Sunday, August 31, 2008

The difference between a guest and the to speak!Yes this is about Malaysia!

Malay Kingdom have been trading with others since time immemorial!

Let me quote Datuk Dr Hassan Ahmad, chief executive of Yayasan Karyawan, he was also the former Malaysia permanent representative at the UNESCO and former director-general of DBP.
He said in an issue of a Malay magazine Dewan Masyarakat, that "Bangsa Melayu has always been the "tuan" in Tanah Melayu since centuries ago. "Just as the Chinese, Indian, Japanese and the Germans, in theirs," he added.
Actually the issue of Malay sovereignty and Malay supremacy in the country has never been an issue or being questioned in the past. The problem lies when some one or a group of people who try to equate the Malay sovereignty and supremacy, in a political context, as a a pro-Malay policy.
It must be reminded that a major race, that is the owner of the country or the "host", has two distinctive characters: one, is that they are the owner or a host of that particular country, and second, as a majority they have the right to determine their fate or future based on what they want for themselves, without interference or having to listen to the whims and fancies of other races who came and decided to make the country home, or having to listen to what other countries have to dictate to tell us what to do.
"Tuan rumah" the host, in this case the Malays, are not of the same status as the "orang pendatang", or those who came from other region or plain, or country to settle here.
It must be remembered by everyone that the Malay supremacy int his country is related very closely with the concept of Malay sovereignty.
One must remember that one of the most important character of that particular race is that it is a sovereign race it has a country and a government of its own.
The Malays have their own governance since the beginning of the Kerajaan Melayu-Srivijaya in Palembang, from 7th to 12th century. Then the Malay government of Melayu-Islam Samudera-Pasai from 13th century in Acheh and the rest of the Malay Peninsular until the 15th century in Malacca. Followed by the government of Johor-Riau that later on to inherit the Melayu-Malacca government.
The Malays must not fall to trap into believing that the Malay government is only 50 years old, the assumption when the British gave us our "freedom" after colonising us for a while. No sir! I do not and cannot accept that they, the Malays, have been an entity only after 50 years, I as a person cannot accept 31st of August as the day of Independence for the Malays!
In the final analysis, this is a Malay country and we are sharing it with the rest but they must abide to a majority rule. If the non-Malays feel that they have been treated as a second class citizen they must have their heads check.

P.S. I can also be as racist as the next racist and this is my point. This is very important for all the bleeding heart liberal Malaysians out there to remember, Malays included, not to stir up a hornet's nest we can get stung!

Friday, August 29, 2008

While we are bickering...our natural resources are plundered our territory gobbled!

Iskandar Development Region (IDR) is sitting on top of the world biggest underground water reserve!

If Singapore is sitting a majority stake holder at IDR we can safely say it will control the underground reserve!

It is not about developing the area as a regional economic hub but about siphoning our precious natural resources and we are so stupid not to know!

The map courtesy of the above.

Yes water water everywhere, the blue areas indicate underground water and we are so moronic not to know that it will be taken away from us!

Remember the movie Chinatown starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway? The story is about the siphoning of underground water from one area to another in California and many got killed in that movie.
Stealing water has been going on since time immemorial and only Malaysia is not aware that we are being taken in by a big "con-job" to steal our underground precious resources.
Did you know that Malaysia is the second country in the world with the most underground water resources that can last for hundreds of years? And a country in South America is the first with the most.
Now why is this important? Well next to fossil fuel, water can just be the next reason for a country to be invaded and our neighbour from the south is ever ready to that. In fact they have set up a plan! Did you know that Johore's commercially and economically strategic Iskandar Development Region will sit on top of a big mass of land that belong to Malaysia that have the biggest, yes he BIGGEST mother lode of precious underground water and we are oblivious to it, that is because the Malay regime is not capable ofl ooking 100 steps ahead nor is it capable of looking at things three dimensionally, in other words the Malay regime is not equipped to act and behave retroactively for the sake of the interest of the country.
We have lost Pedra Branca because of our incompetency and we are about to have a major scuffle with Singapore over Pulau Pisang. Never mind that!
Just consider this, if Iskandar Development Region is going to be controlled by Singapore rest assured our underground water resources will be siphon out without our great Umno leader knowing it, all these leaders see is money like prostitutes who can only see the RM sign on their potential customers.
A very classified map that I came across will show you that what Singapore wants is just our natural resources, bad enough we have to supply them with ground water and now they have a potential of invading this country over this precious natural resources, the H2O!
We have the power to stop southern Johore from being sold to others, because if they have it there is no stopping of them siphoning our water into the republic.
Think and stop the bickering!
We are tired of it!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Permatang Pauh Post-mortem...Makhlok Perosak Abdullah Ahmad Badawi harus meletak jawatan sekarang!

Makhlok Perosak Satu!

Makhlok Perosak Dua!

Kesimpulan nya kekalahan Umno-BN di Permatamg Pauh ada lah dengan secara jelas nya di sebabkan oleh makhlok perosak di dalam Umno sendiri, di sebab kan duri dalam daging di dalam parti itu, dan juga disebabkan oleh kebingungan Bangsa Melayu kunu di sana yang masih rela di-belenggukan oleh Saudara Anwar Bin Ibrahim (SABI).
Maalumat di terima bahawa banyak ahli Umno sendiri yang memangkah pembangkang dan di perhatikan banyak bilik gerakan BN-Umno yang senantiasa kosong di waktu tiga empat hari sabelum mengundi.
Maalumat diterima juga membuat kesimpulan bahawa banyak cawangan Umno di PP telah di nodai oleh SABI untuk memaling tadah dan memangkah pembangkang tanpa keluar dari Umno
Sekarang kita ada dua makhlok perosak Umno dan kepada Bangsa Melayu, dan mereka ini kesemua nya berasal dari negeri Pulau Pinang, satu Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan Anwar Ibrahim. Mereka berdua ini harus di hapuskan!
Harus di ingatkan bahawa Pulau Pinang, negeri perdana menteri sendiri, sekarang ini telah tumpas dan jatuh ketangan pemimpin chauvinis Cina DAP, di bawah kepimpinan Lim Guan Eng, anak chauvinis Cina Besar di negeri ini ia itu setia-usaha agung DAP Lim Kit Siang.
Kemana hala tuju Umno, BN dan bangsa Melayu sekarang? Jelas sekali bagi saya sebagai Bangsa Melayu yang masih mahukan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi meletak jawatan sebagai perdana menteri Malaysia bagi menyelamatkan dan mengekal kan negeri ini supaya masih senantiasa tetap ujud sebagai negara majmuk, dan multi-racial yang tulin.
Saya tidak yakin negara ini di bawah Pakatan Rakyat di bawan naungan SABI (atau BABI dalam bahasa Ingeris) dan di pelopori oleh ahli politik saperti Gopalakrishnan, Tian Chua, Sivarasa, Gwo Burne, Mahfuz Omar dan lain lain makhlok perosak kecilan, yang tidak boleh menjamin masa depan cucu cicit say tanpa sindiran, kecil mengecilkan bangsa saya dan kutukan yang halusyang saperti mana sedang di alami olehBangsa Meayu di Singapura dan Pulau Pinang pada masa sekarang ini!
Justeru, Umno dan BN harus mengubah sikap yang angkuh bila memerintah, untuk bersedia memperendah kan diri dan jangan lah bersikap angkuh saperti Nazri Aziz, sebagai contoh, supaya rakyat kaum Melayu, khusus nya tidak meluat dengan sifat saperti ini hingga rela membunuh diri dengan menyokong pembangkang.
Bagi langkah pertama Ahli Majlis Tertinggi, yang sekarang tidak tinggi lagi, harus membuat kata sepakat dan sebulat suara bagi menekan supaya Abdullah Ahmad Badawi untuk meletak kan jawatan sekarang bagi menyalamat kan negara dari yang terus di rosakkan dan di hancurkan jika tidak. Ambil lah keluhan ini sebagai renungan kepada semu!
Langkah kedua, pemimpin Umno jangan lah meneruskan dengan sikap bahawasanya orang Melayu, khusus nya, tidak pandai meluahkan perasaan. Jangan lupa orang Melayu senang mengamok dan hilang akan hingga membuat sasuatu kemudian menyesal. Tafakur lah sekarang peminpin Umno yang sayang kan Bangsa, JANGAN ANGKUH LAGI!

