Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kok Lipe - Part Two. Just to share!

Hey good people of the Middle Kingdom! here are some more pictures of Kok Lipe, cheers!

All pixs by: Pasqualensa
Sunset on Kok Lipe!

The sea gypsies of Kok Lipe, they are friendly!

Just a constant reminder of the force of mother nature when you are having too much a good time!

The water on the shore is so clear you can see five feet under.

Nice affordable accomodation and very well looked after.

Courtyard of the famous Flour Power Bakery in Kok Lipe, a coffee shop in the jungle famous for its cinnamon buns and fluffy bread, there is a huge oven at the back!

They may not look it but they are Federal Agents on R&R!

More nice secluded beaches of Kok Lipe!

Restaurant at Castaway Hideout in Kok Lipe, it serves good food and hospitality! Good enough for me!

Check out the blue sky man!

View from the Mountain Resort, in the background is Kok Adang, another haven for scuba diver and snorkelers!

Hey! Just another good shot of a good view!

If I have to be a castaway I would like it to be on Kok Lipe !

We must all vote for Barack Obama as the next president of "our great country "the USA!

This is what he said:
"The choice in this election is not about regions or religions or genders,". "It's not about rich versus poor, young versus old and it's not about black versus white. It's about the past versus the future!
Obama also gained an endorsement from Caroline Kennedy, daughter of slain US President John F. Kennedy, who likened the Illinois senator to her late father. This is what she wrote in her The New York Times column: "I have never had a president who inspired me the way people tell me that my father inspired them," . "But for the first time, I believe I have found a man who could be that president — and not just for me, but for a new generation of Americans."What I meant by "our great country the USA" is how we once looked up to the Americans for their tradition of democracy and free thinking and being a progressive country, until this man George Bush Junior came to power.

I hope Obama can restore America's lost foreign policy and to restore that once great respect people of the free world had on this country! One thing though, I hope his security details are in tip top shape, for I do not want to see another Robert Kennedy in the planning, that will be the end of a totally civilised mankind as we know it!

Good Luck Senator Barack Obama for you can be assured of the Malaysian people's votes!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Okay! Give me one good reason to visit Pulau Langkawi again after seeing Kok Lipe in Thailand!

Beach at Kok Lipe. The white sand is as soft as baby powder! All I did was sleep and eat!

View from one of the affordable "five star" resorts on the west side of Lipe Island!

I was in Langkawi I got really depressed, this premier Malaysian number one tourist spot is getting uglier and uglier as I come and visit. There are too many motor vehicles, development of the so called "chalets" and "convenience stores" are out of control, raw sewerage being pumped out into the bay. A roll of toilet paper costs RM3, and my foreign friend, from Indonesia said "terlalu mahal". And so after completing my job we were told of how to get to Kok Lipe in Thailand. So a bunch of us took a boat to Kok Lipe, which is in the southern west most of Thailand and after that Langkawi has to do better to attract me! Kok Lipe is simple, no pretension as it is a nature paradise, good food and friendly people! Oh Yes! A roll of toilet paper costs only 50sen our equivalent!
Write this on Kok Lipe and the water there is just so blue and azure green and I will write more! I am going for a swim now!

Cheers today!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Any more comment on Siti Nurhaliza will not be entertained.

Sorry I said there will be no more comment on the subject but Rockybru insinuated otherwise,and since many people want me to go to hell over the subject, what the hell the subject is close!Yippekayee! Mother F****rs!

Monday, January 14, 2008

I am disappointed with Siti Nurhaliza!

Hi good people (not that there are many around anymore)!

While women around the world, in the developing or the developed countries, are becoming or are already emancipated, ours (I am talking about Malay women)are busy trying to make a pledge to wear a scarf or tudung, purdah or burka or whatever, when they get "older". Why is that!
To me, tudung is like an acceptance by Malay women of their subservient status.
I saw an article in the Star about my favourite star and person that is Siti Nurhaliza who said she had promised to wear a headscarf after marrying businessman Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa, 49, on Aug 21, 2006.Why is that!
You should say: "That I will try to win an Emmy Award, or will try to break into Hollywood before I reached thirty, or something like that!!
She said: "For the time being, I am comfortable with my latest look. It would be all right if I change gradually, and not to drastically. Siti you sound not happy with the decision you made.
She also also said by wearing scarf she hoped it would not create a big issue.
"I always knew that one day I would be wearing the scarf. I am doing this sincerely without forcing myself. What I need is time."
Of course this will be an issue, for if you persist on wearing tudung and hide that big chunk of your personality that is your beautiful hair I will be very sad.
Siti I will be disappointed with you! To me you symbolised that emancipated Malay woman in the same light as Saloma, you shot to stardom through your sheer hard work and dedication and discipline and now you have to please your master by being subservient and to show that you have to wear tudung!?
I do not know what it is with the Malays, they are either impressionable, insecure when they are with their women, or weak or clueless of what life is all about, but life is definitely not emulating the Arabs or the middle-eastern culture!
You must really consider again about your decision to wear tudung, otherwise you will look like Aishah who was once with a group called the Fan Club.

No cheers today!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's in a name (or fashion) ?! A lot! Trust me!

Hi good people of Malaysia (A big chunk of them anyways!)

