Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim the Moron can spread lies and he is a Muslim?

I took the liberty of attaching a posting from a fellow blogger "Another Brick In the Wall" read it and then make up your mind:


"Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Anwar Menuduh Najib Rasuah RM940 Juta

Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim menuduh Dato Seri Najib mengambil rasuah sejumlah RM940 juta dari pembelian kapal selam dan kapalterbang pejuang dalam ceramah Barisan Alternatif di AU2, Taman Keramat, Kuala Lumpur malam tadi.

Ceramah Barisan Alternatif malam tadi dihadiri hampir 10,000 penyokong-penyokong Barisan Alternatif dan pendudok kawasan Parlimen Ampang, Gombak dan Setiawangsa yang ingin tahu.

Dr Hatta Ramli, Bendahari PAS Pusat merangkap YDP PAS Gombak mengatakan jumlah hadhirin menyerupai ceramah di tempat yang sama sepuloh tahun dahulu. Ceramah pada masa itu adalah sebelum perarakan hari sabtu yang ingin menyerahkan memorandum kepada DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang diPertuan Agong untuk menuntut penyiasatan keracunan arsenik terhadap Anwar.

Namun, suasana dan kehangatan kali ini tidak sehangat dan bertenaga seperti yang penulis blog pernah meninjau sepuloh tahun. Sebahagian besar hadhiran adalah pendudok yang ingin tahu dan termasuk juga penyokong-penyokong dan pengundi-pengundi Barisan Nasional.

Dalam tuduhan terhadap Najib, Anwar dengan jelas menyatakan rasuah itu berupa komisyen RM530 juta bagi pembelian dua kapal selam Scorpene dan lebih RM400 juta bagi pembelian jet-jet pejuang Sukhoi. Azmin memberi angka lebih tepat RM410 juta kepada tuduhan rasuah membabitkan Sukhoi.

Walaupun penjelasan rasmi telah dikeluarkan oleh Kementah semasa pilihanraya kecil Ijok, Anwar amat jelas kekal dengan strategi mengkritik Najib untuk merosakkan reputasinya. Dia mengaku dirinya sudah matang terhadap kezaliman, fitnah dan penafian keadilan di mahkamah, namun tuduhan itu tidak disertakan dengan sebarang bukti.

Kempen PKR masih bertunjang kepada Anwar. Walaupun Anwar tidak bertanding di PRU, slogan PKR adalah Anwar sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang akan datang. Dalam ucapan Azmin terdahulu dari itu, beliau meluahkan rasa kesal terhadap Abdullah kerana tidak menunggu lagi sebulan untuk membubarkan Parlimen bagi membolehkan Anwar bertanding dalam pilihanraya umum.

Sebagaimana ceramah yang lain, ucapan Anwar banyak menyentuh mengenai isu-isu kenaikkan harga barang dan minyak. Dia lebih membelokkan salah kenaikkan harga barang kepada rasuah dari menjelaskan masaalah kenaikkan harga komoditi dunia yang mendadak dan jumlah subsidi yang meningkat.

Anwar menuduh kerajaan menaikkan minyak untuk mengaut untung berdsarkan alasan mudah perbandingan keuntungan Petronas sebanyak RM20-30 billion setahun semasa dia memegang jawatan dan RM70-80 billion setahun sekarang. Bagi menguatkan alasannya dia menyatakan harga minyak kekal di tahap RM1.10 segelen sepanjang lapan tahun dia menjawat tugas Menteri Kewangan.

Anwar mengakhiri ceramahnya yang agak menghiburkan dengan menjanjikan para hadirin untuk menurunkan harga minyak sehari selepas BA menguasai kerajaan. Selain itu, dia menjanjikan pelajaran menengah ke Universiti dan perkhidmatan kesihatan kerajaan yang percuma.