Hidup Melayu, Hidup Bangsa Rakyat Majmuk Malaysia! Mari kita hapuskan makhlok perosak negara sekarang bukan esok!

Monday, August 25, 2008

At first it was insinuated that he was involved in a murder and now he is a practising Hindu! WHAT'S NEXT!

Kasihan BABI sungguh terdesak/ So sad for BABI for he appears to be very desperate!

At a press conference at his headquarters at Permatang Pauh, BABI told a group of journalists Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak a practising Hindu. He is telling the voters of Permatang Pauh that Najib's swearing upon the Holy Koran at a mosque is invalid because he (Najib) is a Hindu!

You know what you can believe BABI for all I care but the way I see it he is a desperate man hanging on dear life on few of the lies that he still holds, sad so very sad!

Frankly I cannot take this pathetic attempt by BABI in his futile attempt to convince voters that he is clean why he did not himself swear on a Holy Koran that he is not a sodomite, anymore. BABI said the proof Najib a Hindu is based on a Statutory Declaration made by an Indian driver who knew for a "fact" Najib is a practising Hindu.

Below is the extract from AGENDADAILY:

Demi politik....Anwar fitnah Najib amal agama Hindu

Demi politik tergamak Anwar fitnah Najib amal acara keagamaan Hindu…. Calon Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim hari Isnin membuat fitnah terbaru terhdap Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak mengamalkan acara kegamaan Hindu.

Pada sidang media di pejabat Yayasan Aman, bilik gerakan PKR di Permatang Pauh, Anwar membuat fitnah terbaru itu sebagai menjawab desakan kenapa beliau tidak mahu bersumpah mengikut cara Islam bagi membersihkan dirinya daripada dakwaan meliwat bekas pembantunya Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

“Najib angkat sumpah (merujuk kepada sumpah Najib di Masjid Guar Perahu, Jumaat malam) esok dia pergi sumpah Hindu dia pulak…adakah lusa dia nak pergi masjid lain angkat sumpah nak betulkan sumpah Hindu dia tu pula,” katanya.

Beliau dipercayai merujuk mengenai Hindu itu berdasarkan penyiaran akuan bersumpah seorang lelaki India beragama Hindu oleh pengendali laman web Malaysia Today, Raja Petra Kamaruddin yang menuduh Najib mengamalkan upacara sembayang mengikut agama Hindu.

Dalam akuan bersumpah itu, Najib didakwa membawa seorang sami Hindu ke rumahnya setiap bulan bagi mengadakan acara sembahyang mengikut cara Hindu dengan duduk di hadapan api serta menggunakan segala peralatan acara keagamaan itu.

Fitnah terbaru Anwar itu dilihat sebagai usaha beliau untuk mengalihkan perhatian daripada isu sebenar yang dihadapinya. Antara isu yang dihadapi Anwar ialah desakan agar beliau bersumpah bagi membersihkan dirinya dalam isu liwat. Kedua, desakan agar beliau memberisihkan namanya ekoran pendedahan teman karibnya, Datuk S Nallakarupan bahawa Anwar menerima wang daripada syarikat judi 4-nombor ekor, Magnum Corporation.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Najib is not a Hindu but a Jew, possibly a Zoroaster! And BABI has a selective memory syndrome! A sickness!

Rabbi Weiss, if I tell you he is a good friend of Najib you have to believe me, right?

*news break*
I am going to make a Statutory Declaratiuon to say Najib is not a Hindu but in fact a Zoroaster, or may be even a Jew. I am sure what ever that I write in my SD you will have to believe after all it is a Statutory Declaration, therefore you must believe, you must!

We all know BABI has a lot of cronies when he was in power. When he challenged and accused Dr M for practicing cronyism, Dr M came out with a list who were BABI's cronies, which included his father and brothers and many more.
And yet he declared openly to challenge to anyone to come out with a list of his cronies but this weak government could not respond quick enough with a list that appeared in 1998 where he had awarded many big fat contracts to his friends. His list of cronies can easily be retrieved from he NST archived
BABI also wants to expose PD, a place where Najib allegedly was caught with a certain female personality. But if this government care about Najib, it would have exposed who was the real Najib who was arrested for close proximity. There was a Najib then who was arrested but he was a son of a policeman.
As for BABI harassing a politician's wife, all we have to do is for the police to come out with the recorded telephone conversation where BABI making sexual advances to this politicians wife! The circulated ti around! My question is why are these things not done? The answer is even within Umno and the government that there are people who want Najib to stumble and fall and to break his political nose.
There are so man y things that the government can do to counter BABI's allegations but yet they are not done, and it makes me wonder! As for you Najib just fight your own battle with people who are still loyal and that are close to you now, for you cannot expect more than that from the rest of the morons!
BABI's game is very simple, all he has to do is just to lie to the people because he has always assume the Malays, especially, will always believe him and he is doing it again and he will do it as long as he lives. Why if you may ask? That is the nature of the beast! For BABI he is not capable of telling what is real and what is fantasy! He suffering from a selective memory syndrome, ask him if he is a sodomite he will selectively tell yoiu "Of course not!" Convincingly!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

What more can a man do, and who else is going to swear in God's name!

Let us now see the evil reincarnate (on the right without the songkok) do the same!

In the NST today:

I never knew Altantuya, swears Najib

BUTTERWORTH: Datuk Seri Najib Razak last night publicly swore according to Islam at Masjid Jamek Guar Perahu that he never knew murdered Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, nor had anything to do with her.
The deputy prime minister said: "Even though this is not an official oath on the Quran: Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi, I never knew nor had anything to do with the Mongolian woman Altantuya (Shariibuu)."

