Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If he did, how can he be my successor: Pak Lah on Najib.

The next PM!

The outgoing PM.

The trouble maker and a dreamer!
*news update*

If Najib is so powerful as to abuse his power and position, as implied by an opposition news portal Malaysia Today, how come Razak Baginda is still languishing in jail without bail? Think about it!

*further news update*
Just came across a transcipt of exchanges of SMS between Elvis Presley and Anwar Ibrahim,way back in 1997 in which Elvis told YB BABI to trick Malaysians in general on the wisdom of borrowing from IMF and the World Bank. I will sell the information to Malaysia Today!


"I believe he is a good person and that he will be a good prime minister," said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
, on Najib his successor.

Najib Razak is the victim of yet another 11th-hour attempt to smear him by die-hard YB BABI supporters!

Well it won't work since the people are not that gullible anymore since the September 16th declaration...remember September 16th? Well that was the date whenYB BABI promised the whole world, the United States, the disgruntled, the opportunists and the racists that he will form a new government! He didn't and he never will!
As a master of deception YB BABI is now confirmed to be suffering from a Political Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (P-OCD) and is a delusional man with a very unhappy childhood. He is a P-OCD in the sense that when he wakes up in the morning now he will be wearing his expensive Armani suit and convince himself in front of the mirror that he is the Prime Minister.
Sigmund Freud would have classified him as a classic case of delusional, or a man suffering illusions of grandeur In other words he believes himself to be something that he can never be.
But forget all about his psychological problems, the scary thing is he can appear normal when in fact he is a master of deception, a man with enough split personalities that can destroy and confuse an entire multiracial Malaysia and send it into a a state of perpetual chaos! I'd rather isolate him from the rest of the masses if I had my way.
The recent attempt to smear Najib is a purported SMS exchanges between him (Najib) and Shafee Abdfullah, a lawyer, over the case of Razak Baginda who now stands trial for the murder of a foreign national.
The SMS exchanges, according to some blogsites controlled by the opposition, took place in 2006 when Shafee was the defence lawyer for Razak.
Questions need to be asked are, are those SMSs real or made up, and if the report is true, how anyone can come about having it and then to release it to the public!?
I could write in my news portal, if I had one that is, a series of SMSs exchanges betweeen..hmm...let say between Khairy Jamaluddin and Anwar Ibrahim talking about toppling Abdullah Ahmad Badawi( Pak Lah), assuming I got their private numbers from somebody that knows them, and which I can easily acquire.
Then I will write in my news portal, the one like Malaysia Today, the purported exchanges of SMSs between Khairy and Anwar on Pak Lah then ask my blogger-cronies to reprint the shit that I have published! Ergo, the lies spread, ergo the latest 11th-hour smear campaign on the intended victims begins.
Well for those who still harbour the suspicions about Najib, and for those who fall for YB BABI's lies and deceptions about Najib, the statements made by Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi can be considered as "the proof is in the pudding" when he said he did not believe Najib has abused his powers. "If he did, how can he be my successor. I believe he is a good person and that he will be a good prime minister."
Pak Lah also said that Najib did not interfere in the case of the Mongolian woman who was found murdered. And neither has Najib interfered with police investigation into the murder of the Mongolian woman.
Expect more smear campaigns to appear from now until March when Najib officially takes over from Pak Lah. I am just hoping for fair and level headed Malaysians not to react to lies for they can really affect your everyday lives. Think!



Bintang said...

Susah nak tentu kan samada sms tersebut benar atau tidak. sedangkan sumber pun belum dapat dipstikan. tetapi dalam masa-masa hampir nak pilihanraya ni la keluar semua cerita. Ntah betul atau tidak, itu yang susah nak tahu.

Anonymous said...

Good and entertaining article...

but the pictures should be re-title

1) Next PM
2) Out-going PM
3) PM tak jadi!

June - I hate BABI

ampunnajib said...

Aku juga naik naik saksi bahawa DS Najib Razak tidak bersalah. YB BABI dan penyokong2 nya tergamak buat fitnah sampai begitu rupa. BTW, Pasquale, aku jumpa gambar kamu di sini http://d.imagehost.org/view/0217/pic26500.jpg .. I just didn't see you kisiing the other end...

PsyTroopers said...

Which September 16? I forgot. Enlighten me pls :)

Ray said...

