Saturday, May 31, 2008

But still, beware of Greeks bearing gifts!

This man's hatred and loathing of the entrenched Malay establishment and that had him determined to destroy it was what got him expelled from Umno in the first place!

This is how the Greeks (like the disenfranchised ex-Umno member like Ezam) got back into Troy (Umno) via hiding themselves into a belly of a huge wooden horse dubbed The Trojan Horse then at night they got out and slaughter the Trojans (existing and moronic Umno members!)

Just put a moustache and a goatee this guy is an Anwar Ibrahim's clone, and I still do not trust him so must all like minded Umno members, unless he has proven otherwise!


*News update*
This is an excerpt from an interview Ezam Md Noor, ex-PKR Youth chief, had with the Star. In it he commented on something nice about Najib Tun Razak for a change and it is refreshing. However, if I had read the Sunday Star I would still post my posting on him as a "Trojan Horse", for he has a lot to show to prove his sincerity:

"Q: Who are the leaders in Umno that you like right now?

A: Of course Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, I'm not close to him. My first meeting with him was just two weeks ago and I was impressed with his sincerity, humility and simplicity. That's his strength. And he's god fearing. That impressed me. (Datuk Seri) Najib (Tun Razak) has shown strong capacity in his intellectualism. When I once asked Anwar when you were youth chief before, who was the smartest among your Youth exco. He said "Najib". And that he's much above the rest. Those were Anwar's words. You can ask him. I don't know if he still wants to admit that. It is true enough. Najib has the capacity and the strength of his father the late Tun Razak. (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin (Yassin) especially lately has shown the courage to speak for Malays and the party at large. I think Umno needs someone of that stature and courage. According to Anwar in those days, Muhyiddin is next after Najib in terms of smartness. Read more here in Star. And here in Bahasa in Mingguan Malaysia.

In the New Straits Time interview Ezam also said he left PKR two year ago because he did not believe Anwar was sincere and committed to reform the country and that the de facto PKR leader is a hypocrite. He said he clearly saw this and that PKR has also has become so elitist controlled by Azmin Ali that he became an outsider and could not bear it. Ezam also said he will reveal what Anwar's inner circle has done to damage the country. Read more here on Ezam on Loyalty and Treachery

(This is my original posting which I posted yesterday and I stand by what I feel)

Listen up Umno members!

Ezam Md Noor, and his gang, have been "directed" to get back into Umno so to support Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's (BABI) "possible" coming back to the party so he can again tries to become Prime Minister! At least this is what we believe.
We have known this all along, way before Tun Dr Mahahtir (TDM) said something at a press conference yesterday. He said Ezam impending hopping into Umno is like a frog. TDM believes Ezam could be a stepping stone for PKR adviser BABI to get back to Umno. (sorry about the initial but certain issues are beyond good manners).
TDM said: "Anwar uses Ezam to rejoin Umno because he (Anwar) is aware that one of the ways he could become prime minister is to have Umno support.....therefore be careful when Ezam jumps into Umno." I believe what TDM said.
My take is, non-Malays in PKR had better be aware of Anwar's true character, that is he is a very smooth and a consummate con-man (not politician that we sometime get confuse with) that have tricked Malay and non-Malay morons alike to be what and where he is today.
My only conclusion is if Ezam is accepted into Umno then there is no doubt in my mind Umno members are in fact Morons for all this time, and that if Ezam is indeed being accepted then this spells a sure sign of Umno impending demise.

If this is true then good bye Umno!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

How effective is our intelligence agencies today!

Must watch this!

The Company is an interesting television mini-series that I was lucky enough to watch today.
With my aching muscles from lifting furniture I sat on my rocking chair and watch this six hours miniseries and it was great.
The epic story is about the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that evolves from the 1950s through Gorbachev, and to the eventual breaking up of the Soviet Union.
Depicted as a story blending history and fiction, the drama focuses on three agents, and one is James Jesus Angleton played by Michael Keaton. Angleton was described as an obsessive CIA counter intelligence specialist, but a good one. James Jesus Angleton was a real dedicated CIA spy, and he eventually managed to trace down "Sacha", a Soviet mole within the CIA.

Why am I saying all these? Just a thought that occurred through my mind if our own "spies" in our own "CIA" can detect if there are any moles of foreign governments that have infiltrate or already infiltrated our government. Are there any mole or moles, for instance, within our government that can or have influenced our decision making mechanism?!

Hypothetically, what if the decision not to build our part of the bridge across the causeway has been influenced by a mole? What if! Or do we have an effective counterintelligence specialist out to catch such a mole if there is any?

Remember once a political secretary to a retired Malaysian senior politician and he was caught and then detained under the ISA for being a Soviet spy.

Now that the Cold War is over the focus now is more on economic domination and neo-imperialism, or grabbing other countries' piece of a choice real estate. In the yesteryear country, like Germany under Hitler just plough through and invaded the neighbouring countries without compunction, but today things are a bit more dangerously subtle.

And it appears that our "Goth at the gate" are already in by the look of it. I may sound paranoid but the way I see it the enemy or enemies out to destroy the country's institution are already making an inroad, how so? Well, for one just look at Umno a party in disarray.

Malay community broken up in many ideologies and sadly racial disharmony is showing again. While this is happening I believe our once respected intelligence agencies, such as the Special Branch and the Military intelligence, are not as independent as they once were.
Politicians are demanding that they be controlled, with a short leash. One wonder if the action by these politicians are the product of a subtle influence by our foreign moles within our midst, especially in the government, to not make our intelligence community ever effective? I hope not!

No cheers today!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Malaysia needs an autocratic leader, says former Intelligence Chief!

Lt Gen (Rtd) Datuk Seri Raja Rashid Raja Badiozaman, former Military Intelligence chief for 7 1/2 years, saw it coming!

The "stable tension" as one university don put it, had finally gone bust, well at least to one person who saw racial tension rearing its ugly head in this country - AGAIN! He is none other than Lieutenant-General (Rtd) Dato' Seri Raja Rashid Raja Badiozaman, a former Director of the Military Intelligence, a position he held for seven and the half years.
"What I see happening to the country and to the Malays especially, I think we need a total physical revolution like the French Revolution, and some people must got the the guillotine and have their heads chopped off for allowing racial situation in this country to go beyond the permissible level ." he said.
He said the Malays, especially, need to change their attitude for this race to be relevant again in this country and for this, Malaysia needs an autocratic leader to do it.
"We need a total restructuring of the Malay society. I am not really concern about other races in the country who seem to adapt with whomever or whatever is running the country. Today they have decided to go to the opposition. Actually we need someone like Kemal Attaturk, but definitely not someone like Anwar Ibrahim. This restructuring should have been done yesterday," he said.
Raja Rashid also said it did not matter if Malaysia were to go backwards in time if an autocratic leader had to it, for the sake of the future.
"Money is not everything you know and this is the problem with the country and the Malays and their leaders, they never think of any long term side effects of their foolish and stupid actions,"
he said.
Past governments have been advised and warned of dire consequences if wrong actions were taken but they never listen, he said.
On Pulau Batu Putih given to Singapore, Raja Rashid said he could not reverse any decison made but for Malaysian leader to be more responsible from now on, starting now. Raja Rashid is the younger brother of Tan Sri Raja Mohar Raja Badiozaman, and also a member of the Perak Royalty.


Friday, May 23, 2008

The real beginning of the end for once the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu!

It is closer to us and we were not able to defend it!