Najib said he did not know if anybody else wanted to swear, but "I know I did no wrong. This is between me and God". Read more here....

It was a repeat of the oath he had taken at an Umno closed-door meeting earlier.

Najib's oath was backed up by honorary consul-general for Mongolia in Malaysia, Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi, who was also at the mosque.
Syed Abdul Rahman said the claims of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin and private investigator P. Balasubramaniam that Najib knew Altantuya were nothing more than lies.

Syed Abdul Rahman said he had been the first Malaysian to be informed by police of Altantuya's murder and the first to go to Mongolia, where he opened a safe containing her documents.

"There was not one document, nor picture or video involving Najib (in the safe)," Syed Abdul Rahman said.


Friday, August 22, 2008

On May 16th, 2008 Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim visited his friend, Asghar Ali Engineer, in Mumbai....!

BABI has many Shiite intellectual as friends that makes me wonder whether he is a closet Shiite. His top Shiite intellectual Asghar Ali, below, subscribes to woman solemnizing Muslim marriages, does this mean BABI also bend on this same thinking for Malaysia!

A good friend of BABI, Asghar Ali Engineer a prominent Shiite intellectual from India who subscribes to a woman kadi that can solemnised muslim marriages.

On page 14 of Utusan Malaysia forum page today (22/08/08), a reader wrote to the paper questioning Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's (BABI) relationship with a top Shiite Indian muslim intellectual Asghar Ali who promotes a Muslim marriage that can be solemnised by a woman kadi. The question is why did BABI accepted an invitation to give a talk at Asghar Ali's Institute of Islamic Studies and Centre for Society and Secularism in Mumbai, India that was attended by many Shiite intellectuals. My question is does BABI subscribes to Asghar Ali's philosophy? If not why did he accepted the invitation or is he secretly a Shiite himself, and we want these questions answered if he aspires to become a leader that will lead millions of Sunni muslims in this country.


Republished with permission. Below is the letter, sent by a reader Anuar to Utusan Malaysia on page 14, today, on 22/10/2008.

Siapa Anwar, siapa Asghar Ali?

KERATAN akhbar Mail Today pada 13 Ogos 2008.

SEBUAH akhbar harian di India, Mail Today bertarikh 13 Ogos 2008 telah menyiarkan berita bergambar mengenai pernikahan pasangan Islam yang dilaksanakan oleh seorang kadi wanita dengan empat wanita sebagai saksi.

Pernikahan itu terlebih dahulu mendapat pandangan daripada beberapa orang yang mendakwa sebagai intelek Islam India termasuk Asghar Ali Engineer yang membenarkan pernikahan seperti itu.

Oleh kerana pernikahan itu bertentangan dengan ajaran Islam sebenar maka timbul persoalan siapa Asghar Ali? Apa fahamannya?

Dan turut menimbulkan persoalan ialah apa pula hubungan Asghar Ali dengan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim?

Sebagai bukti, pada 16 Mei 2008, Anwar telah dijemput oleh Asghar Ali untuk memberi syarahan di Institut Pengajian Islam dan Pusat Masyarakat dan Sekularisme di Mumbai India.

Syarahan oleh Anwar itu dihadiri kira-kira 50 orang tetamu.

Kehadiran Anwar atas jemputan Asghar Ali dianggap sebagai rakan baik dan mereka mempunyai hubungan rapat.

Hanya orang yang mempunyai hubungan rapat sahaja dijemput memberi syarahan itu. Dalam hal ini, Anwar dilihat sebagai rakan baik Asghar Ali.

Timbul persoalan mengapa Anwar dijemput dan apakah FAHAMAN dan PENDIRIAN sebenar bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu terhadap pegangan agama Asghar Ali yang membenarkan pernikahan sedemikian.

Asghar Ali memperlihatkan fahaman amat berbeza terhadap perkara-perkara yang dibenarkan oleh Islam.

Berdasarkan artikel yang ditulis oleh Asghar Ali berjudul 'What I Believe', beliau antara lain menyatakan:

''Saya berpegang kuat mempercayai bahawa setiap individu mempunyai hak untuk menukar agama mereka kepada agama lain tanpa sebarang halangan.''

Asghar Ali yang berasal dari masyarakat Bohra dan merupakan seorang pengikut Syiah, telah menulis lebih 40 buku.

Pada 2004, beliau telah dilucutkan jawatan sebagai Setiausaha Agung Lembaga Pusat Dawoodi Bohra kerana mengkritik pelaksanaan badan agama tersebut.

Persoalan kini timbul mengenai hubungan Asghar Ali dan Anwar hingga membolehkan Anwar menyampaikan syarahan atas jemputan Asghar Ali.

Memang kita sukar menjawab mengenai hubungan Asghar Ali dan Anwar, juga sukar untuk mengetahui pendirian Anwar dan hanya Allah SWT sahaja yang maha mengetahui.

Bagaimanapun, sebagai individu Islam yang dapat berfikir secara waras, apalah kiranya kita fikirkan sejenak mengenai pendirian sebenar Anwar yang berkawan dengan orang seperti Asghar Ali.

Saya juga ingin bertanya pada Anwar, apakah pendirian beliau mengenai pernikahan sedemikian.

Kenapa Anwar hadir memberi syarahan tersebut dan adakah ini menandakan sokongan beliau kepada Asghar Ali berhubung pernikahan itu?

Saya bimbang, jika Anwar ditakdirkan menjadi Perdana Menteri, dikhuatiri orang seperti Asghar Ali akan cuba mempromosikan pernikahan yang berlaku itu di negara ini.

Sebagai orang Islam, kita semua masih dapat menyelamatkan orang Melayu dan Islam di Malaysia sebelum terlambat.

Pada pembaca, saya minta fikirkan perkara ini. Pertimbangkan apa yang saya luahkan ini.

Pada masa sama untuk mengetahui siapa Asghar Ali, layari juga laman web atau


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No one is invincible in this country ...and he is a liar and is running on fumes!

Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat baruyang akan di ujudkan pada 16th September, 2008. Kerajaan ini akan di restui oleh Singapura adan Amerika Ayarikat that European Union!

Chinese Vercanular school, protected by the government but BABI refused to tabled such act to protect it, so go figure morons!

Future of the country is in fact protected by the present government, where BABI, when he had the power, refused to even consider other people's future!

Listen the good people of Malaysia!

When Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (B.A.B.I) was a Minister of Education, under Mahathir's regime, he refused to table an important Education Act that will protect vernacular schools, SJKC and SJKT, from being dismantled. Why, because he wanted to be popular with the Malays.
BABI refusal to do so had made the status of vernacular schools at that time to be in a state of constant limbo. Now get this, that is if you people are capable of thinking and using your grey matter matter (brain!).
That same Act was tabled by Dato's Sri Najib and since then the question of getting rid of vernacular schools doe not exist anymore. This is what made Malaysia a truly great country in this region where different races have their own schools using their own mother tongue, and being protected! Now where else!
Actually BABI, when he was a cabinet minister, wanted vernacular schools to be dismantled, and he has never been a protector vernacular schools.
Today, he is telling Malaysians, where stupid ones will believe him, that he wants to champion vernacular schools when the existing government has already done so. I don't know about you but BABI is speaking with forked tongue and he may just the biggest manipulator that this country has ever recorded.


