Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unacceptable! Chamil Wariya MUST publicly recant over his ill-intended short story!

A composite picture of Najib. He is portrayed as a Hindu priest? Well, Malaysian politic has slipped down the gutter by very desperate people that will do anything, sad so very sad!

Like a civilised human being we are I am with Lim Kit Siang in lambasting Mingguan Malaysia and Datuk Chamil Wariya for this irresponsible piece of literary licence in which, in that story, an allusion to the killing of YB Theresa Kok that was made on the character YB Josephine. We know what he meant and we are not stupid and insensitive you know Chamil and I am a Malay too never forget that.
Malay like me do not believe in any evil intent agenda or dare to make any allusion that you have just made in your short story that will have a so negative ripple effects that your licence to write like you just did should be taken away.
Chamil you must recant and to make public an apology to the whole country, to the Malays, the Chinese and to the Indians for your serious parochial psychological "faux pas".
Kit Siang said, I agree with him, what would be the reaction of UMNO and BN MPs if the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister had been similarly alluded, like Teresa in the short story?! Be firm yes, but one must not play with fire for one might get singed!
Then there is this composite picture of Najib Tun Razak as a Hindu priest (fat body of another man with his head). The picture, to me, has the trade mark of Kickdefella, or otherwise known as Sheih Azidi, and I apologise if I am wrong, but don't think I am. I have no doubt about his masterpiece if you care to go into his blogsite.
Now then, these two examples above, one of Chamil Wariya and his insensitive short story promoting death and violence, and a composite picture of Najib as a Hindu priest! Well, what can I say but actually I can, these are works of DESPERATE men, or just one man obsessed with becoming the next PM.
As my friend from the Canadian High Commission who called me and said: "They are doing the same to Obama in the US, by desperate people, and we know Najib to be a decent human being and I wouldn't worry about it," she said.
Well I am NOT for I know Najib WILL be the next prime minister and YB BABI will be a nervous wreck who will eventually have a nervous breakdown being put in a straight jacket and with his incessant screaming of "I am the Prime Minister, I am the Prime Minister and I am wearing my Armani suit to prove it," he said. Well, actually I don't think you can old man because you are the biggest joke this country has ever produced you, pathetic man, and also because you are all not well up there!!



DNL said...



HAHAHAHAHAH ni yang anwar kata dia pengikut Hindu masa kempen kat Permatang Pauh dulu nie?

Hahahahahah cetek nya Anwar .... hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

The commotion behind the cerpen is ridiculous. It's just a cerpen, but, in usual "pembangkang" fashion, a fictional cerpen is hyped up to be a "seditious piece".

DAP is so full of Shit, and so is everyone in PR.

But hey, you should expect shit from people who want to be under Anwar.

KAMAL said...


wooff wooff said...

Memang dah tahap teruk dah terdesaknya mereka ni. Sampai cerita bodoh macam ni pun boleh digunakan untuk mereka mencapai apa yang mereka mahu. Apa nak jadi ni, semua main fitnah2 ni macam perkara kecil je. Lupa ke dosa fitnah tu macam mana?

kluangman said...

Tak perlulah Chamil Wiraya memohon maaf kepada dirinya, kepada Tuhannya apatah lagi kepada pembaca Utusan yang tidak baca Utusan atau kepada pembaca Utusan yang membaca Utusan, kepada sesiapa yang termakan makanan anjing, kepada pembangkang atau kepada mana mana rakyat Malaysia yang suka atau benci kepadanya.

Tidak perlu ada sebab dan alasan kenapa Chamil tidak perlu memohon maaf.

Memadailah kita menghentikan koleksi orang Melayu meminta maaf atas kesilapan dan kesalahan yang tidak dilakukan.

Kalau termakan cili, pedas - biasalah.

brainer said...

I AGREED with you Bro, these are bunch of Desperate people. There is a panic situation here. When Najib becomes PM, YOUR desperate brother will be history!

Omong said...

hey anyone out there to come to Najib's defence??

this is obviously an attempt at character assasinating Najib

the opposition's silence is deafening

where is the fairness??

desperation is a terrible thing

Omong said...

hey no one comes to Najib's defence

this is a clear attempt at character assasination

the opposition's silence is deafening

where is the fairness

desperation is a terrible thing

VOY said...

hahah this is really's a good skill did

Erotomania said...

Nah.. he shouldn't apologize. Why should he? Josephine wasn't killed by a Malay. She was shot by a fellow Chinese.

This issue shall die eventually. Hoo haa all you want to but it takes another bigger issue to erase this one from peoples' heads.

Look at a bigger picture. It's not about Josephine getting killed. It's about people who are opposed to her ideology. After all, the guy who shot her committed suicide, no? The End.

porong said...

"Malay like me do not believe in any evil intent agenda or dare to make any allusion that you have just made in your short story that will have a so negative ripple effects that your licence to write like you just did should be taken away".
pascal said..

That's why Malay businessmen fail in business-..Nuar said.

"Meniaga, tara tipu tara untong"-

"ada babi lagi untong lo" terena kong said.

black maria said...


yeah yeah...chamil did a terrible thing. ought to be smacked. but listen...i think that literary masterpiece did not come out of nothing. it's got to do with teresa suing Utusan for RM30m.

anyway..if i were Najib I'd sue the publication that featured him as a Hindu priest. it is malicious and aimed at incitement.

depicting a Muslim leader as a hindu priest! Come can't be more seditious than that!

but can you imagine the vitriol and vile that would spew if najib sues the publicaiton? all hell will break loose from that side, man!

Ron Jeremy Jr. said...

T. Kock opened a Pandora's box and the Malays are finally fighting back now.

The stupid Najib Hindu priest picture will just build this Malay momentum.

The Malays will rally behind UMNO and we'll be back to biz-as-usual in this land.

Anwar and PR have lost the plot. Malay support for their cause is waning by the day as Anwar cannot control the non-Malay racists running amok in cyberspace.

The wildcard is PAS. They hold the key now. No wonder Husam's always smiling nowadays. If someone said abt Kickdefella's involvement is true, then the plot thickens. He is of course on PAS' payroll in the Kelantan govt.

This Najib priest thingy is discussed at length here.

emission free said...

for a small not so developed country, malaysia is so full of racist bastards. After 50 yrs of independance still people are suspicious of each other. It's ridiculous how we never want to learn or know about other's culture or religion.

Anonymous said...

Najib should seriously consider a path taken by Teresa Kok....Sue!! Sue!! Sue!! RM$1billion pun jadi lah.

Anak Merdeka

AHAHAHA said...

Hahaha.. sekarang dah tahu dari mana Bang Nuar kita dapat modal utk cerita bodoh dia tu...Benda mcm ni pun dia percaya dan nak perbesar-besarkan. Percaya atau tidak, dua-dua keadaan membuatkan Bang Nuar kita nampak bodoh.
Ingat kita ni cetek sangat ke sampai nak percaya benda-benda macam tu.
Hah! Sekarang mana pergi Bang Nuar tu...senyap sekejap.. malu nak tunjuk muka.