Well, whether we Malays like it or not, we have already lost Singapura to the PAP, and now Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor, The Federal Territories to PAP. I am sure if we look deep enough we may also find Singapore dollars being circulated around during the recent general elections which accounts for the state going strongly back to PAS.
Now we have also lost Pulau Batu Putih, when the heavily American-influenced International Court of Justice judges in the Hague decided in favour of Singapore, but decided to award us with two big rocks big enough to fit in two people to stand. What an insult!
Now we are in the process of giving a big chunk of Malaysian territory in Johore to Singapore under that grandiose scheme called Iskandar Development Region (IDR), when in reality IDR will be the extension of the island republic metropolitan. In not so many words we will lose more of our sovereignty under a very mysterious circumstances!
We have a PM who is being forced by a very small group of people to stay in power for him to be the custodian to safeguard billions or ringgits of shady investment which involves many shady and mysterious characters, including his son.
It appears this group of heartless people will stoop at nothing to stay in power and with whatever it takes to cling on to it, including selling our territorial integrity and mortgaging our sovereignty to the highest bidder and to foreign power (Haliburton!).
I salute you gutless wonder members of the Umno Supreme Council who cannot and dare not band together to save this country from further falling into a political abyss by getting rid of your Umno president. You see, when push come to shove, these irresponsible and shady people will flee to as near as Perth in Australia, as far as London or Switzerland where they have their money stashed in any Swiss bank there!
May God bless the Malays and everyone, who feel the same way as the Malays about this country!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

After six months of blogging I also have to say good-bye to Anon!

Phew! After six months of blogging it has been a long time for me. I also have to follow suit and taking a cue from Rockybru that I too will not entertain posting with Anonymous as a signature from now on! It is kinda like voyeurism, or peeping Tom, or worse still a stalker, a pervert since you do not know who are these people. Although my blogsite is not as popular as Rockybru, and after announcing no Anons need to apply, I may now even get fewer comments but that's okay. So if you are so inclined to comment then you must give a name, any name, make it a bit personal and it will be fun!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mahathir quits Umno, his son Mukhriz stays, and Najib told Umno members to stay calm.

*News update* 20/5/2008

Malaysian ruling party holds crisis talks after Mahathir quits

Malaysia's ruling party on Tuesday moved to contain the damage from former premier Mahathir Mohamad's shock resignation, which it fears may trigger an exodus that could unseat the government.

Mahathir on Monday urged other members of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) to follow his lead by quitting the party to force the resignation of his successor, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

At an emergency meeting, UMNO lawmakers pledged their allegiance to Abdullah, who has faced mounting calls to take responsibility for March elections that produced the worst results in the party's history.

"Nobody has the right to use this dirty tactic to bring down a leader who was democratically elected. That is blackmailing the party," cabinet minister Nazri Aziz told reporters.

Nazri said the challenge was a "test of faith" for UMNO lawmakers and that none was planning to abandon the party which has dominated Malaysian politics since independence half a century ago.

Mahathir's son Mukhriz, who is a senior member of UMNO's influential youth wing, said Tuesday he would not be stepping down, in a move he conceded would disappoint his father.

He said he would instead continue to campaign for Abdullah's resignation from within UMNO, and that he had backing at the highest levels.

"My fear is that we will bring down the party if this leadership does not change," he told a press conference.

Senior voices in UMNO including Foreign Minister Rais Yatim urged Mahathir and Abdullah, who fell out soon after the succession took place in 2003, to meet and resolve their damaging row.

"The next few weeks would be crucial on how many would follow his footsteps. There is this need now... to act systematically so that UMNO will not disintegrate," Rais said in Singapore late Monday.

"I wish to say that for those who just want to say that it's OK, business as usual, those shouldn't be the words."

Top UMNO members and political commentators have warned that if the beleaguered party suffers mass resignations, Abdullah will be forced to call fresh elections.

With the opposition in control of five states and a third of parliamentary seats after the March 8 polls, and now claiming it has the support of enough defectors to seize power shortly, that is considered a high-risk strategy.

Share prices on the Malaysian bourse fell 1.0 percent Tuesday, as the political concerns dampened sentiment.

"People are worried about the potential fallout from Mahathir's resignation," said N. Kaladher, head of research at TA Securities. "We are looking at a down trend until this thing settles down."

Opposition figurehead Anwar Ibrahim, who was sacked by Mahathir in 1998 and subsequently jailed on corruption and sex charges, seized on the disarray within UMNO to pronounce that the party was in its death throes.

"Mahathir's decision to leave UMNO is indicative of UMNO's worsening crisis, where leaders continue to bicker and fight, while the welfare of ordinary Malaysians are increasingly neglected," he said in a statement.

"The internal problems of UMNO are clearly deteriorating beyond any hope of recovery," he said, inviting the disaffected to join his opposition alliance.

Agence France-Presse

Reported Yesterday 19/5/2008

Former Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad has quit Umno with immediate effect and urged other members to emulate him. He said he was quitting the party, which he led for almost 22 years until handing over the reins to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2003, as a sign of no confidence in his successor's leadership.

"I will only come back to the party when there is a change in leadership," the ex-premier told a crowd at a forum in his home state of Kedah this morning. He also called on all Umno ministers, deputy ministers and all levels of party leaders to join him in leaving the party.

However he asked these members not to join any other party. "Wait till Abdullah to quit as the prime minister and party president and then we can return to Umno," he said. Meanwhile in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, Umno Deputy President Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak expressed his shock and sadness over Mahathir's resignation from Umno.

I was reported that Najib, while expressing shock and sadness over Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's resignation from Umno, urged Umno members to remain calm, saying he would continue to discuss with party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on efforts to strengthen the party.

Her also said it was crucial that the Barisan Nasional government, which had been given the mandate to rule by the people, continue to perform its responsibility as mandated by the rakyat and not be affected by Umno's internal issues.

Reading from a statement here, when meeting Malaysian journalists attending the "World Economic Forum on the Middle East", Najib, who is also deputy prime minister, advised Umno members to continue to have faith in the efforts to rebuild the party.

"I am very shocked and sad that Dr Mahathir has announced his decision to leave Umno. He has contributed a lot to the party and country. I have met with Tun before this and I am willing to meet him to discuss his latest action." Najib noted that previously any problems were resolved within Umno.

"Umno is a party which is sacred to the Malays and has been the backbone of the Malay struggle for a long time and will be so in the future. I will continue to discuss with party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on efforts to strengthen the party and also on the transfer of party leadership as expressed by the president himself." Najib is scheduled to return to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Akademi Fantasia...and sad, sad situation for the Malay society!

The guy in the middle thinks he is Ryan Seacrest!

I have a confession to make I do not watch Malay programs on television, nor do I have the urge to watch Malay movies, except of course the old P.Ramlee's.
Reason, well for one the Malay drama is very depressing, where women are being subjected to the whims and fancies their macho-baloney Malay male, usually husbands or boyfriends. The men like to hit their women and make them feel guilty! Why all these, I don't know, may be it is that Malay culture where men always feel inferior about themselves and can only show their frustration toward their wives or children.
Malay society to me has that extreme spectrum: it is either like that sad Malay drama or movie, or like that sad, sad f"forced happiness" Akademi Fantasia (AF). I know I am treading on thin ice here when mentioning AF, since this is sadly the most watched program, but more so why this need to be told.
But I hate it when we try to mimic, to seed the host who think in his mind that he is Ryan Seacrest, to see Fauziah Ahmad Daud trying to be like Simon Cowell, or Ida erina trying to be like Paula Abdul and the other guy trying to be like that black guy all speaking Malay language with an American Nuance, well I feel very very sad.
It is as tough there is this very big humongous conspiracy to make the Malays look like they do not deserve to have a country to govern, let alone to have a political clout. They can only do bad dramas and movies or force them to be lulled with program such as AF. I cringed every tine I caught a glimpse of the AF program.
The other day at Hulu Bendol I was having lunch with my brother-in-law and all of the Malay patrons were watching AF and eating at the same time, and they were so enthralled by it.
Then there is this program Raja Lawak, and after sampling it I am actually quite ashamed to be a Malay. Now I am more doubly ashamed to be a Malay when I saw a front page of a tabloid Kosmo with a story of a pathetic looking Malay man (and also ugly) surrounded by his three wives, announcing that all three have agreed for him to have a fourth one. Other Malay dailies including the NST, also carried this pathetic story.
It is as though the Malays can only do bad Malay drama, or to marry more than one or to have television programs only to make them look really really bad.
You the Umno led government, are you aware that all advertisements be it on television or print, have depicted Malays as morons, sorry to use the word.
There once was this Nescafe advertisement where a Malay driver took his Chinese boss, well dressed as usual, stop at a coffee shop and while the Chinese boss was so cultured and civilized when sipping his coffee, the Malay driver was pouring the spilled coffee from the saucer and then slurped his coffee, yes slurped, then the scene showed a cute daughter of the Chinese coffee shop owner rolled her eyes in disgust. To me the Malay guy looks bad to the eyes of the watchers and the Chinese guy and the girl, well you can make up your mind.
Then there is this DHL commercial. There was this traffic jam, where a big and tough and fit Chinese driver was told by his radio operator to take an alternate route to send the package and when two Indian drivers at his back saw this they followed him driving into a Malay village with an old lady sweeping the yard and chicken panicking!
The verdict is the Malays, as shown by the Malay lady sweeping, as usual are oblivious to their political surrounding. In so far as the advertisements are concerned, and as far as I am concerned, they show the Malays as just a bunch of idiots. You Umno people and Umno led government be aware that as Malays you are also affected by this "conspiracy" to make Malays like you to look like idiot and moron!
I rest my case!

