Friday, October 03, 2008

Zahid Hamidi can only try for Umno vice-presidency for now if he is so inclined, but nothing else!

Future deputy prime minister?

The onus is on the word "for now".
I always thought of Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi as a friend and I have always considered him as a de facto party stalwart, you know he is there but needs more to prove his mettle!
A likable young man who can make friends easily. He was cast away by former PM Tun Mahathir for his role in supporting Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. He was considered as Anwar's staunch supporter. Then he was rehabilitated and allows into the fold.
He was slighted by various cabinet reshuffle, made it only to deputy ministers. Today he has made it big as Minister in Prime Minister's Department in charge of Islam. He has his own political secretary, press secretary and special officers. In other words he has his own niche.
Alas, he made me very sad when he announced or made an overture that he would be vying for the post of the deputy-president of Umno at the upcoming (when ever that is) party' elections.
His reason for going for the party's number two slot is that many at the grass roots level want him to go for the post.
His reason for going after the posts instead of allowing a real party stalwart Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to be Najib's number two is that Muhyiddin was to harsh when asking the prime minister to step down. He also said in a Malay culture we ask nicely.
Well, certain issues are beyond good manners. Let us get some facts straight here. Muhyiddin asked Pak Lah to step down because the country is literally going down the gutter way under him. Simply put after the last general elections almost half of the states in the country goes opposition.
Talk about Malay culture, Zahid should know because he was also rude to Tun Mahathir when asking him to step down in favour of Anwar. Well, as they say I do not want to split hair here but by announcing his intention, due to warped sense of reasoning, this former political secretary to Najib Tun Razak is showing the adage that in politic there is no such thing as permanent friends and loyal comrade, I am paraphrasing of course. Well in this case I think he is grossly wrong.
By going for number two, Zahid is now seen as not showing any respect to Najib who has expressed his intention, in not so many ways, that he wants Muhyiddin as his running mate!
Zahid, my friend, it is still not too late to withdraw your intention and recant!

Salam my friend!


Naga Hunter said...


Anonymous said...

there is a lallang they called zaid hamidi.

he was never anyone's man but himelf.

came into umno via musa hitam. then got into najib's office.

then jump to anwar.

now licking dolah's ball, yet another leg is with najib.

of late trying to hook up with ku li's ppl.

wat strength does he has to be dp de facto dpm?

citra said...

aiya barking the wrong tree again.

Zahid is najib's choice to check mate muhyidin la....i thought u ni a good political analysis...itu pun tak nampak ke?

If you dont believe me..wait for najib's read-between-the-lines reaction.

Anonymous said...


Dalam akhbar Sinar Harian Zahid Hamidi membandingkan diri dengan Tun Dr Ismail yand tidak pernah bertanding naib-presiden dan terus kepada timbalan-presiden! Dia ni bangang ke. MUla mula dia kata dia bertanding kerna Muhyiddin biadap terhadap Pak Lah, tetapi bak kata tuan Zahid pun pernah "kencing" Tiun Mahathir semasa dia menyokong Anwar Ibrahim. Sekian.

ex-penyokong orang bodoh!

najib for PM said...


Thanks for the inside info. At list we get some indication whom will not be on Najib's team when the time comes for him to be the PM.

Will you Pasquale be shifting office to the 4th fl when the time come? Please don't forget people like me and I will be more than happy to work for you be it carrying your bags or shining your shoes.

Pasquale said...

Najib for PM, do not be delusional! I am not working for Najib therefore I am not moving anywhere let alone the 4th floor!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is trying to push Najib to go for the president post!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for you for having Zahid as your friend. He is only qualified as a cheerleader. Nothing more nothing less.

Even being there as a Minister in the PM's office is already a post not fit for him,and now he is eyeing the DPM's post? What is this guy smoking really? someone must hand him a mirror quick!