Thursday, November 06, 2008

Malaysia is nothing like the United States of America! Not for another 200 years!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Lim Keng Yaik! You must be mad to even think that, he will be spitting all over the country in between his pathetic attempt on Bahasa Melayu!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Hadi Awang? Are you crazy!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu? What? You must be a wanker to suggest that?

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Lim Kit Siang? You got to be suicidal! Nah!

So let's cut to the chase, it won't happened, not now, not for another 200 years and especially not on my watch! Malaysians in comparison is nothing like the Americans.
In spite of the so called perceived injustice in America, the people there, white and black and others, have voted a new American president who happens to be black.
The difference between us and the Americana, we are one totally fucked-up and a disunited country of various peculiar races who do not think and speak the same language.
While the American people of all race, colour and creed speak only one universal language there, they all speak, also eat and fart, American.
It saddened me to hear people in this country now when speaking of Obama and they now want the same to happen for this country.
In Malaysia the constitution says the national language is still Malay and yet S. Samy Vellu and Lim Keng Yaik, or Karpal Singh and many more chauvinist non-Malays that cannot even speak the national language properly.
My take is if any of these leaders can adopt the Malay culture and speak the Malay language fluently and think like a Malay, in this majority Malay country I am willing to follow them as a leader anywhere and to die with them when defending the country and Malaysians.
Again of course I am only speaking on the assumption Malaysia is a country where the majority of the people are still Malays, where the national language is still Bahasa Melayu, and the Paramount Ruler is also a Malay. This, by the way, is not by design but by the natural order of the original natural law of this country.
Please stop comparing Malaysia with the USA. Is it by virtue of Obama that now we want Chinese or Indian to be given a chance of becoming a as prime minister of Malaysia? Even if they are smart? It takes more than being smart and intelligent to take over the mantle of power of this country! Make no bones about it! No I am not a racist and has never been one.
I say perhaps another 200 years when unless every major race in this country can think and speak and eat anfd fart as one, until then this country will always be a country rule by the majority Malay, with a Malay PM, Malay sultans and a Malay Paramount ruler.
As for Obama? Hey he deserves to be president after all he is one true blue American, no pun intended. My only regret is Martin Luther King is not around to witness the event.
Meanwhile as long as we have "Malaysians" like Teresa Kok, Tian Chua, Sivarasa, Anwar Ibrahim, Khairy Jamaluddin, S. Samy Vellu, Hadi Awang who speak all different languages but Malaysian, let just allow common sense to prevail, and I think you know now what I mean!
No sir, Malaysia is nothing like the USA! Not by a long shot!


patrior selatan said...

chauvinistnya kau.. aku pon tak mau dia jadi PM, tapi aku rela menyerahkannya kepada ballot box...

BrightEyes said...

Kit Siang would be a bad candidate for a future PM for sure.


A few years ago, many were saying a Black man will never be US President.

This January, nobody thought BN would lose not one or two, but FIVE states.

So who is to say there'll never be a Non- becoming PM in the near future? It may happen in your lifetime, and quite likely in mine.

What's more important is the man's ability to serve as PM. When Malaysians start voting beyond race and what that person can do as PM, that is more important. Then historic event of the 'First Non- PM' would occur naturally.

Anonymous said...

As long as there's a government policy that favors one race, Malaysia will never be like USA. K.K.K promotes white supremacy is harsely condemned by just about every Americans: white and non-white. And the Malaysians cant even question about Ketuanan Melayu: Malay Supremacy. Really how could you claim that Malay is the Master race. Hitler did claim White race is the master race!!!

