Friday, December 12, 2008

Some leaders are prone to knee-jerk reactions!

Trying to salvage what they can!

Yes they do!
When we had series of accidents involving motor vehicles, ministers involved will say things like "we must reduce the speed limit"instead of looking at the factors involved that increase the number of traffic accidents.
When we had serious life-taking landslides in the past, ministers involved said "we will stop hillside development" but nothing changed.
Are these knee-jerk reactions meant to jolt people into thinking the government is taking "serious measures" to prevent such mishaps from happening over again?
A road tester, of Hongkong Chinese descent, from a Canadian provincial road transport department was jailed years ago when he was found to have solicited money for drivers licences. Due to this corrupt practice he caused many untold road accidents where lives were lost. He got 15 to 25 years in jail as a deterrent for others.
Errant developers in this country should and must be brought to task to explain why their developments have gone awry, like the Highland Towers. I have yet to hear or know of such developers being charged, and if found guilty jailed; a long term jail sentence given as a deterrent for others.
I remember reading how former PM Tun Mahathir, who was shocked to see a big area near where the landslide occurred recently, being shaved by errant developers, and showing a massive area of red lateritic soil exposed and just waiting for a downpour for nature to do the rest. He was with a former MB of Selangor on a plane and asked "why was there a development and whose development was it" that was allowed to be conducted in a water catchment area?! He just asked for a report on the situation.
I am glad Prime Minister-in-waiting Najib Tun Razak is not one of those leaders with a penchant for knee-jerk reactions. He did not say "we must stop hill side development" or stated the obvious so as to show he is concerned. He will probably have to undo much of the shit that others have done before him.
"We are open to the proposal. We need to look into it in details before making a decision," he said, when asked if the government will consider studying Hong Kong law vis-a-vis hill side development on this former British colony.
I believe Najib as the country's new PM will be a thinking one, and God we need one, and I don't think he will be prone to knee jerk syndrome!


Anonymous said...

We hope Najib is not one of those knee-jerkers enough already!

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Al said...

Hi all ... well I'm truly glad to read that someone else did remember just as I did ... when TDM did rapped Selangor's MB for the mass clearing of forest around that area of Ulu Klang road ... it was out of sights to public ... one will only notice if one flyies over the area. Surprisingly even The Star did not make mentioned of this at all ... TDM's comments was covered in detail by media ... The Star if I'm not mistaken. Another cover-up perhaps ... spin Drs of current government. Dulu Melayu mudah lupa ... now it has spread to Malaysia mudah lupa juga!!