Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have our intelligence agencies failed? And failed miserably!?

I think they have or otherwise they would not have let or allow a foreign agent(s) to penetrate as high as the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).
There was a man, and he is still around, who tried to penetrate various PMO offices and he finally succeeded and he now becomes our present prime minister (lower case for a reason) close confidante.
He has succeeded, for example, in influencing pak lah (lower case for a reason) to scrap the bridge project between Singapore and Malaysia to the chagrin of the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir.
In the past our intelligence agencies have been touted to be one of the most effective in the region, if not the world, but today it is just another agencies ruled by politicians and this is not good for the country.
In the past our intelligence agencies have been successful in staving off any enemies' infiltration into the inner sanctum of our decision making government apparatus.
Remember how we nabbed a KGB operative close to a senior minister's office. Remember how we caught a deputy minister who was a communist sympathiser. Those were the "no holds barred" moment of our country when if you are the enemies "we will deal with you", effectively.
But today our weak prime minister is being surrounded not only by toady, flatterer sycophants but but also by foreign agents. What are we doing about it? The answer is nothing!
Once upon a time I have risked my neck for the country I love. Once we, I and one intelligence agency, embarked on a campaign to deflect one of our neighbours irresponsible military adventure or soiree into our territory and we succeeded, via our psychological warfare.
Today foreign agents are influencing our top decision making apparatus and it appears our intelligence agencies empowered to look after our country's security have also been compromised and being shackled and this will spell doom for everyone, well may be not the non-Malays who are eagerly waiting for the "Malay" regime to falter and succumb to oblivion.
They may just get their wishes at the rate the country is going!
BTW, I think some of you may have guess who is this one foreign agent by now!

No, definitely no cheers today!


bzz said...


Inikan zaman open. Open minded. Perisik or org luar boleh bikin apa dia kacau. Tak open minded lah you ni...

straycat's strut said...

That was part of the deal, I suspect. Throughout history, so many leaders did it. Form Marcos to Shah Iran, from Pakistan to Egypt, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Nicaragua; it was all about getting and staying in power at any cost. You have to sell not just your soul but your race, your religion and your country. And history taught us how those countries ended up.

We are going through the same road, right? Suddenly we became soulless, we lost our voice and our balls. We became deaf, dumb and mute.

We lost Malaysia the day Tun stepped down. Someone must have sold it and its not so hard to figure out who bought it.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Salam ziarah

anon said...

I think you and your supporter are missing wood from the forest. The people who sold the country are actually the people whom umno claim to fight for, yes the Melayu. 52 years and billions and billions of dollars all lost but what achievement to show? You have the NEP to help you, quota in schools, collage, university, government jobs etc etc but still you have not achieved much.

If you don't agree with me just compare it with your neighbour whom in 1965 was as poor as you but today they are one of the richest in Asia. Look at Korea, they too have catch up with Malaysia. Even China is far ahead of Malaysia, only Zimbabwe is still walk side by side with Malaysia.

Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country, so what I can do for my country is to point out the mistakes.

samson said...

Fourth floor boys already penetrated...these agencies like to recruit from unis overseas. Too bad no one can do anything about it.

Salam Magpie, from one who has shed blood for tanahair.

Anonymous said...

this is where you end-up when you try to run a country like a family business!

worst when you get your son-in law, brother in-laws and other outlaws in your circle.

- tak kan hilang melayu didunia tapi dimalaysia belum tentu!

sfso@pulaijb said...


Y not apply for Korea or S'pore citizenship then..

Msia can do better if people like you can get lost.

I dare u.Abandon this country once and for all.We are also going sick of arrogant and chauvinist Chinese.

Pengotor and nonsense

Anonymous said...

Hei man, remember we were almost caught by the Thai security forces few hundred yards from where we in their territory and were sleeping the night before in the rain with only our ponchos, yes mah, we risked our fucking neck but for what?! For Kalimullah making his millions of ringgit of ill-goten gain?

Col Ibrahim

anon said...

sfso@pulaijb must be one who failed having wasted so much money given by the country just like so many of the umno members.

