Monday, December 08, 2008

Trail of death and destruction, and yet the government still does not listen!

The latest landslide killing four and displaced about 5,000!

Cries for help but who would listen?!

Take a good look at these people for some of them may be dead tomorrow from landslide mishaps!

Below is what a blogger Seri Menanti wrote in its blogsite last year about hill side development and how a company is still determined to cut a hill for a hillside bungalows, and the question is, when will we ever learn? I think never!

"Here are some real "statistics" on the trail of destruction and landslides in Ampang-Hulu Klang areas. Yet development in such sensitive hill slopes is still allowed and when will be ever learn!
- Forty-eight people died on December 1993, when a 12-storey Highland Towers hill slopes- On May 15 1999, several landslide forced the evacuation of 1000 apartment dwellers at Bukit Antarabangsa. - On November 20, 2002, eight people died when a house of a retired general was swept and crushed by a landslide. - On 31 May 2006 four people died when three blocks of longhouses were swept by a landslide in Kampung Pasir, Hulu Klang.

And yet today a massive mixed developments project were allowed on a 61.54 acre site near Ukay Heightsl where all of the trail of landslides took place. The residents of the Ukay Heights area are protesting over the mixed development project that will see a massive retaining walls will be erected behind their apartments and houses and are trying very hard to tell the local and state government to help. "It will be like a huge wall that you see in the Gaza Strip that separate Jews and Arabs, and on top of that any development along that ridge is by far one of the most dangerous project ever to be attempted or undertaken by any idiot developer," said Mr Eng, a resident. The fear is if a massive landslide that will surely impacted residents living down below. At today's meeting it6 was attended by Selangor state government exco member, Elizabeth Wong, who said while past green light given on any development by the previous government could not be rescinded, but the matter will be looked into properly. "We cannot simply cancelled previous decisions made, but we are going to look into the matter properly," she said. One resident said developers in Malaysia are like drug pushers, they do not care how many people will die as long as they can develop and make money. Ends" (Courtesy of Seri Menanti)


Dragon Hunters said...

Below is what a blogger Seri Menanti wrote in its blogsite last year ...... Bro ...Sometimes you give yourself away so easily lah !Looking at you Blog links pun sudah cukup to zero in on you ...Kurang Training lah ni ...

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope PR state government can act accordingly this time. Forget about the past, do it now and save lives!

straycat's strut said...

"...trail of death and destruction, and yet the government is still smug and arrogant."

Agree with you but if I may add, while the government is to be blamed, the buyers are equally guilty for supporting developments on the hillslopes, buying the properties like there is no tomorrow because of its "prestige" I guess.

I would say that these buyers were "smug and arrogant" too. Like they said, "when the buying stops, the killing will too." I nearly bought a nice piece of property amidst the lush green of templer park but I did not because my conscience told me not to be a party to templer park's destruction.

Pasquale said...

Dragon Hunters it doesn't matter who Pasquale is but try to focus on issues at hand try not to find out who is who...the focus is to ask the government to look after the interest of the rakyat by putting a stop to hill or hillside development and to stamp corruption at local council level especially! Straycat Struts I agree when the buying stop so is the killing, but then we are bunch oif morons!

Anonymous said...

I disagree, Straycat's Strut. Government is the guardian of rakyat and public interest is always its utmost priority. Stop corruption and stop the risky hillslope development. No more lost of innocent lives.


Bean Aladdin said...

Residents of Bukit Antarabangsa hit by a weekend landslide that killed four people said today they were planning to sue the government for compensation (Malaysiakini)

azreen said...

Apabila ditimpa musibah kita yang selamat seharusnya bersyukur dan bermuhasabah di atas kejadian yang menimpa ini..Tetapi apa yang ditunjukan oleh segelintir penduduk di kawasan ini adalah sebaliknya..mereka lebih sayangkan harta benda dan wang ringgit mereka..
kini mereka menunding jari kearah pihak berkuasa dan kerajaan..nk dkatakan kurang bijak mereka akn marah kerana mereka terdiri drpd golongn profesional..buta dan pekakkah mereka? mustahil mereka tidak tahu tentang larangan kerajaan berkenaan pembinaan di kwsan lereng bukit..tapi mereka beli dan bina juga rumah disitu..pemaju pula memanipulasi kedaan demi keuntungan dan pbt mungkin meluluskan projek berkenaan dgn anggapan jumlah kutipan cukai pintu dan cukai tanah dapat ditinggkatkan dengan wujudnya projek-projek perumahan baru..

Anonymous said...

High risk high return. That's normal. I have money and I can pay what I want. And I can sue you too.

Orang Kaya

Anonymous said...

I am very sad of the latest incident, but the people should ask themselves certain questions.

I am not siding with the government, in fact not supporting any sectors. The area is kawasan tadahan hujan, the disastrous incident happened before back in the 90s’. I know the people have spent a substantial amount of money on their houses. They dare to take the risk and now they dare to face whatever coming their way. I guess we all need another reminder, may be?

We don’t seem to learn our lesson, yes! How can we want to blame the greedy developers and those who approved the area to be developed? It is not their lives, they only thinking of their bank balance. We want to stay in a cool and cold place – have a nice name and nice panorama. I believe everyone who could afford to stay there must have some standard to maintain – people glamorize the area, they were so proud to tell the world they stay in Bukit Antarabangsa – have Dato’ Siti as their neighbor, so? Why blame other quarters for the mishaps – it is manmade and they are fully aware of the situation and I don’t believe they are all dumb as they could made the money, they must be some kind of smart people to be in that level.

I do not want to add more salts to their wounds, I pity them, now they have to think about their lives or their wealth – what else can I say, I feel their pain, but their shoulders carrying the burden. All the best and make a choice, but wisely your money or your lives and don't trust the fortune hunters anymore.

Anonymous said...

Penduduk terbabit sekarang nak salahkan kerajaan pulak . Ha ha ...Did the government put a gun to your head asking you to buy the land or the house at that area . I was there in 1993 during the highland tower incedent . I get the hell out of there after that n never return . Damn stupid to blame other for your own stupidity.
Bodoh bodoh bodoh ,I would say .
sendiri cari pasal , sendiri tanggung la ...

malaysians would never learn !


kukujoao said...

Blame it on that particular Datuk with two Mohd as his name. He was the guy who Kawan the developer in approving most of those project while he was MB. Tun Dr M didn't blink an eye then, you rub my shoulder and I rub yours.

So with all the millions he brought some to OZ but guess what the OZ government does not like dirty money.

Canny Boo said...

Residents of BKT Antarabangsa, Ulu Yam, and BKT Gasing, please call upon ex-mayors of DBKL, the Mohd son of Mohd and Toyol the Indian Temper Eater to the tragically destructed site and see it themselves the evil job that they have done on the innnocent lives for all hillslope projects previously approved by these devils!

Anonymous said...

kalau takut dilambung ombak..jgn berumah ditepi >>>>

kalau mahu masuk kubur, jangan takut berumah di kaki bukit..

the fact- rain increases for 3 years back, old engineering calculatino outdated.

so..CIMB pun tak selamat.

mamat Indon said...

Dari lagu indon 90-an
"roda kan berputaer, kadang dibawah, kadeng diatas'

'ada gak ada yg penting kita gembira'

Relekle, bary Tuhan nak uji VIP2..

Woi mangsa banjir lagi ramai wor..takdok diskaun hotel kat orang Kampung?

sfso@pulaijb said...

Bro Pasquale,
Well done.I love your style of writing.....