Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bukan Najib yang mahu tangguhkan pemilihan Umno tetapi Pak Lah!

Entah Lah!

INI LAH DIA SANDIWARA PAK LAH... Ramai yang tahu hari ini TPM ada menemui PM, baik reporter, penganalisis politik apatah lagi orang parti UMNO.

Dan telah heboh juga bahawa Pak Lah telah arah ahli2 MT yg kuat menjilat beliau agar mencadangkan pada mesyuarat khas MT yang akan beřlangsung pada pukul 10 pagi esok
supaya mesyuarat pemilihan UMNO di peringkat bahagian dan pemilihan di perhimpuanan agung UMNO pada 5th December akan datang ini ditangguhkan ke tahun depan.

Ekoran pertemuan pagi tadi juga, telah heboh diperkatakanTPM tidak setuju dengan hasrat
Pak Lah untuk tangguhkan mesyuarat parti. Maklumat tersebut bocor apabila pegawai
Pak Lah telah mengarah beberapa pemimpin UMNO agar menentang pendirian Najib yang berkeras tidak mahu mesyuarat bahagian dan perhimpuanan agung ditangguhkan.
Ini kerana ia akan menyusahkan ramai ahli dan pemimpin yang bertanding.

Namun difahamkan Pak Lah berkeras mahu tangguhkan ke tahun depan demi memastikan jawatan Perdana Menteri yang disandangnya tidak terlepas lebih awal kepada Najib. Malam ini pula beberapa blog dan portal berita yang ada kaitan dengan pegawai PM di tingkat 4 telah menyiarkan berita kononnya Najib yang sebenarnya hendak mesyuarat ditangguhkan. Ini tidak benar.

Inilah satu lagi usaha terbaru untuk memutar belit yang dilakukan oleh orang orang Pak Lah yang semakin ketakutan kehilangan kuasa. Hakikatnya, tiada guna Najib mahu tangguhkan
pemilihan tersebut memandangkan lagi cepat ia diadakan maka lagi cepat beliau akan
jadi PM. Maka betullah kata orang bahawa Pak Lah dan konco2nya telah jadi makhluk perosak kepada Bangsa dan Negara.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deception, lies and more lies...way to go YB BABI!

Son of Sam


Emperor Nero

Forgot his name!

Jack the Ripper

Hannibal Lecter

Radovan Karadic

Pol Pot

*breaking news*

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser had not been shown the list of "defecting BN MPs" to the DAP neither has the list been revealed to Pas leaders. Is there such a list in the first place?! But, personally I am sure it is just a desperate ploy!
"I have not seen the list and in my meeting with Anwar on Tuesday night, he told me that he has not shown the list to any Pakatan Rakyat leaders," he told a press conference at party headquarters yesterday.
So where is the trust? In any situation "partners" must told each others problems and secrets! But if the DAP and Pas still want to voluntarily be duped by YB BABI, hey that is their funerals. Meanwhile a group called The Gombak Actionh Committee has lodgted a police report against oposition leader Anwar Ibrahim alleging this man is a threat to the national security and the country's stability!
The committee's sec-gen Mohd Mustaffa Latiff said Anwar should be investigated under the Sedition Act and Internal Security Act for his misleading crossover statements. Way to go level headed Malaysian!! Meanwhile the country's economy is slipping as we speak because of political uncertainy!

First there was that famous September 16th promises, then there was that 31 BN MPs defecting to join his madness and then September 23rd meeting that he forced the Prime Minister to have with him.
Now today we were led to believe that the King would be on his side. Or rather he insinuated that the King would understand why he should be the chosen one, or the Prime Minister of Malaysia!
His action is akin to a madness caused by a serious gonorrhea virus, one of a sexually transmitted disease, that has gone to his brain!
If homosexuality is his foible so be it I couldn't careless. But when he tries to portray himself as a clean and straight politician without serious flaws then his action is also kin to a bbif "sting", a con-job! Either one his action is seen to have caused a reaction that appears to be destroying the country's reputation and now the economy, then I will do what ever it takes and within my power as an individual to stop him. Simply put he is one of those dangerous people that comes out once in every half or a century or so to create havoc nand mayahem, like Rasputin, Hitler, Radovan Karadic, Jack the Ripper, Son of Sam, Nero, Hannibal Lecter, Pol Pot, and many, many more psychopaths before them!!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

YB BABI is a power hungry rabble rousing charlatan.... which is an impostor pretending to knowledge and skill!