Even if all races in malaysia speak the same language. You really think the majority of Malays would elect a non Malay. No way!!! not by a long shot. There are many immigrants in USA who speak limited English when they first came to the US (Russians, Africans, Chinese, Hispanics) but
they all soon feel very proud to be an American. They know that America provides equal opportunity for all: white, black, asian, gays, young and old, atheist, christians, hindus or muslim, or whatever. No race is a Master Race. Seriously how could you consider Malay a Master Race. Malay is neither smarter or more stupid than other races. How could the Master Race concept even exists today. You are absolutely right. Not by a long shot. The government should end all discriminatory practises. The non-malays should help the malays and vice versa. The government should help the poor and the deprived. They are many kampung folks:mostly malays who still live way below poverty level. We should all do some volunteer work and help them. The rich should give back and help the poor by creating jobs. The world is changing. Hopefully it will be more and more like Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Wahahaha...hahahaha...Magpie..Pls dun make a joke!..

aku takut dia kena TEMBAK dulu lagi...hahahaha..Ehh dun put blame on me...OBAMA sendiri pernah ada cubaan nak tembak dia...Hahahaha


(Anon From Kedah)

Omong said...

they do not have the Raja Raja in their system of governance

and Bahasa Malaysia is the official language

Obama is only half black, the other half is still WHITE

the colonial masters are about to change from white to yellow

erniejean said...

When I envy the Americans for the freedom to decide who they want to lead their country, it's not about a leader from a particular race or's about looking beyond all's about getting the best of the best, it's about choosing the one who has visions that speak to the nation.

At the moment, our Malaysian politics are soooo far behind.....our head of government is determined by a couple of corrupted UMNO delegates......what a sad sad state we are in.....

Yes, you're right, we'll not be anything like the American if we continue to allow bullies governing this country.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has always have Black man as Prime Minister; since the Union Jack came down.

It took more than 200 years for Blackie to be President of USA, so how much longer for Chinese to be one?

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

nowhere man said...

My take is if any of these leaders can adopt the Malay culture and speak the Malay language fluently and think like a Malay plus is a MUSLIM, only then it will be OK!

Anonymous said...

MRSM Kalae Chepo,

American of Chinese descent can and will one day become a President of the USA, if Obama is an example.
For Chinese to become one here in malaysia, no chance. They have to go back to China, or Taiuwan or Singapore, biut not here Jose!

Kole Toddy

rembau mali said...

how can malaysia be like the USA when we have crazy racist melayu morons like you on the loose running around ?

Anonymous said...

It took America more than 200 years for an Afro American to become President...I guess the non-bumi will have to wait for more than another 100 years to see a non-bumi PM. What Pak Lah said was correct...Malaysia can expect a non-bumi PM in future. So to the non-bumi pls be patient 100 years is not a long time in history.Wait ok??


Anonymous said...

and we also have one big crazy lying marder farker telling the people, anyone can be a pm...

Anonymous said...


This is for November 06, 2008 1:37 PM
and it goes like this:

How can Malaysia be like the US of A when there are actually racists everywhere be it from the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, etc etc etc like all of us running around on the loose?

Ikan Bilis said...

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73
Chinese has landed in this country since the time of Admiral Mariner Cheng Ho in 15th century. They've been here for more than 500 years, much longer than African in USA. I hold to my belief that time of change will come and a minority to become our PM will turn into reality in the coming 20 years if UMNO still keeps to their racist mentality.

Anonymous said...

Ikan Bilis said...
MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73
Chinese has landed in this country since the time of Admiral Mariner Cheng Ho in 15th century. They've been here for more than 500 years, much longer than African in USA. I hold to my belief that time of change will come and a minority to become our PM will turn into reality in the coming 20 years if UMNO still keeps to their racist mentality.

Hem, I pity the Chinese because they were too late to identity this land as Tanah Cina. The Malay grab it first. Bad luck then. Racisme will always be around. Obama won because the American hate Bush so much that they took blind eye on his color. I also do not think that he will be elected if there is no half white blood in him. He is not black as a 'negro' . He is just brownish and good looking too.


Anonymous said...

rembau mali

In sixties, Blacks were not allowed to sit next to Whites in front of the bus because there were these white morons alike to this racist Melayu moron called himself as sub-human Barking Magpie a.k.a Talking Piggie, running completely amok around us.

Desert Rose

Anonymous said...

why change, when i still can have roast pork & beer...

Anonymous said...

We coloured asian took over the leadership of Malaya from the supreme white over 50 years ago!

Well done Malaya. We are still ahead of the US!