Dalam keasyikan mendengar penceramah Barisan Alternatif mengkritik Abdullah dan Menteri-Menteri berkenaan kelemahan pengurusan ekonomi, kesalahan fakta ekonomi dan kesilapan kenyataan, penulis hanya berharap pengundi tidak terbawa-bawa dalam kemarahan terhadap Abdullah Badawi hingga hilang objektiviti.

Barisan Alternatif pun tidak mempunyai tidak mempunyai solution penyelesaian yang realistik dan kreatif kepada dilemma yang dihadapi oleh pentadbir-pentadbir dalam kerajaan untuk mengatasikan masaalah kenaikkan harga barang yang mendadak.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim is a Moron!

He is a charlatan, and imagine him wearing a turban and a white or a black robe he will surely look like a Taliban leader ordering a suicide bombing mission to his stupid followers!

People this is what Anwar Ibrahim said to the world and he is dead wrong!
(I tagged the story below for you all to read)

There are no race policies in this country but just a race oriented program of various racially-based political parties in Malaysia since time immemorial and it is definitely not about to change as it is already a deeply workable and entrenched political system of the country.
This racially based parties work in tandem with a bigger party machinery to make everything go, simple as that.
When Anwar became the DPM and Finance Minister he told Samy Vellu that Hindus did not need any more temples, and by saying that he did not respect the spirit of multi-racially based agreement made when he was just a nobody. Samy Vellu went and saw Dr Mahahtir that day to ask why designated sites for Hindu temples have been de-gazzetted, simply put taken away. And Anwar mock him at the corridor of the old PM's Department in KL.
We must remember this and I shall not repeat myself again, had Anwar be given the chance to run the country, had he successfully "dethroned" Dr Mahathir during the currency crisis, Malaysia would have been a bona fide and a permanent client state of the USA and the "IMF" and the "World Bank".
Mahathir held steadfast to his nationalistic economic policy, and told Malaysians to tighten their belts and to go along on a long "bumpy" economic ride for it would soon should pass. Anwar was wrong and Mahathir was, and is still right!
As a Malay study graduate of the Universiti Malaya, Anwar's grasp of the world, international financial system, and of Malaysia foreign policy is nil, it is solely based on what he learn from Coles precise and compressed books on any subject.
Go to any bookstore in the West you can get Coles thin compressed booklet on Plato, The Prince and many other heavy subjects that Anwar loves to quote to the "untrained ears" of the masses impressing them. Basically, he conned his way to politics by using short impressive quotes and using religion and Dr Mahathir was naive enough to have bought his con job!
Now Anwar is babbling again insinuating to the world Malaysia has been practising a wrong political system and he can remedy the whole situation? He is indeed a Moron of a first class!!
Who does he thinks he is trying to create a dynasty and making comments implying he is the only viable alternative to bringing "ailing" Malaysia back to health?!!
To begin with the system is not sick as he implies, but he is unwell to have still harbour the thought of being politically relevant again, I don't think so!
If you talk about corruption you might want to talk about all of your cronies that you have enriched, tell the country how you dish out big fat contract to built KLIA to your friends?!
So Anwar stop, for you have even overstretched your self-delusional and dreams and it is not good for you.
The people has already know that when you were in the government you did not do anything to change what you claimed or perceived to be wrong, so why are you saying now.

No fuc#ing cheers today, for sure!

BTW! NEP is not an affirmative action ala the Black solution in the USA, NEP is just a policy to help the majority Bumiputra with their economic woes, when we all know the economy of the country is controlled by the Malaysian-Chinese!(I do not want to debate on this since we all know it is true). Anwar also loves to equate NEP with the US affirmative action he is dead wrong again!


Agence France-Presse - 2/26/2008 11:17 AM

Malaysia's Anwar vows to dismantle race policies

Malaysia's opposition figurehead Anwar Ibrahim vowed Tuesday to end race-based discrimination policies, lower fuel prices and fight corruption in a policy manifesto ahead of March 8 polls.

Anwar, who was deputy prime minister until being sacked and jailed in 1998, said long-running policies favouring majority Malays had only benefited cronies of the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO).