Do your own caption to this picture!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said YB BABI is now officially a pest and a threat to the country's economy and to national security.
Did you know that USD5 billion foreign direct investment has left the country or the monies just bypass Malaysia simply because a small majority of Malaysians who are so emotionally stupid to believe YB BABI can become the next prime minister, thorough the "back door"! And no pun intended!
It is in a way refreshing to hear the prime minister to openly said what he has said about this megalomaniac and rabble rouser who, like that mad Emperor Nero of Rome who would rather see Malaysia in a ruinous state if he cannot be the PM, like a patherthic spoilt child YB BABI will get into into a temper tantrum until he is pacify.
How do we pacify him? The ISA should have been applied to him instead of Theresa Kok or even Raja Petra, whose so called "crime" is very, very pale compared to what this YB BABI has done and is still doing it!
I think the time has come for the government to catch the bull by the horns and rattled them, so placed YB BABI under ISA and let him reflects on life after 62 at Kamunting! I am sure there are many of you out there agree with me please tell me so!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim leaving Pakatan Rakyat?

This is abuzz! Just go anywhere from the Concorde Hotel coffee house, to Taman Melawati food courtyard where people are talking about YB BABI is leaving PR to join Umno, with the help of some upstart Umno members, and the infamous 4th Flor boys.
Talks are some anti-Najib supreme council members and some old Umno members, not veteran, for the word implies something good, are trying to manoeuvre a move to bring YB BABI back into Umno and "forced" Pak Lah to make him the deputy prime minister and Pak Lah as a caretaker PM until YB BABI takes over possibly making KJ as the deputy prime minister.
I am willing to subscribe to this as just that, a rumour and nothing else but after seeing how NST spun a non-existing statement purportedly to have been made by Najib and condoned by the prime minister, I cannot scoff off the rumour about YB BABI as just that, a rumour.

This is what NST reported: "Najib also said that he would not accept any nomination for the president's post as he was committed to the succession plan"
But what Najib said to a question on whether he would accept any nomination for presidency, his real answer was this: "We already agreed to it, we are leaving it to the party. We are offering ourselves, we hope the party wil accept it."
On the side bar, I wish to say here that YB BABI has again successfully used the non-Malays to support him and now I like to know how will they react if YB BABI were to re-join Umno!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Democracy must be returned to UMNO, at all cost!

The well being of this party depends on members to decide, not by one man not by one small group! But before that.......!

Somebody commented the red logo of Umno is a symbol of racism well, if that is what is being imprinted in the mind of the commenter and I will not blame him or her for that. Just like a certain symbol of Buddhism being adopted by the Nazi and today that religious symbol is being associated with evil, negativity such as carnage, mayhem, gas chambers, mass killing and six millions lives lost and for what! In responding to that posting I have decided to change the red Umno logo to the old Umno flag of red , yellow and white and a benign looking kris, in which no one should make an issue out of. In Europe sword has been used a part of a flag symbol. I also have problem with the red Umno logo that is so foreboding when scrutinised closely. There is even the face of gollum from Lord of the Ring trilogy in that logo, at least to me. That is alredy a negativity. I think Umno that needs a make over, should start with adopting the old flag as shown above as its permanent party symbol AGAIN! Get rid of the red logo and I thinkit wiull bring back Umno, past glory or at least some of it. BTW this is a very serious observation made by Pasquale and will not entertain any racially sounding comments that will be rejected if sent! Cheers

*breaking news 1*

Just received a message that says YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim today, the 16th September 2008, has sworn himself in as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia in front of a picture of the King at his house in Segambut. The ceremony was witnessed by members of the DAP, PKR and Pas. May we wish him all the best and the best joke in town!

*breaking news 2*

Akhirnya kejayaan berpihak kpd YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim pada jam 2.45ptg tadi dengan mendapatkan tambahan 30 kerusi! Dari Pusat Perabut Courts Mammoth. Syabas YB BABI!


