Friday, November 28, 2008

Nirmala Bonat and a "divine" intervention in her case.

Godspeed you Nirmala!

Yim Pek Ha and her husband during the trial

*news break*
Ha! Ha! Yim Pek Ha got bail. Now the time to please the Chinese voters, eh, after the Indonesians! Here we have a system that allows sadists like Yim to get a repreive by granting her a $200,000 bail. On the flip side a similar case when someone asked for an appeal she got double her original sentence. I hope this is the case also with her, 36 years.

About the only reason that I can think of as to why Yim Pek Ha got 18 years for abusing her maid Nirmala Bonat was Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the president of Indonesia.
Like any other skeptic Malaysian vis-a-vis our judicial system, I would say, if it wasn't for the Indonesian president's special interest in the case, Yim Pek Ha, probably wold have gotten a lesser sentence than 18 years.
To me it appears we want to appease our "big" brother, Indonesia!
No I am not attacking our judicial system, but as a layman I have followed many cases, high profile int his country, where the perpetrators got off scot free due to what many perceived as internal political intervention.
There was this case where an MCA guy was involved in the murder of his nephew, and I have yet to know the outcome. Then there is this case of a very prominent grandson of an MCA founder who shot a lady in broad daylight and I have yet to know what happens to his case, will he be forgotten and set free because his great grandfather was a prominent citizen?
Then there was this judge who shot a man who threatened him with a stick, I was made to understand, he was freed.
For Yim Pek Ha, a sadistic woman as described by the judge, got 18 years and well she deserved it. But my question is had not the president of Indonesia not paid special attention to the case would she have gotten a "special" consideration? A year or three perhaps! I am just observing as a layman!
Anyway I am glad that Nirmala Bonat has been vindicated and that the criminal has been served justice.
On a good side, Yim Pek Ha's would be a good deterrent for future sadistic employers and for them to treat their workers well and good, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono asides!


Gallivanter said...

Justice has been served!

Veronica said...

Yim Pek Ha could have inflicted some of the injuries but not all of them. I don't trust Nirmala. She could have inflicted those injuries herself to get donations and sympathy from the public. Yim Pek Ha made one terrible mistake. She shouldn't have employed a maid. She could have done all those housework herself. A maid is not necessary for a housewife.

Veronica said...

My advice to all employers and future employers. Please send your maid for medical checkup before she starts working for you. Who knows you may be sent to jail for her own self inflicted injuries. Be careful. You may accidentally bruise her and she will take this great opportunity to inflict serious injuries on herself because it means money and publicity.

Anonymous said...

This case should be highly highlighted by ngo's such as SIS(sister in islam) and any other women's organisation.
Why the silence from the public?

To me 18 years imprisonment is still not enough. This bitch is pure evil! A life sentence is more appropriate!


Ikan Bilis said...

The 18 years of imprisonment is simply too harsh to Yim Pek Ha as compared to the crimes made by Ah Longs, drug traffickers, murderers, rapers, child molesters, etc

rashid said...

i respect your view.but are you so damn stupid?.how on earth could Nirmala endured such pain if she really did that to herself?.please look at Nirmala picture and think again.

i really Yim suspected Nirmala of having mental disorder then why didnt Yim sent her for medical check up?

you're opinion are just so shallow,veronica.

Mamma Mia said...

Nirmala is now considered a heroic and rich woman in Indonesia with the jingoistic attention of President Susilo and its people, and the influx of donation not only from Indonesia but largely from Malaysia. This is the success story of how a poor maid became rich and famous by getting herself into her "act". Beware of the similar act by your own maid. My advice is to report immediately your injured maid to your employment agent or doctor for medical examination. Who knows, she may use the same trick and go after you for another success story. The silliest mistake Yim Pek Ha has ever made in her life is she didn't report the case to agent/doctor immediately after she discovered her injury but instead claimed that it was self-inflicted. How could a humane employer ignore a badly injured maid and leave her in such a psysical condition for such a long period of more than six months without telling anyone around? And the verdict is certainly the pricest consequence for her life and family!

Anonymous said...

Malaysians must learn from this case. In the past, we or many of us treat our maids especially from Indonesia not like a worker or employee but more like slaves. Maids are your employees we must treat them like workers. Dont give me the craps about maids not doing work, watching too much tv, always on the phone with boyfriends...because these are occupational hazards that have to dealt with. it happens in a normal office so what is the different. if we are progress beyond the developing nations bracket, then we need to improve our acceptability and treatment of maids.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes .... u cant trust all these Indon maid .... some r really so teruk. Nirmala must have done something bad that makes Yim did that to her .

Never trust your maid .

Jefferi said...

thank god for president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono interference. if not, the corrupted judiciary system will turn one eye close and one eye open to this case. Yim Pek Ha happily escape from the crime she does and as i type this comment, more and more maid is being abused. 18 years might be harsh for a mother of three, but this verdict and punishment is just and will serve as a reminder to others employer who think they can abuse maid and other people as an animal. shame on you YIM PEK HA!

Anonymous said...

Please read Ktemoc's posting as well:

I certainly agree. A Yim Pek Ha in the making here:

WhereisJustice said...

The sentence is way too HARSH. Why ? Because there are many MURDER cases in Malaysia where the punishment is much lesser than 15 years! THe maid is not dead and have recovered considerably. The court could have made HE compensate the maid in large sum of money and jailed for less than 5 years. Those who think 18 YEARS for hurting someone is justified. DAMN, you are SO unintelligent .......