"The New Economic Policy has been abused to enrich the family of UMNO leaders and their cronies," said Anwar who is campaigning for the Keadilan formally led by his wife.

"If you really want to deal with the issue of poverty, why can't we just say we have an affirmative action policy helping the poor and the marginalised. It should not be racially based."

Malaysia has pursued an affirmative action program for Malays and indigenous groups known as "bumiputras" since the 1970s to close a wealth gap with the minority Chinese community.

However, it has been criticised for failing to pull a large number of Muslim Malays out of poverty, and of ignoring the minority ethnic Indian community, which is also disadvantaged.

The manifesto entitled "A New Dawn for Malaysia," centred on battling rising inflation, which has triggered public anger and rare public protests as the prices of food and fuel edge higher.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has said the government cannot afford to continue spending 43.4 billion ringgit (13.5 billion dollars) annually to subsidise essential items.

Anwar, who was heir apparent in 1998 to then-premier Mahathir Mohamad, spent six years in jail on sex and corruption charges. The sex charge was overturned but the corruption count bars him from taking public office until April.

His wife has said she will stand aside to make way for Anwar to contest her seat in a by-election after the March polls, in a plan that could see him return to parliament within months.

Anwar said Abdullah was "in denial" over the state of the economy.

"Keadilan promises to lower the price of petrol ... as well as manage the prices of basic goods to ensure a consistent supply. Tolls and tariffs will also no longer be raised," he said.

Keadilan has forged a loose alliance with two other opposition parties who have agreed to stand just one candidate against the government in each constituency, avoiding damaging three-cornered contests.

The opposition hopes that gripes over inflation, rising crime rates and mounting ethnic tensions will enable it to reduce the government's thumping majority below two-thirds for the first time in history."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Face-off in Pekan?!!...Well not really!!

One for the album..photographers requesting for a group picture after nomination.

Najib and his team of Pekan BN Assemblymen being introduced to voters after they filed their respective nomination papers.

Datuk Seri Najib and wife Rosmah greeting loyal supporters at his residence in Pekan, minutes before he filed his nomination papers.

Face-off! Like medieval soldiers!

The Blue Waves!

Pekan women in blue!

A young and unknown 31-year old first-timer union education officer, Khairul Annuar Ahmad Zainudin, cried after filing his nomination papers because he was overwhelmed by the atmosphere, and for contesting against an "illustrious" incumbent.
He was a last minute PKR sacrificial lamb to be put against Najib. His nomination is meant to insult Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
However, Najib scoffed it off as "normal". "Its okay, its a normal thing as I have faced all sorts of candidates, some were young and some were old," he told a Press conference, after filing his nomination papers.
Sources in PKR told Pasquale of BarkingMagpie, PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim wanted to field "any" PKR candidate so he can come to Pekan and insult Najib with lies and innuendo.
However, sources in Najib camp said "let him (Anwar)come and we will treat him with Pekan "hospitality".
"We are polite people in Pekan, we do not insult or throw garbage at our host, so Anwar if you come just make sure you are civilise." Najib is expected to win with an increased majority while his opponent will most surely lose his deposit.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gosh! Somebody must hate him bad enough to climb up and do this to his face



Gosh! They smudged his face with black paint!
I mean what can I say, this country is full of morons. To be able to climb up and do all that to the picture of this poor born again bugger is very funny! I hope we as Malaysians will stop at just smearing pictures of people we do not like, or people making assumption to represent us purportedly for our well being. So funny he, he!

Lots of Cheers today!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who is this guy Loh Seng Kok and why is he quoting Rev Jesse Jackson!?

Pix by: Pasqualensa


I saw this giant billboard somewhere near Bandar Sunway hanging bridge and paid by MCA, no doubt, for the coming general elections!
But who is this Loh Seng Kok and why is he quoting Rev Jesse Jackson!If he is going to be an elected lawmaker of my country I should at least be let known a bit of his background,he sprung out of nowhere! For all I care he could be anything than what he claims himself to be. He could be a Singaporean, Taiwanese or Mainland Chinese under an assumed identity, eh!
Hey MCA, and other BN parties tell us a bit about this guy, or your guys, okay before we can decide what we are voting for!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Arrested MAS co-pilot could be part of international child porn ring!