It is rightly so when Umno Deputy President Najib Razak said the transition of power lof Umno leadership must and should be decided by the grass roots at their divisional meetings which will start after Raya. While he acknowledged the fact that party's supreme council has decided unanimously and that the party president has agreed to relinquish his position by 2010, the transition of power should still be decided by the delegates at Umno division meetings.
Najib made the statement after Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who said the time frame for Abdulah Ahmad Badawi to hand over the party presidency to Najib by 2010 is far too long, and that the transition of power should be made earlier than the "agreed" time frame of 2010.
Many have agreed that the decision on the transition of power cannot be made just by a group of people or just by two people. Many have also greed that the power of democracy has been yanked from Umno members by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
"It is clear that Pak Lah has yanked away the rights of Umno members to voice out their dissent. Or their rights to choose a leader. Now it appears he (Pak Lah) has forced down the throat of all Umno members this culture of fear of not to express their feelings. This is not democracy," said a senior member, who refused to be named. He added what Umno members want is democracy to be returned and to have their rights to be restored without fear or favour.
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi retorted unfavourably by Muhyiddin statement saying the transitional year of 2010 is far too long.
He said it has been agreed by the Supreme Council members and between him and Najib when to hand over the helm of Umno to his deputy. Looks like 2010 is not going to happens! Just my suspicioun!

Cheers! May be!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is Bar Council ignoring the ethics of legal profession, just a question!

Is he neutral enough to represent YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?

Pardon me for asking these questions. Is the the Bar Council ignoring the ethics of the legal profession by allowing a team
of defence lawyers in Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim 's court case who are also members of the opposition party? .
Sivarasa is an Opposition YB, Lathifah Khoya an AJK member of PKR. I thought lawyers are supposed to be neutral before they take a client's case.
Another question please, how come the judicial system allows a judge who doesn't seem to be bothered or to object to the fact that there being three active PKR members on Anwar's team of defense, this is also SUSPECT!
A layman like myself will have to draw a conclusion that the judge is also in cahoot with the defence lawyers who are members of the opposition and therefore the judge can also be perceived by the rakyat or the public as being sympathetic to Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim in this case and therefore must excuse himself from discharging his duty?!!
If no one protests or writes to the media to comment on this, then our morals & conscience are gone to the dogs. If we cannot differentiate between what's ethical & what's not, then we are doomed.This is very sinister indeed!

No cheers today!

P.S. Please do not persecute me for asking question that is pertinent to my mental well being as a citizen of this country. I just need to know why!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Singapore's survival depends on friendly "Malaysian hinterland!

A thirty year old diplomat (white shirt about to enter his car), a second secretary with the Singapore High Commission in charge of political, who did his post-grad at UKM and has a lot of contacts with local newspapers etc! He could have hired a posh non-diplomatic registered car to Permatang Pauh, but when you have it you flaunt it right, I mean power!
Heb probably said to himself "what do they know (us)they are just a bunch of country bumpkins what would they know!"

Seen at Permatang Pauh, could have used an unidentified car!

Another Singapore diplomat seen at Permatang Pauh by-elections.

So this is why any changes - naturally or manipulated - in this country is crucial to the republic's survival as a country. It is also within that republic's interest that any regime changes in Malaysia must be an unequivocal supporter of Singapore.
"Friendly" Malaysian government will allow Singapore to have an "easy peachy"
negotiation bliss when dealing with Malaysia. Imagine we will be tricked or bullied into submission into giving Singapore the rights to have a pipeline to channel water from Tasek Kenyir to Singapore?!!! Just an example.
I am not saying present or past Malaysian governments have been unfriendly or belligerent toward Singapore interest, I am saying when Tun Mahathir Mohamed was the prime minister he gave Singapore a lot of advise and wisdom on why being kiasu is not part of any diplomatic negotiating tactic!
The recent Permatang Pauh parliamentry by- election, which saw Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim being voted in as the MP, was a much invested and much anticipated event by many countries with vested interest in Malaysia. The US Embassy sent its diplomats to "oversee" the election to ensure it is being held without hindrance. Singapore High Commission also sent its diplomats.
The thing is can we try to imagine of any Malaysian diplomat to travel in a diplomatic vehicles in plain view to "oversee" any by-elections in that island republic? I doubt it, we will probably have to ask for permission from the foreign ministry and when allowed we will be accompanied by special branch officers so we will not inadvertently veered out of the way too far from the permissible parameter of the "by-elections".
Well, several Singapore diplomats were seen at Permatang Pauh and chauffeured driven in their diplomatic registered vehicle without care or having to bother to realise they may have just broke diplomatic protocol agreed upon by both countries?! This I think Wisma Putra has to look into, or do we have the political will to do it? I somehow doubt our capability to fight for our sovereignty and dignity as a country. This is my thought on the matter.
Finally, al I am saying is that if Pakatan Rakyat were to form a government it will be more apt to be bullied into submission by the more aggressive Singapore's PAP.
The way I see it if Pakatan Rakyat were to form a government relationship between the two countries, and in a criminal parlance if I may if they were both hardcore convicts in prison, Malaysia will always be the BITCH! And S'pore the DOMINANT partner!