My conclusion is: Malay men like to control, to beat up their wives and girlfriends as shown in Malay dramas, and they love to mimic the American Idol, and the sad part is this Umno-led government allows it as though they do not care about the image of the Malay race. And that a big humongous conspiracy to paint Malays in a bad and idiotic light is has not dawn upon their leaders so to put a stop to it. Datuk Shabery Cheek this one is for you if you are really different from the rest!

P.S. My grand-nieces are not allowed by their parents to watch Malay drama and AF, or Raja Lawak, to start with!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Najib: Read my lips, I am not involved!

Read my Lips! I am not involved!

Leader of the Opposition Party Wan Azizah tried to pull a fast one was caught and shamed!

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said he has never known or met murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu, despite all the wild allegations made against him.Najib said as a responsible citizen, he would again reiteratd that he had never known or even met this woman before. And that he prays the court will continue to seek justice and uphold the law without any interference.
Najib was replying to points raised by MPs in parliament during the debate on the Royal Address in Parliament. He also thank God for giving him the strength to stave off all wild allegations, accusations and lies thrown at him when trying to link the murder case to him just for the sole purpose of trying to smear his reputation to the maximum.

Several opposition MPs, debating the motion of thanks to the King, had linked Najib to the late model. The allegations triggered heated exchanges between government backbenchers and the opposition. Najib's response on the Altantuya case came at the tail-end of his hour-long speech, which was largely delivered without interference from questioning MPs.
He earlier told the House that there were no improprieties in the government's acquisition of military hardware. Najib, the defence minister, said the acquisition of two Scorpene submarines from France and 18 Sukhoi jet fighters from Russia were done through direct negotiations with the respective countries.
For the submarines, he said the contract valued at STG1.084 billion (RM5.5 billion) included the actual acquisition price of STG969.15 million and co-ordination and support services worth STG114.96 million.
"The claims that RM350 million was paid to Perimekar Sdn Bhd as commission are not true read more here. "No commission was paid. The RM350 million was the value of the work done by Perimekar Sdn Bhd as the project services provider (read more here)," he said in reply to a question from Datuk Ibrahim Ali (Ind-Pasir Mas).
Najib told the House that the agreement to acquire the Scorpene submarines was signed on June 5, 2002 between the Malaysian government, DCNS from France and Navantia of Spain. DCNS, a French government-owned company, and Navantia were engaged as the submarine providers while Perimekar Sdn Bhd came on board as project services provider.
Najib said the purchase of the Sukhoi jets was made directly through the Rosoboronexport company, which was owned by the Russian government. He said IMT Defence (M) Sdn Bhd, which is the sole representative for Rosoboronexport in Malaysia, was appointed by the Russian company.
"The government is not involved in business dealings between the two companies. I must stress that the government did not pay any commission to IMT Defence (M) Sdn Bhd as claimed." Najib said for both the Scorpene and Sukhoi acquisitions, the cost differed from purchases by other countries depending on the specifications.
Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR-Permatang Pauh) had asked why the Malaysian Scorpene had cost more than those purchased by Chile and India. Najib said purchase of Scorpene made by Indian and Chile is not the same as the one purchased by Malaysia.
He said one can only compare apple with apple since our submarine specs are not the same and that he could not reveal the extra fittings or equipment made on the purchased Scorpene due to security reasons.

On Wan Azizah allegations or corrupt practices in awarding of the RMN to PSC Naval Dockyard, she was stumped by the answer given to parliament that the man who awarded the contract to PSC Nava Dockyard was none other than her husband Anwar Ibrahim, who was the Finance Minister of Malaysia then, and who is now the "great" adviser to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). Wan Azizah then quietly sat down. (read more here).


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri should sue Raja Petra!

Below is a Star article about two policemen accused in a murder case, and they afre fuming mad over Raja Petra's allegations and lies, this is precisely what I am saying people spreading lies must be dealt with severely:

Policemen deny issuing threats

SHAH ALAM: The two policemen on trial for the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu denied that they threatened Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin while he was held in Sungai Buloh Prison last week.

Unit Tindakan Khas operatives C/Insp Azilah Hadri and Kpl Sirul Azhar Umar made their denial through their lawyers yesterday just before the proceedings began on Day 109 of the murder trial.

They later lodged police reports over the matter at the courthouse at the end of the proceedings.

Datuk Hazman Ahmad, counsel for C/Insp Azilah, told the court that he had spoken to his client as well as to Kpl Sirul Azhar and both confirmed that the incident never took place.

“They’ve never met Raja Petra and neither did they know of his location while he was held in the Sungai Buloh prison,” said the lawyer.

“This (Raja Petra’s allegations) is highly prejudicial to my client and should not be published without having the facts verified first,” said the lawyer.

Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin, counsel for Kpl Sirul Azhar, concurred with Hazman, saying he had instructed his client to lodge a police report over the blogger’s allegations.

Referring to Raja Petra’s post dated May 9 titled “Thank you so much and sorry for letting you down”, Kamarul Hisham said the blogger had also implied that the two policemen from the elite squad was fearful of the publicity of the murder trial.

When Justice Mohd Zaki Md Yasin asked if either of the two policemen had lodged police reports, both lawyers replied that they had not because they only saw them yesterday during lunch.

The judge then gave an assurance that whatever published on Raja Petra’s website would have no effect on the trial before him.

“This report is on the website. Whether it’s true or not, let it be investigated. You can rest assured that the court will not be affected by it,” said Justice Mohd Zaki.

The trial resumes today.

Raja Petra, who was charged on May 6 in Petaling Jaya with publishing a seditious article on the Malaysia today website, initially declined to post the RM5,000 bail granted to him.

The 58-year-old blogger finally agreed to post bail two days later after his wife Marina Lee Abdullah, 54, managed to convince him to do so.

Upon his release, the blogger alleged that he had been threatened by the two murder accused while he was detained at the Sungai Buloh Prison.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Those spreading lies must be dealt with immediately!

An open letter to the Shah Alam High Court judge:

The Shah Alam High Court judge, Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yassin who is deliberating on the Altantuya murder case must take action against those who are spreading lies pertaining to the case, And that these people are clearly in contempt of court.These lies if allowed to go on and not checked by the court, can mar and contaminate the direction of the proceeding that can influence the outcome.

Some of the lies, exaggeration and allegations that have been spread, read eva's haven here, are so extreme one wonder whether our court is nothing but a joke. Raja Petra has no qualm telling the world Najib and Rosmah are involved without a shred of evidence provided. I, as a citizen of this country, demand Datuk Mohd Zaki to make some kind of a statement and to take action against irresponsible blogsites and websites that are spreading rumours and exaggerated stories pertaining the Altantuya case and churning fantastic “new evidence” in this case that we as citizen do not know what to believe anymore.

The court must also ask the police to check against those distributing disparaging VCD and CD purporting new evidence and many more lies that if left unattended to, can have grave consequences. By right and by convention, justice must be upheld as soon as possible, otherwise there will be many more police reports to be made as being done by the two accused Sirul and Azila, who are obviously not very happy where the court is going and how the court is handling the case, and that surrounding it.

