Saturday, December 20, 2008

CPM stands for Chinese Party of Malaya and they failed to form a Chinese entity in Malaya...cept for Penang!

Chauvinist Chin Peng. He takes his order from Chinese leaders from Communist China and Taiwan, and possibly Singapore! His raison det're is a complete Chinese state of Malaya! Umno and Melayu please open your eyes!

Jebat Must Die wrote in his blogsite: "There are thousands other murdered victims of the CPM led by Chin Peng since he took over as its Secretary General in 1948. We don’t even have to look at other instances recorded in the books of Dato’ Seri Yuen Yuet Leng and Dato’ J.J. Raj to discover the extent of atrocities committed by these people. What kind of a freedom fighter is this?" - JMD. Read More here!
Yes and few of my relatives were among those murdered by the CPM led Chin Peng. My late uncle was already in a gunny sack when we had to pay the ransom to the CPM or he had to be spike with sharp bamboo sticks, yes this is true and not a fiction!
IN case if you are all wondering what CPM actually stand for?! Well to me it stands for Chinese Party of Malaya! Not Communist Party of Malaya, we were misled. CPM were part of the Kuomintang (KMT) stragglers of Sun Yat Sen soldiers from the mainland who were chased out by Mao Tse Tung, and while many hundreds of thousand fled to Formosa where the Malay natives there were ethnically cleansed, I have mentioned this before. They are now reduced to an aboriginal status and they are now caled Alisan. This is another story!
Rocky Bru in his blogsite mentioned about history according to Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) read here. Rocky said Chin Peng was never a freedom fighter. I agree that Chin Peng was fighting to form a Chinese states in the Straits Settlement and any areas around it.
Well here is history according to Pasquale! As far as I am concerned the KMT stragglers succeeded to form their own states one in Singapore and the other in Penang!
RPK may you be struck by a lightning for misleading Malaysians with your warped sense of history!


great leap forward said...

Those who love UMNO should also love Brother Chin Peng because they have very similar idology, UMNO's NEP policy has all the ingredient of the Communist. It is firstly a policy of "Great Leap Forward" and 2nd it is a failed policy, so you have it.

Love UMNO & Love Brother Chin Peng.

kepala anjing said...

they are satan..
raja petra also..

no god except kepala babi.

ayor lemuju said...

May RPK be struck by lightning! I hope we can have here 42 others to curse the same.

Omong said...

Be extra careful not to be "trapped" into a state of huru hara.

RPK obviously is propagating a political agenda.

Their chosen figure is usually a Malay (anwar, zaid) or Muslim (RPK).

PAS may not be so pliant, so when anwar lost credibility, zaid was said to be a better "leader".

But he is now sacked and courted by the opposition.

So RPK has to "brainwash" the majority to put forth their plan.

Let's hope the Malays read and THINK before believing all their "stories".

Anonymous said...

Saya berpendapat orang yang membaca blog dan memikirkan isi tulisan dan ulasan tidak lah "serious".
Tiada satu blog atau laman web dapat memperngaruhi pembaca blog bangsa melayu cina india iban.
Internet itu adalah media yang halimunan.
Jangan membesar kan kemampuan pengaruh RPK atau lain lain blogger sebab semua itu adalah maya.
Jarang benar rakyat jelat biasa pedulikan pusingan demi pusingan di blog blog.
Secara pukal hanya 800 hingga 900 orang aje yang blog harian dan itu pun ramai yang buat cara hidup sendiri dan tak ambil kesah.

sang murba said...

Sebelum ini sudah ada penulis yang menganggap Chin Peng sebagai pejuang kemerdekaan. Tapi tulisan mereka semacam tidak dipedulikan.

Sekarang bila RPK mengatakan Chin Peng pejuang kemerdekaan, baru banyak orang heboh.Buat apa?

Chin Peng dan PKM memang terlibat dalam perjuangan kemerdekan dan boleh dianggap sebagai pejuang kemerdekaan.

Mengapa perlu dinafikan?

razali hakim said...

no.Chin Peng is no "independant hero".he and the rest of the PKM killed and tortured so many people in defense of communism.

my heart is burning with anger when some goblok wanna lift him up as a hero.they refused to go for the fact that Chin Peng is a fascist and a come that sorta man can be accepted as hero?. communnist party he's perceived as hero.but to the rest of the family that had their share on being victims of the ruthless communists view him as a monster.

Anonymous said...

i memang minat u sejak dulu lagi, cara u tulis memang direct. i ade satu hal nak cakap dgn u. u tau tak RPK tu "gay". i pernah tengok video dia main dgn jantan india. memebr i pinjam cd tu, tapi dia pun dah hilang cd tu. kalau i jumpa balik, i akan bagi kat u. tapi tolong jangan post comment i ni... pls ... nak bagi tau u aje. selamat bro. i contact u lagi nanti.

amirrash said...