Bro..If you doubt Najib guilty then why say Anwar guilty of spreading the SMS?? Please show your proof..

Don't simply deny one thing and accept another thing without basis...let's explore the facts!!

Anonymous said...

Not only DSAI suffers from dellusions and grandeur vision being our PM, he is also under tremendous pressure from DAP Chinses , PKR Indians and Hindraf to assume power. Why, I'm not even surprise foreign government is also fed up with his BS!!-

DSAI, if u reading this- here's a message from me ( a rakyat and suppporter of PAS and PKR)- " Strengthen Keadilan by showing leadership quality that surpass the rakyats expectation, the party doesn't belong to u and your wife- I'd like to see YOU RESIGN replaced by someone like Saifuddiin Nasution..

KL Projects

A.John said...

I hope the SMS is not true, for the sake of this nation!Yes it could be the work of" babi's" supporters or even it could be pak lah's supporters, who were adamant until the final moments asking him not to step down.And that's why each of us are supposed to have some grey matter to take everything we read with a pinch of salt, before we start lighting candles and start frothing in the mouth!AI has been given too much credence for he actually is; but then not many are willing to believe so! To each his own in these strange times.

Pasquale said...

psytroopers if I have to enlighten you then therefore you are a moron and do not deserve to be entertained!
And to you Ray, what being said about Najib is all lies, and what has been said about Anwar and whatAnwar has said and done that is something that you have to decide yourself if they are true and I think deep inside you know the answer. So why cannot you accept the fact that you cannot compare what I said about Najib to be at the same level as I would say about Anwar, that fact is Najib swear to the whole truth and we are still waiting for Anwar to swear to Almighty that he is not a sodomiser!

gasoline said...

how on earth could anyone obtained such detail sms?

i do think it's just a scam to smear Najib and his lawyer.if there are such such computer wizard that can easily obtain sms after it had been deleted,then why not use for other noble purposes for instance to use it to curb crimes.that would have been a lot better.

Anonymous said...

sayadahbosan said:

fitnah memfitnah adalah makanan ruji puak pembangkang yang dipimpin oleh brader anwar bin ibrahim.

dia ni iblis kot?

dia fitnah sana fitnah sini adalah disebabkan brader sorang ni asal-usulnya dari api kot?

itulah sebabnya sampai penyokong totok dia pun asyik nak flame saja.

ataupun jelmaan iblis dunia kot?

rupa macam anwar, cakap macam anwar, gaya macam anwar tapi rupa-rupanya IBLIS.

bukan ke IBLIS dan konco-konconya terer kalau bab deception ni?

kalau betul la anwar ni IBLIS.. penyokong-penyokongnya confirm in deep s#*&#&

pelacur termahal said...

Please Pasquale, also enlighten us on a certain Rusdi Mustapha, whom in recent times has risen from Najib's copywriter to among the most sought after of Najib's aides. This is particularly evident in view of immenent changes in power in Government controled media corps.

Ray said...

Bro..you still don't tell me the basis for your claims.

I wish we can simply make swearing the solution to all these doubts, just plain swearing is definitely not acceptable.

Again I stress the importance for us to find the prove to all these allegations, it's najib words against anwar's.

To Sayadahbosan..both sides guilty of "fitnah" but we must look first at the basis to their claims...

Let's explore further...we must never despair..

La Cha Mau said...

Pasquale, you ask fair and level headed Malaysians not to react to lies for they can really affect our everyday lies.

For your info, our daily lives have already been very much affected because there is NO DENYING the fact that Two policemen without any just cause or motives whatsoever have brutally murdered a visitor to Malaysia when she should have been protected by Malaysian authorities as requested by her government who issued the passport (Pls read those clauses in the last page of your Malaysian passport). You wish to deny this Pasquale. The IGP has investigated thoroughly and the AG has already proffered charges against them. Two of them remain accused in the Dock. We are NOT interested in lies and fiction but the reality is that THE POLICE HAVE MURDERED A FELLOW HUMAN BEING. And this has definitely affected our daily lives because if they have killed, they will do it again, and again and again.

It is not what the PM, DPM, AG or IGP has done but what is more important is what they did not do and that is to protect the innocent rakyat of such barbaric brutalities. Malaysia is a country ruled by law. If it isn't, then two can play the same game resulting in widespread lawlessness.