I have sat long enough listening to lies and allegations and new evidence vis-à-vis this Altantuya case, and I hope the judicial system in this country I will respect again beginning with Judge Datuk Mohd Zaki taking action against those spreading lies that can affect the on going case. Thank you!

KJ the Prince of Darkness?

The Prince of Darkness!

*Breaking news*
I just saw a NST news item under the title "DEWAN DISPATCHES: Is KJ the young and the restless ‘Prince of Darkness’?" written by Azmi Anshar. Well, from what I understand the Prince of Darkness is the personification of Evil of all Evil, or Beezelbub the Biblical Satan, it is also in reference to THE Prince of Demon ! So is NST disowning Khairy Jamaluddin now for equating him with Satan or Evil of all Evil? This is all very funny and strange indeed and I hope Azmi Anshar will not lose his job over this!

Monday, May 12, 2008

On-line voting in Khir Toyo blogsite CAN be manipulated, I did it!

*Breaking news*


I would like to make an apology to anyone that I have slighted and for being rude in regard to my posting and comments on Khir Toyo's on-line polling and voting, on who is the likely the person favoured to succeed Pak Lah as prime minister.
My argument is the on-line poll can be manipulated as I have said and then of what benefit can Khir Toyo on-line poll do to Najib when he is seen to be voted as slightly more than Ali Rustam. In the moment of anger perhaps, I may have said or used words that could have disturbed many, for this I apologise. But I stand by my reasoning that an on-line poll such as the one used in Khir Toyo blogsite serve no purpose and can be manipulated but except to tell people Najib is not being supported by the rakyat and that is all, and that is the way I see it. Again I sincerely apologise for all the anguish caused. Thank you.


I received a SMS sent to me by someone who argued over my contention that Khir Toyo's blogsite on survey and voting on who is more popular to be the next PM to succeed Pak Lah, can be manipulated and I also did some manipulation it is so easy. Unlike CNN (maybe) or Gallup Poll, that can be "trusted" and manned by professional, Khir Toyo's on-line polls can be easily manipulated.
So to prove a point a friend, well versed in IT , sat with me and showed me how I can vote for Najib nine times in a span of 15 minutes. Just do a few functions from your laptop and voila I voted and voted! Imagine if there were 20 or 40 people doing it and I am sure the results would be different for everyone.
The results of the on-line voting thus far, for only three days left of "manipulation"and Najib gets only 13% and Muhyiddin about 48% and Tengku Razaleigh 33%, hey wow! What a survey, and what a moron!


Friday, May 09, 2008

I do not remember Najib saying that! Unless someone can prove it!

Wikipedia logo, it should be called Trikipedia!

*Breaking news 2*

I have just been told to apologise to a group of people that I do not know of for calling them moron and for using the words "Toyol moron". It started with this blogsite calling a survey made under "who is more likely to succeed Pak Lah" as a "sham" and which saw Muhyiddin coming first, Razaleigh second and Najib third at 13%.
My contention is, survey like this CAN be manipulated, I am not saying it was manipulated, I stand by my statement as a blogger. However, I will apologise for having offended some really sensitive Malays for calling them morons and for the use of the words "Toyol moron" in my posting. However, I would have love for these people that I called Morons to ask Karpal Singh instead to apologise for belittling the Malay rulers, instead of picking a fight with me.
As usual these people that I called morons in which I have apologised for it, cannot see the point that I am making. But remember five states and the FT have been taken over by the opposition, if morons had not been in charge it could have been a different story. And as for Selangor, if Khir Toyo had not spent his time trying to look fair and looking pretty, the state could have still been BN!
Another point is nobody can force Najib to come out and say he will fight against Pak Lah to be the president of UMNO, Najib said he will take over smoothly when the time comes as it has always been an Umno tradition. No amount of reverse psychology or a cockamamie survey to show Najib is not popular that can do it. Now KMU boys go brush your teeth and go to sleep!

*Breaking news*

Just saw Khir Toyo blogsite, here, and a survey on who is likely to be the one to succeed Pak Lah as PM one day, and guess what Najib got 13%, while Muhyiddin 49%, Ali Rustam 3% and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah 33%. Now then, the catch is, I found out from my own very deep source in Toyoland, that such survey is just like a blogsite when you get comments you can either reject or publish, and I was told a lot of votes on Najib got rejected by the webmaster! So Toyol moron did you know what your webmaster is doing lately on your dull blogsite! Are there any PKR members within your outfit that you do not know of? Or have you been bought by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!?
(P.S. Next week I will place a similar survey on my blogsite on who will be most likely to succeed Pak Lah as PM and then we shall see the result. Cheers!)


If I were to write in to Wikipedia to say, in a spare time Nazri Aziz is a cross-dresser, or WeeChoo Keong a closet Muslim, these facts will be added in on the particular subjects into Wikipedia and they will become a fact. This is what Wikipedia recorded about Najib Tun Razak, and Wikipedia relies on people like us to slot or add in information on a subject. :

"In 1987, as UMNO Youth Chief, Najib defended special Malay privileges in a speech where he vowed to bathe the keris (Malay dagger) with Chinese blood. Shortly afterwards, the government launched a crackdown on extremist elements, termed Operation Lallang although Najib was not detained. At the same rally, banners were hoisted carrying phrases such as "revoke the citizenship of those who opposed the Malay rulers", "May 13 has begun" (referring to the May 13 racial riots in 1969), and "soak it (the keris) with Malaysian Chinese blood"."

Lee Kim The only problem is I, and three other journalist, do not remember hearing Najib saying that at that time at TPCA rally in 1987, when Najib was leading the Umno Youth. I do remember him saying to "ganyang", or to crush Lee Kim Sai, for belittling the rulers and the Malays.

I did remember seeing banner saying to "soaking the Malay kris
with Chinese blood" or something like that. But not Najib saying it. Unless someone can come out and prove Najib had actually said that , than I can also write in the Wikipedia that "Lee Kim Sai had wanted the Chinese to take over the country by bloodshed if necessary" and that, if printed will become a warped fact for a long time to come.

If Najib, as Youth chief then was angry enough to "crush" Lee Kim Sai, an MCA leader, than the question we need to ask is why would a young Malay leader who was so angry enough to say that. There must be something to it. It takes two to tango, or there is always the other side of the coin.

However, again we do not remember him saying to "soaking Malay kris with Chinese blood" somebody can ask past MCA leaders about this I am sure they will agree with me.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

If you idiots really want to know about the real Anwar Ibrahim just click to the address below!

Under that proper and respectable look belies a man whose hatred for anything Malays, including the Malay rulers, that is so legendary! One wonders about his early childhood.

The "fossil-fuel-grabbing American neo conservatives" (neocons) made a mistake of taking Anwar and Karpal as their stooges and pet poodles!

Forget about the non-Malays in this country, like Karpal Singh or LKS or Guan Eng and Ng Ka Ting, Koh Tsu Khoon, Lim Kheng Yaik who will welcomed Singapore or the United States intervention into Malaysia, but for you Malays think hundred times and try to see what Anwar really is, see him in action in the Youtube with the websites below!
Usually a man is blackmailed into doing something that he does not believe. IN the case of Anwar he does not care, he willingly "sleep in bed" with anyone powerful, in this case the American neocons, so long as he gets his revenge, even at the expense of selling his country and his race.
Anwar doe not lift a finger to reprimand Karpal Singh, read Rockybru here, when the latter insulted more than one Malay rulers, if I have the power I will charge Karpal under sedition law for it appears that it has now come to "shove" for the Malays to get really, really angry!

If Karpal and Anwar can actually believe that the entire Malaysians will be behind them when it comes to inciting racial strife in the country they both deserve to be thrown into the dungeon and to throw away the keys.


Video 1

Video 2

sumber :

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

For morons, sceptics and anti-Najib, open up your minds, read and try to comprehend!

This letter appeared in Rockybru and I have permission to reproduce it in BarkingMagpie. The writer signed himself as BigDogDotCom and I like his comment and he makes sense!



