Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rogues Gallery: Money alone cannot guarantee you join the club, eh!

Nazi Adolf Eichmann found and sentenced to death!

Robert Mugabe, once a respected African nationalist, now he is beginning to look and behave like Hitler!

Takhsin and Potjaman. Apart from squandering his own country, he is responsible for killing 200 innocent Thai citizens in southern Thailand!

This sick guy Alberto Fujimori, ex-president of Peru, ordered the killing of his own people and then steal from his own country, and then fled to Japan!

Well I am glad the British government has decided to revoke the visas of both Thaksin Shinawtra and his wife Potjaman, although the reason for it was sketchy. But I suspect it has to do with the former Thailand prime minister's fleeing his native land rather than to face serious criminal charges brought against him by the Thai government.

Both Thaksin and his wife are now not allowed to enter England and this just shows that money alone cannot guarantee you the right to join the club, so to speak.

The Thai government firmly believes Thaksin has squandered the country's largess and had also abused his position to enrich himself. For this crime he must be punished and I am glad that an international convention dictates that such crime cannot go unpunished. Well done Gordon Brown for being firm in your decision to "kick out" these scum from your country.

Just like Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi mass murderer, who was kidnapped in Argentina and brought to Israel by Israeli secret service agents in, it goes to show crime does not pay no matter where you are and how far can you run to, as eventually the long arms of the law will always be there to get you.

I believe friendly countries must work in tandem not to allow any government leaders to flee their countries with their ill-gotten gains, and to enjoy their lives unimpeded.

I hope Malaysia will do the same. There was talk that we have allowed Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to have residence in Malaysia and if this is true we were being insensitive to the free world’s sentiments.

Once we even accorded the murderer Pinochet with our armed forces highest award, when complaints were made the government, or rather the armed forces, reacted violently and threaten the journalist writing about the conferment.

In the shrinking world of bilateral relations, arrangements that are beneficial for countries to have mutual agreements and are beneficial for all are most welcomed. One such bilateral agreement is that proverbial extradition treaty in which one country has a similar agreement with another country and must comply to a request for a citizen to be sent back to his original country to stand trial.

In Malaysia we also heard of rumblings of such abuse of power by certain groups or individuals close to power. If during the course of future investigations that these people, presumably living overseas, are charged with crimes they should and must be extradited and to stand trial for what ever that they have been charged with.

If they have made millions or billions of ringgit illegally, or through ill-gotten means, the monies must be taken away from them and they must be charged. If they run to Australia, England, America or even Pathunistan, they must be extradited to Malaysia to face the music.

Yes, time for a change and the time is now!


anonymous said...

Dr M is life long member of the club so is better you advise Najib not to get near to him.

Ikan Bilis said...

Those racists and cronies of Mahathirism and BN regime will be on top of the fugitive list when PR in power!

Pasquale said...

ikan bilis, for your information PR can never form a government because of their difference political ideology and agenda.

lebih percaya ular said...

wah pasquale, Kali bagi comment siap dengan gambar dia tengah `thani todi' lagi tu.

kah! kah! kah!

Ikan Bilis said...

Pasquale, only multi-racial based party will survive in multi-racial country like Malaysia. The formula of past success by BN is no longer workable to our well-informed voters especially the literate young voters nowadays and looking at the large numbers of these registered voters coming up for the next election, the political doomsday of UMNO and BN can now be finally counted down. Based on its more appealing multi-racial concept, PKR will certainly be a more acceptable party for all races in this country. DAP and PAS will have no choice but to align themselves to the will of rakyat or People's Power to work together and the formation of a PR coalition government will happen sooner than expected. Simply, UMNO will need to change or be changed at this critical junction and its survival now rests with Najib to change the mindset of those racists in UMNO, including himself. We need a Malaysian PM and NOT a UMNO PM for our beloved and beautiful country.

Pasquale said...

Ikan bilis may be I agree with you but not now as long as the Malays are in the majority. To take a cue fro S'pore PM unless there is a clear cut majority but for now the island republic will stick with Chinese PM! Cheers!

Amrozi said...

you forgot to put Dr M and Marcos in the list. Dr. M the biggest rogue of all!

Anonymous said...

"When you talk about a non-Malay PM, you are being racist, because you shouldn't ask the question whether a Malay or non-Malay can be PM. Here everyone can become Prime Minister, but he must be a leader of the majority party," said Mahathir after delivering a keynote address entitled Bangsa Malaysia at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here on 12/11/2008

Old Horse

Anonymous said...

“Two million youths will become eligible to register and vote in the next general election,” said Election Commission (EC) deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.

Anonymous said...

Yeah a lot low class people with their ill gotten gains trying to be of higher breed. They are just your average hoy polloi trying to get into a club that they are not qualified to join. They actually believe money can guarantee them join the club? Sad!

Old Family from Jugra!