have read your website many times, just to see how people like you think and react to the current status quo in our country.

You seem to have decided, before the trial has even begun, that, in your own words, BABI, is guilty, and just because of his affiliation and friendship with important international personalities, is a Western agent. This type of thinking is quintessential of many conspiracy theorists, many of which are unfounded!

The best way to go about the current situation is to strip your thoughts of any political partisanship, and question the integrity of the ongoing Anwar trial.

So many things point to lopsided treatment of Anwar by the relevant authorities. The ridiculous treatment of the whole Anwar case has, and will not win the hearts and minds of rational-thinking Malaysians.

Just because Anwar stands for a united Malaysia, does not mean that he is a danger to Malays. A united Malaysia, where we forsake the shackles of our racial delineations, will benefit everyone. As a Chinese Malaysian, I am happy that we finally see many Malays embrace the idea of true multi-racialism...

To cut a long story short, I do not place a lot of trust in the judiciary, or AG's chambers, or RMP for that matter, to carry out investigations and trial proceedings in a totally impartial manner, because nothing substantial has been done to reform or transform the system.

May God bless Anwar!

My Raison D'etre said...

He he..

Apologies for the rant. Have to do it sometime otherwise all the pent up frustrations will boil over

Isn't that one of the reason why we are using this new media?

God bless all.

ayor lemuju said...

I'm glad to come back and notice you put the Jalur Gemilang upright. So I revert my decision not to visit this site. Honestly I love reading your posts, to share certain opinions we have in common. I was offended with the inverted flag and I couldn't believe that you, among other people, would be influenced by those morons like Kickdefella and his kind. As I promise to other bloggers who put a flag on their pages, I will like your webblog to my ayorlemuju.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Hi All,
(Warning: This is a true racist comment. Readers discretion is advised)

Mr Pasquale isn't racist.
You'all want a taste of true racism?? Here goes...
Chinese man in malaysia are good to have. We like them to help produce many more chinese women that I can fuck their pussies and assholes at massage parlours. Afterall all chinese women I get to fuck in this sleazy whore houses tell me "china man" usually have small uncircumsised excuse for a penis", stinks and indian man are just too bushy and smelly and they fuck like "Bangalore Dogs"
Chinese runned massage parlours is where I go whenever I I get stressed reading about Anwar Ibrahim in the news paper. Chinese men dicks usually are to small that mostly these chinks go for malay women whenever they need some real pussy action
Indians people are good for picking up trash and fixing up roads and highways. Their women usually smell bad but who gives a fuck.. We malays do not fuck them anyway-
Chinese dicks usually too small to get them fucking indian women
( So people, let's forget about racial slurs because you and I know well this can go on the whole night through.
Anwar Ibrahim, just another malay, is a clear and present danger to this country. So don't you chinese or indian motherfuckers ever think he will give you anymore than what the present govt is doin.
Temples, chinese schools, bak kut the shops; all allowed so you fucking chinks and "nanthas" can feel like you never have left china and india.
Give it a rest about how Anwar BABI Ibrahim would be any better than Pak Lah or Najib.
Anwar afterall is just another malay who talks well and studied malay history in UM. He cares shit about all you "cina" dan "hindu". Get it through your damn head that anwar just wants to use the "minority" to gain access to become PM.

Another Racist Malaysian

lebih percaya ular said...

As a malay malaysian i do not trust BABI as the prime minister of Malaysia

better put samy vellu as PM worth it.

other candidate ? hmm let see....

1.Lim Kit Siang - racist - over my dead body

2.Lim Guan Eng - racist - over my dead body

3.Lee Kuan Yew - mother of all racist

malaysianlover said...

Thank you sir for putting the flag the right way up.
At least one stress gone...

nwuo pie said...

I like this blog and continue to support by daily visit. This place you would get idea of how Ketuanan Melayu think, what is in their mind. This group of people are the true supporter of UMNO, like Ezam and Saifu whose brain are locked with the principle of "Malaysia for Melayu".

We also want to build up a similar group in Sarawak called "Ketuanan Dayak" and we also think that "Sarawak for Dayaks" only. Thuough we cannot work together we have similar goal.

shameonU said...

Anonymous Another Racist Malaysian
August 08, 2008 12:24 AM

Can anyone guess who wrote that??
Pasquale Racist himself LOL

Pasquale said...

shameonyou, no I did not write what "AARM" wrote. Can anyone tell me if it is offensive then I will take it off my site for sure! BTW if anyone think I am a racist then we have no hope for this country! Cheers!

ayor lemuju said...


I would rather you not delete anon ARM's comment. We Malaysians have to learn to accept our shortcomings just as much as we boast our pride. And don't ask for more that what is due you. Some people are tolerant enough have sacrificed so much for this racial harmony, integrity thing, but the other side still believe this country is also mak bapak depa punya. And no thanks to traitors and irresponsible leaders.

Anonymous said...

Saudara Paskuale,

Saya sabenar sudah bosan memikirkan mengapa Anwar Ibrahim ini gila gila nak jadi perdana menteri? Waktu dia menjadi timbalan perdana menteri dahulu kala dia sangat benci dengan kerenah masyarakay hindu yang beliau kedengaran berkata "berapa banyak kuil dia orang in hendak" dan sekarang dia gila gila hendak kan undi kaum India, hypokrit sangat! Saya harap dia di dapati bersalah!

