Friday, November 14, 2008


Lucifer Rising...might as well be Anwar Ibrahim!


And this needs to be said.

Once upon a time I knew almost all of the PKR personalities who are around today. They were once members of Umno. I once knew this arrogant pseudo-intellectual Khalid Jaafa, PKR supreme council member, who was one of Anwar Ibrahim's press secretaries.

Khalid is one detached fellow human being who has a serious personality flaw, that is, he is not able to reach out. He is one who is not able to have two way communications. He will always be seen to have this superior and snooty look about him. No wait, we believe that he believes he is much a superior being who always carries a thick book, thicker than the War and Peace edition, to prove it. He is one who never fails not to answer any straight question given to him.

When he was a press secretary to Anwar Ibrahim, he had a knack of not making reporters feel welcome. Well today he is still the same way, I was told, and he is now seriously thinking of ruling this country with his PKR cohorts. Good luck!

Then there was this Azmin Ali, who struck me as a Malay boy who had a very unhappy childhood. I was told he subscribes to Frederich Nietzsche’s theory of going against any moral philosophy. To him, Anwar Ibrahim is a perfect human being and when he was a private secretary to Anwar, he was also detached from the rest of the world. He is convinced Umno philosophy is wrong from day one!

I was told, yet to be verified, that he would asked for a "token" sum if an appointment was to be made with his boss. He has a sister who accused his boss of having an affair with his (Azmin’s) wife, and she also accused Anwar of buggery.

Azmin also has another brother, a very irritating TV "personality", a role model for future Malaysians! Sigh! After watching his brother on TV I am not sure whether this guy is gay, a cross dresser or what. Anyway he is quite irritating to me, just my opinion. Sorry to deviate, this is another story!

Then there is this very volatile Saifuddin Nasution. He is one angry young man. Trying to have a conversation with him is like preparing for war. He is always very belligerent. When he was with the Umno youth he tried very hard to "Abim-mise", or "Abrar-rise " or "Arab-ise", "what ever-ise" Umno; he failed and he left.

Umno Youth under Zahid Hamidi was an early failed attempt to turn or shape it into a very dangerous secret society-like organisation. At that point in time Zahid Hamidi, who was the youth head, was also perceived then to be pro-Anwar.

The only one of Anwar's "cohorts" that is still in contact with me is his other press secretary, Adlin Zabri. Adlin is a good guy who just got caught in an unfortunate political whirl pool. However, after many, many years of being treated like a leper, he is now doing very well on his own and the rest, according to him, was just a bad "dream". Well done Adlin.
What prompted me to write this? Well, there are times when I wake up in the morning and I would say to myself the hell with the Malays, my own people, why should I bother in defending their rights, in my own way that is.

For as long as I can remember the Malays are either in total ignorance, or in total disarray and I am beginning to believe they are suffering from this "bodoh dan sombong" syndrome or to loosely translate, it means "stupid and ignorant" or "stupid and very proud to admit the stupidity".

The assumption here is that if you admit that you are stupid it shows you want to learn and to know what it is all about. But to not admit you are stupid and then to pretend you are intelligent and smart. Well that spells the end of you.

Speaking on behalf of the Malays, this is what is happening to them now. It is refreshing to hear Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Mansor admitting to the fact that Umno is sick and in dire need of medication.

Of course Umno is sick, when the whole bunch of them nominate a leader who is already tarnished due to corruption. I am talking about the nominations given to Muhamad Muhammad Taib.

A friend from Sabah was so tensed up when she asked why Umno divisions nominate this man who is clearly corrupt when he was caught with a bunch of currency in his bag? "If Umno is not sick Muhamad Muhamad Taib would not have gotten one single nomination," she said, and I agree with her.

Then there is this Rahim Thamby Chik, former Chief Minister of Malacca, who had to step down as Umno Youth chief over over investigations of beng involved with an underaged girl, and yet he was nominated for a vice-president post even though he was not qualified to contest. Nevertheless some Umno buffoons nominated him.

Then Umno has got this Nazri Aziz who uses such word as “celupah” without respect for an elder statesman like Tun Mahathir. Celupah is not a nice way to describe a man penchant for explaining. Nazri is also arrogant, and he is the symptomatic to Umno ailment.

Again what prompted me to write this piece? After reading PKR’s announcement to hold a congress at a stadium somwhere, and Anwar Ibrahim will again "explain" read "fooled" to PKR members with his rhetoric as to why he could not form a government on Sept 16.