Brian Barker said...

I think we need a spoken universal language as well!

However which one should it be? The British learn French, the Australians study Japanese, and the Americans prefer Spanish. Why not decide on a common language, taught worldwide, in all nations?

An interesting video can be seen at

A glimpse of Esperanto can be seen at

straycat's strut said...

Kinda funny someone talked in a broken Bahasa Malaysia claiming to be a real malaysian. Its irritating when they think they earned the right to be malaysian's obamas by fighting tooth and nail to keep their sekolah jenis kebangsaan. Its just too hypocritical to shout malaysia for malaysian when they insist that the road signs are in three languages.

Get to know what it means to be a Malaysian first. Obama did not become president by debating in a broken English with a kenyan accent.

K.A.M.K said...

aku tak paham kenapa korang nak bendingkan US dan Malaysia. Tak kena langsung.. US lain dia py history... Malaysia lain..baca la sejarah.. kenapa ada raja2 melayu.. apa yg British dan penjajah lain porak perandakan isntitusi sosial kita.. 400 tahun kita dijajah baru nak buat correction 50 tahun..

Sejarah US takan sama dengan malaysia.. kalau nak banding.. buat la perbandingan yg betul. jgn nak banding proton dan ferari plak... perbandingan Malaysia US betul IF.. White people (British) yg still memerintah Malaysia dan buat kali pertamanya orang Melayu/cina/india.. menjadi PM..

Orang Melayu tak jajah Tanah Melayu.. Nama pun.. tanah Melayu..

Anonymous said...

As long as we have "sub-human species" like Pasquale the Barking Magpie a.k.a Talking Piggie when Magpies don't sing but bark, piggies don't sleep but talk, we neither need pigs to fly for Anwar Ibrahim nor another 200 years for a non-majority Malay to become the PM.

Desert Rose

Hassan Gali said...

Org Melayu org Islam takkan mahu dipimpi oleh org bukan Islam lebih2 lagi kalau org Islam adalah penduduk majoriti...itu salah disisi agama Islam..kalau pon ada org bukan Melayu nak jadi PM..dia tu mesti beragama Islam (alim+kredibiliti sbg pemimpin)..pasti takkan ada bantahan dari org Melayu

Barrack Obama pon bukan 100% kulit hitam..ibunya org putih..

tp jgn seronok sgt..polisi Barrack Obama kita masih belum ketahuan..don't jump for joy just yet..remember who control the senate

citra said...

The Federal constitution doesnt say that the Prime Minister of Malaysia must be a if a non-malay commands majority of the house, Agong may appoint him as PM.

No reason for muslims to get worried as Agong is the head of religion.

nah said...

Your may be right. But do not forget of the hard time ahead that the Malaysians are going to face if change are not taking place from now. Look around what has happened in the world. What has happened to the Shah of Iran and the King of Nepal. Do not be to sure of what you think now. Anything will happen in time of hardship.

Malim said...

If Obama is black for his Father is black..
Mahathir is Indian for his father is Indian.

Thus we already had PM of different races..

Infact we have had Thai, Turk, Chinese (bodohwi) as PMs

That ends the debate.

Anonymous said...

Its after 44 Presedents and 200 years..

Malaysia is only 50 years old, and we are now running at 6th PM..

Wait lah..
wait for 44..
or atleast wait 150 years more..
be patient...

malaysia boleh..

Anonymous said...

pm melayu ke or pm mamak ke or pm bengali ke...

who care?

oil is now USD61.00, so petrol bila nak turun lagi?

Anonymous said...

Saya pohon keizinan tuan untuk memberi pendapat.

1. Amerika dikatakan mengambil masa lebih 200 tahun untuk menerima penduduk berkulit hitam sebagai presiden. Semua rakyat Malaysia begitu teruja dengan peristiwa tersebut. Lantas segenap lapisan bukan Melayu mendesak supaya politik di Malaysia (atau lebih tepat mendesak orang Melayu)supaya mengambil pakai pendekatan pengundi-pengundi Amerika yang mengenepikan soal-soal darah, warna kulit atau perkauman dalam memilih pemimpin.