Bosan di Kg kerinchi!

anuar said...

Ini semua berpunca dari Nuar. Memecahkan melayu, akhirnya jadi lemah dan mudah dipijak. Menuduh polis, mahkamah, semua menteri, guru jahat. dia saja baik, jujur dan ikhlas.

Tapi? Apa bezanya Anwar dgn kenyataannya kepada menteri2 lain.

Apa yang dituduhnya ialah apa yang dia lakukan ketika dia jadi TPM dulu;

-YTL-berjoget meraikan keuntungan, DRB bolot perniagaan-melalui kroni arwahTansri yahaya> pengusaha bas mini tertindas
-Abrar-Aminshah dsb.

Media Korup:
Utusan, TV3, NST group> semua orang Nuar. hampir sedekat mempopularkan nuar.
Mahathir tak kacau pun, kecuali ketika cubaan gulingkan Mahathir.
Ketika gulingkan Gafar-tv3 berpihak kpd Nuar.

& banyak lagi janji kosong cuba nilaikan sendiri. Jasa cuma Bahasa baku, masyarakat Madani: kempen anti 2020 mahathir...

Apa yang dikutuk kepada kabinet juga adalah rutin perlakuan beliau ketika berkuasa. tiada beza & mungkin lebih teruk lagi.

Kalau benarlah nuar ni berbeza, tiada siapa yang boleh zahirkan.Cuma melayu yang terlalu baik, mudah simpati, mudah lupa dan digula2kan dgn isu yg kononya membela penindasan terpedaya.

Majoriti Melayu masih begitu. Di US orang mcm ni tak laku, ucapan tiada nilai intelek mcm Mahathir. yang ada: membangkit rasa memberontak, benci dan menuduh orang selain diranya jahat.

Anonymous said...

pasq you racist, if you do not take out that article from that racist anon, i will send a report to the police

Pasquale said...

Hei anonymous fuck go make a police report for all I care, and do no mess around with freedom of expression and it should start from you, you fuck! As I said if you do not like my site go fuck somewhere else moron!

Anonymous said...

pasquale's blog post is utterly seditious! instead of arresting bakaq for it, they should arrest pasquale!

you guys just can't accept indians and chinese having equal rights as malays?

your only rational defence is to ask us indians and chinese to go back to india and china...

in that case, don't malays come from indonesia? this whole argument will never end...

malay friends, it's time to join hands and embrace a Malaysian Malaysia for all! why can't you accept a united Malaysia? all you want is a Malaysia where Malays continue to have a leverage over Non-Malays...

i have many malay friends who are ashamed of people from their own race like you!

ayor lemuju said...

I'm for Pasquale. I'm ashamed of Malay people who are ashamed of themselves being Malays. They deserve to be kicked around as they are.

Pasquale said...

ayor lemuju thank you for your support. I always maintain those who support BABI, Malays especially, are moron. Moron means "adult with an intelligence of a child. Malays will forever be moron for they cannot think, see and decide clearly who are tricking them. I know for a fact that BABI will always get his supports because he himself knows Malays are very easily manipulated. I just hope Malays will come to their senses before they will be culturally, politically, socially, morally and ethnically cleansed by a much more united tribe!

sayadahbosan said...

these so-called malays said by anon August 09, 2008 10:21 PM are definitely without any balls to play with.

when malays complaint you're all racists swines who only know how to complaint.. when non malays whines wei it's our right mah deii thambi never heard of freedom of expression ka pundek. where can we find a majority that have to listen to the minority voices? pukimak la lu orang. dah datang sini nak kurang ajar pulak.

pegi kencing kubur nenek moyang korang yang agree dgn social contract dulu. cucu2 mereka sekarang nih tak sedarkan diri. BABI will sodomized all of you fuckers.

we are all racists to begin with. period.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pasquale,
Wow, people really thought you were me..
Anyway- cheers to you for holding up the comment!

Another Racist Malaysian

Pasquale said...

Another Racist Malaysian, you are a bit of a racist and in a spirit of free blogging try to spare us some of your "demeaning" expletives, for next time I may have to spike it!

Anonymous said...

hahahah...i think i know who another racist malaysian is...and its certainly not pasquale!

all these chinese calling malays racist...Pot Kettle Black. If you are a malay working in a chinese-dominated bank/MNC, then you'll know the true meaning of racism. and whats that about blatantly speaking in chinese in front of your malay colleagues? No manners I say!

lebih percaya ular said...

Tak kira la kat banking ka, engineering & construction ka, factory ka, kat mana2 pun mesti double standard even kalau kita tengok kat iklan TV kalau product tu bukan melayu, gerenti model/pelakun nya pun bukan melayu....

Tapi sayang kenapa model/pelakun nya tak ada yang berkulit gelap ya.

Tak cantik ka iklan tu...

So siapa yang racist?

Husin Lempoyang said...

Kalau ente mahu juga terbalikkan sesuatu, ente boleh ikut ana terbalikkan gambar dolah badawi.

Walaupun puncanya ramai termasuk makcik2 yang jual keropok lekor tepi jalan di ampang point, dolah yang kasi negara caca marb adan huru hara.

Ambil gambar dari blog ana.