Thursday, September 18, 2008

YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim leaving Pakatan Rakyat?

This is abuzz! Just go anywhere from the Concorde Hotel coffee house, to Taman Melawati food courtyard where people are talking about YB BABI is leaving PR to join Umno, with the help of some upstart Umno members, and the infamous 4th Flor boys.
Talks are some anti-Najib supreme council members and some old Umno members, not veteran, for the word implies something good, are trying to manoeuvre a move to bring YB BABI back into Umno and "forced" Pak Lah to make him the deputy prime minister and Pak Lah as a caretaker PM until YB BABI takes over possibly making KJ as the deputy prime minister.
I am willing to subscribe to this as just that, a rumour and nothing else but after seeing how NST spun a non-existing statement purportedly to have been made by Najib and condoned by the prime minister, I cannot scoff off the rumour about YB BABI as just that, a rumour.

This is what NST reported: "Najib also said that he would not accept any nomination for the president's post as he was committed to the succession plan"
But what Najib said to a question on whether he would accept any nomination for presidency, his real answer was this: "We already agreed to it, we are leaving it to the party. We are offering ourselves, we hope the party wil accept it."
On the side bar, I wish to say here that YB BABI has again successfully used the non-Malays to support him and now I like to know how will they react if YB BABI were to re-join Umno!


Anonymous said...

Here's my thought of a game plan.
1) Invite YB Babi into UMNO and set that for at least 6 months so his PKR supporters would really hat his guts
2) After 6 months, present evidence a court of law that he is in fact a homesexual. I'm alright with gay man but in Anwar's case, he'es lied to evryone about this.
3) Once the court finds him guilty, expel him from umno once more. But this time there will be no more support from opposition.
4) Invite anwar to join NGO and see him fade away in the darkness of his own bad politics.


Anonymous said...

Apa kata ahli Umno dan pembaca NST start buat laporan POLIS terhadap NST kerana 'MENYEBARKAN BERITA PALSU dan MENIMBULKAN KERESAHAN DIKALANGAN RAKYAT". Tak salah kan?

At least kita mungkin dapat tahu siapa sebenarnya 'pelacur' dlm NST yg melacurkan suratkhabar itu.

Ok ker? Ada orang Umno yg berani bertindak ker? Kita ber-arak ramai-ramai buat laporan polis, lepas tu kita buat protes secara aman di-Jalan Riong.

Lepas tu kita pi berbuka puasa kat Mahbob. ok ?

Kita jumpa di Balai Polis Brieckfields pukul 4 petang ini.

crocodylus said...

YB BABI leaving pakatan rakyat? are ure kidding! BABI never leave UMNO in the first place. Besides, BABI is currently a 'Ketua Umum Pakatan Rakyat" as he is only a De Facto Leader of PKR and (Which!) he is not a president of PKR isnt??

so, join UMNO back? LOL...

Anonymous said...

Ask Tun Dr M. He will know to deal with this Master Instigator.

He cited all the reasons in the world for DEMANDING (wow!) an emergency session of the Parliament. One factor he conveniently put aside; his own sodomy case.

Anyway, wht is Abdullah's motive in taking over defence?

Sinatra_Z said...

eh pasuale, you live in taman melawati eh? Which food court the new one or the one with the popular malay chicken rice.

matdie said...


unta baghdad said...

Anwar ni penuh dengan tipu dan muslihat. Kita tak boleh jangka apa yang akan dia buat seterusnya. Dengan segala cara penipuan dan putar belit dia, dia pandai menggunakan kesempatan. Inilah contoh bakal pemimpin yang bahaya.

Anonymous said...

Yup, he's leaving PKR and going to ....jail???

Dina said...

I don't think so...he will form the new government within the next few weeks, UMNO and BN are a sinking ship,

Omong said...

A 'chameleon' will always change colour whenever it suits him.

The only constant is his self interest.

Pity those who put their faith in him. PAS also suffer some cracks ...

zan said...

pasquale not only a racist but a trouble maker
Pasquale----> BABI

Citra said...

Oh goodie! Anwar joining Umno. best piece of news i've heard. Now definitely Tun M would not re-join umno and leave the country for good.

I hope once anwar join umno, he will change umno into a multiracial party. All non-malay PKR members will then join umno. I can imagine people like Tian Chua and Gopalakrishnan becoming naib presidents of umno!

lotsa cheers today.

Patriot Selatan said...

There are too many rumors around... will these help YAB DPM discussions with Pak Lah on accelerated handing over ceremony?

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, may be someone must tell Najib when he takes over to overhaul the NST, or exorcise it! One person that must be dealt with is executive editor Lee Ah Chai for giving "racist" memo to NST Bureau Chiefs not to waste time to cover buaka puasa or Quraan reading contest or to even cover Agong breaking fast. We have a copy of the memo BTW!

Anonymous said...

once again we are fooled and diverted by YB B.A.B.I game.

Come on u guys focus on our future not YB B.A.B.I future.

Even the true jews dont eat B.A.B.I

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that this upstart/4th boys going to kick the veterans umno in the nuts by putting BABI as the deputy and najib as the Prime so upstart/4th boys can strung the BABI on a tree and put KJ on the deputy? I dont think the vets umno will not do anything... and I dont think BABI will remotely considering this... this is LOL just like crocodylus said.