Saturday, January 10, 2009

Malaysia to boycott US products? What are we talking about?

*news update*
Many comments appear to have agreed with me about the stupidity of those demonstrating against the Israeli bloody invasion and attacks on Gaza Strip. Yes I had my fair share of demonstrating against unpopular issues, wars such as the one committed by the US against our neighbour Vietnam in the late sixties to early seventies. Yes, it is fun to demonstrate but at the end of the day do you feel right about your feeling good showing your futile attempt to imagine that you have done something to stop the carnage? No I don't think so, you are just lying to your self. I have studied about the Middle-East crisis since my varsity days in the seventies. Guess what it is same old same old shit but different years. Guess what, Palestinians killed by Israelis and the rogue state of Israel is still there as defiance as ever. And the rest of the Arab world? I can safely say they are useless and corrupt, impotent and heavily reliance on the great USA. No I am not insensitive to the death of many in Gaza, especially children, but I am sensitive to the fact that the whole world cannot do anything to contain the Jews in Israel in their quest to make Gaza and the West Bank as part of greater Israel, personally more and more Palestinian in Gaza and the West Bank will be killed until the Jewish dream of Judea and Sumeria be realised, and the Jews are committed to succeed and the Arabs are committed to be disunited, disenfranchised, pathetic, useless, helpless and hopeless! No amount of demonstrations can change anything, except a united show of force to deflect further Israelis intransigence!
The United States of America is Malaysia's biggest trading partner. If tomorrow Texas Instruments or Dell Computer, or Harris Semi-Conductor pulled out of Malaysia, this country will go haywire, hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs.
Or worse still if MacDonald or KFC decided to pull out of Malaysia the country will go berserk, since Malaysians are addicted to American junk food.
If we want to condemn the Jews, we better do something with Tesco, founded by Jack Cohen also believed to be an ardent Zionist.
So lets us not be too hasty eh! Let the Arab world and Israel resolve their "boring" problem!
Did anyone ever ask why a small country can get away with what it did? And how come a small Israel surrounded by big Arab countries cannot be defeated? Well I am tired of giving answers you guys go figure!
Demonstrating against the US embassy is a stupid effort, let's us stop it and do something more constructive to improve our country's racial problem, for example!


Canny Boo said...

They are just bunch of idiots shouting on street and trying to bother other people's internal boring affair without knowing the real problems faced by this country. The water in the pot is already getting warmer and will soon be boiling but the frogs are still swimming and singing inside!!!

A Voice said...

Focus after the Zionist funders

Rakesh Kumar said...

Heard today in Bernama radio, this guy, an expert in Halal, talking about "selected" boycott. He said we still need to take airplane, use products like phone that are made in the US or Jews related company and country. He is usually very articulate, interesting and at times funny, but today he really sounded dumb, contradicting himself.

You are right. Focus on what's wrong in here. There's trouble in the house, we need not be angry about what's happening to the house down the road.

Take it easy.

Nilesh said...

you hit the right spot... well said

Ah Seng said...

By boycotting US products, we are actually punishing our own people (Malaysian). A lot of Malaysians will loss their jobs, if like what Pasquale said, US companies pull out of Malaysia.

And almost most of us will miss our favourite movies and TV shows.

nstman said...

Watching these idiots demonstrating and shouting at the top of their voices is fun. better than a comedy. Seriously, do they think before making a fool of themselves? No. Bodoh.

lupo said...


always read yr posting maybe bacause I share your hatred for BABI.

However, you can't expect us to watch palestinians being killed daily and do nothing..

We have to show our contempt for the methods used by the Israelis to achieve their objectives.

Bukan nak boycott sampai takda business...cuit walaupun sikit cukuplah..

kalau marah dgn bini pun takkan terus cerai...merajuk sikit lah dulu...mesti dia get the message..

At least do something...or you have any better ideas?

Bodoh sangat ke marah kat baby killers ni...ataupun tunggu sampai anak anak engkau kena bunuh dulu baru nak nstman, maybe seeing babies being killed daily is also your kind of comedy...bangang


an eye for an eye make the whole world blind said...

Demonstrating on the street and boycotting are stupid things to do. We Melayu must look after ourselve and improve so that one day we can stand tall. Look at the Jews, they only have 13 millions Jews in the whole world. They out perform every single race be it in business, education, science and technology. We have more Melayu in Malaysia than Jews in the whole world and we have nothing if compare to the Jews. There are more Jews graduated from Oxford than UiTM students, this already say much of how miserable we are in. Don't listen to Mahathir son of Mamak to start boycott US goods, this is stupidity. If we want to take revenge we should start to push our kids to study harder and learn English.

Anonymous said...

Quality, Brother, bukan quantity! Whoever asked to boycott is damn shallow - you will soon find your brother, sister, cousin, relatives, friend, neighbours all out of jobs due to retrenchments. Anyway, Malaysian market is only small fraction of their worldwide business but it's a real, big deal to the Bursa if they pull out of their investments in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Wake up all Melayu and Malaysians. Mind your own business and don't be fooled by politicians. At the time when you're out of job, these politicians may be having vacation in Paris!

Citra said...

Gosh! for the first time i actually agree with you on this. No point demo and boycott...i say send our troops and volunteers.

nstman said...

Arabs are good for one thing - nothing.

samson said...

Boycott what? Products? These people talk only, everything they use everyday has elements of US products in them. What about ppl who work for US companies, who will pay their mortgage, feed their children? The former mamak PM? Maybe the Zionists in Israel are doing something wrong but in the end their will pay for it, GOD will make sure of that!

We ppl can make noise to disagree but end of day, any action will bring dire consequences. Better to solve our problem at home!

Yes, I do not support YAB BABI too because that mamak (father is 100% Indian) caused the last economic downturn that left me and other million ppl jobless (for 3 years) and now ppl want him back?!

nstman said...

if Muslims feel so aggrieved about the Jewish plot to destabilise the world, they should do something more meaningful than just empty rhetoric. Only an infantile mind will resort to boycotts and suicide bombings. Muslims must master science, enhance transparency, produce more scientists. Only then can Muslims stand up to Jewish bullies. Only then can Jews respect Muslims. It's sad but true, Muslims only cakap banyak, only know how to demonstrate and putting on an empty show of bravado. And of course, last but not least, stop consuming too much nasi kangkang, oops sorry, nasi kandar, which is very bad for the brain.

lupo said...

Aiyo friends,

Just show a little bit of compassion for the victims la...

Not asking you all to go and become suicide bombers...

war is just a business venture for USA...for oil, for their arms dealer, to protect their friends etc..

If we just sit and watch them slaughter the innocent...very soon it will be our turn.

You all just wanna let them kill people as we gon on cari makan quietly...for our family konon..

If the world keep silent i believe the would have nuked the countries that they don't like...

In future maybe it will be our turn with a little bit of egging on by our dear neighbour....mati jugak

If you believe the babies are all HAMAS..then it's up to you..this is not a religious war it's just a plain land grabbing exercise by a greedy and violent neighbour...kiasu lah tu...

sleep tight

Anonymous said...

okey. agree with lupo. the palestinians never ask us to go and help them there. become suicide bombers or whatever. if every people think in the same way.thats non of our bussiness.jz sit and watch. nothing will change.

jz to remind something: the aim of the Jewish:not only the Palestinians.

if everyone keep silent. pretend that nothing can't be done to help the Palestinians. not even the simple thing. boycott.mybe someday it will be our turn.on that time, never ever think that other peole will help us.

if u are not agree with this..then it's up to you.this is jz my plain opinion.