Internet: It can be a boon or a bane. This picture is found when I Google "child pornography"!


In Memnory of NURIN! May you find protection and peace in Heaven!

"Canadian and Australian law forbids the production, distribution, and possession of child pornography. Prohibition covers the visual representations of sexual activity by children under 18 and the depiction of their sexual organ/anal region for a sexual purpose, unless an artistic, educational, scientific, or medical justification can be provided. It also includes the written depictions of children engaging in sexual activity. Law that addresses dynamic aspects of the Internet by regulating the nature of live-time chatting and email communications that may relate to enticing children for pornographic (e.g., web cam) or other sexual purposes has passed in 2002. It also criminalizes the intentional access of child pornography." And I don't know about this country's law pertaining to the subject
THIS could be a break through on child porno rings that the Malaysian police have been waiting for. Rockybru's thanks for bringing it up!
A Malaysian pilot has been caught with a child pornographic material found in his laptop. Now the question is what was he doing with such material in his laptop in the first place. If you are pilots or flight attendants all you need is a change of clothes or your toilet kit, when you have to stay two nights or overnight at your destinations before a flight back to where ever you are schedule to fly to.
I was told the best way to smuggle first run movie before Hollywood found out about piracy, was for airline stewardess, pilots to bring the master copies of a first run movies into a country. These movies are in a form of a CDs. So today they can be brought in via laptops.
The Malaysian airline pilot implicated must answer to all of the charges, for he cannot plead ignorant. He must be brought back and our police must break him in pieces for him to tell the authority who are his contacts.
We have received many pornographic material via our e-mail and I am sure we have expunged them. If I am that Australian judge I would just consider this case as a normal "man thing" for having been caught with an adult porno, of you know what I mean. BUT to have a child pornographic material!!!!? Nail him!
I have said before that Nurin was a victim of a snuff and porno movies I am sticking by it, and now there is Ninie. So anyone caught with child pornographic movies must be charged with big time!

No fcuking cheers today!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Margaret Trudeau has Malay relatives in Singapore!

Margaret Trudeau has Malay relatives in Singapore!

Hi All!

There is this popular television series on Canada's CBC called "Who do you think you are?!". It is about finding out who your ancestor were. Well one of the famous personalities featured was Margaret Trudeau, wife of the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who was one of Canada most illustrious Prime Ministers.
Margaret Trudeau found out that her great, great, great grandfather, believe to be on her mom's side was stationed in Singapore and was a rival to Stamford Raffles. Margaret Trudeau's ancestor lost the personality battle with Raffles and was sent to other colony. But he did leave his Malay wife and five children! He left them with a piece of land, and they were well taken of for a while.
Margaret, was able to meet the descendant of those five children while making the series. In fact they held a birthday party for her in Raffles Hotel. The series I was told was quite well done!

So there, you will never know who your ancestors are unless if you care to do some research. An English lord told his genealogist to stop further the research when he found out he has African blood! Very funny, eh!
As for me we have Dutch blood on my mother's side I was told and I have to stop my research right there, as I have always claimed to be a proud and full blooded Minangkabau! Sigh!


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim should be stripped of his title and Azmi Khalid is the one who should be exported, not our simian friends!

Dear all!

"80% of our monkeys are unfit", says environment minister Azmi Khalid. May be he is unfit and he should be the one to be exported. That is not a fair statement by a minister. They are "unfit" may be because they have no more space to move around.
But I think the government should be more pro-animals. I would say 80% of the animals environment have been ravaged, destroyed and the monkeys have no choice but to go out to the urban setting to find food in a garbage cans.
When we inundated an area that is now known as Tasik Kenyir, and area which is bigger than Singapore, a lot of animal drowned, no concerted efforts were made to really save them. Except for a couple of jumbos taken on a raft that was meant for a PR excercise, but that did not fool me!
For example, our monkeys are now forced to go out to look for food, just go to Taman TAR in Ampang Jaya, hundreds of monkeys are unfit because they are given unhealthy and junk food by Morons every evening. They have to interact with human because their habitat is shrinking.