The typical police procedure (as per the Police Act) is that when a Police report is made, the Police is compelled to investigate. An investigation paper (IP) is opened and usually an officer (depends on the severity of the case) would be assigned.
People involved would be called for an interview and a statement is usually recorded. Unless the people involved REFUSED to co-operate, the the Police will investigate on their own, making their own assumptions, deductions, findings and form an opinion.
Then the IP would be forwarded to the Attorney General's Chambers. Its up to the AG to charge, defer or declare the case 'No further action'.
(Smaller cases like theft, snatchings, pickpockets do not even go to the AG and the desk investigation officer will decide).
Should the IGP make a statement prior to RPK be charged under Seditions Act? Well, if there was already a police report made against RPK on the "Lets send the Altantuya murdereres to hell" piece and investigation on going, then he is not compelled to do so.
Should the Home Minister make the statement prior to RPK being charged under the Seditions Act? If the IP had gone up from the Police hands to the AG, then its no longer the ambit of Home Ministry's jurisprudence.

AG reports directly to the Prime Minister.

Personally I think its inappropriate for the IGP, AG and Home Minister to make statements as the investigation is on going and its an active case. Just like same statements should be refrained from other cases, especially when its common knowledge that there is an investigation on going.

Why did Najib and Rosmah being recorded by media as making statements?

Maybe they could not stand it anymore (at the personal level) and the press push them these issues, when they were appearing in PCs on other issues.

Then again, all of the allegations of the Scorpene and Sukhoi deals had been answered by MINDEF as far back as 26 April 2007. And yet people like Anwar, Wan Azizah and RPK VEHEMENTLY REFUSED to acknowldge these explanation and continue to demonise Najib, with morbid intensity.

Can Najib or Rosmah personally or officially instruct the Police to kill people, at their whim and fancy? They are not Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Nicolai Caucessu or Saddam Hussein, with absolute power, even to execute people!


Ulterior motive! Gunning Najib with such morbid intensity is the only way to ensure the nail-on-the-UMNO/BN coffin in properly knocked in!
Anwar, PKR and his not-so-solid Pakatan Rakyat has no strength and merit to take over the Govt on their own. Otherwise, they would have gone for it, as is. Anwar keeps saying 30-40 BN MPs ready to jumpship, for crying out loud!

So kill Najib, the heir apparent to UMNO/BN leadership is their ticket to power!

Same goes to demonising the Police, through and through. Isn't that the Oppositions', RPK and Malaysia Today's consistent explicit agenda????
Why RPK refuse bail or even refuse to meet his own family, like today? Why all the drama about refusing nourishment?
Its his morbid obsession to demonise the Govt that he has been victimised and the system is very cruel and gestapo-stalinist like!
I know this will come as very unpopular here but I can no longer stomach these blatant and morbid obsessions of people bringing the people and system into organised ANARCHY!

Sorry to do this in you blog.


I would now like to attach a statement made by the Ministry of Defence Public Relations office on explaination over the purchase of Sukhoi and Scorpene which appeared in Bahasa Melayu. The statement came about over accusation of impropriety during campaigning during the Ijok by-elections, over the acquisition and purchase of two strategic military asset and now I will also attached the English version to see if you morons and sceptics can take a moment of your pathetic lives to read. And after reading it you will still insist on being a morons! Hey it is no skin of my teeth dude For I am sure this country will still prevail and Najib will still be the next Prime Minister and mark my word on this!

The explanation on the Scorpene and Sukhkoi Su30MKM acquisition deals by the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) (In English for all of you smart pants )

The Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) today wanted to give an explanation on the statements made by certain quarters on the issue of the acquisition of the Scorpene submarines and Sukhoi Su30MKM fighters by the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM).

MINDEF noticed that statements made lately, especially by certain political parties on the acquisition of these assets have created a lot of ambiguity, confusion and doubt amongst the people.

It has created a negative perception and presumption that the acquisition for the ATM was carried out not according to proper procedure, not transparent and wasting.

Today, MINDEF would like to announce that all negotiations of the acquisitions were carried out accordance to the National Defense Contracts and Acquisition Methods by the civil servants. It involves the approval of various committees including the technical and commercial negotiation committees, to evaluate and scrutinize the acquisition fit into the ATM’s requirements.

On top of that, references were made to the Attorney General’s Chambers on specific clauses and inclusions in the contracts. All the terms and approvals for direct negotiations were forwarded to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and can only be signed after approval from MOF is obtained.

In reference of the acquisition of the Scorpene submarines, MINDEF would like to reiterate that the so-called RM 540 million commission paid to Abdul Razak Baginda were baseless allegations.

MINDEF would also like to stress the point that in the acquisition of the Scorpene submarines, NO COMMISSIONS were paid to Perimekar Sdn. Bhd., unlike the accusation. This is because the acquisition of the submarine was made on a direct negotiations – in accordance to Government acquisition methodology - with the manufacturers, namely ARMARIS (French) and NAVANTIA (Spanish) where approval were obtained from the respective Governments.

On the other hand, Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. which was accused to have received commissions, was actually given the kontrak to provide support services and coordination for a period of six years. The value of contract was Euro 114.96 million and it was paid in stages, accordance to the development of the project.

Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. is jointly owned by Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT), Boustead Holdings Berhad and K.S. Ombak Laut Sdn. Bhd.

The support services scope of work:

1. To provide accommodations with fixtures for the project team and their 27 families in France and Spain for six years

2. To provide office and accommodations with fixtures for the 156 submarine crew for four years in France and Spain

3. TTo provide medical insurance for the project team and their families and submarine crew in France and Spain

4. To provide daily allowance and submarine crew of Euro 50 per day for the first three years and Euro 60 per day for the next three years

5. To provide return trip air passage for the submarine crew to return to Malaysia every four months (three times a year)

6. Other requirements of the project team and submarine crew in France and Spain

The coordinating services include:

1. Responsible to ensure that the participation of Malaysian companies in the construction and assistance of potential Malaysian companies in the offset program

2. To assist the main contractors on the government procedures and relevant information on the implementation of the contract

3. To coordinate the training of the submarine crew between the contractor and government

4. To provide coordination report every six months

The amount of Euro 114.96 million is not net profit realized by Perimekar Sdn. Bhd., but this amount will encompass all the direct cost involved in the support services scope of work and indirect cost involved in the coordination work, as per stipulated in the contract.

MINDEF decided to appoint a local company to provide the support services and coordination because the method is thought to be most suitable and effective. It also will smoothen the work of the project team to monitor on the construction and training of the submarine crew in France and Spain.

On top of that, all expenses pertaining to the submarine project is controlled and according to schedule where else the cost over-run is avoided, especially when the project takes a long time to complete.

Based on the requirement, Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. has been appointed to provide the services based on the scope of work and terms of reference.

On the acquisition of the SU30MKM, MINDEF would like to reiterate that the acquisition of the asset was made through direct negotiations with Rosboronexport, a Russian state owned corporation.

The direct negotiations are in-line with the Russian and other countries’ policies to control the export and sale of arms and prevention from falling to the hands of irresponsible parties.

Based on the above scenarios, all the defense acquisition contracts have been signed by MINDEF representatives and officials on behalf of the Government of Malaysia with the principal companies from the respected exporting countries. This includes the acquisition of the Sukhoi and it adheres to the National Defense Contracts and Acquisition Methods.

In the case of the acquisition of the Sukhoi, Rosboronexport has appointed a local Malaysian company to facilitate their operations and business here in this country. MINDEF would like to disclaim any involvement with any dealings between Rosboronexport and the appointed local company.

With this, MINDEF hopes that all parties understand the real situation and refrain from issuing further statements which are deemed confusing and promote further negative perception on the ATM, MINDEF and the Malaysian Government.

Public Relations Branch

Ministry of Defense

Kuala Lumpur

26 April 2007

Bahasa Melayu:


Kementerian Pertahanan hari ini ingin memberi penjelasan berhubung kenyataan-kenyataan yang dibuat oleh pihak-pihak tertentu tentang perolehan pesawat Sukhoi SU30MKM dan kapal selam Scorpene oleh Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

Kementerian Pertahanan mendapati bahawa kenyataan-kenyataan yang dibuat terutama oleh parti-parti politik tertentu mengenai perolehan kelengkapan tersebut sejak akhir-akhir ini telah menimbulkan banyak kekeliruan dan salah faham di dalam masyarakat.