If you have to cajole failed blind and former Indonesian president, who is not an ulama by the way, and fly him into the country on a private jet (whose jet I want to know!) to tell Malaysians BABI does not need to swear in the name of Allah, and if you have to pay former Canadian prime minister, and promised that stupid former US vice-president Al Gore that Malaysia will firmly be the US sphere of influence, and you refused to swear in the name of Allah that you are not a sodomite, we we have no choice but to brand you a selfish traitor and that you are a confirmed sodomiser and I would like to see you punish here on earth as soon as possible. This is a man who will have a pact with the Devil just so that he can become a prime minister, at all cost!

Cheers! Why not!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wawancara Najib dengan Mingguan Malaysia...Baca dan Teliti ..dan gunakan akal ye!

With permission from Mingguan Malaysia:

Tiada siapa ‘kebal’

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

Bermula semalam hingga 26 Ogos ini, kawasan Parlimen Permatang Pauh menjadi tumpuan arena politik negara.

Ini kerana di situlah akan berlangsung pilihan raya kecil yang dianggap paling sengit kerana bakal menyaksikan pertembungan antara Barisan Nasional (BN) yang diwakili oleh calonnya, Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah dengan Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Di atas kertas banyak pihak meramalkan BN akan menghadapi laluan sukar kerana Parlimen Permatang Pauh bukan sahaja kerusi lama Anwar malah ia dianggap kawasan `kebal’ untuk beliau.

Namun bagi Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak yang mengetuai jentera BN di sana, beliau bukan sahaja menolak persepsi ‘kekebalan’ itu malah melihat sesuatu yang dianggap mustahil boleh menjadi tidak mustahil.

Walaupun mengakui ia satu pertempuran yang sengit, Najib percaya BN yang akan turun sebagai `under dog’ mampu mencapai kejayaan melalui pelbagai strategi terutamanya memastikan ahli komponennya keluar mengundi pada 26 Ogos ini. Dalam pertemuan dengan wartawan Mingguan Malaysia, AZIZ ISHAK, HASSAN MOHD. NOOR, ZULKIFLEE BAKAR dan ROSNI HASSAN hampir sejam di pejabatnya di Putrajaya, Jumaat lalu, Najib turut mengulas mengenai langkah Anwar yang berusaha untuk menubuhkan kerajaan pada 16 September ini.

Menurut beliau, berikutan janji itulah Anwar kini dilihat terdesak kerana jika impian itu tidak tercapai ia akan menjejaskan kredibilitinya sebagai seorang pemimpin. ``Jika sampai kepada 16 September nanti, dia tidak menjadi Perdana Menteri ini akan menjadi satu tempelak yang besar kepada dia,’’ katanya yang kelihatan ceria sepanjang wawancara itu.

MINGGUAN: Apa pandangan Datuk Seri mengenai Pilihan raya kecil Permatang Pauh?

NAJIB: Ramai berkata BN menghadapi satu keadaan yang amat sukar di Permatang Pauh. Namun kita akan cuba menggerakkan jentera kita dengan penuh komitmen. Kita juga perlu mengambil kira apa kelebihan dan kekuatan yang ada pada BN. Selama ini bila kita mengkaji keadaan setempat di Permatang Pauh didapati kita tidak berjaya untuk menterjemahkan kekuatan BN kepada undi.

Saya berkata demikian kerana pertama, dari segi keahlian UMNO sahaja mempunyai 19,000 ahli yang boleh mengundi. Soalnya kenapa calon kita di peringkat Parlimen tidak boleh mendapat hampir 19,000 undi. Kedua, kita juga sedar bahawa keahlian parti -parti komponen BN lebih kurang 7,000 lagi, ini menjadikan dari segi keahlian BN mempunyai 26,000 orang. Ketiga, kalau kita dapat sebahagian besar undi daripada ahli kita sahaja, kita boleh mencapai kejayaan.

Kalau jentera parti bergerak, seorang dapat cari seorang lagi pengundi tentu kita akan mempunyai bilangan undi melepasi keperluan untuk menang. Jadi atas kertas, ada asas mengapa BN boleh menang, maknanya yang dikatakan mustahil boleh menjadi tidak mustahil, ertinya boleh berlaku di luar dugaan. Tugas kita ialah untuk memberi tumpuan kepada kekuatan ini. Kita mesti memastikan setiap pengundi BN dikesan, ditemui dan dihubungi untuk mengundi BN.

Bagaimana dengan faktor kekuatan dalaman UMNO itu sendiri?

NAJIB: Semua tahu bahawa ada konflik dalaman di UMNO bahagian Permatang Pauh berikutan perebutan jawatan Ketua bahagian yang setakat ini ada tiga calon bersaing. Ertinya ada tiga kumpulan dalam UMNO bahagian tersebut. Saya sudah berjumpa mereka dan mereka telah memberi perakuan akan ketepikan pemilihan dalam UMNO dan menjadikan pilihan raya kecil ini sebagai fokus. Mereka juga berjanji tidak akan membenarkan perbezaan pendapat dalam parti menyebabkan mereka tidak menyokong calon BN atau lebih buruk daripada itu menjadi dalang dengan mengarahkan penyokong masing-masing memberi sokongan kepada calon PKR.

Jadi saya bercakap terus-terang bahawa jika ini berlaku, BN dan UMNO akan kalah. Mereka juga mesti sedar bahawa kita akan berada di situ dan kawasan itu akan menjadi tumpuan semua pemimpin atasan termasuk Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Oleh itu mereka perlu menunjukkan bukan sahaja kepimpinan yang baik dan berkesan tetapi kesetiaan mereka dan penyokong-penyokong mereka kepada BN akan diuji.

Apa pandangan Datuk Seri berhubung budaya meletakkan jawatan wakil rakyat bagi memberi laluan kepada orang lain bertanding?

NAJIB: Ia sebenarnya tidak perlu kerana menyusahkan pengundi dan semua pihak serta membazirkan masa kita untuk pentadbiran. Ini kerana kita harus turun ke bawah berkempen dan akhirnya ia tidak mengubah apa-apa. Kalau di Permatang Pauh ini ia hanya ada dua keputusan sama ada kekal status quo atau BN menambah lagi satu kerusi, itu sahaja. Bila kita pilih seseorang menjadi wakil rakyat kita mahu dia berkhidmat selama lima tahun atau satu penggal bukan selepas lima bulan meletak jawatan. Ini sesuatu yang tidak sepatutnya berlaku dan tidak adil kepada pengundi.

Datuk Seri pernah menyatakan bahawa pilihan raya kecil ini adalah pertempuran kecil sebelum ‘peperangan besar’ bagi Pilihan Raya Umum Ke -13, apa maksudnya?

