Sunday, January 18, 2009

BN would have had better chances if the candidate was not Wan Farid

When leaders become elitist that spells danger to the country! Abdullah Badawi during one of the pre-Monsoon Cup dinner, what a debacle!

Wan Farid as a candidate was a no, no in the first place. He suffers from a very serious personality problem and for associating himself with some loathsome people!

Now that Umno and BN have have lost in Kuala Terengganu we hope Najib will not be blamed! I don't think he should be blamed! However if it was another attempt to besmirch his name I don't think it will work, since the candidate was not his first choice I suspect, it was Pak Lah's. For as far as I can tell, this Wan Farid will always be as arrogant as he will always be vis-a-vis the rakyat, especially those from Pulau Duyung!


And this is part of what I wrote months before the by-election in Kuala Terengganu (KT) and I said Umno and BN was about to make that same shit mistake again but on different days, if they decided to place Senator Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh as BN candidate against Pas, for he would surely lose.

From the very beginning Wan Farid was "Pak Lah" candidate. He is perceived as one of those insensitive culprits that destroyed Pulau Duyung that was being turned into a headquarters for the ridiculous, grandiose, elitist and an unecesszary Monsoon Cup fiasco.

Monsoon Cup faux pas was about when a senior member of the Terengganu royalty who was told by the mother of a Malay looking Chinese owner of the surrounding land in Pulau Duyung to "fuck off" and not occupy an exhibition table at the premise of the Monsoon Cup event.

When the royalty was told off by the mother of this Malay looking Chiunese owner of the event the former mentri besar of Terengganu was there and did not intervene on behalf of this royalty, who was famous for bringing his children from Australia, by boat, to Indonesia then home.

The rakyat did not forget the incident. The people of Pulau Duyung also will never forget how an old and ancient wooden mosque that was demolished to make way for a new one!

I suspect if Najib was the PM before and during the KT by-election, BN would have had a good chance. The lost is not about Najib spearheading the KT by election, which saw Chinese voters in KT solidly voting for BN and the by-election saw an increase votes for BN, but because Wan Farid was perceived to be part of Pak Lah's arrogant boys and a man who helped destroy the way of life in Pulau Duyung.

Many Malays and Malaysians cannot wait for Pak Lah to step down and to do it soon before someone throw shoes at him. As a Malaysian living in this democratic system called Malaysia it is upon the good interest of Umno, BN Malays and all Malaysians that Abdulah Ahmad Badawi must give way to his sucessor right away before something untoward happens in this great country.

No cheers today!


Anonymous said...

Najib would say: This show democracy is alive in Malaysia.

Ver standard reply when UMNO lost.

Tiew Nia Mah said...

Pasquale, you're just like the rest of UMNO elitists who still live in a stage of total denial. Look at your ship called Racism that is co-chaptained by Najib, is sinking fast. The siren is sounding loud and clear for the last and final time before it disappears together with your ship. Please abandon it now and jump to the lifeboat next to you called Multiracialism, though it's smaller but better, before it's too late for you and all your elitists or betetr known as racists.

sfso@pulaijb said...

Tiew Nia Mah,

How do u expect the Malays to jump the racism ship when people in DAP,MCA and Gerakan is doing the same thing...

Just look at the chinese newspaper..Always harping on sensitive race issues..As if we don't know..

UMNO is still relevant and alive,it's the people within the party who refuses to work hard,continue to be arrogant and have close connection to Pak Lah who are destroying the party and making it look bad

Anonymous said...

Tian Na Mah & other non Malays;

I am one of many hardcore BN supporters that voted for DAP in the last election. I voted the opposition because I found BN especially UMNO had become arrogant and corrupted.

Since March 2008, I noticed the Chinese and the Indians have become arrogant and insensitive to the Malays. Many of them may have forgotten prior to March 2008 election many of the Chinese and Indians were elected in parliament because UMNO scarified many Malays majority seat for the sake of other races.

For the next election I am going to vote for BN again and I hope that other Malays should also realised a weakened Malays representation in parliament does not benefits them at all.

Just imagine this scenario and many of my Malays friend are also saying the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Vote for PAS is a vote for Altantuya. Please revise your article. Ramlax.

Anonymous said...

Vote for PAS is a vote for Altantuya. Please revise your article. Ramlax.

Anonymous said...

Hey , all out for a multiracial no boundaries whatever . Im born mixed anyway .

But ponder on below ,

I had dinner with Chinese friends ... 10 years friends.I loaned money from them before , ah even persuade some people in gov that I know to let some of them gather jobs and ignoring and skiping the usage of Kementrian Kewangan Sijil bertaraf bumiputra to make them get the jobs direct to their company.I do not get a fucking cent from these deals as I am doing ok with my own business and employs half my staffs non malay anyway. Suddenly uttered during this dinner .. ' The problem with Malay is they dont drink and get drunk and join the rest of us . AH .. suddenly I was thinking .. who is the majority anyway ? the drunk and the regular teh O drinker .?

There is once when I was busy and told my staff to check a price of a secondhand 4X4 in those regular stores . I received sms from my staff , the value is 84,000 after discount . I replied ok Ill be there . The moment I arrived , I cannot find my staff there in the compound but I got the the registration number so I asked the salesguy straight whats the value. guess what ? Rightaway he told me 82,000 ! No even requested for discount yet. I told that my staff sms-ed me the higher price for the same car . The reply I get ? Oh , You know right only Malay buy house 5% discount so we sell them higher price for car la.You know what the difference? I do not look Malay at all and I spoke in Mandarin.
Ponder On this.

