Monday, September 01, 2008

I believe the prime minister of this country is Clueless, with a capital C!

He must go now!

"No one citizen is recognised as being of a higher position than another in this nation. This nation belongs to all of us," said this clueless PM.

I, nevertheless, agree with his stupid statement, but he must also add: ".....this nation belongs to all of us....but the Malays have been the perfect Tuan Rumah for everyone"

To begin with no one has disputed or has said one citizen is of a higher position than the other, except for irresponsible politicians who, for example, concocted May 13th (now I have said it! And the hell with it). We, brown, yellow and black (which should have been the colour of our flag if I have my way) must have a strong resolve not to allow politicians to sow more seed of hatred by making stupid and subtle statement, as shown above, that can lead to bloodshed.
Nobody is saying there is an inequality between the Malay, Chinese and Indian and Others (notice other is in CAP) in this country. This is the kind of statement made by a stupid politician that can cause some serious consternation among us.
I must remind you all bleeding heart liberals during the currency crisis of 1998 that affected this region, thousands of Indonesian-Chinese were killed by Indonesians in Jakarta and Bandung. Here in Malaysia we were and are Malaysians and together we stave off the economic malaise that swept the region not by killing each other and no one was killing each other.
Today many of these Indonesian-Chinese who fled to Malaysia and they have since live happily ever after. Although many of them, I encountered at Delicious in Bangsar the other day were so rude to a waitress that I have to force to introduce myself and then gave them a halt a minute lecture on decency and gratitude, they apologise, by saying "maaf Pak".
I will no allow such things to happen in this country, for what had happened in Indonesia during that bad period. For I will be the first to lay my life to protect my friends, my friends family, the citizen and my people....Chinese or Indians or whatever colour and creed they are.
Back to Dollah, I do not know on what premise that this PM was making the unnecessary statement but either he is stupid or incompetent for making an irresponsible statement or he is playing BABI's card, that is to subtly play the racial card, to play one race against another fo rtheir political support or survival.
No responsible citizen in this country has ever questioned the entrenched rights of anyone, but only the political opportunist like a weak PM or a leader of the opposition just so they can get support. But this is not the right way!
Okay for the sake of argument, when I see him next I can call him Dollah and tell him to his face that he must step down hey after all we are equal, or when I see Raja Nazrin I will call him by his first name. If no one citizen is recognised as being of a higher position than the other than I will call his wife a Gerago right! I will call the king, just Mizan! Fucked with the protocol right!
Looking at this idiotic prime minister's argument, my position in this country is the same as the king and that of a prime minister!!!
Okay my take is very simple, the time is about right now for this incompetent prime minister to take a hike for the sake of the country and the Malays, and Malaysians. Let face it if the Malays are not happy in this country no one will be allowed to be one! I am stating a fact! Chastise me for all I care!

Sorry for the language but certain issues are beyond good manners and I am sick and tired of all these charades!

For the practising Muslims, Selamat Berpuasa!



Anonymous said...

dear magpie,

i pity you, you must be brought up in a humiliated, oppressed and being bullied. not being love by others especially your family. listen to youself. of course you can be angry but not the way you show.


Anonymous said...

I am very happy for the fact that there are people in this country who thinks the way I am thinking! I am proud of you Pasquale!
To me it's simple, do not question my rights if you do not want me to question yours!
Remember,it's the Malays that agree to their rights not otherwise!
The Malays have not only been around the last 51 years.

Pasquale said...

Anonymous AB, I have a very happy childhood surrounded by my matriarchal family, mostly woman! I was nev er bullied let alone humiliated,when I was 16years I joined a secret society Long Foo Tong and I do know how to take care of myself. I was happy until 2004 that's when people start to question my rights! Yes occasionally I do get pissed off, okay!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone give me specific examples of the 'questioning of Malay rights" by the non-Malays? Frankly, all I see and hear is a lot of rhetoric.

Anonymous said...


Even though some of our thoughts might not in tandem with your opinions on nos of issues...

But in this matter, we totally will not disagree with you, either we sink or swim together.

Like they say : "As a ship is manned by a crew. The good crew will know what its captain would do."

Darn you are right, we need a new captain... a know-how captain.


straycat's strut said...

Wow, another apology from another melayu?

Hishamuddin apologized for being melayu. Badawi apologized for being melayu. Who's next?

Suddenly the melayu is so scared of hurting everybody else but melayu?

Apologize for what? Takut Chinese marah? Takut Indian merajuk?

Anonymous said...

these are the major problem with the Melayu* easily felt so inferior to other races.

if the one that leads UMNO the biggest Melayu organisation can easily apologise for every darn thing said about the races, what hope does the Melayus have?. still they want to keep this bugger at the helm.

before it was "masuk tabik keluar tabik" may be now after being jeaninised, its "masuk tabik keluar salam". easy to apologise. he should have an open debate with bukit siang or kapal sink.

lol - *Melayu bangsat!