Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kickdefella is doing the more-than-one-way-to-skin-a-cat on Najib!

Kinda like this Kickdefella for what he stands for, but he has gone down the gutter way!

Its like saying to Sheih Azidi-Kickdefella's face "if I have my way I will call you a bastard, but since it is not nice to call you a bastard, then I will not call you a bastard".
Notice that I have already call him a bastard to his face three times. It is the art of a more than one way to skin a cat!
This is reference to Kickdefella's blogsite on Najib and his wife Rosmah titled "We know what Najib and spouse did last Raya", read here. It was suggested writer might have been paid to spread the lies! Read here too!
I do not know what will it take for people like Raja Petra Kamaruddin or Sheih Azidi Kickdefella to have Najib do to make them believe that the deputy prime minister has nothing to with a murder of a Mongolian girl. I guess there is nothing that Najib can do to convince them that he has nothing to do with the murder!
Actually it does not matter if Najib is not guilty at all, but all they want is he will not be the next prime minister of Malaysia. It is really a very simple logic! Najib is just a breath away from being the next prime minister, by March?!, and there are people who think that theywill have a lot to lose if he does.
So if that is the case, desperate men will employ desperate measures to spread more innuendos and lies so their paymaster or political masters will be happy Najib will not inherit the premiership from Pak Lah!
I was told, as I am writing this, certain son-in-law that shall remain nameless has met YB BABI to plan the "death" of Najib. You know what, I do know what these two did many summers ago in the US and England, but never mind that! This is another story! So you see when we can concocted what people do with other people at every Raya or summer. But I am surprise my good friend Sheih Kickdefella, as I recalled when we had beer together, that he struck me as a good political strategist for Pas, but not a hack the same vein as RPK!!!?
As for you Sheih Kickdefella that is really hitting below the fucking belt, with your blog on Najib!



Zahar said...

I guess that's what too much beer can do to a person. ;)

Anonymous said...


He did not say anything specific but just innuendo and supposition, he knows his audience that is those who do not like Najib! You right, desperate people!

Selamat Hari Raya to you and family bro!


Anonymous said...


I think many people cannot believe the two guy in uniform keep in Sugai Buloh have the authority to use C4 and also it isn't possible his immediate higher authority gave the instruction too because they have on interest in the case as they have nothing to do with the mongolian women.

To qualify this two condition must be met:

1. Direct interest in the case, in short with the mongolian woman.

2. High up in the authority to give instruction that junior will follow.

I know you are not to publish this comment but I just want to help you on your scrip. In Rome you must think like the Romans do.

umno for Najib

Dhahran Sea said...

You are right, desperate times call for desperate actions, indeed! However, it beats me that najib swore that he DIDN'T know altantuya who happened to be in the inner circle of his close associate & strategist for years by the name of razak baginda?! nowadays, swearing in the name of Allah has become a political ploy/strategy... lets wait for the ultimate truth, which will come soon enough, inshaallah!

Pasquale said...

Dharsan Singh, if you are a Sikh, which I doubt you are, please stick to Sikhism which is a good faith and a good religion. Najib probably have a lot of people serving him, people such as Omar Mustapha ot Ethos, or now Hardev Kaur (if she is indeed taken in to serve Najib) from Securities Commission. But that does not mean these people are the inner circle! Just like Razak Baginda!
For you to suggest, for example, just because Razak is shagging some foreign girls that Najib must know?! I think you are YB BABI or PR sympathizer. I could have easily reject your comment, since it is so ludicrous and naive I have decided to publish it! Next time if it is that stupid and ludicrous I will just throw it away okay!


Anonymous said...


Agree with your reply to Dharan Sea.

I bet Dhahran Sea does not know his son is a compulsive masturbator quietly doing it in the toilet over many years.

Kickdefella should fucking proof it then make wild accusation He is abusing his fame!

nstman said...

Hey fucker rusdi , you're a fucking muslim , what da fuck you doing drinking beer with the sheikh? both you kaki mabok same lah ,just different political masters.

Pasquale said...

Hey nstman I am not Rusdi and you should really be careful and I can trace you if I want! I am Pasquale of BarkingMagpie!


nstman said...

You cant trace a freakin prostitute in a fucking brothel you moron ! You can use all the gadgets from your army buddies ,but shit is you dont have E-5 Clearence.Grow up bozo.

Pasquale said...

nstman, how much do you want to bet your life or is it worth your little piddly life that you want me to be a major irritant in your life and be real nasty to you and your family for nothing? Be careful for what your wish!