NAJIB: Pembentukan kerajaan hanya berlaku semasa pilihan raya umum melainkan ada sesuatu yang luar biasa berlaku tetapi insya-Allah tidak ada tanda-tanda tersebut. Jadi pilihan raya kecil ini hanyalah ‘run-up’ kepada pilihan raya umum jadi kita akan hadapi apa-apa pertempuran ini sebagai biasa, tetapi kesudahannya `perang besar’ ialah Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13.

Dari segi isu, sudah pasti PKR akan terus melakukan serangan peribadi.

NAJIB: Kalau mereka menyerang soal peribadi bererti penyokong BN pun akan bertindak balas. Ini akan menjadikan ia satu pilihan raya yang kotor. Sepatutnya pilihan raya ini mencerminkan kematangan dalam proses demokrasi di Malaysia, sesuatu yang dilaung-laungkan oleh parti pembangkang selama ini. Tetapi apakah mereka akan membuktikan laungan itu sekadar retorik atau mengamalkannya?

Kita mahu mengamalkan satu pertandingan yang adil melalui satu proses yang berjalan dengan penuh kesopanan, ketertiban dan memberikan fokus kepada isu-isu.

Sejauh manakah parti-parti komponen BN boleh digerakkan sepenuhnya kerana dalam keadaan sekarang ada juga isu berkaitan bukan Melayu?

NAJIB: Walaupun pengundi bukan Melayu adalah kumpulan minoriti tetapi mereka adalah kumpulan minoriti yang besar iaitu 30 peratus. Mereka boleh menentukan kemenangan atau kegagalan BN. Jadi kita pun ada strategi untuk kumpulan bukan Melayu ini, selain mengharapkan kepada parti-parti komponen BN, kita juga ada pendekatan tambahan seperti menghubungi kelompok-kelompok tertentu yang tidak menjadi ahli atau penyokong BN. Mereka mesti dihubungi supaya mereka lihat BN adalah parti yang menjuarai kepentingan semua kaum.

Dalam beberapa pilihan raya kebelakangan ini isu-isu pembangunan dilihat tidak lagi menarik sokongan dan keyakinan rakyat?

NAJIB: Ada ketika pembangunan itu penting, ada ketika soal sentimen ataupun persepsi lebih penting. Saya melihat dalam konteks politik tanah air kita kedua-dua itu penting. Ada setengah tempat sudah terlalu membangun jadi soal pembangunan mereka tidak kisah sangat.

Ada kawasan di luar bandar dan pinggir bandar yang amat peka kepada soal pembangunan. Tetapi dalam politik tengok keadaan setempat. Kedua-dua itu perlu kita ambil kira iaitu pertama, soal pembangunan dan kemampuan kita untuk berkhidmat sebagai sebuah kerajaan.

Kedua, soal sentimen dan persepsi yang mana ada kala kedua-dua sentimen itu lebih mengatasi soal pembangunan.

Jika ada seorang penduduk di Permatang Pauh bertanya hari ini kenapa kami perlu pilih BN, apa Datuk Seri akan jelaskan?

NAJIB: Kita sebenarnya menjadi sasaran kepada retorik politik pembangkang termasuklah kononnya selama ini kita tidak memperjuangkan kepentingan rakyat. Sebab itu mereka guna nama Pakatan Rakyat. Padahal kalau kita menyingkap kembali 50 tahun negara merdeka sampai sekarang, kalau BN tidak jadi juara kepentingan rakyat, tidak mungkin negara kita berada di tahap hari ini.

Negara lain ada yang mendapat kemerdekaan lebih awal daripada kita atau sama tarikh seperti kita, tidak maju macam Malaysia. Kita berada dalam keadaan di mana keseimbangan antara kaum lebih jelas berbanding ketika merdeka. Di mana letaknya maruah orang Melayu waktu kita merdeka, siapa yang menjadi pembela kalau tidak UMNO dan BN?

Dakwaan pembangkang hanyalah mainan politik, mereka hijack platform ini dan articulate dalam bentuk baru seolah-olah menidak jasa dan budi UMNO dan BN selama ini.

Anwar bercakap berbeza-beza apabila berjumpa dengan sesuatu kaum, ini boleh cetuskan kekeliruan antara kaum?

NAJIB: Dia mengelak daripada menyatakan sesuatu pendirian yang jelas. Dia cakap terlalu umum dalam bentuk retorik, semua orang boleh cakap, bunyi sedap, dengar pun sedap.

Tetapi kalau kita tanya dari segi pengisiannya, saya ingat dia akan gelabah. Sebab pada masa itu dia terpaksa menyatakan pendirian sebenar dalam bentuk dasar dan program. Kerajaan kalau membuat sesuatu ketetapan ia dalam bentuk dasar sebab itu pendirian kita tidak pernah kabur.

Sebelum ini BN hanya berhadapan dengan jentera pembangkang yang diketuai oleh Anwar tetapi kali ini BN akan berhadapan dengan Anwar sendiri sebagai calon.

NAJIB: Ada kelainan kali ini berbanding pilihan raya lalu sebab kita berlawan dengan pemimpin utama mereka. Sebelum ini kita hanya berlawan dengan pemimpin mereka sama ada pemimpin di peringkat tempatan atau negeri. Sudah tentulah kali ini persaingan akan sengit. Namun kita tidak mahu membuat apa-apa ramalan tetapi kita hendak jentera dan ahli-ahli bergerak dengan penuh komitmen. Ada baiknya juga kita masuk pilihan raya kecil di Permatang Pauh ini sebagai `under dog’, bukan sebagai favourite. Barangkali ini kali pertama masuk sebagai `under dog’ tetapi dalam pilihan raya kecil lain pun sengit juga seperti di Pengkalan Pasir dan Ijok tetapi di Permatang Pauh inilah yang paling besar cabaran untuk BN.

Ada pandangan mengatakan Anwar `kebal’ di Permatang Pauh.

NAJIB: Setelah dia sebut-sebut bertanding di tempat lain akhirnya dia mencari tempat yang selamat. Jadi maknanya ada kurang keyakinan bahawa jika dia bertanding di tempat lain, dia tidak tahu sama ada tempat itu boleh menyebelahinya atau tidak. Tetapi kesudahannya Anwar pilih tempat yang pada tanggapan dia memberi keyakinan lebih kepadanya untuk menang. Saya tidak suka menggunakan istilah ‘kekebalan’ sebab dalam sistem demokrasi berparlimen tidak ada pemimpin yang seharusnya menganggap dirinya kebal. Sebab pasang surut dalam politik adalah perkara biasa. Ada masa kita akan menjadi popular dan ada masa kita menjadi tidak popular, ia bergantung kepada kewibawaan dan penerimaan rakyat.

Bagaimana pula dengan andaian bahawa Anwar kalaupun menang tidak akan mencapai majoriti besar?

NAJIB: Terlalu awal untuk menyatakan perkara ini. Biarlah kempen berjalan dulu sebelum kita membuat sesuatu andaian tentang sikap pengundi, sama ada mereka ini akan mengundi mengikut kepada sentimen atau melihat siapa yang boleh membela dan memberi khidmat lebih baik.

