Monday, October 20, 2008

Is Malaysiakini taking the same road as Malaysia Today...Lying to its readers?!

Editor of "respectable" Malaysiakini Steven Gan. I am disappointed with you!

I can see this MT bloke lying since it appears to be his second nature to do so! But you Steven?!

Below I reproduced a big lie published by Malaysiakini about Najib Tun Razak. An article was written for Malaysiakini complete with the author's name, and to the unsuspecting readers the article can be considered as true. Well after all it was written by a "respectable" website right?!
Malaysiakini has since written a disclaimer on the lie published which is short of an apology. The story is on a purported manifesto by Najib which among others things was "vowing to defend until the last drop of his blood the supremacy of the Malay race" if he wins the mandate for the Umno presidency in March!
The line is meant to make Malaysians, non-Malays especially, to loath Najib. But the fact is he was not even interviewed by Malaysiakini and he never said those things!
The lie is meant to mar his image and to destroy his position as a politician.
To start with he never said all those things published by Malaysiakini, secondly he is coming to terms with the fact that his persona as a politician and the man who will take over from Pak Lah will be maligned, be the victim of mudslinging and this is indeed very very sad for these people to do these.
At the bottom of the lie, a Malaysiakini editor wrote a disclaimer that says: "a close aide of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has clarified to Malaysiakini that the manifesto mentioned in the report above is not official" trying again to imply there was an "unofficial" one? When there is none?!.

Below is the LIE as published by Malaysiakini:

"Najib unveils manifesto for top Umno job Wong Choon Mei | Oct 19, 08 11:29pm
Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak wasted no time unveiling his manifesto for the Umno presidency, denouncing recent allegations made against him and vowing to defend till the last drop of his blood the supremacy of the Malay race.
"I will defend the supremacy of the Malays until the last drop of my blood if I win the mandate of the delegates to become the next Umno president at election to be held in March 2009," Najib said.

"This is the solemn promise I made to my late father before he died,” he added.

He also promised to set up a Council of Presidential Advisors to be made up of Umno elders and past prime ministers, giving basis to speculation that former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad was poised to make a comeback.

“I will also ensure that my family won’t become involved in business or interfere in the administration of the country. I will carry out my responsibilities without any influence from other countries,” said Najib.

Just hours ago, the 55-year qualified for election as the next Umno No 1, winning nominations from all 59 division that have met so far.
He is not expected to be challenged for the post due to be vacated by Prime Mninister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi next March. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, his only contender, has yet to receive a single vote.

A UK-trained economist, Najib began his political career at age 22 after his father died. Abdul Razak had been the country’s second premier and was revered by many in Umno for introducing the New Economic Policy - a socio-economic restructuring plan that benefited many Malays at the expense of the other races.

Although Najib acknowledged that the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition did poorly in the March 2008 general election, he was also quick to warn he would use all means to destroy elements that threatened the country’s stability and peace.

“We realise that BN was scarred during the March general election. I will do all I can to return Umno and the Barisan Nasional to its former glory. I will also not hesitate to use all means to destroy elements that can threaten the stability and peace of the country.”

The Pakatan Rakyat led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim swept to power in five out of the country’s 13 state after the national polls.
Denies alliegations Najib also denounced recent allegations made against him.

“I have been attacked by my enemies who claimed that I carry out Hindu rituals. All of you can refer to S Samy Vellu who will vouch that I have never gone with him to any Hindu ceremony. I swear in the name of God that I am a faithful Muslim.”

“I have also been linked with the murder case of Altantuya. I once again swear in the name of God that I never knew her. "I am ready to face any court to clear my name which those who are envious of my achievements are trying their best to tarnish. I deny that my SMS communication with Muhammad Shafee Abdullah was in any way an abuse of power.

