Friday, November 07, 2008

How do you straighten out a pathological liar like RPK!?

He needs a lobotomy!

Well you either lock him up or performed a lobotomy on him!
He may have been released after being detained under the ISA for insulting Islam etc... But he will still be charged under a sedition act for saying/writing about matter which I think is such utter rubbish, this is a man that will go to this extent to defame others.
I am totally perplexed by what he insinuated in his blogsite saying he had a witness who saw the deputy prime minister's wife at the scene of the crime together with her then special assistant Lt Col Norhayati Hassan and her husband, Lt Kol Aziz Buyong, an alleged explosive expert, supervising the murder of a foreign national in a jungle outside KL.
This is a very serious allegations! He is saying that a wife of a future prime minister is involved in a murder of a foreign national! Hey I will sue him too for it!
I really hope he can substantiate what he had said or wrote, and if he cannot I think the authorities should just throw him in a dungeon when he is found guilty and just throw away the key.
I do not understand or comprehend how a man like RPK, who appears to be normal on the offset, could do what he did. Either he believes in what he said therefore he is delusional, or he had better back it up with solid proof, or my conclusion is this man is totally and mentally unstable to persistently sing the same tune, over and over again. Is he being paid to so so by certain politicians or people? Or is he just plain dumb and suicidal!
But I am sure, sooner or later the truth will prevail, and either way the law must do its bidding and should do it well!
We are fed up with RPK, I am fed with of RPK and for those who are fed up with RPK please indicate so,with as many comments as I can get on this blogsite!

Cheers nevertheless!


Ray said...

Come on Bro!!...give the man a break laa...thrown away for almost 60 days in the dungeon..he needs rest before he could resume his antics...for sure I'm not fed up with him...he brings color to our rather old politics laa.. enjoy the ride...while he's still around...peace!!!

ayor lemuju said...

Fed up? I'm sick of him. At my first discovery of Malaysia Today, I thought the reports were quite sensational with "evidences" and 99% comments in favour of the reports. Gradually I found that most of what written in the blog/portal were lies. The evidences were mostly created and photoshopped. But the 99% commenters still believe him. Those who pointed out the fakes and forgeries were being locked out of the comment area, yours truly too. He's trying to convince Malaysians that DPM's has something to do with the Mongolian's murder by C4. Of course the 99% commenters believe him like it's the words from God. But that 99% morons/nincompoops are less than 1% of Malaysia population. I should not be worried about him influencing people. But for all his lies he should get a taste of C4 himself.

za said...

.. fed up with RPK.. and PKR....

bzz said...

the best liar i ever heard was from him...

Omong said...

toxic toxic toxic ...

bad for everyone's health

wished the judiciary is TRULY biased so that he's kept in jail longer

anakatak said...

Fed-up n nak muntah of RPK. Anyway whose Rolls he was ferried from the court house?

Condor said...

Sultan hantar rolls royce kut?

Cant wait for more lies from him...

Razak baginda out...raja petra out. Interesting times ahead..

Anonymous said...

Let's see what's next from RPK,

If the details of his allegations are true, he should substantiate or he could be described as bersubahat, for not revealing the truth!!!

Is he a changed man and dah serik?

Anwar spent 10 years in prison and learnt nothing except to keep on lying.

Liars will be liars


Anonymous said...

Are you also paid by someone to write good about Najib and UMNO? You're the same species like RPK who shit from mouth!
Desert Rose

Pasquale said...

To anonymous no I am not being paid by anyone I am a vry concerned citizen who wished all the political shit to disappear we all have every right to say what we want within logic as not to confuse the country so far for now someone is charged for sodomy and we are still trying to figure if he is guilty and to get it over with once and for all, the other is accused of murder so far a lot of innuendo and accusation but they remain as such! Another is a ballistic crazy like RPK concocting lies and is allowed to get away with it! BTW anyone can rent a Rolls Royce and RPK is again lying when he tries to give the impression the Royalty is backing him! This country is so full of people with evil ibntention and YB BABI is one of those on the top.

Anonymous said...

RPK blogsite is full of deceit and lies!

if he really has the "connections" as he claimed, expose them, don't hide behind excuses.

"nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga"

MANTRA said...

If RPK is found lying... we the rakyat should demand explanation from him.

But, what if our leaders are lying to the rakyat over and over again? What shall we do? Tolerate?

5 billion EPF money to Valuecap to what? Check out the recent stock market... improving is it? So the rakyat should tolerate?

We do need this kind of people even if some would consider him insane, to shout for us! Up to our intelligent to absorb.

abROcadabRO said...

You guys are fed-up of RPK? Well, that's your right but speak for yourself - don't speak on behalf of everybody.

If you guys are fed-up of him, don't even gain access to his Malaysia Today. Don't even read his articles or postings. You have a choice who to like or who to be fed-up with.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

I'm also fed-up of you guys. We're fed-up of you guys.

lebih percaya ular said...


RPK did not lie? Teresa kok did not lie? anwar ibrahim did not lie? karpal singh did not lie? good for you, i guess your parent did not teach you properly.....

Pasquale said...

Desert Rose I am not entertaining you anymore you are nasty piece of humanbeing probably already been buggered by YB BABI your warped sense of logic have no place in my sphere so do not bother.

DrFrankenstein said...

No need to put RPK in ISA..
Just catch him for a day or two and perform an ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) on him...
He seriously needs it..
He is dangerously delusional not only to himself but to the whole Nation..

One added advantage..
The ECT will erase his memory for few months and all the shit in his head.. The memory returns by 5-6 months - so u can catch him again and do another ECT..
That will keep Peace in his MIND.

Anonymous said...