Knights Templar said...

wooooo.. you got me shivering now .... porahhh .

Knights Templar said...

how's the going bro ? relax lah pagi pagi ,moody semacam aje ? ada serunding lebih tak ?

Dhahran Sea said...

Pasquale (& anon 8.34),
I hope you didn't make the comment above after your usual gulp of beer (as you, a professed Muslim so proudly & publicly mentioned)? I was just WONDERING how come Najib DIDN'T know Altantuya... I DIDN'T say he LIED, did I? Wallahu'alam, as you rightly said, he NEED NOT necessarily know all the people in his inner circle - point taken. But you need not #@&^$# about my religion, etc. to make that point since I didn't #@^%$#@ to you in the first place, right? And if I may say, you don't have to be so self-righteous in DEFENDING Najib, otherwise it might give the impression that you are no better than our Sheih Kickdefella, who is branded as being on the payroll of some politicians? I also noticed that you have very selective audience visiting your blog, 170K since Nov. 2007, good work & keep it up. Salam.

Pasquale said...

dhahran sea, my apology won't happen again. It is just that I have to reject so many nasty comments, so I got carried away. There are so many morons out there literally, people who simply so full of hatred and they cannot seemed to use their power of thinking logically no matter how you explain!
No Najib is not a murderer if he is I want to see him punish too, but thus far all "imagination" did not led him to the murder so that is my only take! Now there is talk that his wife is giving RM5 million to a witness, hey prove it then I will condemn the wife too, but so far it is just a convincing lies!

nstman said...

bAYEE , TAKE a break and do the bangra , thats what you guys are good for . sway away from politics.

Dhahran Sea said...

Salam Pasquale,
Noted & I respect your views. May Allah swt provide us Malaysians with the right leader(s) to deliver us from this mess since the past four years! Amen!

artic turban said...

NSTMAN, don't let the big strong and friendlies pay you a visit my friend, bhangra? grow up lah, you want to ketuk someone personally go ahead, but watch your mouth, don't disturb a sleeping tiger, you might not find it too pleasing,IF THE SIKH FIND IT UPON THEMSELVES, THEIR MISSION IN LIFE TO PAY YOU A VISIT, if they take it upon themselves to teach you a lesson. SO A PIECE OF ADVICE, DON'T GO THERE. OK.
On another note, let's just play devil's advocate,THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU ANSWER. Forget about political spin or partisen party politics, just answer these questions to yourselves Honestly.

WHAT WAS ALTANTUYA'S JOB DESCRIPTION? MULTI- LINGUAL Translator for the Malaysian TEAM ,Especially in FRENCH & RUSSIAN languages, related to the Sukhoi Fighter Jets' & the French submarines purchases. Now the question which is staring everyone in the face, but nobody is asking the obvious QUESTION, WHO WAS THE GIRL TRANSLATING FOR , IF NOT FOR THE Malaysian delegates for the two negotiations. Now if DPM claims he has not met the mongolian translator, WHO TRANSLATED FOR THE MALAYSIAN TEAM, ESPECIALLY WHEN THESE DEALS WERE BEING DIRECT NEGOTATIONS, BETWEEN THE Malaysian defense department which included the DEFENSE MINISTER, DPM NAJIB? Even if consultancy firm of RAZAK BAGINDA WAS INVOLVED, WOULDN'T at any given time, during the months or years of negotiations najib never met the mongolian translator, never, not even once?

Pasquale said...

artic turban, I go first!
First of all if this Altantuya was a translator for a business deal involving a Malaysian group vying for the French product on behalf of the Malaysian Defence Ministry,and the French company where the product is going to be bought, she should only be involved with the defence ministry team and Razak Baginda, who was one of the prime actors in the business deal. Now then, I am very sure a translator any translator of that level dealing with the nitty gritty of a complicated business language does not have to report to the Defence Minister, or Najib in this case,directly. It is not at the translator's level to do so. On top of that Najib,whilein France, is always being "shadowed" or "accompanied" by the French Surete or French Deuxieme Bureau, AND Malaysian UTK. But then you guys already made up your minds that the minister is involved so what can one do?

Anonymous said...

Najib the "Great"

Everything about Najib is now GREAT.

Great Pedigree...compared to Pasq you know who is a Mongrel...

The battle for and against Najib has just started....
The authorities will do "ANYTHING" to protect Najib. Hey he is going to be our next PM...
So Kickdefella ...pack your bags and get ready for kamunting

Anonymous said...

Not a Bastard:

Dear Pasquale,

This is the first time I read your blog and this is because I was diverted here from Rocly's Bru.