Monday, September 08, 2008

YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) is indeeed a "makhluk perosak", a dangerous pestilent, and a pestiferous living organism!

Benjamin Franklin, a scientist, inventor, diplomat and one of American Declaration of Independence signatories had suggested turkey bird to be the national symbol-animal of the great USA, but the founding fathers opted instead for the bald eagle. Imagine if they had agreed on the gobbly turkey as the symbol and try to imagine the CIA crest above! He, he!

Also flanked by two of his most powerful paymaster, top American Zionist (Cohen and Wolfowitz)!

This is taken directly from Rocky's Bru with permission, and relevant to the country and so I decided to re-publish it. Rocky received the SMS below and I would like all of you like-minded Malaysians to regurgitate this message as long as it takes to understand the gravity of the problem. This message is especially mean to Umno members, those Malay-morons in PKR, and fence-sitter Malays in general on how warped this Malay called BABI is in his desperate and futile quest to be the prime minister of this country. This is what happens when you take money from someone or a country promising that you can be the leader and then will look favourably after the interest of others, this will include giving free water, which Malaysia has in abundance. Below is what appeared in Rocky's Bru:


"Bru: Everyone's doing his/her countdown to Sept 16, the day Anwar Ibrahim says he will topple the government of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. This sms is part of the fever that's sending shivers down our collective spine. This one's about how the anxiously-anticipated defection of BN MPs to PR for the sake of 16/9 would reduce cosniderably the Malay-Muslim representation in the new PR government. Sms received last night after buka:

Sebarkan: BN: 140 Kerusi (MP Islam - 89 kerusi; MP bukan Islam - 51) Pakatan: 82 kerusi (MP Islam - 43 kerusi; MP bukan Islam - 39). Katalah jadi 30 yg lompat, semua bukan Islam, maka kerusi Pakatan 43 MP Islam & 69 MP bukan Islam..jika 30 yg lompat, 5 Islam 25 bukan, maka Pakatan jadi 48 MP Islam & 64 bukan Islam..jika inilah yg Anwar kehendaki, maka dia akan memusnah Islam & Melayu di M'sia..kita berdoa agar ia hanya impian kosong & Allah lindungi BN."


So basically if Pakatan Rakyat under YB BABI were to rule the country, Malaysia will be like Bosnia-Herzegovina (B-H) where after Muslims there being massacred those who were spared were forced to accept a "comprehensive" settlement under the Dayton Accord, which allowed the presidency of B-H to be held only by Bosnian-Muslim, the rest of the presidency (or something like a parliament which B-H does not have) will be controllefd by majority Orthodox-Serbs and Catholic-Croats. Mind you after 350,000 Bosnians are unaccounted for, either killed or killed or massacred or massacred, and the Bosnian Muslim only get the dismembered presidency of B-H!!!!
BABI now you know why I am calling you YB BABI because you are indeed a BABI for not knowing your recent history, f*@k you and your "Serbs" and "Croats" for trying to rule this country.

No fuc$ing cheers today!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

MCA knowingly allows PKR propaganda to seep into the party..or at least in Perak!?

And No Ahmad, if it is true, and at this point in time of Umno's standing performances, you owe this country and yourself an apology for being stupid and insensitive!

