Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yes, like any other vermin, we do know what to do with BABI!

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Just use your imagination for your own caption to this one!
(Mine is: BABI making love to his wife)

*news update*
People of Permatang Pauh must not allow yourselves to be sodomised again and think before you vote! Pengundi pengundi di Permatang Pauh jangan lah benarkan kan kamu semua di liwat sekali lagi, guna kan lah kebijaksanan kamu dan jangan biarkan makhlok perosak merosakkan kawasan kamu dan negara sekali lagi!

Yes when it comes to BABI we all know what we are doing, including those gung-ho women politicians, where one of them even declared jihad on BABI.
When it comes to BABI, yes we want him to be destroyed politically, for he has become a vermin to Malaysia, Malays and to law-abiding Malaysians.
What Shahrizat Jalil meant was that this vermin, or makhlok perosak as we say in Malay, is just that, a vermin. He is one of those bleeding heart liberals, like Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, who suggest we should open up more to accommodate others as though we have not been already.
As for me if Jihad, or Ridsect, or Baygon will do it to get rid of this vermin, why not. If, only if, this bastard become PM, which I doubt and over my dead body, I will migrate for good!



Anonymous said...

You're just barking like me but can't bite him or use any of the pest control solutions.He is something like the Nazy leader Hitler.Pak Lah also a culprit with him for his politic something like the goverment already behind him!.The Permatang Pauh people can do much better but it seems they are typical Malays for past Fifty years as same today.Nothing can change my friend!.Only way is to bringing TDM back as the goverment senior minister....Pak Lah breed this bloody pig for sometime for TDM!.So try to bite rather than barking...and barking!!!.Mamak Penang.

anakmalaysia said...

Don't Migrate... Don't migrate...

BABI will be disembelih sebelum jadi ORANG BERKUASA BABI.

Piggy Singh said...

Magpie, if anyone could remember, the moment BABI stepped out of jail, he did say about working for Malay unity. Was it a signal that he was knocking on UMNO's door, but he was all along being ignored.
Anyway, BAI-GONE can only be used to get rid of Karpal and his son.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

bro Pasquale,

Ur rite, we shud make sure bro AnWar is not elected as PM n of coz i doubt he will ever b a PM as its not his agenda... he will try to get a proxy PM to accomplish his mission as d Messenger of d Illuminati n being PM will restrict his movement to stain n destabilized d islamic world.. he is d devil reincarnate n will not stop even in jail..only God knows how dangerous bro AnWar is..heheh..wat can I say..(",)



Patriot Selatan said...

eh engko ni buleh tak sekali sekala cerita pasal usaha mengurangkan jumlah penagih dadah dari kalangan remaja melayu...

elid kingdom said...

Yes I agree MB Khalid suggestion is crazy. UTiM is a pride of the Malay so long as we keep it to ourself 100%.

If we open up 10% to accomodate non-Malays we will lost our pride if the top students won't be Malays then. UTiM help the Malays to produces the top elid in our country to rule over the other race so we must be seen as the brightest. UTiM is the best University so long as 100% is Bumi because the top students are always Bumi.

I know many other foreign uni had taken an open approach to introduce competition and improve the uni standing over the long run like Havard, Oxford, Cambridge and NUS. They have no choice because the are stupid to share their country with others by inviting foreigner to stay. UTiM can take a closed approach because our interest is not to compete with the world but to rule over the other race in our home land so that Ketuanan Melayu stay alive. UTiM had been successful to keep Melayu in the top and those who cannot accept us as Tuan is better they migrate, indeed we are successful in this aspect too. The ratio of Cina in our country is reducing when they know that only UTiM graduate had the advantage.

So long as UTiM stay with us 100% we will be successful to make other race work for us and call us Tuan. Actually we don't need other race, Zimbabwe is also kicking out the white and see how rich are their citizen now? Everyone is a billionary.

straycat's strut said...

Congrats Pasquale, I found it hard these days to find someone who refused to be that "bleeding heart liberals." It surprised me to learn that these so-called educated malay liberals read history but failed to learn from their forefather's mistake. They still think that its proper to let anyone into their houses and share the master bedroom and later, complained that his child looks like George Bush.