From what you wrote I can guess that you have made up your mind in what to believe. For me to say that due to the fact that what Kickdafella wrote was based on informations he received and he blog about it. If i'm not mistaken he want those which he has mentioned to deny it. Of course he trust his informer and so does any other journalist. I bet so do you.

For example this what you wrote :
"I was told, as I am writing this, certain son-in-law that shall remain nameless has met YB BABI to plan the "death" of Najib. You know what, I do know what these two did many summers ago in the US and England, but never mind that!"

Both of the informations are hearsay... but of course for you you believe your hearsay. I bet so does Kickdafella.

So what you have to say for yourself... who are the bastard now. Well I guess everybody being paid to be a bastard.

Best Regard.. Cheers.

artic turban said...

cat got you tongue,
as per regarding the s-i-l meeting anwar, according to you it is the gospel truth, meaning your info is true, whereas kickdefella's exposee' is rubbish, sounds hyprocritical doesn't it, SOMETIMES BEFORE YOU KETUK OTHERS, LOOK AT ONESELF IN THE MIRROR.
Like you said 'Remember! Electricity comes from Electrons, and Morality comes from Morons!'
Looks like this aptly applies to oneself.

Pasquale said...

Not a bastard, how I wish someone is paying me so I can pay my mothers medical bill, no I am not anyone's b*stard how I wish I am at times, especially now, since our very little saving is all tapped out!

Pasquale said...

Arctic turban the difference is I will not stoop as low as Kickdefella to write conjecture or to start one, the truth is I admire the guy and his tenacity to write the way he did, yes DID!

Anonymous said...

anyway, that 5million is a bluff for sure…. or sheih is watching too much B-grade movies…

why in world should Rosmah be present in the british isle to hand over the money?

why took the trouble to fly thousands of kilometers, over 12 hours long haul, just to hand over the money?

This is like B-grade movie scene, Rosmah with cuffs to a briefcase of money? Only B-grade movie watchers would believe!!!

There are many ways to hand over money, even hard cash, in the era of electronic banking, or private banking. Why has to trouble to travel? Must see face to face? just like B-grade movie scene….

Hasn't he heard of private banking? or swiss or off-shore bank account?

If I’m Rosmah, I’ll just call my private banker to handle it. Its totally P&C

So now we can see that somebody is trying to pull a bluff.

meaning,… the whole accusation could also be a bluff.

I mean, why now has to pay Bala since he suddenly knew all the details ??

Why not C4 him together with Altantuya in that same jungle since he is going to be a liability?

Now she can save that 5 million for shopping spree in Milan


Anonymous said...


I only have one question? why do you write Anwar Ibrahim's name as BABI? most bloggers write DSAI?


Pasquale said...

Zul! It is Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim or short BABI!

lebih percaya ular said...

``compulsive masturbator quietly doing it in the toilet over many years''


not related with bang Nuar right?

Antartic Bourbon said...

Artic Turban , pls stop trying to intimidate people here or i'll let my boys send you to the Gulag where you belong.

chill when posting comments on other peoples blog.

wak segen said...

With RPK, Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders were obviusly happy with the atrociuos lies about TPM Najib published in MT, if they were not paying him for them.
But RPK had his religous side.(Read ’sesat’).Noticed how no PAS leaders nor PKR’s Muslim leaders ever commented about the debates and articles on Islam in MT.
When RPK was arrested with ISA, many thought it was appropriate because of the distortions on Islam created in MT.
So now having Sheih who is on PAS payroll and surely more ‘well guided’, he is the best person to carry on the baton from RPK in lambasting Datuk Najib to sabotage his premiership.
But this time around we can be sure that Sheih will stay clear of religous issues while he continues to taunt the government with more and more accusations, allegations, inneuendos etc etc.
This is the next course for DSAI and Pakatan Rakyat’s psy war as they try to damper the public’s memory of the Sept 23 takeover hoax.

##### said...

some people are absolutely happy with all the accusations thrown by RPK and now Kickdefella.

people who dont really dig under the surface of any accusation might believe such doesnt matter if the accusation true or false because the main objective is to make the one that are being accused guity as charged.

it's no big deal for one to blog and earn money in the same time.but what is wrong is to promote lies and get away with it with lotsa cash.

nazre said...

Pasquale is Najib admirer and he hates Anwar Ibrahim for some reasons privy to him..that's why he wrote u could guess who's his paymaster though he try very hard to look neutral.

Pasquale said...

Nazre I wish Najib is paying me but I am writing from my heart if you can believe me but if not no skin of my teeth!

