Friday, October 24, 2008

When pigs fly.....!

This man is an ultimate moron, today he proposed an alternative budget to restore confidence, but who is he to talk about confidence?!

This pretender to the throne, Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI), is a charlatan, and a failed cabinet minister when he was in the government. Now he wants to have an alternative budget plan to restore confidence in the country’s economy, as he puts it. Such nerve and such a boast!

This man has the audacity to once again declare to the world, that to his mind, the entire Malaysian government and its entire cabinet ministers are inept, useless and stupid, except for him?

He gave the impression he is the only viable alternative as a leader with that special quality to bring the country “back together”. Well, for a start this country is fine and has been exercising democracy as shown by the results of the last general elections, when many of the people decided to vote for the opposition, but not because Anwar is the factor accounting for BN’s losses.

Let us digress a bit here, to 1997 during the extreme economic crisis that swept the world and especially South East Asia? Well, as a finance minister Anwar suggested Malaysia should take a loan from the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

You see the problem is both WB and the IMF are like giant Alongs; you can have easy loan but you have to pay with your soul. One of the criteria for the loan was for Malaysia to do away with bumiputra rights.

Okay hang on! For those who might say what’s wrong with doing away with such rights, well if we were to agree then the bad would have to outweigh the good. The amount of money that we would borrow would not be worth the hassle of trying to extinguish any backlash from the bumiputras.

Had we taken money from WB and IMF we would still be paying the debt for the next five generations of Malaysians to come. Had we taken the money we would have been forever be enslaved by foreign domination.

Mahathir Mohamad saw the “chicanery” in his then finance minister Anwar in his proposal to dupe Malaysia into borrowing from these two giant “Alongs”. He decided to put his finance minister “to sleep” by charging him with buggery and abuse of power.

“The only way to deal with a bastard is to be one, and Mahathir had to do it even though his action would be seen as trying to kill the political career of a rising politician. Mahathir felt betrayed by Anwar’s decision and proposal to borrow from WB and IMF, for he felt Malaysia and Malays would be compromised by the terms asked by these two financial bodies,” said a senior former politician.

In the final analysis Anwar, in spite of his popularity, is not really a smart, astute politician. He is a good orator and a refined rabble rouser. He just wants to be the prime minister at all and any cost. I sincerely believe he will and can become the prime minister when pigs fly.

As for his alternative budget, well that is just another trick to deceive Malaysians. He will NEVER topple the government, even with foreign backing.

Why? Well, we are not really that stupid to begin with and people are now finally using their thinking power to recognize a few lies here and there.

No cheers!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...Long live Magpie!!


Anonymous said...

Barking magpie...I respect your opinions, but could you tone down on using the acronym BABI to refer to Anwar Ibrahim. You'll be more credible that way...just my two sen worth...
Zul Sri Hartamas

onuor abraham said...

Memang Anwar ni ingat dia seorangje yang paling bagus dan berkemampuan untuk mentadbir negara ni. Semua orang pun tak betul tu. Siapa la monyet yang suka sangat dengan dia ni.

Omong said...

Great piece

say it like it is

hopefully those bumiputras who accused Tun Dr M for sacking our "fren" realise soon enough

and come back to support Tun's 2020 vision where the bumiputras will stand TALL and will really not need the NEP anymore

and for all you know, may even outshine the others??

Omong said...

I wonder if he understands the phrase "Bersatulah Melayu"

YB DABI said...

Betul tu, dia takkan dapat ambil alih kerajaan. Tipu lah macam mana pun, orang masih ada akal untuk melihat, hanya ada sedikit gerombolan je yang percaya dengan YB BABI ni.

aziz said...

pasquale PIG...

Juanito said...

hi magpie, i think no matter how much hatred you have for anwar, you shud give him the benefit of some doubt..

korea took loans from IMF and World Bank back in 97/98.. Mahathir had the biggest share of saying that Korea was stupid but just look at Korea today.. They are debt free.. After trillion of wons loaned by the IMF, Korea is debt free (I repeat) and look at the GDP and earnings per capita...

Do you think Mahathir did wonders then?

Anonymous said...

Encik Aziz;

The fact is Pasquale justify why BABI is BABI.

Otherwise "pasquale PIG" is just like baby learning to speak. 4 syllable at any one time.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Pasquale said...

juanito, I agree with you about Korea. But did you know that first class prostitutes in Hollywood makes a lot of money and living in a nice condo.
My point is Korea while thriving via money taken form IMF and WB is never free from the clutch of the US. Its foreign policy, even some domestic policy is still heavily influenced by the big power, namely the US again.
Mahathior Mohamad had a nationalistic fiscal policy and he did not want Malaysia to be a prostitute to the US, I am talking about a semblance of a free society free from foreign domination.
So juanito please do not preach about nationalism and freedom again until you know what it is. YB BABI would have compromised our national integrity had he succeeded. Just concentrate on selling your goreng pisang from your front yard, okay!

Juanito said...

hi magpie, if you think i am preaching about nationalism, then i am afraid you are wrong. i take noticed of your comments and you are pretty quick in judging a person and jumping into conclusions...

have you ever heard that no 1 way is ever the bad way? mahathir's stand is because he hates the whites esp the americans and everyone knows that..

by all means if prostituting msia to america would save a country's financials why not?

just imagine if we today as msia was USA.. wouldnt the other countries then prostitute themselves to msia? then wat would that make us? holy pimps?!

Anonymous said...


How could you call your own species a BABI when you're also a BABI? A pig would not call another pig a human and the same goes to human unless you see yourselves as a pig!

Desert Rose

Pok Nik Klate said...

Luckily we Malaysians realised quite fast what this YB Anwar is all about..Thanks God. As you said Anwar will never ever be a PM of Malaysia..unless he rejoins and leads UMNO. Why?? I do not think any other leaders of political parties in Malaysia will become PM except UMNO. This was also as suggested by Spore PM that non chinese will never be PM in Spore.. So i would say the same is applicable to Msia..Non Malay will never be a PM..