Yay! RPK-bashing time. If you want to read a really satisfying anti-RPK post please visit
The post is titled "Unraveling the RPK Mystique." The best anti-RPK posting ever. RPK supporters dare not even let out a squeak there! HA HA!

And Magpie, you are right. RPK is a pathological liar. A lobotomy would put him out of his misery.

Pink Shades

tok cult said...

PKR=cult, this is what RPK wrote about the cult issue of Pakatan supporter.

Now he actually fallen in cult.

He writing is sensational, but what the Rakyat (who are getting more intelligent and mature) on the role of bloggers, are more interested in credibility. But RPK has lost all his credibility already. Nevertheless he still has great influence being a cult.

He seems to have personal vendetta with Najib/Rosmah by the way his writing and persistence attack. Cant be help being lieutenant of Anwar. Time will surely tell!

Panglima said...

I am not saying that the BN politicians are very honest people... just that RPK's comments/claims are to ourageous to believe and have proven many a times fabricated and ridicilous lies.... Of course he is pro Anwar and anti- anything to do with BN/UMNO... he was organising the Free Anwar site before this.... If he is claiming that the BN lies a lot... so does he.... two lies doesn't make a truth, two wrongs doesn't make a right.... To the ones who donated to help RPK when RPk was held in the ISA detention camp prior to this recent one I would like to ask this question, .... know what his wife did in the Royal Selangor Club when he was in detention?.... Go ask anyone working there..... I cannot believe how guilible people can be.... or as the Americans it.... 'suckers!'....... I don't give a damn about the power hungry ding dongs (that are in abundance) be it in BN or PR.... I just want these people to get into the business of running the states/country.. improving the economy.... battle rising crime.... build better infrastructure,schools,hospitals.... improve the roads, public transportion infrastructure and the likes...... not squabble aimlessly aided by buffoons RPK and cheered on by his fellow buffooners.......

Anonymous said...

I am glad I have found a blog that can see the real Raja Penipu Keadilan(RPK).He would do anything as long as his college(MCKK) jambu (homo partner) becomes the PM.I guess he is still deeply in love with this PM in waiting.
I am going to save this blog to my favorite and circulate them to all my friends.

Anonymous said...

Look at this post at MT

If RPK does not clean this shit, he is equally shit.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

Obviously RPK "cult" has stired u guys up!!!!
Firstly, can anyone of U , including Pasquale, advise as to how u are certain that RPK states lies?
None of the actual evidence has been brought to Court {YET}.
What if , and this should be happening shortly,evidence is produced in open court, of all the "lies" which proves that these are the truth?
What then?
Would any or all of u want to undergo a lobotomy{if u understand the word}?
Panglima, what have the "employees" of S'gor club, who will sell their mothers for a few dollars, told u that u dare not state on cyberspace?
Well my "barking magpie" friends,
the magpie is one of God's most intelligent creatures BUT all of u are doing exactly what u "accuse" RPK of doing!
Check out facts, extrapolate ,discuss:
1.who could give the UTK Officers the command to kill?
2.C4 is Military issue not Police issue - where did the C4 come from?
3.How come certain persons hold Court while in Sg.Buloh , signing cheques,vouchers,resolutions??????

Anonymous said...

To Mantra,

Please give ways how to improve the current economy blick.

Pandai sangat...

RPK, sapa dia tu? Don't know and don't want to know him..


Anonymous said...

the phoenix foundation,
I believe it is Anwar Ibrahim responsible for the death of the mongolian girl then blamed najib, why not just like Anwar managed to stuff the ballot boxes with the help of his people from election commission or those monitoring the last elections with phantom votes to ensure opposition win, think about it! We always thought only the government stuff ballot boxes, same way the other way around. The republican also did the same to ensure Bush win!

Phoenix Rising!

straycat's strut said...

I have to admit that I was once one of those who flocked RPK's blog to search for "truths" and real "news." It was quite issue-centered at one time. He sounded like someone seeking for the truth, justice and fairness. That was until I noticed that it was all about promoting Anwar. I have a problem with that. I do not see how truth, justice, fairness and Anwar bin Ibrahim could come together.

RPK is a darn good writer just like Anwar is a darn good orator. Don't expect more.

My advise to those who worship these guys, they would be actually better off by reading a good novel or watching David Letterman.

Anonymous said...

Magpie a lot of interesting comments I have noticed in your site. I would like to respond to one by straycat struts, I was made to understand it was not RPK wjo writes well it is his wife Marina with her good English! Salaam! Independent Observer who knows a bit!

Anonymous said...

Phoenix Rising

Don'y twist the fact and turn yourselves into ayam betina talking cock. Put the killers in jail instead of the whistleblower.

Abolish ISA supporter

Condor said...

So..all good writers and orators are liars?! i guess obama also liar lah!

Anonymous said...

If he wants to send altantuya murderer to hell, we want him to follow altantuya to hell. This moron is so sickening and you all out thre still wants to support him. He disgrace islam and lies about a lot of things to stirr up the govt. He hates Najib and wife, both of them have not disturb his life whatsoever, RPK you better watch out we will condemn you to death if dare to come out another lie about the govt, Espcially about our future PM.You go fly kites somewhere in Mongolia.

Anonymous said...

RPK makes me sick to the stomach and muntah rekod dunia.

All the lies, i dont understand how people in his blog didnt even question the validity of the writings.

Gila punya orang tua. He says hes not racist but he is what anti-anti-anti-anti-racist = racist is all about. Liberal? More like a twisted man.


Patriot Selatan said...

RPK is an idiot.

ismail said...

I want (Najib) send altantuya murderer to hell

nstman said...

RPK is not a liar. Umno charlatans are the biggest liars. And the biggest cheats and traitors to their own race.

tharieq said...

RPK?? Sounds like Liberlism in Protocol of Zion.. Look Intelligence but bring more turmoil..