Years ago our Malaysian sport contingent at any international meet had the word MAL printed on the back or front of their sweat jackets or Tee-shirts, until friend pointed out to the Malaysian Olympic Committee that it should be changed to MAS.
Well the word MAL has a negative connotations; in Latin it means anything bad: Malo in Spanish means bad, in English you know the meaning of the word mal-function, mal-adjusted, etc!
Now, I am proud to realise that members of our sports contingents at any international meets sport the letters MAS; it could mean gold in Malay, and well it sounds better than MALo!
Then there is this bank, or rather an Islamic bank called Bank MUAMALAT! For heaven's sake the word sounds like "MEMALAT"! When I was growing when we spoke mostly Malay, we had a word "memalat" to describe anything shitty or bad, such as if a friend was doing something bad we will tell him "ooi, jangan memalat ye!".
"Now a bank has a name that sounds like that negative word; you wouldn't catch me dead opening an account at Bank "Memalat"!
When I was growing up we just call it Hari Raya Haji, not Maal Hijrah. To me Maal sounds like "MAL", thus "Bad Journey". Why cannot we just stay at Hari Raya Haji! Just like the word MALAYS, it sounds like the word "Malaise". So negative. In the Malay language, my race, is MELAYU, or in English it means wilting. Thus a wilted race, Bangsa Melayu.
The US government spent millions of dollars to come up with an un-threatening name and a PR company entrusted to do the job after many years came up with the name "CRUISE Missile". Thus the deadliest flying bomb is now seen as a benign destroyer which just CRUISEs around and "not making any serious damage". Well the Russians came up with names like SCUD, which mentally associated with SPUTUM, or SALIVA, or everything negative!
So no wonder Islam as a religion, and Malays as a race are suffering from serious personality bypass, BECAUSE we don't really care about how we sound like.
If I have the power I will revert MAAL Hijrah to Awal Muharram, name of my race from MELAYU to Bangsa MELAJU, or something up beat like I do not what, but not Melayu definitely!
Datsun was changed to Nissan simply because the cars under that name did not sell. So some Japanese expert from one nondescript building somewhere in Japan which specialises in advising naming names of all Japanese products said Datsun as a name will not sell the product. Japanese are peculiar, they like names of their products to be easily pronounced and to sound nice.
Bottom line here is, Malays should try not to be too ARABISED in their way of life, "adorn" the religion YES, that we have been doing for centuries! But do not discard their Malay culture!
Oh! How I longed for my Malay women to dress in their Kebayas, with their beautiful hair flowing down their shoulders. I still cannot comprehend why Malay women must cover their hair. My contention is, if God wants women (or even men) to hide their hair, so why did he bother creating them complete with it! Just a thought!


PS. This is my thought and I will not entertain negative comments, if anyone wants to comment!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

I have to say this or I shall not be able to hold my piece!


It is Sunday at 1.30pm and I received a phone call from an obviously nerve wrecked person on the other end who did not sound Malay, and he said can I please help and tell the muezzin not to call for prayer too loudly!
My God I was shocked and I as a Muslim am also having the same problem, in fact if you ask anyone living in my area in Ampang Jaya, Ukay Heights areas they will say the call for prayers are erratic sometime too loudly and too out of tune that is not pleasing to the ears.
I have been a good Muslim for more than the last five decades and for heaven sake can someone from the higher authority curb this erratic practice of cackling, moaning, whining and out of tune call for prayers.
Please think of the non-believers who are trying to find out more about Islam for they will surely be turn off by the horrible and loud sound of the crazy, yes crazy, muezzins!
When I was growing up in Kampung Bharu I will be looking forward to the sweet calls for prayers, today I am a nervous wreck myself come the evening call for prayers, for it is like playing a Russian roullette, most of the time you never know who is going to cackle, to moan and to whine! Please DO SOMETHING!

Friday, January 04, 2008

This government appears not to be too people friendly!

Kuala Lumpur



Hi People!

It is sad to hear grouses and complaints voiced by residents whose private spaces are being invaded by unscrupulous greedy local government, private companies and even the Federal government.
One case is the location of the Eye over KL (EoK), constructed smack right in the middle of a once nice, quiet and expensive bit of real estate at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. When it was proposed I said to my friend, "Your area is a goner." True enough, they the voters and strong supporters of the government, are now suffering from lack of sleep due to excessive noise and health problems from the carbon monoxide and other toxic gases emitted by vehicles taking tourists to the EoK. The majority of them now have split personalities initiated by tension, and hypertension caused by their serious problem.
Their problem is being exacerbated by a statement made by a federal minister to make EoK a permanent fixture. The thing is the other Eyes, one in London and the other on S'pore, are all being constructed on commercial districts overlooking the cities while EoK is situated in a very respectable middle-class residential area. Come on Government what is your problem? Move it somewhere else, be magnanimous and maybe you will win a big majority come the elections. Please do not be smug.
Then we have the proposed destruction of a water catchment forest in Ukay Heights, in Ampang, by a company for the sake of building roads and shop lots etc!
Then there is these row of poor house owners overlooking a former tin mine lake in Ampang Hilir, where the local council allowed some kind of a project that has now destroyed their nice surroundings.
Hey listen I am not anti-development, but it must make sense, all three that I have mentioned are just mind boggling to understand, just try to empathise with the feelings of those affected!

Thank you!