Perak MCA made a resolution for the party to leave the Barisan Nasional because an irresponsible Umno member made a disparaging remark about Malaysian Chinese.
The onus is on the word "irresponsible". The thing is no responsible Umno members in their right minds would think of making such an irresponsible remark as the one made by Bukit Bdendera Umno division chief, Datuk Ahmad Ismail.
Ahmad purportedly to have said that Chinese are squatters in this land called Malaysia. Well he is wrong! Malaysian-Chinese is part of this country and in a very large part helped this country grows to be where it is today. And as citizens they have every right to get angry over such an insensitive statement.
But, my point is if Perak MCA made such a resolution it would it not be similarlyan irresponsible statement then, when Gerakan and DAP only cited the statement made by the Bukit Bendera Umno member as "immature".
Is it because I think that if you scratch any MCA member you will find a DAP? Why can't Perak MCA refrain from making the "quit BN" statement knowinhg it was made by an iresponsible party member and was it necessary?
My sources told me this Ahmad guy from Bukit Bendera may be YB BABI sympathiser, a real thorn in Umno's flesh or may even be in cahoot with PKR to make the disparaging remark on Malaysian Chinese knowing the repercussion over the statement?! Or possibly Ahmad is already in YB BABI's big fat pocket! It appears as though the remark by Ahmad was not random, it was design to get the natural reaction.
If the remark was made, the predictable reaction now would be for another irresponsible BN component party member to make another irresponsible and insensitive statement by saying "may be the Chinese now will not support BN" and may be it should join the opposition?!!?
Hey, if the Chinese-based BN component party members have decided to abandon BN, let's do it and declare it openly and we will all suffer the consequences together. But remember that threatening one another will not get us anywhere. I also believe, if BN component party members believe Umno should get rid of more irresponsible "Ahmad" within the party then other BN component party members should do the same.
Otherwise let us not add further anguish on the country that appears to be on a brink of breaking up just because one megalomaniac wants to be the next prime minister at all cost!!


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tan Sri A Samad Ismail, may he rest in an eternal peace!

I saw him today at Pantai Medical Centre at 1.30pm, he was in a state of a coma but yet he looked so peaceful in that state of unconsciousness, then later that afternoon he passed away! Truly a great man, sometimes misunderstood. But those who know will attest that he was one of the most politically motivated and an influential Malay persons that have ever lived in this century. I just hope Lee Kuan Yew will not have it easy when a time for him to meet his maker.

Good bye Pak Samad, a grand old man I shall miss you!

It has now been established the C4 did not come from the Ministry of Defence!

In his obsessed political drunken stupor and during his vicious campaign during the last by-election in Permatang Pauh, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim insinuated to the whole world the C4 explosive used to kill the unfortunate Mongolian girl Altantuya in fact came from the Ministry of Defence's armoury.
In his desperate and evil attempt to implicate the Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak, who is also the Defence Minister, with the death of a Mongolian girl it was necessary to plant that seed of suspicion on Najib as being involved! Below is today's NST headline:
Altantuya murder trial: 'Explosives came from store in Bukit Aman'
SHAH ALAM: Explosive substances which were found at the crime scene where Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered came from the Special Action Squad's (UTK) store in Bukit Aman.
Deputy public prosecutor Tun Abd Majid Tun Hamzah told the High Court yesterday that these explosives were accessible to accused Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, who are both UTK members. "Both the accused had access and opportunity to smuggle the explosives out," he said in his submissions at the end of the prosecution more here!

Well YB BABI are you going to apologise to Najib for such an incriminating insinuation which turned out to be not true? Or are you just going to go on being a nasty and obsessed human being who thinks he can lead the country?!

We must get to the bottom of these whole damn lies, but somebody will have to pay!

Photograph of Khairil Annas Jusoh (in white shirt and tie) and Saifool ( in blue shirt and tie). Saifool accused YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) of sodomising him, Saifool swear in the name of the Holy Koran at a mosque that YB BABI indeed sodomised him and he then lodged a police report. YB BABI as a de facto leader of the opposition used the picture to depict conspiracy concocted against him by Saifol and Annas, in which both persons said there were no such conspiracy, except lies concocted by YB BABI to protect himself against the accusation.

Below is a copy of a press statement issued by Khairil Annas Jusoh, a special officer to the Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak, disputing a couple of news articles produced by two opposition newspapers which reported a blatant lies and allegations made against him that needed to be corrected, or else!