Need proof why killing people in Malaysia is better than hurting someone ?

Anonymous said...

Veronica said: Yim Pek Ha made one terrible mistake. She shouldn't have employed a maid. Or god had nade a mistake .... she should be born as a dog.

Omong said...

veronica is blinded by her racist sentiment??

the fact that she "cooked" up this theory of self inflicting such terrible wounds just to get sympathy, money and publicity simply reflects the minds of these paying employers

my advice to the maids out there, be careful of veronica, she is sick in the head and could be just as capable of these crimes

Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica, I may iron your face as well and blame it you did it yourself. Are you going to admit that you did it yourself? Sure you will, right?

Just use common sense and logic: If you have a trouble maid, just post any comment to the maid supplier/provider. Why you should let her inflicted herself? Make a police report instead of giving ridiculous reasonings towards the case. Do you thing our courtman are s.t.u.p.i.d?

Perhaps your mindset also the same as Yim did. I would say, "Maybe.." No wonder you will get 18 or max of 67 years if you continue to think like this. Dont think Yim is Chinese, you may back her as Chinese! I am a Chinese too and we are Malaysian. If Malay, Indian or whatever Malaysian race doing the same, they will deserve the same meh.


Hansac said...

1. Tell me I'm wrong, but a lot of Chinese Malaysians feel like to balas dendam due to what happened to Chinese Indonesians (true or otherwise) during the chaotic days of Indonesian reformasi in late 1990s.

2. I guess Nirmala Bonat now is a rich woman living in Indonesia on the donations that she receive. It must be worth her while to torture herself like she did. I suggest Veronica do the same. I will gladly donate to Veronica RM1,000 if Veronic just apply 1 minute of hot electric iron on her right breast nipple. No need the whole breast. Just the nipple.

Anonymous said...

I did check on what you said about Sun Yat-Sen and the Kuomintang who fled to Formosa aka Taiwan and yes the indigenous people there were totally decimated, massacre and now they are considered as the aboriginal people. These aboriginal people are also known as Alisan, when in fact they are of the Malay stock.
The way I see it if Chinese rule this country the Malays will most definitely be mistreated like the Alisan, like Nirmala Bonat. Its like a pent up anger that these Chinese couple have on Malays, as Nirmala may have been representative to them.

I hope they will do it to her when she is in prison and then she will know what hell means!

Pro-Human, any Human but sadists!

Anonymous said...

The UMNO goverment is so tolerant for YIM's cruelty and extend a bail of $200,000.

Remember there was another case of rape by a husband and wife team. But as usual when it is done by other than the malays it will not be big news. Why? cos' UMNO doesn't want to irritate the chinese but the others can take a dig on the malays? UMNO malays are really MULIA.

Anonymous said...

Veronica,are you kidding?

If 18 years is too harsh why not let BONAT do the same to the bitch Yim and let her sentence be 6 months.
Can you Veronica agree that now it is not harsh? What you really wanted to see is this case is squashed out of court.Don't be bias just because she is chinese.

Get it into your silly head that this bitch is guilty as hell!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Nov 29, 12.26 am said "The way I see it if Chinese rule this country the Malays will most definitely be mistreated like the Alisan, like Nirmala Bonat."

OK I'm not Chinese, but I don't think that it's right to generalize a whole population like that. My sis-in-law (who is Chinese) has had the same maid for more than 11 years. She pays her maid above the standard rate, gives her bonus, her own room, tv etc. She treats the maid like part of her family. In turn the maid is honest and responsible and truly cares for the family. So please don't generalize. that is such a bigoted, racist thing to do.


Yim Puk Hai said...

At least, at the very least, a dozen lashes of the rotan should be served to Yim Pek Ha. She should be made to feel pain apart from 57 years in jail.

Anonymous said...

I know Yim and her family.She is not what has been portrayed. There is nothing sadistic about her. She's a loving mother and her children are happy and cheerful. She is very friendly and has a generous heart.If you know her, you would believe she is not capable of such a crime.

Do you not ask why Nirmala did not escape or scream for help when she was abused? The neighbours never heard any abuse.

And if Yim is truly guilty, Nirmala must have done many things to provoke her until her rage was unbridled and she lost her mind.
Have you not ever experienced rage that is so great that you wanted to hurt someone? If MAIDS constantly provoked and irritate their employers, day in day out,
I believe they are also asking for trouble. I do not condone the act however but I feel the whole things is totally out of perspective.

Was she not doomed from the beginning? How can the judge not find her guilty for international relations sake? The malaysian govt had already condemn her to appease the indonesian govt.

Think about whole thing.

Anonymous said...

if Yim did not do it, in the 1st place she should have send her maid back to the agency when she claim to have seen the maid banging head on the wall, sleeping naked, etc, etc. A NORMAL employer will definitely send the maid back.
Who would want to have a maid who is not right spending time with her own family especially with 4 kids??? That must be a person who is out of her mind.
18 years sentence is not enough. She should be jailed for life!! I've seen pictures of Yim and she does not look too right and does not look like a nice person. Also she should not be allowed on out bail. Now because of Yim, we have difficulty in getting maids from Indonesia as well. Don't Yim know that maids are HUMAN too??? She is such a sick person now going around with testimonies that she did not do it. Even the judge says that she is in a denial mode. Yes, though now the maid physically healed, how about her mental scars?? Nirmala's life most probably has been scarred for life. And it's all because of YIM.

Anonymous said...

A prime example of ketuanan cina in action.