Mohamad Ezam Mohd Noor menyatakan pilihan raya kecil di Permatang Pauh adalah pertempuran moral antara BN dan PKR, khususnya Anwar.

NAJIB: BN tidak akan menyentuh isu moral Anwar sebab kita anggap ia perkara peribadi dan terpulanglah kepada dia untuk membersihkan namanya. Ini kerana yang menuduh dia bukan BN, walaupun ada percubaan mengaitkan BN tetapi yang menuduh dia ialah bekas pembantu peribadinya sendiri. Jadi biarlah kita tetapkan dalam perspektif sedemikian.D alam soal moral ini bukan BN lawan dia tetapi seorang yang dipercayai oleh dia dalam pejabatnya yang membuat tuduhan serius itu.

Anwar bertanding di Permatang Pauh dengan matlamat untuk mencapai impian menubuhkan kerajaan melalui `pintu belakang’ pada 16 September. Adakah wajar penubuhan kerajaan seumpama itu dilakukan?

NAJIB: Saya membaca pandangan beberapa tokoh mengenai perkara ini termasuklah Dr. Chandra Muzafar yang menggunakan istilah `Perdana Menteri pintu belakang’. Saya tidak nampak bagaimana jika Anwar mencapai kejayaan di Permatang Pauh ini boleh menyebabkan BN jatuh sebagai sebuah kerajaan, BN boleh jatuh seandainya 30 ahli parti itu menyeberang masuk kepada pembangkang tetapi setakat ini tidak ada sebarang petanda berhubung perkara itu. Saya berasa Anwar berada dalam keadaan tertekan sebab dia hendak jaga kredibilitinya sebagai seorang pemimpin. Ini kerana dia sudah menjaja seolah-olah penubuhan kerajaan itu akan berlaku. 16 September hanya tinggal sebulan sahaja lagi saya tidak nampak keadaan dalam BN hari ini begitu bergelora sehingga menyebabkan ada ahli Parlimen BN sedang menunggu melompat masuk parti pembangkang.

Jadi dia dalam keadaan tertekan untuk menjaga kredibiliti sebagai pemimpin kerana jika sampai kepada 16 September nanti, dia tidak menjadi Perdana Menteri, ini akan menjadi satu tempelak yang besar kepada dia.

Anwar sudah gembar-gemburkan BN akan guna apa saja taktik untuk memastikan kemenangan BN?

NAJIB: Kedua-dua pihak hendak menang tetapi kita tahu apa yang parti pembangkang telah buat dan mungkin boleh buat. Tapi seberapa yang boleh kita hendak kempen ini bersih dan bersopan.

Pembangkang mempersoalkan kenapa BN memilih Arif Shah sebagai calon. Adakah kerana BN ketandusan pemimpin?

NAJIB: Tidak, sebab situasi di Permatang Pauh unik atas beberapa sebab dan kita terpaksa mengambil satu langkah yang unconventional. Kalau ikut convention BN di Semenanjung kalau sudah jadi wakil rakyat DUN, dia tidak menjadi calon peringkat Parlimen, itu convention. Tidak ada apa-apa peruntukan dalam Perlembagaan yang menghalang.

Malah bagi parti pembangkang, ini perkara biasa. Banyak pemimpin mereka bertanding peringkat Parlimen dan DUN. Jadi saya rasa hairan kenapa dia nak mempertikaikan BN walhal dia mengamalkan perkara ini.

Di Permatang Pauh, jika kita lihat tahun 1999 faktor simpati memberi kemenangan kepada BN, 2004 pula emosi terhadap Wan Azizah tetapi BN berjaya mengurangkan majoriti undi dan 2008 BN tewas kerana tsunami politik, jadi bagaimana kali ini?

NAJIB: Setelah lima bulan berlalu selepas Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-12 mungkin pengundi di Permatang Pauh boleh membuat sesuatu pertimbangan semula, boleh reflect atas apa yang berlaku dan melihat daripada perspektif lain. Maknanya, kita berharap kali ini mereka beri peluang kepada BN.

BN kali ini berhadapan dengan negeri pembangkang. Bagaimana hendak menangani cabaran tersebut?

NAJIB: Ini bukan kali pertama kita bertanding di negeri pembangkang. Dalam penggal Parlimen dahulu kita bertanding di Pengkalan Pasir di negeri pembangkang, tapi kita berjaya. Jadi kita ada pengalaman, apabila bertanding di negeri pembangkang kita mesti mengggunakan apa sahaja kelebihan yang ada. Kita perlu tumpu kepada jentera parti kerana kita tidak boleh bergantung kepada orang lain.

Sejauh manakah Datuk Seri melihat isu kos sara hidup, kenaikan harga minyak dan sebagainya akan mempengaruhi rakyat?

NAJIB: Rakyat hendakkan sebuah kerajaan yang prihatin kepada kepentingan mereka. Kalau mereka rasa terhimpit kerajaan boleh buat sesuatu dan sebenarnya kita telah dan akan terus buat sesuatu.

Malah Perdana Menteri membayangkan kemungkinan harga minyak akan turun pada 1 September nanti dan ini sudah tentu akan memberi kelegaan kepada rakyat.

Subsidi 30 sen akan terus kita kekalkan dan di samping itu pulangan rebat kepada rakyat berjalan. Belanjawan akan dibentang pada 29 Ogos ini. Dalam belanjawan ini saya tahu akan ada lagi pertimbangan untuk rakyat.

Jadi saya harap rakyat tidak gusar. Selagi kita termampu kita akan buat, tetapi dalam lingkungan yang boleh kita tunaikan. Tidaklah kita buat sesuatu tetapi tidak berpijak di bumi nyata.

Umpamanya, kalau kita kata seperti yang didakwa oleh Anwar boleh turunkan harga minyak 70 sen kalau dia berkuasa, ini bererti satu janji yang memindah resources daripada satu keperluan kepada keperluan lain.

Apakah ini jalan terbaik? Memang kita boleh kurangkan harga 70 sen tapi berbilion-bilion lagi peruntukan yang perlu untuk sektor lain terpaksa kita kurangkan, apakah ini wajar?

Umpamanya kalau kita hendak pembangunan luar, memajukan bidang pendidikan dan hendak membina hospital, kita perlu peruntukan. Apakah kita hendak tarik peruntukan keperluan lain ini semata-mata hendak kurangkan harga minyak tanpa melakukan pembentangan secara keseluruhan.

Cuma kalau kita cakap turun harga minyak boleh tetapi kita tidak sebut daripada mana sumber itu akan datang dan apa implikasi kalau sumber itu tidak digunakan untuk keperluan lain.

Apa harapan Datuk Seri kepada pengundi Permatang Pauh?

NAJIB: Harapan saya supaya mereka tidak terbawa-bawa dengan soal retorik politik mahupun dalam soal sentimen. Saya harap mereka akan fikir secara rasional dan menimbang dengan mendalam, memahami isu sebenar dan hala tuju serta masa depan negara kita.