1. Merujuk kepada:

i. Artikel “Najib dalang sumpah – Imam Ramlang Porigi” dan artikel “Imam dedah cerita sebenar – kempen liwat BN hancur” yang diterbitkan oleh Suara Keadilan Bil. 145 (27.08.2008 – 03.09.2008), mukasurat 11.
ii. Rakaman video temuramah dengan Ramlang Porigi di dalam Suara Keadilan Online yang dimuatkan pada 25.08.2008.
iii. Artikel “Siapa malu besar di Permatang Pauh” di dalam akhbar Siasah Bil.0113 (31.08.2008 – 06.09.2008) mukasurat 3.

2. Saya ingin menyatakan dengan setegas-tegasnya bahawa saya tidak pernah mengenali Ramlang Porigi dan beliau juga tidak pernah mengenali saya. Saya juga ingin menegaskan bahawa saya tidak pernah pada bila-bila masa pun menghubungi, bertemu, berinteraksi atau bercakap dengan beliau. Oleh itu, tuduhan Ramlang Porigi yang mendakwa bertemu saya di Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan dan bahawa sayalah yang mengatur dan menguruskan majlis sumpah Saiful adalah satu pendustaan.

3. Kenyataan Ramlang Porigi melalui temuramah dan artikel yang disiarkan adalah amat tidak bertanggungjawab. Dakwaan beliau yang tidak benar itu telah menganiaya saya dan mencemarkan nama baik saya sebagai penjawat awam.

4. Untuk makluman, pada ketika dan masa di mana Ramlang Porigi mendakwa bertemu saya iaitu pada 15 Ogos 2008, saya sedang berada di Pulau Pinang bersama ahli keluarga dan sahabat handai. Maka, amatlah tidak munasabah saya boleh berada di dua tempat pada masa yang sama.

5. Saya ingin menyatakan bahawa akhbar Suara Keadilan dan akhbar Siasah tidak pernah sama sekali berusaha mendapatkan komen dari pihak saya mengenai dakwaan Ramlang Porigi sebelum menerbitkan artikel temuramah tersebut. Perkara yang tidak benar ini nyatanya telah mengelirukan masyarakat dan memberikan kesan negatif ke atas reputasi saya.

6. Kepada Ramlang Porigi, saya menuntut agar beliau tampil membersihkan nama saya dan tidak berbohong dalam hal ini. Sebagai seorang pegawai agama, saya yakin beliau seharusnya memahami firman Allah SWT bahawa “Fitnah itu adalah lebih besar dosanya daripada membunuh”.

7. Maka, saya dengan tegas menuntut kedua-dua akhbar terlibat serta Ramlang Porigi supaya meminta maaf secara terbuka serta menarik balik dan memperbetulkan semula kenyataan yang salah lagi mengelirukan ini dalam edisi kedua-dua akhbar terbitan akan datangnya. Saya turut menuntut agar kenyataan akhbar ini diterbitkan dihalaman utama kedua-dua akhbar tersebut.

8. Kendati apa pun, pada ketika ini, peguam-peguam saya sedang meneliti untuk mengambil tindakan berasaskan undang-undang dan saya merizabkan semua hak-hak saya terhadap Ramlang Porigi dan kedua-dua akhbar tersebut.

Pegawai Khas kepada YAB. Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia
4 September 2008

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

YB Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, an irresponsible leader with an illusion of grandeur!

Personality by-pass is one of his biggest problem as a PM of Thailand!

This can be Kuala Lumpur, and Samak does not give a damn about the people as long as he is in power!