I am not necessarily fond of anything UMNO but I am still astonished by the rhetorics and sarcasms when the word "jihad" was used. I would call it a "jihad" too if the fight is to resist the advance of foreign powers. Isn't that what fighting Anwar is all about?

youthmalaysian said...

Magpie, He won't become the PM. Don't worry about it. But unfortunately the country will be in a chaos sooner, cause his actions are getting deeper and deeper. Worse to worst will end up like 13 May. Hopefully its not like that.

idzan ismail said...

Cheers too Pasquale,

Don't migrate Pasquale. It's Anwar who will flee to US on Sept 16. The dateline of him becoming PM.
Thaksin fled to Britain, Anwar to US, ha ha.
Please Permatang Pauh, make him
fade into oblivion. You guys don't want the destroyer of our nation to represent you.
Why waste time voting Wan Azizah again. She will be doing the work if Anwar is imprisoned.
Hi Conspiracy theorist, that's a good theory you have on the BABI.
But I'm inclined to believe in Piggy Singh.
My take is if (a big IF) he wins, he will make overtures to UMNO. He will slowly worm himself into UMNO for that's the only ticket to be No 1.
Remember he entered UMNO through backdoor. And then kicked out Ghafar Baba. Someone who did lots more to the nation than BABI.
So he will do the same act to Najib and Dollah.
Easier to fight within UMNO than outside.
If you observe PAS is slowly separating from PKR. ON TV last night they state categorically Hadi should be PM.
Checkmate for Anwar to realise his amibiton.
Either PAS joins BN or Anwar in UMNO. My two sens worth of prediction.

braner said...

Semua umat Islam yang berfikiran waras tidak akan membenarkan manusia ini menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. Hadi Awang tidak terkecuali. Tak payah migrate, umat Islam akan memastikan DIA yang migrate, bila tiba masanya.

tonistuck said...

I agree. We should not let DSAI become Prime Minister. He has lost his way.

Look at Khalid Ibrahim. He has gone mad. One can safely think for themselves that he is just an puppet of his DAP exco. From mega pig farms to the opening up of Uitm to non-bumis.

We must not let ppl forget about this issue as it is crucial in underlining in what I feel is the real agenda of PR.

I think that a lot of PR supporters do not yet see that if DSAI becomes PM, Malaysia could very well see the possibility of its first non-Muslim PM because I don't think DAP will not want to ask for the DPM post.

One more thing, somebody should dig up some dirt on RPK or something. He's starting to annoy me with his tall tales and the way he belittles Islam's honour in his writings. He says that Malays are racist but I feel that he is the one who is racist towards Malays.

umno forever said...

BABI & Khalid Ibrahim are prawn of DAP.

In fact Malaysia should stop sending Cina to Olympic. Even if a Cina win a goal it will not mean a thing for us Ketuanan Melayu, in fact it only shame us Melayu. So we should stop sending Cina to represent Malaysia. Only Melayu can represent Malaysia in Olympic. I hope the Lee Chong Wei will lost his next two game and get nothing, Cina does not represent Malaysia.

Peace2RPK said...

His Highness RPK is the BEST a decent >Human being.He is doing what is the best for the country and of course,TRUTH hurts

MoiAgain said...