On other matter, the government should also consider stripping Anwar Ibrahim of his datukship, after all he is a convicted person. A honorific title is a titled bestowed on a person of great standing in society. Anwar has proven that he is neither great nor is he honest, otherwise he would not have been convicted.
I read about Amin Shah stripped of his datukship, we want to know why that was done to him can someone explain! Seriously, there ought to be a committee to look after those with titles to behave or they should be stripped of their titles!

No cheers today!

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Emperor's New Clothes! Whats in a name? A lot! Especially now!

He should not have officiated his daughter's boutique with such a telling name, then I do not have to write on this subject. Or KJ and Nori should have chosen a different name for the boutique!

The Emperor's with no clothes is political parody by Han Christian Andersen.

I have a confession to make. I was once Abdullah Ahmad Badawi greatest fan, not anymore! When he was in a political limbo he was most humble and likeable. Once I was summoned by one of his officers to Wisma Putra at Kampung Attap. Even though I was on a deadline to finish my story I rushed to see him, for he then had my most extended goodwill for him go up in his political life, but then politician forgets!
The officer said Pak Lah had asked me to write something which until now I have no idea what he was trying to do then to test me for what ever reason. I was then a reporter, and again I was invited to his official residence at Jalan Bellamy for he had wanted to know how a story on one Supreme Council meeting was "misreported" and who had leaked the story to a particular reporter on the same paper as I worked with, and I said "Sir! I do not know". The suspected "leaker" was believed to be Anwar Ibrahim.
I have no idea how THE most likeable man can become an object of ridicule and disdain in such a short period of time?!
Pak Lah then would always find time to greet me when he was in a political limbo and when he was a Foreign Minister, he would always surely asked about my daughter and how she was doing or when she would be back, blah, blah, blah! You see my daughter and his daughter are or were friends, when he was in a political limbo. Suddenly he now even refused to look at me in the eyes and he would even moved away when I offered my hand to shake his!! Muslim Hadhari? I can never forgive him for that!
He is now beginning to behave like an "Emperor's With No Clothes" where all the "swindlers" in his outfit will tell him that his political "clothings" look fine, when under the present rating, and asked everyone on the street, he is politically "naked" and he does not even know it! No one on the street likes him, from a taxi driver to the entire cabinet! Mentioned his name, expletives will become part of that conversation!
I am a Malay and I am not happy with this country under him. Pak Lah was one of the hopes that I pinned on for my future generations But, alas, looking at his "swindler tailors", Pak Lah will be known in my family history annals as the most politically naked, the most hated by the Malays, inept, weak, most easily manipulated, suffering form personality bypass' syndrome, and many other syndromes Prime Minister.
I don't believe I have hated any other prime minister, not even Mahathir, as as must I hate him now. I am nearly reaching my three decades of living and I can say what I am saying now or I will never hold my piece forever, and I just hope that someone is brave enough to tell him "Sir you are naked and have no clothes on!"

Below is a synopsis on "Emperors With no Clothes", a short story by Hans Christian Andersen:

"An emperor who cares too much about clothes hires two swindlers who promise him the finest suit of clothes from the most beautiful cloth. This cloth, they tell him, is invisible to anyone who was either stupid or not fit for his position. The Emperor is nervous about being able to see the cloth himself so he sends his ministers to view it. They see nothing yet praise the cloth. When the swindlers report a suit of clothes has been fashioned, the Emperor allows himself to be dressed in their creation for a procession through town. During the course of the procession, a small child cries out, "But he has nothing on!" The crowd realizes the child is telling the truth and begins laughing. The Emperor, however, holds his head high and continues the procession."

No cheers today!