Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deception, lies and more lies...way to go YB BABI!

Son of Sam


Emperor Nero

Forgot his name!

Jack the Ripper

Hannibal Lecter

Radovan Karadic

Pol Pot

*breaking news*

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser had not been shown the list of "defecting BN MPs" to the DAP neither has the list been revealed to Pas leaders. Is there such a list in the first place?! But, personally I am sure it is just a desperate ploy!
"I have not seen the list and in my meeting with Anwar on Tuesday night, he told me that he has not shown the list to any Pakatan Rakyat leaders," he told a press conference at party headquarters yesterday.
So where is the trust? In any situation "partners" must told each others problems and secrets! But if the DAP and Pas still want to voluntarily be duped by YB BABI, hey that is their funerals. Meanwhile a group called The Gombak Actionh Committee has lodgted a police report against oposition leader Anwar Ibrahim alleging this man is a threat to the national security and the country's stability!
The committee's sec-gen Mohd Mustaffa Latiff said Anwar should be investigated under the Sedition Act and Internal Security Act for his misleading crossover statements. Way to go level headed Malaysian!! Meanwhile the country's economy is slipping as we speak because of political uncertainy!

First there was that famous September 16th promises, then there was that 31 BN MPs defecting to join his madness and then September 23rd meeting that he forced the Prime Minister to have with him.
Now today we were led to believe that the King would be on his side. Or rather he insinuated that the King would understand why he should be the chosen one, or the Prime Minister of Malaysia!
His action is akin to a madness caused by a serious gonorrhea virus, one of a sexually transmitted disease, that has gone to his brain!
If homosexuality is his foible so be it I couldn't careless. But when he tries to portray himself as a clean and straight politician without serious flaws then his action is also kin to a bbif "sting", a con-job! Either one his action is seen to have caused a reaction that appears to be destroying the country's reputation and now the economy, then I will do what ever it takes and within my power as an individual to stop him. Simply put he is one of those dangerous people that comes out once in every half or a century or so to create havoc nand mayahem, like Rasputin, Hitler, Radovan Karadic, Jack the Ripper, Son of Sam, Nero, Hannibal Lecter, Pol Pot, and many, many more psychopaths before them!!



Conspiracy Theorist said...

Bro Pasquale,

Spot on,..ur rite,..bro AnWar needs to b stopped n d only way to stop him is to get d othr jackass out of premiership n DSN to b d acting PM till Dec & let d UMNO GE takes it course wth wat d grassroots wants,.. to me as long as PLah is still at d helm den its gonna b difficult but wth him out den bro AnWar will b history too,..heheh..wat can I say,..(,")


Piggy Singh said...


The King, I suppose is also anxious to publicly announce that Anwar is just another psychopath, so that public will be protected from Anwar's deception and lie.

But by doing that, non-malays will see the King is interfering with politics, and of course there will be voice of protest, definitely from punjabi karpal, kit siang and no doubt Teresa DOG.

Bung Karno said...

Welcome, Teresa DOG

Anonymous said...

Nicely put Magpie


profit said...

He is just Barking Mad

ex-ceo said...


after sept 16, watching anwar in tv giving his press statement and all of his family at the background.. whatever comes out from his mouth will only sound oink oinkkk oinnkkk to me.

straycat's strut said...


You gotta hand it to him.

For someone whose record on corruption and cronyism and nepotism, he managed to make himself look so good.

For someone who was proven wrong in his economic management and almost sold the country, he managed to convince the people that he will turn the economy overnight.

For an ex-convict, he managed to convince people that there are these investors with billions in their hands who are eager to put their money in Anwar's Malaysia.

He was and is still selling promises after promises. And his believers are still as taksub as ever. It reminds me not of Hannibal, Pol Pot,Son of Sam, Jack the Ripper and so on. He is more like Jim Jones who convinced his people to commit suicide, that Christian Preacher who convinced his followers to part with their every dollar to save mankind, Jeff Warren who convinced parents to let go of their teenage daughters and closer to home, Ayah Pin.

The thing is, it needs only a little usage of grey matters to realize how stupid these promises are. But sadly, most chose not to.

Anonymous said...

IT appears that your are a bloody coward who only allows comments in support of your posting. That's a work of a coward with no balls.

If you dare and want to show you are a true gentleman, post this comment.

Be a man......


goggle said...

Kita akan terus ditipu dengan dia ni. Anwar memang takda kerja lain dah, tu je yang dia pandai. Kerja dekat kawasan da sendiri dia buat ke tak agaknya.

Patriot Selatan said...

Hang cari la gambaq Anwar yang dipegang oleh CIA.. ada kot?

Omong said...

Possibly he is made used of as much as he uses people.

Those who stand to gain with his premiership couldn't care less whether he is morally upright.

He is their only chance of a regime change. They just want UMNO out.

His sponsors are willing to dish out the green stuff for years. His political machinery support seemed to appear from nowhere.

His plea for donation could be a cover for the foreign sponsors.

May Malaysia be saved from this man. Hopefully Ramadan brings enlightenment...

Anonymous said...

I saw Anwar today at Courts Mammoth looking for more kerusi...

balan said...

Noted one negative comments above by an Anwarista, who is afraid to identify him/herself.

True characteristics of fanatical PR supporter ' all baling batu sembunyi tangan' case.

Barking magpie, please allow others to see how despicable they are.