Saturday, September 20, 2008

YB BABI is a power hungry rabble rousing charlatan.... which is an impostor pretending to knowledge and skill!

Do your own caption to this picture!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said YB BABI is now officially a pest and a threat to the country's economy and to national security.
Did you know that USD5 billion foreign direct investment has left the country or the monies just bypass Malaysia simply because a small majority of Malaysians who are so emotionally stupid to believe YB BABI can become the next prime minister, thorough the "back door"! And no pun intended!
It is in a way refreshing to hear the prime minister to openly said what he has said about this megalomaniac and rabble rouser who, like that mad Emperor Nero of Rome who would rather see Malaysia in a ruinous state if he cannot be the PM, like a patherthic spoilt child YB BABI will get into into a temper tantrum until he is pacify.
How do we pacify him? The ISA should have been applied to him instead of Theresa Kok or even Raja Petra, whose so called "crime" is very, very pale compared to what this YB BABI has done and is still doing it!
I think the time has come for the government to catch the bull by the horns and rattled them, so placed YB BABI under ISA and let him reflects on life after 62 at Kamunting! I am sure there are many of you out there agree with me please tell me so!


Anonymous said...

You must be a downright filthy person. Pity!

Pasquale said...

You are wrong dude! I am a downright sick person...sick of YB BABI for what he has done to Malaysians and the country! If you cannot see it something must be wrong with you!

BTW you must put any name instead of anonymous for I will not publish your comment again!

Sad Truth said...

Your intentions are quite wanna spin this thing about Anwar's purported influence and impact he has created due to the comments about the leadership of the country that has caused undue effects to the economy and political stability so that this very distorted and perverted view will gain momentum and will explode and then the govt will come out all blazing and blasting with the ISA firepower to arrest Anwar...! Hahaha....can one person actually affect investors' sentiments? He has just been the leader of the opposition for how long? OOooohhh...I get are saying he has the key....he holds and wields so much clout that even the foreigners are more trustworthy and confident of his words than the present PM and DPM...then by all means...these two should leave their posts immediately.

Anonymous said...

Whats new about babi playing the back door ?????As we all know he likes to play back door ..

BABI should be locked up in some prison in North East Frontier in Pakistan .

I also believe that Kok lady is guilty of what she been accused of .

Pro -ISA


citra said...

Bro, i think u got it wrong when u said "small majority of Malaysians who are so emotionally stupid". A majority is a majority no matter how small. Since the majority wants him, the minority (i mean u) just have to sit back and accept it.

Anonymous said...

i think you are the one who should be call babi. our economy has been in this state since that stupid idiot took over the post as no 1. What development has he done.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Bro Pasquale,

Rite on,..heheh..bro AnWar shud have been ISA wen he start to seek shelter in d Turkish embassy n making uncalled for comments n degrading Malaysian politics wen he says he feared for his life,..wat else can I say,..heheh..(",)

he is a threat to National Unity,.. :) instilling fears & causing anxiety to d rakyat who jst wanna have a peaceful & properous life..wat else can I say,..yes to bro AnWar being tried n put bhind bars.. as for d ISA let him make anothr demand n statement & if thr is groun to ISAed him den by all means ISAed him,..(,")


Anonymous said...

what ever it is.. i do not agree u are calling people BABI. i dont think u're a muslim, because if u do.. u wont say that

p/s: i dont have an account, sorry for remaining anonymous..

-love malaysia-

made in java said...

The life of this guy is in danger so the government got reason to use ISA to protect him. Now our govermment are getting smarter by the day and ISA is used to protect people whose life is in danger.

Maybe this time don't use dog food, use pig food instead since you have been calling him Babi.

Pasquale must have been send to N Korea by UMNO to learn all this tricks and now is applicable, well done Pasquale.

Anonymous said...

He should not be allowed bail on the 24th and to be kept in Sg Buloh during the trial.
On conviction give him the maximum sentence.
Do not provide special treatment like previously.
Place him with sodomy rapist inmates.
Let him hang himself there.
I'm also max fed-up with his wife and I hope they also check her exhaust pipe and use that as evidence.


Omong said...


Great comments on both sides.

Pro-Anwar must feel let down after 916.

If they still believe in him, be prepared for disappointments.

In case people forget, he is a convict of power abuse, corruption and sodomy. Soon he will be defending himself against the 2nd sodomy charge.

Akan datang ... SODOMEE II.

And people still have faith in him?

Anonymous said...

sayadahbosan said:

I strongly agree that this bugger B.A.B.I should be sent to kamunting underground so that he can use his own backdoor to do his kunyit thing. He do love backdoor kunyit you know.

Anonymous said...

Let him face the sodomy trial first.

The more he is out in the open, the more we'll see his pekung di dada...

Then we all can say, da....


Anonymous said...

Dragging the country economy & public security through the mud but...

had the cheek to insults us by putting the blame on others.

What an idiotic pm.


Sir Taek Boon said...

putting this fella in ISA is in his highest wishlist... so he can gain the much needed sympathy cries from the rakyat...
i say, get BN a new leader that can destroy this fella words with facts.

bedtime story is over for this dude.

Anonymous said...

The past GE12 has chalked up a great number of new young voters, mainly Malays. Those young malays can be easily fooled by DSAI.