Pasquale said...

la cha mau you do sound like a moron with your warped sense of logic!
What has two policemen being charged for a murder of a foreign national in this country has anything to do with the lives of other innocent people?
The PM and the DPM and the AG and the IGP have no power to stop any crime committed or about to be committed by anyone.
Of course we want no lawlessness to be our prevailing way of life, and not trying to be a jerk here but compared to the US where one people killed every five minutes, and one woman raped every second in South Africa, what happens here is very pale compared to many other countries purportedly to be a civilized society. I am not saying we are condoning that occasional foreigner killed in Malaysia or anyone for that matter, hey shit happens! But still this has nothing to do with Najib, who is not on trial here, it is Razak Baginda.
BTW if Najib abused his power Razak Baginda would be out on bail or some thing worse that that, think again!

La Cha Mau said...

Pasquale, where in my comments did I say anything about the involvement of the DPM. None. I believe in the law and the law has charged the TWO policemen for the murders. We have accepted this and this has made it for troubling because mind you, ACTIVE policemen on duty has committed murder without any just cause and motive. We are not talking about ordinary warped citizens committing crimes but POLICEMEN. Doesn't that affect our everyday lives. I am only responding to your last para. I am talking about the DPM. As far as I am concerned, he is not being charged here, it's the POLICEMEN. Please read carefully before you react wildly akin to BABI who I also detest.

Pasquale said...

la cha mau I apologise for being testy but lately Malaysians have acted weirdly for my comfort!

anakbapak said...

We have enough of this MORON. We need progress, and Najib will do it for us. Anwar is history!

PsyTroopers said...

Well said...that was what happen to those who are still in the state of denial..still hoping that their 'DEWA' will be the next PM (in waiting perhaps!). Keep on dreaming...Anwar! And Anwar will throw every single cards that he have in order to bring down Najib.

Rusdi Mustapha. said...

"Please Pasquale, also enlighten us on a certain Rusdi Mustapha, whom in recent times has risen from Najib's copywriter to among the most sought after of Najib's aides. This is particularly evident in view of immenent changes in power in Government controlled media corps."

Pasquale I am enthralled by the fact that people thought Pasquale is Rusdi Mustapha. Let me put the record straight here once an for all, especially to Pelacur Termahal, Pasquale is not me Rusdi Mustapha and I am not working for Najib, neither am I his copywriter, I have never been invited to his house for coffee, and people get a life, move on and to quote Pasquale "don't be a moron"!

Pasquale said...

Hei Rusdi buddy what can I say, when Malays insist on being morons! Cheers buddy!

wooff wooff said...

Kecoh jadi satu Malaysia sebab ada orang yang tak habis2 bawak keluar cerita buruk pasal orang lain. Kebenaran dia entah lah. Siapa agaknya kepala dibelakang semua ni.

Ray said...

Let's examine one verse from Quran: "And they (Jews and Christians) say - 'None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew and Christian.' These are their own desires. Say - 'Produce your proof if you are truthful.'"(2:111).

It's clear that Allah want us to show the proof as a basis to our claims. Then only we can differentiate the truth and false.

Anonymous said...

Pasquale ,

If you really want this Anwar to go down , expose and explain more on IMF , foreign loans , third world country manipulated e.g. Indonesia , South Americans .

Let me honest with you,I dont feel comfortable with Najib high air attitude/arrogance when he talk but I fear Anwar worse.

Use numbers, statistics , comparisons , hey even charts if idiots comprehend better with images.

My mum is coming back from Europe to Malaysia just to explain what will happen if Anwar plan succeed.

Use ' second life ' portal to explain the senario 'IF' . Freedom, democracy is tools used by west to control and gain wealth from third world country.The danger is real . Their hunger is scary

Adam B

ferose said...

rusdi.mustapha, you mean Rusdi does not work for najib? Geeez! we have been fooled. no more free wine, no more free single malt, no more treating you nice. it has all been a waste of time. thanks pasquale for the enlightment.

Knights Templar said...

Bro Rusdi and Pasquale ,i SUSPECT both of you lah...hey hey i meant RESPECT both of you lah ...unless one of you guys suffering from schizophrenia ... Karaoke Bila Bro?

Pasquale said...

knights templar you must be a moron I am not Rusdi and I can't even sing, and I am most definitely not a schizoid!