Saturday, December 13, 2008

May the force be with us. After losing five states Umno and BN still has not got it?!

Wan Ahmad Farid as a candidate is a no, no! He suffers from a serious personality by-pass!

*news follow up*

Now that Umno and BN have chosen Wan Farid all we can do is just pray the opposition will not win for the sake of Najib's good name, for if BN lose Najib will be blamed, as another attempt to besmirch him. For as far as I can tell this Wan Farid will always be as arrogant as he will always be vis-a-vis the rakyat, especially those from Pulau Duyung!


And this is about the coming by-election in Kuala Terengganu (KT) and Umno and BN is about to make that same shit mistake again but on different days, if they decided to place Senator Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh as BN candidate against Pas.

As a columist from NST rightly wrote in her column "fielding winnable candidates is usually the top priority for political parties in any electoral battle" but in this case a mistake is about to be made again when one hand does not know what the other hand is doing.

I now personally urged Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak not to listen to his so called "close" adviser to choose Wan Ahmad Farid as a candidate for the KT by election candidate for BN will surely lose. For Umno to maintain KT as Umno stronghold, it must choose a candidate of the same caliber as the late Datuk Razali Ismail who died on Nov 28.

"Anybody but this Wan Ahmad Farid. The late Razali is much respected by the KT voters and Umno had better get it shit together by finding a candidate of similar stature as the late Razali or close enough. But Wan Ahmad Farid is a no no!" said one very respected and frustrated Umno politician.

The NST columnist also wrote: "Before they go to the ballot box, many would have made up their minds on who they think will best take care of their well-being. Will the candidate fight for their rights at the state and federal levels? Will he have the patience to listen to their grouses? Is he down-to-earth and approachable? Is he stingy with money?

These are among the common considerations before a voter makes that all-important cross on a ballot paper. It is, therefore, vital that a party selects a candidate who meets most, if not all, of the voters' principal criteria.

But voters also include party members, who must be happy with the candidate their party selects. It is well known that candidates often lose their seats not because the party is weak but because they are sabotaged by dissatisfied party members......there are fears that the deputy home minister's association with one of the unpopular projects in Terengganu -- the Monsoon Cup, in which his elder brother, former state executive councillor Datuk Wan Hisham, was directly involved -- will be a liability to UMNO".

The NST columnist also wrote that Wan Hisham, Wan Ahmad Farid's brother, was ousted as Ladang assemblyman last March by Pas' Datuk Tengku Hassan Tengku Omar, who won the state seat by 31 votes.

She wrote that Wan Ahmad Farid's close links with outgoing Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's family has always been an issue with locals.

"Internal bickering continues in Terengganu UMNO over several issues, including the menteri besar's move to forbid his state exco members contesting in UMNO divisional elections. UMNO is in a dilemma, as selecting either a pro-Ahmad or a pro-Idris candidate could weaken the party's local election machinery.

Kuala Terengganu has been said to be one of the classic swing seats in Malaysia; not a safe seat for either BN or the opposition. The parliamentary seat, always a traditional battleground of UMNO and PAS, went from being a BN seat in 1986, winning with majority 3,324 votes, to a Semangat 46 seat in 1990 (majority 1,880).

It then reverted to BN in 1995 (majority 4,852) before going to PAS in 1999 (majority 14,488) and then back to the BN again in 2004 (majority 1,933).

BN retained the seat in the 2008 elections (majority 628).

Both UMNO and PAS, therefore, have to treat this seat with caution. Perhaps letting voters know their candidate in advance would be an advantage, as the electorate -- 88 per cent Malay and about 11 per cent Chinese -- would have time to consider which prospective MP they think would be better."


umno short of calibar stock said...

You are correct to say Senator Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh is a no no (no hope) with no calibar. I think UMNO must put some one who has more calibar than even the late Razali.

I propose UMNO to look for candidates who has at least or equal calibar than the following MPs.

Tony Phua
Tereasa Kok
Lim Guan Eng

kepala anjing said...

TV3, RTM & Kahiry don't fool the rakyat.

learn from bernama.

nobody stupid like these three.

Dr.Sid said...

stupid. those name are not even an umno members.

i put my money for PAS. if farid were to become the candidate, i bet umno will lose.

but who says farid will become one?not yet LAH.

sfso@pulaijb said...

1)Tony Pua,
2)Teresa Kok,3)
Lim Guan Eng???
Ada keliber lah pulak.Nak gelak aku.
Level tapak kaki aku jer lah
Apek jual ikan kat kampung aku lagi berkaliber dari 3 ekor yang disebutkan di atas...

straycat's strut said...

Hei, is that Wan Farid or Najib in the picture?

Look like Najib is still a yes-man in this. Still, another of Pak Lah's decision and still, another stupid mistake.

Its another one of those time when I could not wait to say "padan muka."

Knights Templar said...

They NEVER Learn ...and sadly ...They NEVER will !

Piggy Singh said...

It seems that both UMNO and PAS are facing problem with confidence. Neither sides see it as an easy task.

However fielding this KJ fourth floor boy would make it easy for PAS.

Anonymous said...

Zubir Embong is way better than Wan Farid trust me!

Pulau Duyung!

wooff wooff said...

Peluang tu masih ada, yang penting calon yang diletakkan mestilah betul.

Anonymous said...

Umno must be truthful to itself and must not be in denial for a start do not pick Wan Farid unless it wants Pas to win! Pulau Duyung.

Anonymous said...

tony pua, teresa cock, lim gun eng = racist !


Anonymous said...

Najib has a lot of shit to clean when he becomes PM I hope he has the energy unlike our present letarghic shit head and somebody should also throw shoes at him! Datuk Jimmy Choo

Zawi said...

Now Wan Farid is the candidate. Let us wait and see the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Dino you are a fuc%ing Serani murtad how can you write bad about my hero YB BABI! You better watch I know all your Filipino girlfriends!

Pasquale said...

Hey guys who is this Dino, take it easy!

Anonymous said...

By declaring that his party would introduce the hudud if it wins federal power, Pas vice president Datuk Husam Musa may have unwittingly placed the Islamic state issue on the Kuala Terengganu by-election agenda.
(The Malaysian Insider)

Sure win for Wan Ahmad Farid. The young taliban from Pas has helped to deliver most Chinese votes to BN.

Orang Cina KT

Anonymous said...

Dear Bird
With Wahid Endut, farid wont stand a chance to win. Najib will take the heat based on the defeat (even though Pak Lah make the choice). This is a concerted effort by Pak.Lah to make Najib look bad and tarnish Najib.

I cant see Farid winning.

I hope I am wrong.