2. Sejarah yang berlaku di Malaysia dipandang sepi. Hakikatnya Malaysia tidak menunggu selama 200 tahun atau lebih seperti yang berlaku di Amerika.

3. Bukankah pada tahun 1957, dimana kita merdeka kita memilih Tunku Abd Rahman (TAR) sebagai PM. Mengapa tidak disebut etnik Siam menjadi PM? Untuk pengetahuan tuan, ibu TAR atau Cik Manjalara adalah seorang puteri Siam. TAR dan Obama adalah sama dari segi darah. Obama separuh kulit putih dan separuh kulit hitam, manakala TAR adalah separuh Melayu dan separuh Siam.

4. Begitu juga mengapa tidak disebut seorang berketurunan India menjadi PM Malaysia sewaktu pemerintahan DR Mahathir (DRM). Berbanding TAR, DRM lebih hampir dengan Obama kerana kedua-dua persamaan itu boleh dilihat dari sebelah bapa. Bukanlah satu rahsia lagi bahawa bapa DRM adalah berketurunan India totok.

5. Begitu juga Pak Lah. Beliau adalah berketurunan ARAB dari sebelah bapa dan berketurunan Cina dari sebelah ibu. Dan juga jangan kita lupa bahawa Tun Razak itu Bugis dan Hussain itu Turki. Seingat saya beberapa tahun yang lalu Datuk Najib dsambut oleh orang Bugis di Sulawesi sebagai Orang Besar Bugis. Beliau menjadi kebanggaan bagi orang Bugis!

6. Masalahnya pemikiran orang-orang Malaysia. Apa yang berlaku di Malaysia memerlukan pengesahan dari Amerika tetapi apabila pengesahan itu telah terjadi di Amerika kita langsung melupakan bahawa Malaysia telah mendahului Amerika. Bukankah Bailout itu serupa?

7. Sekian terima kasih.

nstman said...

Pasuale, you make me sick. You are the main reason why non-Malays want to leave the land. You stink.

Anonymous said...

Not one single supreme council member in UMNO is currently fit to be the PM.


Ikan Bilis said...

The difference in US and malaysia is that the majority Malay still can't accept a minority non-Malay, non-Muslim to be our PM, at least not for the near future. Generally Malays are gentle and humble but they are always instigated by UMNO racists in racial sentiment and Malay supremacy. It's is not only the race, blood but also the religion. The great people from a great nation like USA has gone beyond this mentality constipation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Magpie,

I totally agree with your post. The anti-Malay commenters here obviously cannot handle the truth. They are still talking about a race's supremacy when that is not even the point! They are the racists to the core! Just look at their motherlands. As if any race there has a chance. They are parasites in their host country! Tak sedar diri!

Btw, you want to bising about racism, go la to to the EXCELLENT post titled "Racial Polarisation and the Forging of Bangsa Malaysia." IF these anti-Malay racist commenters think they are so clever, go to that blog and knock yourselves out, IF THEY DARE. Oh wait, I should say IF they have the brain power.

Pink Shades

Anonymous said...

Hi Pasquale;

What a big deal a minority race become a president of a nation. In Malaysia, we had Tunku (with Siamese blood);Tun Hussein On (Turkish blood); Tun Dato Mahathir (Indian blood) and Pak Lah (Chinese blood) . All of them became Prime Minister of Malaysia even though they are not full blooded Malay.

Malay are never a racist race. They can accept anyone to become a leader of their flock so long the leader assimilated with the Malays.

Obama can become president of USA because he speak English and a Christian. If he spoke Swahili and his religion is Islam, I am sure he will never become president of USA.He assimilated very well with the white people.

Thaksin Sinawatra ( a Chinese descent) can become a Prime Minister of Thailand because he spoke Thai and behave like Thais.

In Malaysia likewise , Lim Kit Siang can never become the prime Minister of Malaysia so long he behave and fight for Chinese cause.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the late comment but here goes...

Barack Obama is also half-white. If he as pure Black, he would probably never see the day as an American President.