Well, this man has a gift of gab, read lies, and rest assured his explanations will be accepted by all of the "bodoh sombong" Malays at this congress.

It was reported that about 2,000 morons from 160 divisions were expected to attend this three-day congress from Nov 28, beginning with the Wanita and Youth meetings, at the Stadium Melawati in Shah Alam.

According to Khalid, this year’s theme is Harapan Baru (A New Dawn), might as well call it A New Lie. Khalid said Anwar would introduce new and sophisticated lies on changes in store for PKR. “This congress will not just be a routine meeting. We have to mobilise the party since 2009 will be volatile with the (scheduled) power transition in Umno,” he added.

Well Malays, go on a “disarray binge” for all I care, for as a race you do not deserve a country, and you deserve a leader like Anwar Ibrahim, who after saying Najib as a prime minister will be a dictator, and will accuse Najib when he takes over as the next prime minister about something else.

There will be no end to the Malay Dillema as long as this man Anwar is around.


nazre said...'re the real liar and BABI instead..

Anonymous said...

nazre, you and other Anwar supporters are the BABI. Whoever supports BABI is a BABI.

Only gullible people believe in Anwar. Those who don't bother knowing the past about this sick bastard. The little BABIs who support BABI have forgotten how many people got fired, lost their homes, due to BABI's "intelligent" idea of following the IMF's ass during 97/98.


Anonymous said...

Hehe... guess what Anwar once said about his partners, PAS and DAP:

If still believe in Anwar after reading this, there must be something wrong with your head.


Anonymous said...

Pasquale and the non-babi believer (read imbeciles),

Guess what?? It takes a Bigger BABI (like you) to know one.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

to Anon 8:02pm,

I guess that makes you the biggest BABI here.

But I disagree with you. I think it's more like:
It takes a BABI(like anon 8:02pm) to believe in YB BABI.

PKR is full of BABIs like you.


Malim said...

Are you too not a Malay?

Anonymous said...

hi pasquale. i must say i neither take the side of PKR nor UMNO. but the people out there (at least the sane ones) should realise a party which practises rampant money politics and which only pretends to care about, not only the Malays now, but ALL Malaysians in general, is doomed to fail. in retrospect, all these twisted tales such as judiciary crises etc spun by moronic BN reps have critically tarnished the reputation of the government. these people haven't learnt how to be wary of the People in this country and it is this same arrogance which will eventually see UMNO and BN crumble into history.

Demoncracy said...

hey, give Anwar a break. the man hasn't even proven himself capable of steering this country yet. comparing BN's ideologies with PKR's, i'd damn well say Anwar is the lesser of two evils.
And i don't give a rat's arse what this sounds like, but any racial supremacistic attitudes will, i repeat WILL fail. it could be in 5 years or 50, but they will inevitable fail. my case in point is the 1960s white supremacy era in good old USA. Now you may say this country cannot be compared to western america but this isn't an issue of western/eastern mindsets. this is an issue of humanity. as long as you hold yourself as multi-racial/ethnic, get the goddamned master/servant mindset the hell out. still want to keep ketuanan Melayu? then kick the Chinese, Indians and all other races out. period.

lol said...

Anwar's very proud to be called a pig because it stands for Pride, Integrity and Guts.

Anonymous said...

Anwar made promises that he can't keep(lied). And only an individual like him can get away with it. Why? cos's he has MASTERED an ancient art of LYING.
Simply put an "AYAH PIN" of politics.

I'm not surprised that many of his supporters revered him. And Anwar loves the attention he got.Who wouldn't? His supporters are so obsessed and finally we can see they had turned him into a cult figure.

It is so easy for Anwar to bullshit his supporters and he got away with it didn't he? don't his admirers ever think for one second that this man lies? Just like the case of "Ayah Pin"...with his "kingdom of the sky"...

Don't be obsessed with this man Anwar and you may save yourself from heart-brokened!


Anonymous said...

Pasquale and the Bigger BABIs,

You are right, and i am NOT wrong...despite the fact that you now become AN EXPERT IN BABI....I WOULD RATHER BELIEVE IN A SICKIE MONGREL LIKE YOU, THAN A "BABI" IN ANWAR.


Anonymous said...