But first let me take you to Thailand, a country beleaguered where a pretender to the "throne" is holding fort for the "real" leader who conveniently fled to nice pleasant old England to be with his football club.
Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej should just resign to save the country from further chaos, but he is too stubborn in keeping the chair warm for the eventuality of the return of former PM, a Sino-Thai Thaksin Shinawatra, to Thailand.
The thing with these two Thais is that they do not conform to ancient tradition of sincerely respecting the King, who symbolises the all sacred Thailand! I wonder how much damage will be inflicted to the people of Thailand before Samak steps down and Thaksin to be extradited for trial on crime committed against the Thai people.
YB BABI, when he was in the Cabinet also did not give due respect to the royalty. When everyone else's, included Tun Mahathir, accorded the respect due to the Agong there was one instances when YB BABI just shook hand and did not even lower his head in showing respect, nature of the beast I supposed!
YB BABI must hate everything Malay and Malaysia that he will go to any length to gain support, in his mind, so he can be the prime minister. This man is obsessed! To begin with I must say I have nothing against gay people, transsexual or bisexual. But I do have many things against hypocrite. I believe YB BABI is one such person that Malaysians must seriously be aware of .
I believe when he was in power YB BABI abused it, he gave to his cronies, yes he did. In 1998 Tun Mahathir even came out with a list of his cronies, so when he challenged everyone during the last by-election to prove he had cronies, the present government under AAB should have just directed his boys to go to the archive and then spread it around. But nobody did! I do not know why!
YB BABI wants September 16 as a National holiday, but Sabahans and Sarawakians that I know all agreed there must always be one "4th of July" for us and that is the 31st of August!
In conclusion I will say that comes September 16th, YB BABI will be known as a man who lied so much that the date will be known as his downfall as a man, a real man, a liar, a politician and just an average and normal Malay studies graduate from University of Malaya, a man who has only a potential to be the most effective Amway dealer, and nothing else!

P.S. If something happens to Malaysia I am sure he will flee like Thaksin to somewhere where he can boost his ego.

Signing off!

Monday, September 01, 2008

I believe the prime minister of this country is Clueless, with a capital C!

He must go now!

"No one citizen is recognised as being of a higher position than another in this nation. This nation belongs to all of us," said this clueless PM.

I, nevertheless, agree with his stupid statement, but he must also add: ".....this nation belongs to all of us....but the Malays have been the perfect Tuan Rumah for everyone"

To begin with no one has disputed or has said one citizen is of a higher position than the other, except for irresponsible politicians who, for example, concocted May 13th (now I have said it! And the hell with it). We, brown, yellow and black (which should have been the colour of our flag if I have my way) must have a strong resolve not to allow politicians to sow more seed of hatred by making stupid and subtle statement, as shown above, that can lead to bloodshed.
Nobody is saying there is an inequality between the Malay, Chinese and Indian and Others (notice other is in CAP) in this country. This is the kind of statement made by a stupid politician that can cause some serious consternation among us.
I must remind you all bleeding heart liberals during the currency crisis of 1998 that affected this region, thousands of Indonesian-Chinese were killed by Indonesians in Jakarta and Bandung. Here in Malaysia we were and are Malaysians and together we stave off the economic malaise that swept the region not by killing each other and no one was killing each other.
Today many of these Indonesian-Chinese who fled to Malaysia and they have since live happily ever after. Although many of them, I encountered at Delicious in Bangsar the other day were so rude to a waitress that I have to force to introduce myself and then gave them a halt a minute lecture on decency and gratitude, they apologise, by saying "maaf Pak".
I will no allow such things to happen in this country, for what had happened in Indonesia during that bad period. For I will be the first to lay my life to protect my friends, my friends family, the citizen and my people....Chinese or Indians or whatever colour and creed they are.
Back to Dollah, I do not know on what premise that this PM was making the unnecessary statement but either he is stupid or incompetent for making an irresponsible statement or he is playing BABI's card, that is to subtly play the racial card, to play one race against another fo rtheir political support or survival.
No responsible citizen in this country has ever questioned the entrenched rights of anyone, but only the political opportunist like a weak PM or a leader of the opposition just so they can get support. But this is not the right way!
Okay for the sake of argument, when I see him next I can call him Dollah and tell him to his face that he must step down hey after all we are equal, or when I see Raja Nazrin I will call him by his first name. If no one citizen is recognised as being of a higher position than the other than I will call his wife a Gerago right! I will call the king, just Mizan! Fucked with the protocol right!
Looking at this idiotic prime minister's argument, my position in this country is the same as the king and that of a prime minister!!!
Okay my take is very simple, the time is about right now for this incompetent prime minister to take a hike for the sake of the country and the Malays, and Malaysians. Let face it if the Malays are not happy in this country no one will be allowed to be one! I am stating a fact! Chastise me for all I care!

Sorry for the language but certain issues are beyond good manners and I am sick and tired of all these charades!

For the practising Muslims, Selamat Berpuasa!