Sunday, September 14, 2008

Democracy must be returned to UMNO, at all cost!

The well being of this party depends on members to decide, not by one man not by one small group! But before that.......!

Somebody commented the red logo of Umno is a symbol of racism well, if that is what is being imprinted in the mind of the commenter and I will not blame him or her for that. Just like a certain symbol of Buddhism being adopted by the Nazi and today that religious symbol is being associated with evil, negativity such as carnage, mayhem, gas chambers, mass killing and six millions lives lost and for what! In responding to that posting I have decided to change the red Umno logo to the old Umno flag of red , yellow and white and a benign looking kris, in which no one should make an issue out of. In Europe sword has been used a part of a flag symbol. I also have problem with the red Umno logo that is so foreboding when scrutinised closely. There is even the face of gollum from Lord of the Ring trilogy in that logo, at least to me. That is alredy a negativity. I think Umno that needs a make over, should start with adopting the old flag as shown above as its permanent party symbol AGAIN! Get rid of the red logo and I thinkit wiull bring back Umno, past glory or at least some of it. BTW this is a very serious observation made by Pasquale and will not entertain any racially sounding comments that will be rejected if sent! Cheers

*breaking news 1*

Just received a message that says YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim today, the 16th September 2008, has sworn himself in as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia in front of a picture of the King at his house in Segambut. The ceremony was witnessed by members of the DAP, PKR and Pas. May we wish him all the best and the best joke in town!

*breaking news 2*

Akhirnya kejayaan berpihak kpd YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim pada jam 2.45ptg tadi dengan mendapatkan tambahan 30 kerusi! Dari Pusat Perabut Courts Mammoth. Syabas YB BABI!


It is rightly so when Umno Deputy President Najib Razak said the transition of power lof Umno leadership must and should be decided by the grass roots at their divisional meetings which will start after Raya. While he acknowledged the fact that party's supreme council has decided unanimously and that the party president has agreed to relinquish his position by 2010, the transition of power should still be decided by the delegates at Umno division meetings.
Najib made the statement after Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who said the time frame for Abdulah Ahmad Badawi to hand over the party presidency to Najib by 2010 is far too long, and that the transition of power should be made earlier than the "agreed" time frame of 2010.
Many have agreed that the decision on the transition of power cannot be made just by a group of people or just by two people. Many have also greed that the power of democracy has been yanked from Umno members by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
"It is clear that Pak Lah has yanked away the rights of Umno members to voice out their dissent. Or their rights to choose a leader. Now it appears he (Pak Lah) has forced down the throat of all Umno members this culture of fear of not to express their feelings. This is not democracy," said a senior member, who refused to be named. He added what Umno members want is democracy to be returned and to have their rights to be restored without fear or favour.
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi retorted unfavourably by Muhyiddin statement saying the transitional year of 2010 is far too long.
He said it has been agreed by the Supreme Council members and between him and Najib when to hand over the helm of Umno to his deputy. Looks like 2010 is not going to happens! Just my suspicioun!

Cheers! May be!


Anonymous said...

UMNO and DEMOCRACY ? What a laugh. You must be a nincompoop to think that UMNO has any regard or even know the meaning of democracy. Ha Ha Ha . Thanks for a good joke!

publish said...

Ni lah jadi kalau ramai orang yang gila nak dapat jawatan lagi tinggi. Diri sendiri tak glamor, harapan nak naik macam kurang, hasil kerja pun takda lah hebat mana sangat. Cakap lah benda2 macam ni yang boleh jadi hero dalam keadaan sekarang. Dengan haraan esok jadi glamor, dapat jadi PM ke mana tau. Macam tu lah Muhyiddin ni.

Piggy Singh said...


Almost an impossible task. There are a significant number of useless Dollah's ball suckers that currently hold the position of UMNO division leaders.

There people are now busy hunting and "shopping" for branch representives to division level, to secure their position. And of course if position is secured, they will nominate Dollah as president.

Even Ku Li was skeptical that he would get more than half of the nomination from the divisions in Kelantan, though Ku Li is very well known by the locals.

Few names of these useless people I can recall are Ramzi Abdul Rahman of Kuala Krai, Annuar "disgusting" Musa and Zaid Ibrahim, and there a lot more.

Zawi said...

Let the UMNO AGM decides who is to be the President and Deputy President hence the PM and DPM of Malaysia. At least that will be more representative than just a supreme council decision to transfer power a long time from now. What right has the President has to decide to whom he has to transfer the post to?

Melayu Sejati said...

Tak boleh dah nak buat apa apa dengan UMNO.

Dah korup sampai ke akar umbi.

Buat demokrasi camana pun, lantik Tengku Razaleigh ke Mukhriz jadi perdana menteri pun, dah terlambat.

Sayang sekali.

Dahulu ku sokong kuat UMNO. Kini dengan berat hati terpaksa ku lambai selamat tinggal.

Negara tanahair ku lebih penting daripada parti semata-mata.

Selamat tinggal UMNO.

Hidup Malaysia.

SFS@PulaiJB said...

Yalah tu,
Anyway pasquale,love your posting
Keep it coming
I'm happy anyway ada jugak yang berani bukak mulut about the peralihan kuasa
Rakyat dah bisan dgn Pak Lah..Seriously

Anonymous said...

The red logo is the symbol of racism in Malaysia and sadly there are still people with metal constipation like Pasquale who truly beleive in it!

Anonymous said...

Apart from April Fool, we now have September Fool which falls on 16 September in the coming years.
Malaysians are encourage to pull up pranks, tricks and bluff on this special day.
Pranks on snatching seats will be a popular choice.

Anonymous said...

Sir, what do you think of the comparison made by RockyBru on news items reported by Bernama and NST Online pertaining to what is purported to be Najib's statement that he would not accept any nomination for UMNO President's post?

Beh Huit said...

I have been reading your blog today and have gone through the whole of 2008. Your pieces remind me of Ktemoc, one moment seem to be for democracy and another seems to be advocating Ketuanan Melayu, I can't make you out. Nevertheless I must admits like those of Ktemoc, I find your pieces insightful, like Ktemoc you share a common dislike for DSAI aka BABI aka Man Man Lai. For me and most of my kind, he seems to be the only one who is saying the right thing and if he does suceed, his platform is one fo reform and there is PAS and DAP to keep him in line, who else is there, UMNO is to entrenched, MIC and MCA are well .......... MIC and MCA. I would really like to know if there is any other option.

Anonymous said...

What are you all talking, The now umno is not the original umno. the real umno split up in 87. the team B umno (please correct me) hence we are not talking about the same umno that made this country.

p/s: Zaid Ibrahim is pittiest umno of them all. Badawi kick him in the nuts and kick him again... haih


Anonymous said...

Sometime lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing!.

Mamak Penang.