Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The next prime minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak!

Loyalty and sincerity will most certainly pay!

Well to the large, very large, majority of Malaysians he is going to be the next Prime Minister of this country, after he won the Umno’s presidency uncontested.

And, of course to a small, a very small, minority of, might I add the disgruntled ones, he is still a man being accused of committing so many ludicrous crimes, such as blowing up people unnecessarily with plastic explosive, possibly a son of Jack the Ripper, a Hindu priest, hey many many more!

The accusations remain just that.

I remember when he was the deputy president of Umno he was badgered, cajoled and even tricked into trying to make him believe if he challenge the president, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. for the party’s post he would win.

Those who tricked, cajoled and badgered him into challenging Pak Lah are also many of his so-called close "associates". (Notes:he should really re-think about maintaining this so called close associates)

His reactions? One, he did not react to any of the above. Second, he was calmed and collected and did not react to the tomfoolery as expressed by his so called “friends” and “comrade-in-arms” and "associates".

“I believe in Pak Lah and he will do what he promised, and I will respect his decision,” he said, when he came to a point where he had to react or to rebut politely to the suggestion that he should challenged Pak Lah.

Who is Najib Tun Razak? Well, he is a product of a good upbringing. He was taught to respect his elders and he believes in discharging the duties given to him, as a party man or as a minister in the government.

Like Barack Obama, who suffered the famous 11th hour smear US presidential campaign and mudslinging, Najib suffered the same fate. A top job with only one opening for just one qualified person was chased vehemently by one very strange person, Anwar Ibrahim.

If we care to look at things in perspective, we can see clearly the hands of Anwar and his cohort, committing the most despicable campaign, that is to bring down a decent politician and to possibly shave his head, pour liquid black tar on to his head and body and smear the body with chicken feathers and parade him through the town square.

Well, they tried but failed. In his own unique ways Najib fought back and we now believed the only plum choice of a job in the country, is his.

For the sake of the country and Malaysians unity, Anwar Ibrahim and his ilk should just bury the hatchet and just come back to fore. If you decided to come back and be a good human being I am sure many will forgive you, including Najib.

You can become a roving ambassador promoting your country; after all you have good connections right?! Meanwhile, just accept it in your mind the job of the Prime Minister of Malaysia is just not fated to be yours. Be a good Muslim as you always claimed yourself to be and be at peace with your volatile personality, and believe me you will find yourself to be more useful to yourself, your family and the country.

Many many cheers today dude!


Raja Petra Kamarudin said...

You are right my man...najib next pm for sure...many many cheers

BTW..I am a RPK imposter.

Anonymous said...

We all deserve a good PM like Najib will be I am sure! Cheers

Well done


Anonymous said...

yup, Anwar should start thinking of becoming a good boy from now on, coz the man he's been gunning is technically next PM. Anymore gunning to No1 can be disastrous to Anwar. Remember, Najib was with the defense ministry for a very long time!


Anonymous said...

In the midst of UMNO's internal crisis in 1987, a rally by UMNO Youth led by Najib was held in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Anti-Chinese sentiments were expressed openly during the rally with placard carrying slogans like "May 13 has begun", and "Soak (the kris) in Chinese blood".
Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Najib_Tun_Razak#1987_Kampung_Baru_rally

Ikan Bilis

ulaq-ayak said...

Well, Anwar must accept his fate not to become the next PM. Go and see Najib, be a good boy. Who knows, Najib can help him in the Sodomy case... and everybody will be happy and together we build this lovely Malaysia.

Omong said...

"be more useful to yourself, your family and the country" heh heh

i reserve my comments on this one

but i sense a certain air of relief in your latest posting - that things are going as wished for

yeah ... hidup melayu!

Pasquale said...

Anonymous -Ikan Bilis, in 1987 I was at that rally as one of the three reporters - Azmi Anshar, Sabry Sharif- and yes while the mentioned banners were there Najib never utter the line and we have all the proof to say so. The insinuation that the next PM said these despicable lines is simply another attempt by YB BABI attempts to descredit Najib and yet he claims to be a good muslim.The fact is Najib is the one fated to be the next PM accept it BABI!

doggie dog said...

pasquale, why do you think that it was a smear campaign then by Anwar? i know ur dislike of Anwar but seriously do you really think it is Anwar?

Your post is a little bias towards Najib and while you say all the accusations against him are just accusations, then why not you go to Shang SG and check it out urself.. (no benefit if Shang SG or SG govt wants to smear Najib right?)

Anonymous said...


You would make a good GOEBBELS for Najib's regime. And considering the way you've conducted yourself, you can easily outdo Zam, Mat Rahmat,Kadir etc. . Hell, Shabery is not even in your league. I'm serious about this. I've seen you and your look matches the position. Calling someone BABI is a good start. Calling everyone that disagrees with you MORONIC is definitely an attitude that a GOEBBELS needs. Come on take up the challenge. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to "officially" call someone a BABI?

Anonymous said...

It may not be completely fair to compare Najib and Obama for obvious reasons, but the following differences should be interesting enough for Malaysians to ponder although it is very much insignificant to the Americans.

Obama will report for duty in Jan 2009 while Najib will assume the premiership post in March 2009.
Obama won the presidential candidate fights in both within his own party as well as between Democrat and Republican while Najib sort of inherited the prime minister post given to him on a silver platter…. virtually un-challenged within his party by virtue of being the no 2 man in UMNO Baru
Obama’s win proved that anyone can be the President of the United State of America while Najib’s win proves that only UMNO Baru’s top man can be the Prime Minister of Malaysia although Pak Lah commented that anyone can be the Prime Minister of Malaysia after Obama was declared the winner.
Obama’s victory gives hope for better things to come for all American while Najib’s inheritance of power gives some sort of a gloomy future for all Malaysians.
Obama’s personal credibility is very clean while Najib’s personal credibility is nothing to shout about, thanks to many unanswered allegations against him
While Obama’s victory are congratulated by many leaders the world over, Najib’s ascending to the most powerful man in Malaysia received lukewarm responses from even his own party members while congratulatory messages from foreign leaders are unheard of, may be they are waiting to do that only in March 2009 when the actual swearing ceremony finally take place
Last but not least, while it is very unlikely that any American college dropout will be able to secure any appointment with Obama’s office for some assistance to get a scholarship, a Malaysian university drop-out could still managed to drop by at Najib’s office to ask for assistance in getting a scholarship.