Terpulang kepada umat Islam menilai sumpah Saiful, kata Najib

Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak meminta umat Islam menilai sendiri sumpah laknat oleh Saiful Bukhari Azlan yang mendakwa beliau diliwat oleh Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.Katanya Saiful memilih kaedah Islam untuk menebus maruah dengan melakukan sumpah laknat, dan wajarlah umat Islam menilai langkah yang diambilnya itu."Dalam sistem kita mana-mana individu yang dituduh boleh membersihkan diri atau maruah sama ada dengan cara Islam atau cara mahkamah, dan Saiful memilih cara Islam, dan (kini) terpulanglah pada rakyat menilai sumpah Saiful itu."Sejak awal lagi saya katakan isu sebenar yang berlaku ialah melibatkan antara Saiful dan Anwar, dan ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan BN (Barisan Nasional)," kata beliau kepada pemberita selepas mengadakan perjumpaan dengan jentera UMNO untuk pilihan raya kecil parlimen Permatang Pauh di Butterworth Jumaat.- 15/8/2008 (Agenda Daily).

Dr Mahathir juga kata Anwar perlu bersumpah

Tun Dr Mahathir sendiri berpendapat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim perlu bersumpah dengan nama Allah sambil memegang kitab suci al-Quran untuk meyakinkan masyarakat bahawa beliau tidak meliwat bekas pembantu peribadinya,Saiful Bukhari Azlan.Katanya kepada para wartawan selepas lawat pameran MAHA di Serdang, "Bersumpah dengan menyebut Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi kemudian pegang al-Quran...junjung al-Quran baru boleh terima.’’Menurut bekas Perdana Menteri itu dakwaan Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat itu dalam ceramahnya sebelum ini bahawa beliau telah bersumpah adalah tidak memadai.- 16/8/2008 (Agenda Daily)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rakyat Malaysia celek kan mata sabelum terlambat!

Agak nya ini lah cara dan jijik nya jika sesaorang itu memaksa sesaorang lelaki lain untuk bersek, dia menjadi dari orang yang di sangka baik dari segi akhlak kepada menjadi shaitan selepas naik shahwat untuk meliwat. Makhluk saperti ini harus di musnahkan hingga hancur!

Saiful Bukhari Azlan sudah bersumpah dengan menjunjung Koran, BABI bila lagi!

*news update* (On 17/08/2008 at 7pm)

Saiful ikut syariat Islam - Nik Aziz


BUKIT MERTAJAM 16 Ogos - Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (gambar) mengakui cara bersumpah laknat (mubahalah) yang dilakukan oleh Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan semalam mengikut syariat Islam bagi membuktikan kebenaran dakwaan dirinya diliwat oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Kata beliau, untuk melakukan mubahalah dalam Islam cukup dengan hanya melafazkan Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi. Menurutnya, mengikut hukum Islam apabila seseorang itu sudah bersumpah dan membatalkan balik sumpahnya, dia dimestikan membayar kafarah atau denda iaitu dengan menyembelih seekor kambing.

''Benda ni (mubahalah) bukan boleh dibuat main-main, azabnya cukup pedih walaupun kita nampak di dunia, di akhirat kelak tanggunglah nanti.

''Dan walaupun kesalahan itu sudah lepas tetapi itu bukan bermakna orang yang mengangkat sumpah itu sudah selesai tanggungjawabnya di dunia," katanya.


Ini senang sahaja bagai BABI, jikalau Nik Aziz sudah pun berkata sumpah yang di buat oleh Saiful itu sah dari sisi ugama Islam, bila pula BABI hendak membuat sedemikian. Cuma orang yang bersalah sahaja akan berdaleh dan takut! Buat sahaja sumpah di hadapan mufti Perlis yang di hormati, Nik Aziz, dan Wan Azizah dan panggil kesemua kawan kawan BABI di media massa untuk liputan dan bersumpah lah sabelum Pilihan Raya Kecil, hey! jika BABI tidak jatuh tersungkur salepas membuat sumpahan palsu dia akan menang, hey BABI apa yang di takutkan!??

*news update* (On 17/08/2008 at 10am)

Dalam erti kata yang mudah mimang lah BABI ini makhlok perosak yang harus di hapuskan. Dan Mukhriz di dalam kenyataan nya di bawah cuma mahu memperkukuhkan tanggapan sabahgian besar masyarakat Malaysia bahawasanya BABI semimang nya bersekongkol dengan Amerika Syarikat dan Singapura untuk menguasi Malaysia. Petualang besar ini harus di senyapkan!






One wonders whether former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore’s unfounded allegations and reprehensible statements against Malaysia in support of Anwar Ibrahim is proof of the pudding that Anwar Ibrahim is a political puppet of the United States government. Isn’t this proof that there has been and is in vigorous motion a concerted conspiracy to install their lackey in Malaysia as further evidenced by the summoning of the Malaysian envoy by the US State Department?

The United States lost all moral authority when it lied to the world in order to invade Iraq for its oil for starters. Democracy, human rights, and justice are merely slogans used by the United States administration when it is convenient. This is a government that sanctioned the ‘extraordinary rendition’ or kidnapping of suspected ‘’terrorist’’ around the world to be transferred to secret torture camps in parts of Europe and in third world countries.

Perhaps Al Gore needs to be updated that true democracy is alive and well in Malaysia. We have had 12 general elections with the ruling coalition losing five states, the Federal Territory as well as its two-thirds majority in parliament in the most recently concluded general elections. This couldn’t have been possible if elections in Malaysia weren’t free and fair. Al Gore of all people should know this difference after failing in his popular bid for President in 2000 against a ‘’well-connected’’ George W. Bush.

How does one determine if a case is politically motivated if the due process of law isn’t allowed to take place? It’s a double insult that Al Gore had first supported the reformasi-riots in 1998 and now chooses to support Anwar Ibrahim whom faces the very same charges of sodomy. Perhaps Al Gore doesn’t understand the gravity of the charges of sodomy as it may not be a crime in the west, but in Malaysia it’s a serious unlawful act. Also, the present political situation is getting even more severe as Anwar Ibrahim is like a chameleon, changing colours whenever it suits him.

The world as well as Malaysia lauds Al Gore’s efforts to combat global warming but playing the worn geo-political game of propping up stooges in foreign countries will just serve to damage his credibility.

If Anwar Ibrahim has nothing to hide and hasn’t committed any offence against the laws of Malaysia, then he has nothing to worry about. Although it is known that he has made public certain allegations against the impartiality of the judiciary, it is the same judiciary that acquitted him of sodomy on a technicality. Therefore, one wonders whether the recent disparaging comments made by foreign individuals about Malaysia is the direct result of Anwar Ibrahim complaining to them and inviting them to exert pressure on the Malaysian government to subvert the process and rule of law in order to allow him to continue with his ambitions to become the next Prime Minister – however surreal that may be. This then begs the question whether Anwar Ibrahim will surrender our sovereignty as a nation and sell out the Rakyat’s interest if, however unlikely it may be, he were to become Prime Minister.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yes, like any other vermin, we do know what to do with BABI!