Grow up, young Malay Malaysians. Ask your elders.

made in java said...

Bro Pasquale,

Pak Lah is going to resign soon so I have commissioned an oil painting potrait of beloved brother Najib.

How do I pass this potrait to you Pasquale to help hang up at the UMNO supreme councel meeting room wall behind the president chair?

You should publish your picture and address so that I can send it over to you.

Pasquale said...

made in java! Sure I will post you my pix address and phone number and my entire CV as soon as I case if I forget you can send your painting to Umno headquarters at PWTC is that okay with you?!

Cheers it me (supposed to be my picture here but tech glitch sorry!)

Anonymous said...

BABI dah sakit harus di ambil nyawa kalau tidak penyakit nya akan merebak macamdulu dekat Bukit Pelanduk!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of BABI just as much as you pasquale. But throwing him into ISA is like throwing gasoline into fire. That's what he's waiting for, so that he can "claimed" to be amongst the great "Freedom Fighters". Why should we dance to his tune. Don't fall into his trap. He is the master of deception. Let him proof himself wrong. Time will tell and the truth shall prevail.


penggila said...

just ISA him, & Rais will nego with American.

Rais wiser than Nuar. Nuar empty hatred talk, nothing constructive unlike Mahathir- practical idea & rational.

he is Pengacau all the time- so why wait-just jail under ISA & Rais will answer for it.

Benazir (US Neo-Con group) killed- no more chaos until her husband become President.

Anonymous said...


1. Though I strongly disagree with your views, I visit regularly because you amuse me with your irrational rants.

2. Lately it seems your arguments are getting more childish and lack of substance. You are no longer capable of putting up a decent argument. Writer's block ?

3. Do you ever stop to think that you are doing is a disservice to BN due to your irresponsible rants ?

4. Like-minded people usually flock together and you being a rabid UMNO supporter, gives people an idea of how irrational or immature that organization is.

5. Although I still have doubt about the opposition, it is people like you - calling people BABI and making wild accusations, keris waving, disrespect to other Malaysians, corruption, lack of critical thinking, slandering and cronyism that makes people like me run to the opposition.

6. There is still hope. Repent. Eat some humble pie. Stop thinking of yourself as the masters of the land. Start thinking of yourself as a Malaysian fighting for your fellow Malaysians.

7. Play fair. Do not mix race and religion with politics. By leaving these factors out the opposition will not have anything to attack you by.

8. God gave us all a brain so we can act wisely but if you don't exercise it, and be ruled by your emotions, then you are not fit to talk about politics.

God save Malaysia.

The Offspring.

Anonymous said...

To The Offspring,

The fact that you answered Pasquale at great length shows something must have hit a nerve.
Please do not get personal with his column he was, I think, merely trying to express the feelings of great majority like minded people who believe YB BABI is most definitely a charlatan and threat to national security. Just as much as many Chinese in Communist China want democracy but in reality they are uncomfortable of any other political system to operate in that country except communism?!
One question that needed to be asked is ar we really suffering in this country, beside the fact that LKS or YB BABI, or Gopalakrishnan, Tian Chua who want to be PM or mentri besars or even the sultan. Or may be Theresa Kok secretly wants to be raja perempuan, hey people do envy other people successes!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous,

Whether pasquale is hitting my nerve is not the point. Call it personal attack if you will but my point is the message that pasquale is trying to bring here. You expect people to take you seriously when you are calling people babi ?

Look at your reply. You are accusing LKS,Teresa, etc of wanting to be PM or Sultan? I wonder where you get that idea? I'm no genius but even I know and no non-bumi with a sane political mind would want to push for the PM position at this moment, let alone head of the state. Do we need to wait until everyone is suffering before we ask for change ?

Malaysia is already decaying. Sliding education standards, flight of FDI, plundering of national wealth, corruption, voted the worse taxi operators, rising crime rate, violation of basic rights.

The Offspring

Juanito said...

what has he done to the country that badawi hasnt?? if u are so smart and righteous, then enlighten us??? which of the two lesser devils would u choose? so badawi is the lesser devil than anwar? again, tell us why u say so?

looks like u are more blind than us... and i have been checking that u only moderate comments that u wish to be published..

wat a shame.. why so kiasu? why is there the need to fear harsher comments??

you can write to condemn and criticize but u are afraid of people criticizing you and the whole reading the critics on the other hand?? what a hypocrite u are...

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, i know who are you, better watch out!

Anonymous said...

If many hates ISA so much its must be an effective law if not ppl wont make so much of noise . I say keep ISA ...we need some law n order in the country . Shaitan like Anwar n RPK cannot simply do anything just like this is some lawless cowboy country.

Looks like IKEA and fella designs failed to deliver numbers of kerusi(s)......

TSK TSK MALU MALU... IF I am anwar I will go n hide in Pakistan Embassy now .

made in java said...

I believe the country will never move forward when one race wanted more. Without meritrocracy the country will fail whether the PM is Anwar, Pak Lah, Najib or Mahathir.

If Najib is the next PM he better believe in meritrocracy otherwise it will be another disappointment.

Hope our next PM is a wise man who believes in meritrocracy and have the wisdom to move the people and not moved by racist within his own party.