Pasquale I am glad people are seeing the true colour of Anwar! Get it?! Oink!
Our family never thought he was to be trusted and we are from an old Baba Malacca family..we are related to the Tan Siew Sin family. My uncle said quote "he is one scary Melayu"!

Piggy Singh said...

Mr Magpie,

Azmin's eccentric brother Azwan is a distorted figure, perhaps an epitome for Bangsa Malaysia.

Saifudin too has an elder brother who is also Najib's secretary. These politicians spin in the same circle.

Is there a way out? Let me see, if it is in the hands of Kit Siang, Karpal and ANWAR, I dare not.


Barbie said...

Of course PKR is the biggest kandang Babi Malaysia ever has, that translates into biggest babi farm in Sepang. Should I say more!

Anonymous said...


how refreshingly brutal....kay as long we have these goons and clowns running the political scene there is no way we will attain excellence as a nation. simple really, code of conduct is of not high standards and you want good results. how?

in production line, only zero deviation will produce zero defects. u must be asking for a miracle with all the defects that u have listed down to expect anything more. just compound your listing down the hierarchy and it is a miracle we manage to get things done at all. somehow along the way we are still blessed as a race and a nation.

my less then two cents worth...duit daun pisang....:)

keturunan jebat

A.John said...

Keadilan is just but an extension of UMNO, so how different they can be; i.e the lies, spin etc. They just took advantage of people's anger with the current govt. So there are babis running helter skelter all over the place, only difference being they now come in muftis with different brand names !

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Pasquale,

Now we know how you look like in real Lucifer's right hand thou a sick mongrel thou yelps and spits intermittently for fresh air.

Babie Doll

Anonymous said...

BABI Pasquale,

U r an moronic retard with no place of life in this cililised world. May god punish u and serve your after life in hell.

HT Malim

Anonymous said...

Many of us are still ignorant of the cause root of hardships faced by this country. Go see around our corrupt leaders in UMNO and you should be able to find your answer.


Anonymous said...

PKR is actually the BABI supremacy over DAP. That's what happen when the religion of Islam is no more the fundamental of them all.

Knowing that Anwar's split personality and tri-sexual behavior. there's no way that this man should be allowed to roam in this beautiful country.

then, he should be locked up forever like the french tale, man in the iron mask (or should i say man in the pig's mask)

Alliance Force said...


This phase of sentence is great but I just wonder why most Malaysians could be easily fooled by UMNO and BN all the time. I sincerely hope not for the next election.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous cum Anwar's fanatics above:

The topics here is about Anwar. Please try to comprehend the fact that dislike for Anwar does not equate to UMNO loving. Grasp that please.

Also, most of us know, hate and do not support UMNO's corruption and arrogance. We are with you in that.

Here, Pasquale is trying to expose what he perceive as the real Anwar. So why do you people keep referring to UMNO, we already know UMNO and stop pretending that you are non partisan like most of us here. Stick to the topics guys.

Ikan Bilis said...


To protect democracy in this country, it's important to have the separate and independent power of responsibilities in the executive, legislative and judicial division in our political system. Unfortunately, the present leadership does not seem to be ready for one. As always be the responsible and intelligent voters, we should work towards one by ourselves i.e to create a two-tier political coalition fronts, in our case, BN and PR. Let the rakyat to decide the political front that can bring the best to this country and in return BN and PR should be given chance to take turn to run this country and fulfil what they had promised. The charisma and individualism like Najib, Anwar, Hadi, Lim Kit Siang etc etc are no longer critical in this system and only those who can come up with better political agenda that is beneficial to all rakyat will survive under our electoral mandate in every election. This two-tier system will help guide good politicians and eventually become a filter system for bad politics. And only this check-and balance system will ensure the good government elected by the rakyat for the betterment of all rakyat and Malaysia.

So, my dear Pasquale and all my other fellow Malaysians, are you all ready to have one?

kopitiam said...

What Raja Petra is doing to najib is what you are doing to Anwar. I guess in that way you and Raja Petra belong to the same group. Pasquale=Raja Petra.

Nazrin said...

Melayu UMNO is a party of racism, radicalism, extremism, tribalism, and canniboolism. Malaysian PKR is a party of multiracialism, multiculturalism and pluralism.

Anonymous said...






Cikgu Bedah Darjah Enam.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu Bedah,

You teach Maths or English literature? I remember having a classmate that look like a Mongrel...just wonder could it be Pasquale????

Cikgu Bedah's student.