Wednesday, September 03, 2008

YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, an irresponsible leader with an illusion of grandeur!

Personality by-pass is one of his biggest problem as a PM of Thailand!

This can be Kuala Lumpur, and Samak does not give a damn about the people as long as he is in power!

But first let me take you to Thailand, a country beleaguered where a pretender to the "throne" is holding fort for the "real" leader who conveniently fled to nice pleasant old England to be with his football club.
Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej should just resign to save the country from further chaos, but he is too stubborn in keeping the chair warm for the eventuality of the return of former PM, a Sino-Thai Thaksin Shinawatra, to Thailand.
The thing with these two Thais is that they do not conform to ancient tradition of sincerely respecting the King, who symbolises the all sacred Thailand! I wonder how much damage will be inflicted to the people of Thailand before Samak steps down and Thaksin to be extradited for trial on crime committed against the Thai people.
YB BABI, when he was in the Cabinet also did not give due respect to the royalty. When everyone else's, included Tun Mahathir, accorded the respect due to the Agong there was one instances when YB BABI just shook hand and did not even lower his head in showing respect, nature of the beast I supposed!
YB BABI must hate everything Malay and Malaysia that he will go to any length to gain support, in his mind, so he can be the prime minister. This man is obsessed! To begin with I must say I have nothing against gay people, transsexual or bisexual. But I do have many things against hypocrite. I believe YB BABI is one such person that Malaysians must seriously be aware of .
I believe when he was in power YB BABI abused it, he gave to his cronies, yes he did. In 1998 Tun Mahathir even came out with a list of his cronies, so when he challenged everyone during the last by-election to prove he had cronies, the present government under AAB should have just directed his boys to go to the archive and then spread it around. But nobody did! I do not know why!
YB BABI wants September 16 as a National holiday, but Sabahans and Sarawakians that I know all agreed there must always be one "4th of July" for us and that is the 31st of August!
In conclusion I will say that comes September 16th, YB BABI will be known as a man who lied so much that the date will be known as his downfall as a man, a real man, a liar, a politician and just an average and normal Malay studies graduate from University of Malaya, a man who has only a potential to be the most effective Amway dealer, and nothing else!

P.S. If something happens to Malaysia I am sure he will flee like Thaksin to somewhere where he can boost his ego.

Signing off!


Domanic said...

You writer is also liar. I'm a Sabahan...i know what most of Sabahan want....Change..Change..Change. Your moral is too low...there is no YB BABI. We are human.

Anonymous said...

Keep barking as per your blog title, maybe someone out there gives a damn as to what you have to bark about !!!!!

Cheerio -
Council Dog Catcher

AMWAY said...

Pasquale is a BABI RACIST

Anonymous said...

Yes Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim(BABI) is indeed one hypocrite single useless cell.

When he was in the Goverment, where is the proposal to have Sept 16th as a public holiday?

What a piece of crap!


Lina said...

Kepada penulis (jika dia beragama Islam). Pada pandangan saya, adalah lebih elok anda melupuskan perkataan BABI kerana seelok-elok manusia adalah dari perkataan yang keluar dari mulutnya. Walaupun perkataan itu dianggap sbg akronim kepada nama Anwar tetapi percayalah, kita memahami maksud penulis yg sebenarnya. Berubahlah.

Anti BABI(word) said...

Keep Barking, FarkingMagpie...
Even you dont like the guy but using that word BABI is really
shallow lah..Goes to show
how low is your IQ..!!

Anti BABI (word)

Anonymous said...

Kepada penulis,

Dari gaya tulisan dan bahasa, saya rasa saudara adalah orang Melayu tapi sayangnya saudara sebagai seorang Melayu yang semestinya beragama Islam sanggup merendahkan maruah seorang insan Islam yang lain dengan menggunakan katanama yang sebegitu. Fikirlah sendiri, andai kata yg diberi katanama yang begitu adalah mereka yang terdiri dari kalangan kaum keluarga saudara.

Sesungguhnya, seperti kata saudari Lina, kata-kata kita adalah lambang peribadi kita.

DSAI tidak sempurna sifatnya... mana mungkin sempurna kalau namanya manusia. Tetapi pada pendapat saya, seorang lelaki yang berjaya membimbing keluarganya mengikut jalan Allah adalah seorang lelaki yang baik. Apa yang dibuat dibelakang kita, hanya Allah swt sahaja yang boleh membalasnya. Siapa kita untuk memburuk-burukkan orang lain sedang diri sendiri belum tentu betulnya!

Anonymous said...

I have seen and witness many human being in politic especially UMNO, like you. You hate mankind to the highest order and with undeucated and uncivilised ways, you call them BABI etc etc but your type of human being, believe me will be the first to kiss anyboday's hand if they are in power.

Jangan tunjukkan sangat keangkuhan kita, ketaksuban kita, kekurangan ajarnya kita, keturunan ibu bapa kita yang tidak bersalah, cuba bertindak dengan rasional, fikirran yang terbuka, dengan kajian yang lebih mendalam. Yang diperbodohkan kita nanti. Yang dikutuk tak sampai kemana dan tidak ambil pusing pun. Mereka tahu siapa tuan, adanya tidak bertambah, hilangnya tidak berkurangan.

Saya pasti tuan dari dari keluarga baik baik. Jangan malukan ibu bapa yang melahirkan kita didunia. Fahaman politik tidak kekal begitu juga musuh. Sembahyanglah. UMNO. PAS, PKR, DAP atau apa pun bukan segalanya.

Anti Kuraang Ajar
Alor Star.