Selain itu, ia juga menimbulkan persepsi negatif dan prasangka bahawa perolehan kelengkapan untuk keperluan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia telah dilaksanakan tanpa mengikut prosedur yang ditetapkan, tidak telus dan membazir.

Di sini, pihak Kementerian ingin memaklumkan bahawa semua rundingan perolehan adalah dijalankan mengikut Tatacara Perlaksanaan Kontrak-Kontrak Perolehan Peralatan Pertahanan Negara oleh pegawai-pegawai kerajaan. Ia melibatkan pelbagai peringkat kelulusan termasuk Jawatankuasa Teknikal dan Jawatankuasa Rundingan Harga setelah penilaian-penilaian yang teliti dibuat demi memastikan perolehan tersebut menepati keperluan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

Selain itu, rujukan juga dibuat kepada pihak Jabatan Peguam Negara bagi mendapatkan kelulusan ke atas klausa-klausa kontrak tersebut. Semua terma-terma dan kelulusan untuk rundingan terus dikemukakan kepada Kementerian Kewangan dan kontrak hanya akan ditandatangani selepas kelulusan Kementerian Kewangan diperolehi.

Berhubung dengan perolehan kapal selam Scorpene, Kementerian Pertahanan ingin menegaskan bahawa dakwaan kononnya kerajaan telah membayar komisen sebanyak RM540 juta kepada Encik Abd Razak Baginda merupakan satu tuduhan yang tidak berasas sama sekali.

Kementerian juga ingin menegaskan bahawa dalam soal perolehan kapal selam Scorpene, TIDAK ADA sebarang komisen yang dibayar kepada syarikat Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. seperti yang didakwa. Ini kerana perolehan kapal selam telah dibuat secara rundingan terus - selaras dengan tatacara perolehan kerajaan - dengan syarikat pembuat iaitu ARMARIS (Perancis) dan NAVANTIA (Sepanyol) yang telah mendapat persetujuan kerajaan masing-masing.

Sebaliknya, syarikat Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. yang didakwa menerima komisen, sebenarnya diberikan kontrak menyediakan perkhidmatan sokongan dan koordinasi untuk tempoh selama enam tahun. Nilai kontrak tersebut adalah sebanyak EURO 114.96 juta, yang dibayar secara berperingkat-peringkat mengikut kemajuan pelaksanaan projek.

Perimekar Sdn Bhd dimiliki bersama oleh Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT), Boustead Holdings Berhad dan K.S.Ombak Laut Sdn. Bhd.

Skop kerja perkhidmatan sokongan adalah seperti berikut:

1. Menyediakan kemudahan kediaman beserta kelengkapan untuk tim projek bagi 27 keluarga di Perancis dan Sepanyol untuk tempoh enam tahun.

2. Menyediakan pejabat urusan dan kediaman beserta kelengkapan bagi krew kapal selam TLDM seramai 156 orang untuk tempoh empat tahun di Perancis dan Sepanyol.

3. Menyediakan insurans kesihatan bagi anggota serta keluarga tim projek dan krew kapal selam di Perancis dan Sepanyol

4. Membayar elaun harian dan elaun krew kapal selam sebanyak EURO 50 sehari seorang untuk tiga tahun pertama dan EURO 60 sehari seorang untuk tiga tahun kedua.

5. Membiayai kos penerbangan pergi dan balik bagi setiap krew kapal selam untuk balik bercuti ke Malaysia pada setiap 4 bulan (tiga kali setahun).

6. Lain-lain keperluan tim projek dan krew kapal selam di Perancis dan Sepanyol

Perkhidmatan koordinasi pula melibatkan:

1. Bertanggungjawab memastikan penyertaan syarikat Malaysia dalam pembinaan dan membantu syarikat-syarikat Malaysia yang berpotensi untuk menyertai program off-set.

2. Membantu kontraktor utama dalam memberi maklumat tentang prosedur kerajaan berhubung perlaksanaan kontrak.

3. Menyelaras latihan krew kapal selam antara kontraktor dengan kerajaan.

4. Menyediakan laporan koordinasi setiap enam bulan.

Jumlah kontrak EURO 114.96 juta bukanlah merupakan keuntungan bersih milik syarikat Perimekar Sdn Bhd., sebaliknya jumlah ini adalah meliputi segala pembayaran kos langsung bagi skop perkhidmatan sokongan dan tanggungan ke atas kos tidak langsung bagi perkhidmatan koordinasi seperti yang ditetapkan dalam kontrak tersebut.

Kementerian Pertahanan membuat keputusan untuk melantik sebuah syarikat tempatan bagi menyediakan perkhidmatan sokongan dan koordinasi kerana kaedah tersebut dianggap lebih sesuai dan berkesan. Ia juga bagi tujuan melicinkan kerja-kerja Tim Projek membuat pemantauan ke atas pembinaan dan latihan krew kapal selam di Perancis dan Sepanyol.

Selain itu, segala perbelanjaan untuk projek kapal selam ini dapat dikawal dan dijadualkan manakala perbelanjaan di luar jangka (cost over-run) dapat dielakkan memandangkan pelaksanaan projek perolehan kapal selam memakan tempoh masa yang panjang iaitu selama enam tahun serta melibatkan bilangan anggota yang ramai.

Berdasarkan kepada keperluan tersebut, maka syarikat Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. telah dilantik untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan yang diperlukan mengikut skop kerja yang ditetapkan.


Tentang perolehan pesawat Sukhoi SU30MKM pula, Kementerian Pertahanan ingin menyatakan bahawa perolehan adalah dibuat secara rundingan terus dengan Rosoboronexport, syarikat milik negara Russia.

Rundingan terus ini adalah selari dengan dasar negara Rusia dan negara-negara lain yang mempunyai polisi bagi mengawasi penjualan peralatan ketenteraan keluaran syarikat negara masing-masing agar tidak terlepas kepada pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Berdasarkan senario tersebut, semua kontrak-kontrak perolehan peralatan pertahanan ditandatangani oleh wakil Kementerian Pertahanan bagi pihak Kerajaan Malaysia dengan syarikat-syarikat Principal negara asing, termasuk dalam soal pembelian pesawat Sukhoi. Perolehan pesawat ini juga mematuhi Tatacara Perlaksanaan Kontrak-Kontrak Perolehan Peralatan Pertahanan Negara.

Dalam soal pembelian pesawat Sukhoi, syarikat Rosboronexport telah melantik sebuah syarikat tempatan untuk memudahkan urusan mereka di negara ini. Justeru, Kementerian ingin menegaskan bahawa sebarang urusan perniagaan antara Rosboronexport dan syarikat tempatan yang dilantik adalah merupakan urusan perniagaan biasa semata-mata dan sama sekali tidak melibatkan Kerajaan Malaysia.

Dengan penjelasan ini, maka Kementerian Pertahanan berharap agar semua pihak memahami keadaan sebenar dan tidak lagi mengeluarkan kenyataan-kenyataan yang mengelirukan dan boleh menimbulkan persepsi negatif terhadap Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, Kementerian Pertahanan dan Kerajaan Malaysia.

Cawangan Perhubungan Awam
Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur
26 April 2007


RPK made serious allegations and he must own up to his actions!

RPK at court before being formally charged for sedition.

My friend Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) has been charged for publishing a seditious article titled "Let's send ther Altantuya murderers to hell", which appeared on April 25, which allegedly implicated Deputy Prime Minister Minister Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in the death of Altantuya Shaariibu, now these are very serious allegations.
It is a damning article out to tarnish, destroy and malign an image of a senior Umno politician and who, for all intent and purposes, is also a designated Prime Minister of the country. Najib probably had no choice, but to reply and he did this via his his press secretary Tengku Shariffuddin, which RPK , through his website Malaysia Today, published. Then Rosmah was asked by reporters at a function and she had no choice but to comment on the serious allegation that she might be involved in a murder, for heaven sake! She, after all these years, since 2002, probably had enough but had to rebut RPK's malicious article. My contention is why didn't the police and the Home Affairs Minis also try to rebut RPK's allegations this time through the media also read here, be it electronic or print media. But instead RPK was called and interrogated by the police and later charged for sedition.
Then there is this wild story going around saying Najib had "abused" his position and had asked the police to arrest RPK over the allegations. It is not as easy as that. As a Malaysian, I demand the police to come out and give a press statement to say that is not true, and that the Police acted on its own without being coerced or prompted by anyone. As a citizen I also demand the police to come out with this statement otherwise RPK's accusations and public perception that Najib has abused his power to get back at RPK forever may be made believable!