And as for you Barking Racist...please please MIGRATE along with Dr.M

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Bro Idzan,

wat if UMNO is not relevant to bro AnWar now.. wat if d agenda dat woz setupby PLah n Bro AnWar woz to destroy d UMNO 'BARU' wch is synonym to Tun M..destroy UMNO baru n create a new MALAY party wth d same Malays frm UMNO joining d party... mostly all malaysian hate PLah n d Presidents Men so wat if PLah himself wants UMNO out..his papa woz one of those involve in PAS dulu so UMNO is not his blood party thus destroying UMNO to him is not destroying d Malays..if u look at d scenario now UMNO grassroots demselve wun hesitate to abandon UMNO if d party's leader cant help improve deir me nuting is impossible in politics, heheh..thr again u mite b rite along wth PS but i doubt i'm wrong due to d facts dat PLah is in colloboration wth d zionis/neocons thru Singapore.. Why must PLah colloborate wth d neocons? well ask Kamal n Scomi den.. PLah's ball is in d hands of d US of A n will remain so till KJ is up.. destroy UMNO & create anothr Malay base party wth KJ as d proxy PM for bro AnWar...TIME WILL TELL..both bro AnWar & PLah had sign a pact wth d devil n thus need to deliver or face d consequences..PLah wth d Singapore cell thru KJ & his ilks n Bro AnWar thru d Indonesia cell..both report to d same DEVIL dat is d neocons or Illuminati wth d New World Order agenda to fulfill..wat can I say..heheh..(,") jst anothr theory of conspiracy to d highest order... wats dis whisperers mentioning about PLah's involvement in d first sodomy case in 1998.. I pity Tun M as he is being made d scapegoat for all d problems created by bro AnWar n PLah wen he woz d PM.. Tun M ni silap dia pasai dia lembut hati sangat kat org yg buat salah kat dia kemudian minta maaf sambil menangis maka Tun M ni lembut la hati dia..kenapa tak caya arr..tanya la org yg rapat ngan Tun Dr.Daddy M ni..heheh..apo nak dikato..(",)


p.s. bro Pasquale, sory for taking so much space n to fellow commentators sory for d rambling..heheh..wat can I say..(,") i mite be wrong but i doubt i'm wrong.. peace..err..wats so significant bout d no 13?? well google on d World Secret Society & Illuminati n satisfy ur curiosity..

BeNIceNow said...

Media massa arus p’dana akn m’perdayakan rkyt & m’cari helah utk gagalkan Dtk Seri Anwar Ibrm di P/Pauh dgn berita palsu - m’jatuhkan nama Dtk Seri & menanam rasa syak wasangka. Jom boikot! Jgn beli s/kabar & jgn p’caya berita radio/TV. Sebar kpd kwn2 di P/Png & P/Pauh.

Pasquale said...


I could have easily deleted your comment but the truth is I want you to know BABI manipulated the main stream media when he was the DPM and no we do not play his dirty tricks on the people but we only tell the people what manner of creature this BABI really is! BABI aksn mengunakan apa sahaja tipu helah untuk menjahanamkan negeri ini!

ayor lemuju said...

Hello! Peace2RPK. What truth RPK is telling? He's telling all the lies he can tell, don't you realise? RPK's primary goal now is to make PKR win the PRK Permatang Pauh and make his Idol PM. My foot! Even if brother wins he won't be PM. He DOESN'T want to be PM. He only want chaos. Someone said May 13th? No, this time Malay kills Malay, Cina kills Cina and Indu kills Indu.

Racist Nuar said...

I prefer Nuar killed by Mossad or US agent. He is the one 'who lend shit money from US'

He promised that along before 16 Sept.

He succeed, all malaysian in chaos. If he failed, he died alone. Sniper coming from Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia to shot him. BABI.

BeNiceNow said...

Do you believe in Giving Anwar a second chance?
So, GO Second Chance!
I believe in them. What I don't believe in is 3rd, 4th and 5th chances for the same screw up. If they screw up with the second chance, I'm through.
By the way,thanks for posting the comment which I C&P from Haris Ibrahim's Blog(Great GUY)I was testing you LOL

Kelong Jimmy said...

We know BABI screwed Saiful's ass. But I really wonder who BABI gets to screw his ass... Really wonder.

Anonymous said...

To Kelong Jimmy the answer to your Q is Pasquale haha and You screw Pasquale Racist

TunMamakLOL said...

4umagpie said...

Chiet Sing said...

No country can prosper if it closes its door to the outside world. It is like no-one can live alone in this world.

Honestly, Ketuanan Melayu will only works if the government made up of mainly Melayu who are uncorrupted and honest, and ensure subsequent replacements are honest and uncorrupted. Unfortunately, no single party/government can rule forever, especially with globalization.

Before we talk about Ketuanan Melayu, we should remove corrupted and incapable people from cabinet through elections.