I had another funny senario happened to a chinese friend too . You see , I speak too much Chinese doing business that sometimes they forgot my race and how it hurts me with the mockery to 1/3 of my race. Anyway , I did asked him why he never what to equipped his malay staffs technically compared to his other chinese staffs . He gave me a reason ... Oh later the Malay get smart and do on their own Then I asked him a question how many his Malay staffs quit and do on their own he said none,some still working after 15 years.I asked him any his chinese staffs did the same? He said 3 quit and did similar business and him and one did took half his clients.

Ahh ... what an idiot land I am living in


Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous #1, the chinese and indians have become way to arrogant since march 8.

How can the chinese say that they are marginalised and ill treated when they control the economy.

Simple case, got to a starbucks. 90% of the patrons are chinese and the workers 90% malay. And when they order their drinks, they damn rude. I pity the workers having to put up with that kind of shit.

They want to live in silos with their silo mentality and yet demand respect and equal treatment. You cant have your cake and eat it too.

I am voting BN next election.

PS. FU Ronnie Liu and Tony Pua. Both of you have disappointed me. I remember how damn snobby you guys were after the election at coffee bean. And all i wanted to do was congratulate you guys. Now I can truly see that your agenda is not for a malaysia for all but chinese chauvinism at it best.

Anonymous said...

Pasquale here is the thing, when Malaysia have weak leaders the Chinese, with the help of Indians, will push and push Umno to or against the wall, then fiasco like May 13 will happens. I read a lot of your commentators are racist they should really think before they speak. I have personally witness how Chinese patrons of Starbucks shouted at Malay workers, then I found out theyr were Indonesian Chinese, so I told them quite firmly to apologize tot he workers, they complied! The thing is Malay can be equaly racist if they want to but we have always been a nice and accommodating people, let us not forget this!

Strictly living!

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, no cheers and interestingly no BABI word today..come on la..Please check Najib's elitist style also come you're so blind and blatantly backing DS Najib..I doubt who's sponsoring this portal then..I hope you site will still exist after next PRU okay..good luck

Anonymous said...

From all these months looking at thing here , whats the difference anyway with all parties or alliances in Malaysia ?
All are racially based party hidden under crap unite packaging.
Every party try to gain more leverage than others but not will to give up or sacrifice. Give up your Ketuanan but I wont give up race based education . I want equal but but I still want to retain a great culture of mine of 4000 thousand years.Because my culture are longer than yours so you guys are stupid and please just listen to me.
Ah cleary I see now there is no difference between Pakatan Rakyat and BN . Racially planned,formed. The stupid thng about BN , if only they can just do their work clean,with good heart no over racist remarks maker like stupid Nazri and Ali Rustam , I won be so confused and my workers able to focus more about work and not spending time on my LAN network to visit political websites for hours!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Tiew Nia Mah, there is no place for UMNO elitists/Racists in this country. sfso@pulaijb and Strictly living, both of you are still sleeping and dreaming for fantasy!

Orang Cina KT

Greenbottle said...

first time visiting here.

i think malay racists and chinese/indian racists should fight and kill each other and let the rest of us live in peace.

Parpu Kari said...


I like your blog and i like the fact that you brought up...keep it up..

Resign Pak Lah Resign....take KJ along with you....we dont need you guys..

Bean Alladdin said...

I'm not surprised of the by-election result. It's reflective of UMNO's denial of change by its corrupt leaders and chauvinist. To save UMNO and this country, use your vote to get rid of all these leaders in the coming party election.

chou zie bai said...

UMNO is sinking, I have jumped ship so can you.........

The days when we sang God save the Queen was far better than now... belive me. Those days even Korea and Singapore was behind us but now we are getting closer to Zimbabwe.

sfso@pulaijb said...

Org Cina KT,
As long as there are Chinese chauvinist in the country,racism will never end..

Just wait and see for the next election.The Malays wether they are UMNO or not are growing sick of arrogant Chinese who think that they are so good and can say what they like.

By the way,Tiew ni Mah your brother ka?You both can get lost.

Keep on dreaming and believe me that PR is going nowhere.Once a racism always a racism..

SugarDaddy said...

Rusdi , why is ur blog full of racists ? Like you i might add u half breed minang !

Pasquale said...


Let me tell you once and for all I am NOT Rusdi and please get your facts right. As for many racist around, deep inside you are also a racist, that is if you are a Malaysian!

Anonymous said...


Let me correct your sentence as below :-

As long as there are UMNO chauvinists in the country, racism will never end.....

Don't get Chinese and Indian as scapegoat. A thief always calls other a thief and sfso@pulaijb , you're the typical one. There is no place for you in this country and go fly kite in your own dream world of racism, idiot!


Pasquale said...


Indeed I am happy in my own dream world of racism why not, in this world is where I will ands shall defend any attempt by a Chinese, a Bai or Indian, ore even Jew again, who want to be Sultan of Yamtuan, or prime minister,or DBKL d-g! Paham ke! You shit on a prick bastard!!

sfso@pulaijb said...


Was that targetted at me???

Everyone entitle to own opinion..U like it or not,up to u lah

Once I hate Chinese(especially the arrogant and chuvinist),always and forever I will hate the Chinese..

I shit in the toilet bro..