I also took the liberty to again reprint the sentences which are parts of the said article written by RPK and the charges made against him were based on these damning sentences. I hope you all can make up your own mind on the matter! On what RPK said about the police is now being accessed by the whole world that our police force is in the habit of killing innocent citizen, as what his article implies, and for his wife to call all Malay as pigs (that is how I saw it written) and that the Prime Minister is hiding something so serious as he was made to "hide" certain evidence implicating his deputy in the death of this unfortunate Mongolian girl then implying the prime minister is an accessory to murder! My friend these are indeed serious allegations being made!


Paragraphs and sentences from the said article "Let's the send Altantuya Murderers to Hell" that led to RPK being charged for Sedition.

"The next point is about where Altantuya’s remains were found, which was deep in the jungles. The three accused deny killing Altantuya yet the police knew exactly where to go to look for the remains. How did the police know where to go when the three denied killing her? Did they use a bomoh? Was there an informer? No, the police just happen to know that deep in the jungles they would find Altantuya’s remains without anyone having to tell them.
It makes one wonder whether the police knew where to go because it is a ‘gazetted dumpsite’ where all ‘bumped off’ people are disposed. Does this then mean that the two police officers on trial alongside Razak are police hit men whose job it is to bump people off and then get rid of their bodies at that site where they retrieved Altantuya’s remains? This, of course, remains mere speculation but there is certainly cause for speculation and the evidence all seem to point to this assumption.
The whispering amongst those who walk in the corridors of power is that when they went to the ‘dump site’ they retrieved the remains of many others as well. Some say it was the remains of seven people and others say nine. So Altantuya was not the first. There were many others before this, almost ten judging by the remains.
This, of course, has never been made public and probably never will. So, until it is, we must assume that the ‘whispering’ is unfounded. But then, what about Razak’s Affidavit we talked about earlier, which stated that the police officer had admitted to killing six people before this. This would then make Altantuya the seventh victim. Against this backdrop, the ‘whispering’ about the police retrieving the remains of seven or nine people begins to sound like very loud whispers.

Rumour has it, and it remains just that, a rumour, is that all this ‘evidence’ has been given to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Okay, maybe Abdullah is using this information to keep Najib in line -- which appears to be working seeing that he is constantly licking Abdullah’s hand. But this is not about politics and should not be dealt as such. This is about the Prime Minister of Malaysia withholding crucial evidence in a murder trial. Abdullah is an accessory to murder and burying evidence that will affect the outcome of the trial and interfere in seeing justice done renders Abdullah as guilty as those currently on trial and those who also should be on trial but are not.

“Even pigs can be cute,” my wife who was driving the car butted in and I repeated what she said. “Yes, even pigs are cute. These people are not even the same level as pigs. They are lower than pigs. Melayu babi, the whole lot of them.”

Monday, May 05, 2008

Can the real Anwar Ibrahim please stand up! Huh! Even he doesn't know it!

(make your own caption in your mind or just post me what a good caption for the picture above)

I took the liberty to copy and paste JebatMustDie blogsite on "there is something about Anwar alright" read it digest it and don't just be memBABI buta and hasty with any decision you make on anyone!


"We shall start off with this pantun;

“Angkut angkut terbang ke langit,
sampai di langit dimakan merbah,
biar bertangkup bumi dan langit,
setia hamba tidak berubah.”

Those were the words of an Umno Deputy President during an Umno General Assembly in the not too distant past. During the good old days some would have reckoned. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim verbalized his undivided loyalty towards his mentor, Datuk Seri (now Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad by reciting this pantun at the end of the Umno General Assembly in 1996. The affection being shown at that time by the PM towards his successor was for all to see. Only the most clairvoyant among us can predict what could have been unfold in the next two years after the pantun was recited and immortalized in the annals of Umno history.

“The prodigal son and the father figure”

This fiery pantun, which embodied an absolute and undying loyalty of a man towards his President no matter what may come, had been truly forgotten by Anwar Ibrahim as he became the fiercest critic to the very same person he held in very high regard several years ago.

In 1996, Anwar was seen as Umno’s heir apparent to Dr Mahathir. Now, in 2008, Anwar is still perceived as heir apparent and prime minister in waiting to the current PM albeit from another political party. Who is Anwar Ibrahim? How did he came about to be what he is today? A political reformer? The people’s saviour? An opportunist? A power hungry extremist?

In order to know a person, we need to know his character, his current idealogy, his belief system, his principles or as some may say it, his ‘centre of being’. We study this, and then we reflect on all his actions through the years we’ve known him during the height of his power, and only then we can gauge what kind of a man he is. As what Abraham Lincoln once said - “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”.

Read the above pantun again. Has the earth and the sky flipped over each other?

From his May 2007 interview in BBC’s Hardtalk, we delve into the man which some touted as the next best thing in Malaysia.

The Anwar Ibrahim interview in BBC HardTalk

The issue which was relentlessly hammered on to Anwar towards the end of the interview was his integrity and credibility in leading the fight against the blatant corruption within the Malaysian Government. As the interviewer pointed out, he was in the system itself for nearly 2 decades and did not do anything about it. Although Anwar insisted he fought against the tide, it were only in the forms of words. No actions were done by him. In fact, his tenure as the Finance Minister from 1991 to 1998 was best remembered by his subtle manouevring in forcing Dr Mahathir to resign as Prime Minister in the Umno General Assembly in 1998.

His message was conveyed in the form of his trusted lieutenant, Datuk Zahid Hamidi, the Umno Youth Chief at the time. Alleging that cronyism and nepotism were prevalent within the Umno top hierarchy, and insinuating to the Umno members that Dr Mahathir had too many cronies, it was time Dr Mahathir to pass on the mantle of power to a cleaner leader. However, the plan backfired. We can read to remember about this revelation in Business Times ( 23 June 1998 );

DATUK Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Umno Youth chief, caused more than a bit of a stir when he spoke of `nepotisma and kronisma’ at the Youth assembly last Thursday, forcing the ensuing three-day Umno general assembly to debate issues associated with these alien terms openly.

The party found itself on the defensive because, as a member of the Umno supreme council, there were questions as to whether Zahid had raised the issues at its meetings chaired by the party president. It led to several significant things happening during the assembly.

It prompted the Government to issue several lists of names of so-called “Government cronies” who had been awarded shares or privatization projects. They included the Prime Minister’s son, the Deputy Prime Minister’s father and brother, Cabinet ministers and members of parliament, aside from hundreds of other names of “ordinary” Malays and Bumiputeras. Even Zahid’s name was in one of the lists.

The finality of the findings destroyed Anwar’s reputation as the leading reformer of clean governance as more evidence of his excesses were exposed that year. One such excesses was the purported loss of billions of ringgit in currency hedging by Bank Negara Malaysia. In January 2008, Dr Mahathir had already toying with the idea of capital controls but was shot down by Anwar. He favours the more risky currency trading. As the result, when the ringgit devalued further that month, he directed BNM to intervene;

KUALA LUMPUR 5 Jan. - Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) dibenarkan untuk campur tangan dalam pasaran tukaran wang asing bagi memastikan nilai ringgit dapat distabilkan.

Anwar yang mengulas mengenai kejatuhan ringgit hari ini yang mencapai paras terendahnya 4.0550/50 berbanding dolar Amerika, menegaskan BNM boleh campur tangan sekiranya keadaan itu sangat diperlukan.

Dalam hubungan ini Anwar menegaskan, kejatuhan ringgit sebenarnya disebabkan oleh beberapa faktor serantau seperti nilai baht, peso, rupiah dan won (Korea Selatan).