“I strongly deny allegations that I am involved in the Eurocopter scandal. The contract went through due process and procedures. The defence ministry accepted the decision and agreement from the ministry of finance was obtained in the selection of the Eurocopter tender.
"The defence ministry issued a Letter of Intent on Sept 15, 2008. A Letter of Intent can be issued at anytime and in accordance with proper procedure, it was issued on Sept 15 2008. I state my readiness to be investigated by PAC or BPR!,” Najib said.

The father of five was hit by a double-whammy of scandals last week.

First, allegations that he had an affair with a Mongolian woman murdered here in 2006 resurfaced after website Malaysia Today posted a series of SMS messages purportedly sent by him to a lawyer involved in the case.

He also came under scrutiny for a questionable RM2.3 billion ringgit helicopter deal.
In that deal, a whistleblower claimed the defence ministry - under Najib at that time - had agreed to buy 12 units of Cougar EC-725 choppers even though there was a cheaper alternative.
Canadian-based Kelowna Flightcraft had offered to supply the same number of helicopters of similar specifications for only RM898 million, but it was turned down.

The uproar that ensued pressured Abdullah, who took over the defence ministry last month, into promising a review of the circumstances. Najib has said he will give the Dewan Rakyat a detailed explanation soon.

“I have full confidence that delegates will use their wisdom in making their choice of leadership next March. They should be intelligent enough to gauge who among their leaders truly represent the interest of the Malay community and who has in the past betrayed the Umno’s struggle by becoming an agent of a foreign country,” he said, in clear reference to his arch rival Anwar (above).
Editor's Note: A close aide of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has clarified to Malaysiakini that the manifesto mentioned in the report above is not official. Report here."


Rocky's Bru said...

I'm surprised the "aide" did not condemn the manifesto. Saying it was issued by a support group may suggest that Najib doesn't really mind the manifesto. I read elsewhere that the DPM described the manifesto and the attempt to link it to him as "falsehood". Now that, my friend, is a very strong response.

Also, I don't think Malaysiakini is deliberately lying. The editor in charge should have gotten his feelers up and get the reporter to double check. He or she didnt. Shit happens.

Pasquale said...

What Rocky, still trying to be the mayor of KL? The way I see it it was a case of more than one way to skin a cat, like saying "I wish I can call Steven Gan a bastard, but that is not nice so I won't" but I already said it after the fact.
No way a respectable Malaysiakini makes mistake like that, no sir!

xile said...

Official Press Stateman:

Malaysiakini-Malaysia today-Kicdikepalla-

Incharge by Satan group

Anonymous said...

that's how to brainwash and confuse the people through deceits and lies.

some bloggers and editors are really good at it.

the way MK puts it, is very professional indeed.

raja petai kamaruzaman said...

Ini masalahnya, bila menyampaikan cerita tanpa memastikan kebenaran cerita. Habis semua fitnah pun boleh keluar. Kalau bab2 nak memburukkan orang ni memang no. 1. Apa nak jadi la..

wooff wooff said...

Lepas satu, satu kena attack, mula2 dulu Pak Lah yang kena, sekarang dah tukar fokus pulak ke. Siapa punya kerja agaknya ni.

Anonymous said...


malaysiakini cukup seronok tulis berita bab-bab mengutuk kerajaan!

sekarang dah tulis berita palsu, cukupkah sekadar meminta maaf, damage dah dibuat!

ps: setuju sgt malaysiakini-malaysiatoday-kickdefella incharge by satan group


Omong said...

someone once said "gutter politics and legal wrangling"

lawyers are good at this, they will plant seeds of doubt to discredit the witness or the defendant

they can be ticked off after that but the damage is already done

the other method is to PUBLISH first the results of a survey/poll and a "fine print" that explains that it is flawed due to ... etc etc.

Notice the disclaimer comes right at the END.

SapikSapik said...

kredibiliti kedua-kedua mereka ini telah musnah. Sekali dengan site=-site mereka.
Nak menang dengan cara memfitnah memang Tuhan tak kan makbulkan.