Anonymous kepala anjing said...

they are satan..
raja petra also..

no god except kepala babi.

December 21, 2008 12:41 AM
i see that as a VERY KURANG AJAR STATEMENT!. so kurang ajar i need to teach him a lesson. dont be Anonymous . put your name email here so i can put some kepala babi "into" your head.

for the blogger here, need i remind you that comment such as this can create a lot of problems especially when it touches islam and malay. MENGUCAP is the first step of becoming a muslim. the first pillar. do delete that comment as it is very insulting.

BrightEyes said...

>>CPM were part of the Kuomintang (KMT) stragglers of Sun Yat Sen soldiers from the mainland who were chased out by Mao Tse Tung, and while many hundreds of thousand fled to Formosa where the Malay natives there were ethnically cleansed, I have mentioned this before.

Obviously Magpie can't tell the damn difference between Nationalists & Communists. :P

You got an 'F' for Sejarah?

Anonymous said...

Anjing RPK ni memang dah sama dengan keturunan anjing-anjing cina, bini dia pun cina, hidup pun macam cina, nama RAJA di pangkal Raja yang tak bernegeri, semoga ALLAH laknati seluruh keturunannya dan disambar petir agar menjadi contoh kepada melayu melayu celaka yang menjilat dan mengampu untuk hidup.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you moron

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you moron

Anonymous said...

Obviously Brighteyes is a Chinese Chauvanist and Communist Apologist.

Criticise the Chinese and he is there to defend with his cheap table turning, doubt creating, nit picking, racial finger pointing towards UMNO/PAS, and all done by camouflaging himself as a believer in one Malaysia.

Tapi ... mahu cakap china, duduk sama cina dan sekolah cina.

Read Chin Peng's own word where Loi Tek arranged a meeting between British' Spencer, KMT and CPm to come to an agreement for MPAJA to help recapture back Malaya from the Japanese.

Be it CPM or KMT, it is not about ideological struggle. Both never made any attempt to win the mind and heart of the people but resort to violence. Why?

Chinese racism, xenophobia and sinocentric worldview.

In the case of KMT, they go to the point of claiming all Chinese wherever born have a right to citizenship in China. KMT had branches all over ole Malaya. China's then policy made Chinese immigrants in Malaya that time besar kepala. They actually demand more Chinese allowed to migrate.

Ideology is secondary to the Chinese. Their socio-political views, and actions has a common theme. It is all in inconsistent with their ideology. The consistency is Chinese interest. ... dulu, kini dan selamanya.

Pasquale is right, damn right.

CPM is Chinese party of Malaya.
MCA is obviously Malaysian Chinese Association
Gerakan means action - All Chinese Think I Own Nation
DAP is CAP - Chinese Action Party

Anonymous said...

Damn syiok huh?! another chinese bashing sessions...

nstman said...

Long live the CPM. Long live the true freedom fighters of the country. We shall prevail. We shall never succrumb to bigotry, lies, idiocy, and most important of all, Umno stupidity. Long live Chin Peng. Oong live Anwar, long live Nik Aziz, long live Kit Siang. Death to miscreants like Pasquale.

Ketuan Cina said...

Malaysia need a War, lets go back to ground zero. Come on you melayu, you got the guns, start the killing and this time you will see whether China, India and even Singapore will stand ideally by,make your move and in no time you will see who will end up as the Ketuan.

Anonymous said...

Malay very good and sopan santun,
British respected Sultan. Of course if another war- US and UN will be with Malay. Dalai Lama too..
only Dog And Pig like war.
-wiht out boss dog beg for food
-and pig always rushing for food

China & India are not dog. They will ignore Singh & Pork

Hitokiri said...

Actually, Sun Yat Sen died in 1925, years before Mao became leader of the CCP. And during Sun Yat Sen's time, the CCP was still allied with Kuomintang. You probably meant Chiang Kai Shek.

@ anonymous

I'm sorry but if you look at Chinese history, ideology has been very important in Chinese society, at least in the 20th century. Just look at the Chinese Civil War. Thats basically proof that the Chinese consider ideology important. Hell they even killed each other for it. Please take a look at this Still think ideology is not important to the Chinese??

@Ketuanan cina

Tsk,tsk,tsk. Do you really think that China, India and Singapore will intervene?? Hahahaha. They don't give a rat's ass about what happens here in Malaysia. Also if I were China and India, I would worry about helping my poorer citizens out of poverty.

Anonymous said...

All excuses to hide the real reason that Chin Peng is not Malay. Thanks to present govt many Malaysians especially Malays are brainwashed to be dead racist and ignorant to the core.