Anonymous said...

reading through the comment section, i realize there's just so much hate in this forum. There's a diss about the Sikhs and then the Muslims. Why does EVERYTHING have to do with religion?? I think those ppl who wrote offensive things abt religion and attacked others on a personal basis is playing into the hands of the powers that be and we are at the losing end. Focus is needed. Its not about the color of your skin or the god you pray to, ultimately its about change. Get that.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

So you reckon kickthefella hit Najib below the belt?

To be fair, I wish you could also state if the UMNO didn't hit RPK, Teresa and the others below the belt?

The msm, TV1, TV3, etc are all above board in their reporting?

Come on, even my little kid knows the answer.

Anonymous said...

Hei suci dalam debu bongok start bila Najib bantai kickdefella, let alone hitting this guy below thge belt, kalau Umno bantai Teresa Cock ke RPK ke, or MSM bantai mereka ni tak dapat biat apa le! Tetapi Najib tak bantai orang pon, so next time getyour facts right!

Not A Najib Fan But...!

Scriptwriter said...

Pasquale, jangan la tibai Sheih kaw kaw, nanti dia merajuk and threaten to stop blogging for good. Oh, he did that already. Or, he might even resign from the AllBlogs’ protem committee. Nahh… this I’m certain he wont do.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Tak kata pon Najib hit kickdefella below the belt? Rasa bersalahke?

Siapa yang kata nak celup keris dalam darah Cina? Bukan Najib kot?

Keris tak main sekarang, yang satu lagi lebih terror. Kabooooooom ZZzzzz

Anonymous said...

suci dalam debu,nanti kau pula jadi debu. There is nowhere on record that says Najib said celup darah cina dengan keris ndarah cina!
I dare you to come out with proof, cuma banner saja di luar stadium TPCA yang ada mengatakan sabagitu, jaga jaga sikit ini kempen kotor nak jatuhkan NTR!

Now A Najib Fan!

battlestar-nst said...

Bro Rusdi, please catch nstman.
We would all love to do an Anwar or two on him, or shall I say her... Because she sure is behaving like a real pussy hiding behind that pseudonym. Show's you she got no balls.
For all you know, she's being paid to irritate and create racial tension in the blogsphere too. Bloody bitch of a girl.

kelong jimmy said...

Don't agree with ISA myself, sorry. But obviously, doing anything that goes public, you have to have a strong foundation before making such strong and grave claims or accusations.
It is a nice balance and turning out to be quite a good drama to follow if you just maintain a neutral stance. I don't mean any harm to Najib, nor to RPK or Kickdefella.
But seriously, some people have forgotten the whole point. You cannot use RPK's allegations, or rather you cannot believe them, same as Kickdefella's, until there has been substantial proof to the claims.
You cannot bloody accuse someone, more so the DPM of a country, of being involved in a murder, before you have substantial proof, because once you've opened your mouth, you better make sure the proof follows suit. Otherwise you deserve the shit that you get.
But of course, I would personally prefer RPK to be tried and found guilty by a court of law, rather than just being dumped in Kamunting to get buggered. Having said that, you can't forget that there was prior notice that the ISA could be invoked on such an offence. He could have done otherwise. More than one way to skin a cat. Right?
You don't challenge a crappy law, when you know it can get you down. What use are you to the cause when you're behind bars?
Was the cause really that important to you in the first place?
Knowing that, adds substance to the rumours that these two are paid writers. Doesn't it? Otherwise, my own opinion would be, they would have thought a little more harder and wrote a little more sensibly, more respectably. It would have taken longer, but you would have made less mistakes, won the battle bit by bit then finally the war, and bring in the changes you wanted.
But now, your characters are questionable. People are asking more questions about you, than the targets you intended to shoot down. Or was that how you wanted it to be, all the attention on yourself?
Sorry if I angered anybody. Just my little piece. Thanks.

Pasquale said...

Battlestar-nst please once again people I am not Rushdi, and I agree and we know who is nstman is but I guess everyone can say what they want until they are caught for going overboard I guess! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

nstman is James Ang, former nst sub-editor, now retired and happy to call subang jaya the centre of the universe.
Berking Magpie and the rest of U have been Barking up the wrong tree.
Come to the press club bro, will buy u a heikenen and we can talk about a royal flush....
Your Jew mate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I know who nstman is and the person is not even from nst, and pasquale knows it too!

Pok Nik Klate said...

i see..kickthepelir is a wonder why Husam Musa and Tok Guru Nik Aziz employ him in state service..