The country is poor because we have too many people like sfso@pulaijb who wish to continue enjoying parasitism and being a parasite he claim is his birth right. He forget that every parasite needed a host and in this case he ask the host to abandon this country as he call them arrogant and chauvinist.

Being the nature of parasite you will not servive without a host. Robert Mugabe and his party member are just like umno's parasite as well. Mugabe went one step further by throwing out their host after grabbing the farm from the White.

sfso@pulaijb is thinking the way of Mugabe as well. Imagine you throw out the host and KL, Penang, Ipoh, Malacca, JB became just like another Kuala Tengganu or Alor Star than Malaysia is not very different to Zimbabwe.

sfso@pulaijb said...


Another typical comment from a stupid and chauvinist Chinese.And do u know that u people are "pengotor"...

People like you are are more dangerous than parasite.I can categorize u as a poison or virus as dangerous as HIV.

In Zimbabwe,yes they throw the white people and took the farm from them.It doesn't happen here.We have to share everything with The Chinese who doesn't appreciate and likes to moan like a pig.

In Malaysia,the greedy Chinese wants to grab all the wealth and oppressed the other races.They won't trust a Malay with their money.They will always have bad intentions and sceptism to the Malays.That's a fact.In a company dominated by Chinese,the Malays are hired to do clerical or cleaning job forever no wonder how good they are.When there is an opening for a promotion,u will hire somebody from outside(a Chinese obviously) or promote a Chinese although the Malay perform better. You can't deny that.It's happening and it's true.The Chinese wants the Malay to be poor forever so that they can control everything.

Pls stop the idea that any Malay who becomes rich is because of UMNO policies.We work hard too unlike the Chinese who likes to take short cut such as bribing and using connetions.The MCA also is giving so much projects to the Chinese.Tell me who is controlling the economy at the moment?

Do u know that in every projects or job given to a Malay,the chinese who controls the raw material will at least enjoy 50% of the profit.They can manipulate the price to make it hard for the Malay contractors to get profit and lead to their downfall.Now u tell me are we like zimbabwe u idiot??

Get your fact right and try to think straight.In the meantime pls get lost and aplly for the Korea or China citizenship as fast as u can.

Anonymous said...

hei sfso@pulaijb,

looks like u keep blaming everything & everyone...

so pls stop moaning like a pig too...

Anonymous said...


I have read in a Singapore politics forum that a Sngaporean ex minister was a Malaysian planted mole. Is this true?

Anonymous said...

you are a disgrace. Crawl back into yr mother's womb & dont ever come out

Omong said...

Anon hopes to take control as he believes the chinese are superior

his great grandparents' country of origin is full of corruption that even babies had to die as a result

here he's minority and descendants of uneducated and very poor coolies

obtained wealth at the expense of the bumis without paying a single sen of rental obligations for years

for years the bumis had to suffer an alien culture brought to their shores what with the short-legged and curly tailed infested farms, the paper burning pollution, etc

and then he has the cheek to "advise" the majority

Anonymous said...

Pasquale - I'm a bit lost in all this. Which foreign agent (whom) are we talking about?

sfso@pulaijb - I'm kind of insulted. If u got a problem with anon (and seem to assume he is Chinese) just take it out on him. When you hantam a whole Chinese race for one person that's just plain racist.

Anon - it's equally racists to just hantam all Malays like that. And you started it.

Ordinary Malaysian

Pasquale said...

Listen up people,

I will not tolerate any more racist comments and you guys have to stop using my site to shit each other, from now on only critical comments are allowed!


sfso@pulaijb said...


I fully respect your site and will stop but only after other people stop bashing the Malays..

Just look at te comment and time to see who started all of this..

Cheers bro

doggie dog said...

guys, every human being needs one another to succeed.. with nep or without nep, we as in bangsa malaysia will all succeed... tolerance is key.

why need to start all the name callings?

the most important is for us to be able to see where we went wrong, correct them, learn from them and move on.. and stop pointing fingers at everyone... Be a man and own up to our wrong doings..

we are all children of God.. irrespective we are Muslims, Christians, Hindus or watever we are.. Let's look a little bit further. Dont we think we are all stupid trying to kill each other? And that is what politicians propagate even since the word politics came into being...