Please note that he stated the ringgit value fell due to external factors. Not due to Dr Mahathir’s fault as he had always screamed after he was sacked from the cabinet. Two days after making the statement above, the BNM used billions of ringgit to stop the further slide as stated in the report below;

KUALA LUMPUR 7 Jan. - Ringgit menjunam ke paras paling rendah terbaru pada 4.8800 berbanding dolar Amerika sehingga terpaksa dipulihkan hari ini melalui campur tangan Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, dalam satu kenyataan petang ini berkata, ”operasi-operasi campur tangan” telah dijalankan untuk memastikan keadaan stabil bagi membolehkan pasaran tukaran asing berjalan dengan cekap.

In the end, BNM lost billions as the ringgit sank further. Some speculated the loss reached up to RM30 billion ringgit, similar to the loss he was accountable in 1993. Obviously, Dr Mahathir was furious. Anwar’s mistake was intolerable. But his next action in the coming weeks was even more unforgivable by Dr Mahathir. Anwar had invited the IMF to ‘help’ Malaysia’s ailing economy and the recent loss of wealth.

KUALA LUMPUR 9 Jan. - Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim telah mengundang Pengarah Urusan Dana Kewangan Antarabangsa (IMF), Michel Camdessus melawat negara ini minggu depan bagi membincangkan masalah ekonomi yang sedang melanda rantau ini.

”Dari situ kita dapat melihat pandangannya serta langkah-langkah proaktif yang sesuai untuk kita ambil,” kata beliau pada sidang akhbar selepas mempengerusikan Mesyuarat Majlis Kewangan Negara 1998 di Kementerian Kewangan hari ini.

As the result of IMF’s prescription, the economy and people’s purchasing power broke down. The IMF encouraged the Minister of Finance to lift the prices of controlled food items and increase the banking interest rates. Dr Mahathir was wary with the IMF’s prescription. The people in our neighbouring countries Indonesia and Thailand were already rioting due to the expensive cost of living.

KUALA LUMPUR 19 Jan. - Malaysia akan mengkaji cadangan Dana Kewangan Antarabangsa (IMF) supaya kadar faedah tempatan dinaikkan, kata Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad hari ini.

Cadangan itu dikemukakan oleh Pengarah Urusan IMF, Michel Camdessus selepas menemui Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim serta pegawai-pegawai Perbendaharaan dan Bank Negara di sini minggu lepas.

But Anwar was adamant. He needed the people to riot on the streets. President Soehatro was already shaky. A new leader was needed to take over this country. He was going to blackmail Malaysia to become the next prime minister through the use of the destructive IMF treatment. In the end, the interest rates were increased. Some was as high as 18%. The non performing loan criteria was shortened from 6 months to 3 months. As the result, the credit crunch in the country was inevitable. By May 1998, President Soeharto resigned. But Indonesia sank further in oblivion for many years after that.

“The leader whom had unified Indonesia as the biggest Muslim country in the world, was brought down by new type of colonialism”

Seeing Anwar was unable to lift Malaysia from the currency crisis, Dr Mahathir appointed the more able Tun Daim Zainuddin as the Minister of Special Functions to help alleviate the Malaysian economy. Anwar was sidelined due to his culpability in managing the country finances. To illustrate this point into perspective, a CFO of a company must surely be sacked if he runs the company to the ground with his reckless methods. That was what happened to Anwar Ibrahim. But Dr Mahathir was still magnanimous in his actions. He was willing to forgive and forget if Anwar would simply lay low for a little while. But matters were not easily understood by Anwar.

Compounded further was the allegations in a DAP convention by Karpal Singh and poison pen letters in the Umno General Assembly that Anwar Ibrahim was a homosexual. Karpal had even asked Dr Mahathir why is he keeping such minister in the cabinet. Dr Mahathir brushed aside these allegations initially.

As a desperate act, Anwar employed a machiavellian tactic by using Zahid Hamidi as a tool to incite hatred towards Dr Mahathir in the Umno General Assembly in June 1998. The rest as they say, is history.

In the recent interview with BBC HardTalk, Dr Mahathir mentioned that Anwar was blackmailing VK Lingam via the secret recordings made in 2001. The allegations of fixing the appointment of top judges in the country is not relevant to me. What is more telling was the act of blackmailing VK Lingam itself. The one that was taking the recording was non other than Loh Gwo Burne.

This political greenhorn, who is still learning to speak proper Bahasa Malaysia, became the MP of Kelana Jaya under the PKR ticket in 2008 general election. Although Gwo Burne stated that he recorded the conversation out of boredom, it was a full 14 minutes recording nevertheless. He could test his new found camera at the time to record everything else, but he chose to record VK Lingam’s conversation non stop for the whole 14 minutes. Furthermore, what astonished me was the fact that Anwar kept the original copy all this while. How did he get the copy? From Gwo Burne himself no doubt.

Now, Gwo Burne is offering his seat for Anwar to contest in the possible by-election. That whole event was suspiciously conspired by Anwar. If blackmailing is Anwar’s modus operandi in obtaining power and gaining political mileage, we will see another round of surrendering our sovereignty to foreign powers.

“Picture says a thousand words”

When he was inside the government, this was what he had to say;

BUKIT MERTAJAM 1 Feb. - Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menolak tanggapan sesetengah pemerhati Barat bahawa kemelut ekonomi dan krisis mata wang di negara-negara Asia disebabkan oleh pengurusan yang lembap, rasuah dan pelbagai gejala negatif lain.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri berkata, mereka memberi gambaran seolah-olah ekonomi terjejas kerana pengurusan yang lembap, gejala rasuah dan pertimbangan semata-mata untuk suku sakat serta kepentingan sahabat handai dan keluarga.

Anwar yang juga Menteri Kewangan berkata, kepincangan dan ketidakadilan juga berlaku di Barat dan salah satunya ialah ketidakadilan sistem perdagangan dunia.

”Sistem perdagangan dunia memberi kepentingan kepada negara-negara kaya dan negara-negara industri dan pada masa yang sama menggunakan institusi antarabangsa mempertahankan kepentingan mereka,” katanya lagi yang menganggap dakwaan yang dibuat amat kritikal.

But he changed his tune when he was booted out from the government. The man whom everyone in the Pakatan Rakyat idolizes as the only clean and liberally democratic politician, has always been the main protagonist of anti cronyism and nepotisme slogans after his sacking. But people forget that underneath the seemingly clean image lies several issues contradicting and plaguing his reputation. As per the news in Berita Harian ( 8 December 1998 );

Bapa Anwar miliki saham 20 syarikat
KUALA LUMPUR, Isnin - Ketika Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan pengikutnya menuduh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, mengamalkan kronisme, nepotisme dan kolusi, bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu membisu terhadap kepentingan perniagaan keluarga dan rakan rapatnya. Senarai Pendaftar Syarikat menunjukkan anggota keluarga Anwar dan rakan rapatnya adalah peneraju korporat yang penting.

And another speech he made in 1995 which greatly mirrored the situation in Pakatan Rakyat now;

Anwar seru rakyat tolak Pas
HULU TERENGGANU, Selasa - Rakyat diminta menolak Pas kerana bersandiwara kononnya memperjuangkan kepentingan umat dan syiar Islam sedangkan pada masa sama membantu DAP melenyapkan kepentingan serta masa depan orang Melayu di Pulau Pinang, kata Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Timbalan Perdana Menteri menegaskan, sebagai contoh beliau mempunyai bukti bahawa calon DAP yang bertanding menentangnya bagi kerusi Parlimen Permatang Pauh, Abdul Raman Manap, adalah Timbalan Yang Dipertua Pas Bukit Mertajam.

Credibility and integrity throughout a political career is paramount in becoming a great and respected leader. Inconsistency in political principles tantamounts to losing both credibility and integrity. Anwar Ibrahim has not properly addressed this. Changing his stand without proper explanation and not supplementing any evidence towards any doubts about his own inconsistent character will prove to be a bane in gaining confidence from the rest of the nation.

As Stephen Covey once said - “In the last analysis, what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do”.

A political reformer? The people’s saviour? An opportunist? A power hungry extremist?

You be the judge."

Thank you JMD!