There are really no good images to follow the article below.
Just use your imagination for your own caption to this one!
(Mine is: BABI making love to his wife)

*news update*
People of Permatang Pauh must not allow yourselves to be sodomised again and think before you vote! Pengundi pengundi di Permatang Pauh jangan lah benarkan kan kamu semua di liwat sekali lagi, guna kan lah kebijaksanan kamu dan jangan biarkan makhlok perosak merosakkan kawasan kamu dan negara sekali lagi!

Yes when it comes to BABI we all know what we are doing, including those gung-ho women politicians, where one of them even declared jihad on BABI.
When it comes to BABI, yes we want him to be destroyed politically, for he has become a vermin to Malaysia, Malays and to law-abiding Malaysians.
What Shahrizat Jalil meant was that this vermin, or makhlok perosak as we say in Malay, is just that, a vermin. He is one of those bleeding heart liberals, like Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, who suggest we should open up more to accommodate others as though we have not been already.
As for me if Jihad, or Ridsect, or Baygon will do it to get rid of this vermin, why not. If, only if, this bastard become PM, which I doubt and over my dead body, I will migrate for good!


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yes this country is indeed in distress and something got to give!

I can sense something that I thought I will never feel again. There are a lot of you morons out there that truly love your country very much. Then by all mean defend it people! Do not allow people like BABI to besmirch it to the entire international community! Do not allow one motherf#%ker to dictate! A serial sodomite, like serial rapist, or serial killers, or serial nostril pickers will never shake their habits! So here is our beloved Flag!

*news update* (8.30am Friday 8th, Aug, 2008)

Sodomy, forced or consensual, in this country is against the law and it is punishable quite seriously. It is an act of going against the law of natural order. I want all of us to ponder and think hard over this question. When BABI was charged for sodomy the first time, did you really think the government under Dr Mahathir was really that mean to put BABI's entire family to shame? I do not think the Dr M administration was that cruel. Today BABI is being charged again for the same problem. May be, just may be, this man who aspire to be the prime minister of this country is having that kind of a sexual inclination or is enjoying a kind of a sexual satisfaction which is against the law of natural order! Personally I have nothing against gay people, or people with a different sexual orientation. But in the case of BABI who probably had an unnatural sex in his Mercedes Benz with a Pakistani who is a naturalized US citizen during fasting month then proceed to give a Friday khutbah, a sermon, as to portrays himself as someone who is a religious and a pious and quoting the Holy Koran a Arabic gibberish to kampung Malays! now that pisses me off! This man must be stopped at all cost before it is too late!

*news update*
I am relieved the government is finally going to charge BABI for sodomy and I hope this time it will be done properly that the charge will stick and no fuck-ups (notice I use a lot of this word eh! I am just angry and furthermore this is my blogsite if you are offended go visit Rockybru, okay). As I said before BABI can contest and he can even win, who knows, or he may lose! But one has nothing to do with another. The due process of the law must be observe and to be fully complied with. If he is found guilty he will get 20 years and if he wins, well that is a mere speculation I will not get into it. Many cheers today!

I want to tell a story, my story. I am not happy with Malaysia nowadays when mental chaos has over taken our ability to care and to love, as a nation and people.
Politicians waste their time and energy spiking one another. Charge Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim if he were to be found guilty of sodomy and the hell with protest from the international community, throw him in jail and throw away the key. How can we allow one man to hold this country in a state of mental hostage.
The other day a bastard of a Korean male buffoon who bought a house next to where I live and every evening he will take his dog on our side of the compound and the dog will do its things. When I told him nicely about what he should not do with his dog he told me to fuck off. Yes he said "you fuck off". I was so angry I walked away. Today he cut down his neighbour's tree and had a big arguement. Policemen came and went. This is a blatant example of a ripple effect of a weak government under a weak leadership. When there is a flaw in the system everything elses will follow suit. Foreigners will not care an iota about our rule of law because they know they can get away with it.
This country is well inundated with millions of illegal immigrants, mostly bad and ill-mannered, and they seem not to care whether they should respect the local norms and constraints or mores. Many South Indians immigrants, mostly from Bangladesh, even molested and raped Malaysian women and do you know why! Because they know they can get away with it!
They came in the past, hiding away from the whole system, including from a very effective security forces, today they can thumbed their noses at locals without batting an eye lid. Want to know why, it is because they know they can get away with it.
In my nice neighborhood recently, a foreign student and his maid were found murdered, and right next door at a construction site about twenty immigrant contract workers, probably illegal, are living in a shed and I cannot help but to wonder if they have anything to do with the murder, hey I cannot help thinking about what IF okay! And since the police did not even bother to check or to investigate! These workers will be making a lot of noises and and the "chattering" of their mahjong bits that they play almost every night is so irritating and deafening.
Reported to the local council and the police and they came but left and still the same shit went on. So what do you want me tho think when our law enforcers are not able to enforce the law ands protect my rights as a tax payer!?
A friend called me from Mersing, Johor, and said his Kelong that he rented to a Singaporean has been turned into a gambling den and drug haven for youth on ecstasy and he has not been able to regain his property in spite of the court ordering this Singaporean to do so. After many reports made to the local police the illegal activities went on as usual.
This friend also told me a crack special task force from Bukit Aman went on a special operation to catch this bad Singaporean and his activities and after two hours of negotiation, said my friend, this special task force form Bukit Aman left the kelong and guess what, the activities went on as usual as we speak.
Bangkok is far advance as a happy city than that of Kuala Lumpur. A city of about 10 millions, people can still smile and care for each other. Modern Bangkok is like a big "kampung" where everyone knows each other, when KL is becoming an urban blight where the inner core city areas is not a safe place to walk at night.
Saw a big burly African shouting at a taxi driver, a Malaysian, and I was seething with anger when no Malaysian came to his rescue. I went and told one of the big burly bastards that foreigners must respect the local and not to shout at them and he was stumped by the fact that I told him off. He probably did not expect a local guy would do it. How I wish more Malaysians can take care of each other in this kind of a situation. Sometime we behave the way we do because we know at the back of our head that the situation is hopeless so why bother. But I say that is not true, I did it so can you.
Then I have to put up with black-robed rude and smelly Arab women who will push you if they want to jump queue. We have to be nice to these rude people? For their money?! What are we prostitute! Sometime I think we are because to Malaysians in general money is everything!!!
Unlike the Singaporeans, the Thais they also love money but they will not do it at the expense of their dignity!
Yes I am in distress and the country is in distress. I was quite distress when we lost our Pedra Branca to Singapore when we could defended it if only we have that rare commodity called dignity, no we do not have that.
Can we from today onwards be more firm with those who came to our "house" who are rude, and uncouth and we must also tell this government to stop bickering and to take care of Malaysians who placed their trust in looking after their interest.

I am fed up!