Thursday, September 04, 2008

It has now been established the C4 did not come from the Ministry of Defence!

In his obsessed political drunken stupor and during his vicious campaign during the last by-election in Permatang Pauh, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim insinuated to the whole world the C4 explosive used to kill the unfortunate Mongolian girl Altantuya in fact came from the Ministry of Defence's armoury.
In his desperate and evil attempt to implicate the Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak, who is also the Defence Minister, with the death of a Mongolian girl it was necessary to plant that seed of suspicion on Najib as being involved! Below is today's NST headline:
Altantuya murder trial: 'Explosives came from store in Bukit Aman'
SHAH ALAM: Explosive substances which were found at the crime scene where Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered came from the Special Action Squad's (UTK) store in Bukit Aman.
Deputy public prosecutor Tun Abd Majid Tun Hamzah told the High Court yesterday that these explosives were accessible to accused Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, who are both UTK members. "Both the accused had access and opportunity to smuggle the explosives out," he said in his submissions at the end of the prosecution more here!

Well YB BABI are you going to apologise to Najib for such an incriminating insinuation which turned out to be not true? Or are you just going to go on being a nasty and obsessed human being who thinks he can lead the country?!


apanama said...

I think the saying 'memBABI BUTA' was coined for such irresponsible acts.

p/s Bro, don't expect da swine to apologise. It'll be expecting the entire nation to apologise for making sodomy illegal in this country.

onuor abraham said...

Yang pergi dengar cakap si BABI (Barua Anwar Bin Ibrahim) tu buat apa? Dia dah memang darah kaki kelentong. Semua cakap main ikut dan je, main cakap nak tutup kesalahan sendiri, memindahkan pandangan kepada orang lain je.

Anonymous said...

Was the IGP at that time Tan Sri Bakri Omar? Why did he leave the police force all the sudden?

Jaga Tepi Kain BABI

anakbuah said...

More come the C4s comes from the store of a team that we entrust to defend rakyat???

Who is more big BABI now?

Anonymous said...

sayadahbosan said:

More interesting is that where was BABI at that time? sodomizing someone's ass?

Double more interesting is that by humping someone's ass then will BABI see the light at the end of the tunnel meh.. dark, warm, slimy, stinking tunnel.. what can i say? he has the best of two worlds.. facking bisexual.. suka kemutan bontot anak ikan..

Anonymous said...

Wow, this deputy public prosecutor tun abd majid know whats inside the bukit aman's store...

Anonymous said...

World Bank Scandal Involving Wolfowitz-Riza-Cleveland and Our Future Prime Minister Namely Datuk Anwar Ibrahim.

strike One:In late 2000 the administration of Johns Hopkins University had determined to take significant action against Paul Wolfowitz,then Dean of School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS),for an Improper sexual relationship with a SAIS subordinate.University action was interrupted when Wolfowitz informed the University he was leaving to take a position with the Bush Administration.

strike Two:In early 2001 the Bush Administration was preparing to nominate Wolfowitz to be Director of the CIA.Wolfowitz's wife,Clare.wrote the President and detailed her husband's extramartial affairs at SAIS and with Shaha Ali Riza,whom he had met while Dean at SAIS and Riza was at NED(before she joined the Bank as an employee in 1999).Clare pointed out that her husband had a sexual relationship with a non-American citizen and that he was seeking to keep these relationships"non-disclosed."Scooter Libby intercepted Clare's letter which terminated the CIA appointment but the Administration then nominated him to be DOD Dep.Sec.In retaliation,at this ponit ,the White House was fully cognizant of Wolfowitz's personel habits and choose to cover-up his activities.In othe hand ,similar cases,individuals are denied a national security clearance not due to the extramartial activities,but due to possibility of blackmail stemming from "non-disclosure.In Wolfowitz's case,Riza was seen in his company at official Administration events (he was still married).

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Anonymous said...

Again one of those who believe entirely what the court and the media report.

Have you not known the media and court in Malaysia are rotten to the core.