Monday, January 12, 2009

Top American Zionists are YB BABI good friends! So how now?

Flanked by America's top Zionist, from left-right: William Cohen, YB BABI and Paul Wolfowitz.
Cohen and Wolfowitz are the type of people who helped favourably US foreign policy vis-a-vis Israel. They are YB BABI very good friends, so what now Malaysians!

When Israeli tanks rolled through Gaza Strip,when Israeli helicopter gunships dropping bombs and toxic white phosphorus chemical over Gaza wreaking havoc destroying mosques, houses occupied by innocent Palestinians, what did Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) did?! Nothing.
Not a comment to condemn Israel and America, and we think we know why!
YB BABI is an American stooge, he has sold his soul to the devil so to speak a long time ago, in his fuitle quest to be the next prime minister of Malaysia.
Fair minded Malaysians must condemn him for his hypocrisy and Malaysians in general must wake up from their blind slumber of support for a man who is being convicted not because the government is mean but because the government knows more than what is being reported.

Please Malaysians do the necessary, wake up!


hiden leg said...

2 be no 1;

mission to cut new wannabe 'world power', malaysia is a good platform to start.

hidden hand in chaos always save & enjoy profit. & the unlucky one will be treated like saddam.

Kevin said...

Nice one bro.. Checkout Saiful Bukhari's blog.. Same issue but different topic.. Its regarding Anwar's lies about Annapolis Summit 2007..

Anonymous said...


Siapakah bekas Menteri yang sibuk nak bertanding untuk jawatan naib presiden Umno, tetapi sedang bercuti di Bahamas sekarang ni?

Pemimpin-pemimpin Umno lain sedang sibuk berkempen untuk Calon Barisan Nasional menjelang pilihanraya kecil Kuala Terengganu Sabtu ini, tetapi bekas Menteri ni sedang bersantai dengan ahli-ahli keluarganya di Kepulauan Bahamas yang memang terkenal sebagai destinasi pelancongan.

Yang lain sibuk berkempen siang-malam, sipolan ini sedang menikmati angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa di tepi pantai. Alangkah bahagianya hidup.

Perwakilan Umno patut menolak pemimpin seperti ini. Sudah banyak sangat kes sipolan ini. Batu dan kayu sahaja yang sipolan ini tak makan, yang lain habis dimentedarah...

Pantun untuk Dato' Seri Najib:

Bercerai sudah bertalak sudah
kasih sayang ditelan waktu
Mencuri sudah, meraba sudah
Takkan nak simpan sipolan begitu.

January 13, 2009 1:43 AM

Anonymous said...

This i what I do not understand about some Malaysian . All the huha over Palestine's invasion,the demonstrations the burning of flags etc but they still claim Anwar is their saviour.

Picture tell a thousand word.Eveyone knew and understand the inclination of Anwar to Cohen and favours he gets from him.That is th problem wen there is blind idolizing of a person to level of saint. We never learn . African nations gave birth to many of them. Iran Liberation Front , fully funded by CIA to ensure an 'open' society in Iran.
You dont have to go far , you have Estrada legacy case near to our region.

Maybe some of us will just remain to be stupid .. oh sorry blind .


Mankanan said...

Gambar ini menceritakan seribu satu kisah. Yang pastinya dah nyata sekarang siapakah pemimpin dalam negara kita yang bersekongkol dengan israel. Masihkah rakyat tak sedar dengan kenyataan ini? Masih nak menyokong beliau secara membuta tuli?... Ada akal, fikir masak-masak, layakkah beliau menerajui negara? Silap-silap kita akan jadi macam rakyat Palestin. Masa tu, menyesal pun dah tak guna...Padan muka kita...

Boleh race said...

We Melayu should not be over sensitive of mixing with Jews. We need them as friends to guide us so that some day we can be as great as them. We have more Melayu in Malaysia than the 13 million Jews in the whold wide world. See what the Jews has achieved so far? There wealth could be more than all the 250 million muslim in South East Asia all added together. The number of Jews who won Nobel price could fill up our Paliment. We Melayu should learn from Jews not fight against them. We hope our children will some day be as smart as Jews. If we continue what our leaders are tell us we Melayu will forever cannot live up to what the Jews can, we will forever ended up eating Ubi kayu. We Melayu are Boleh race just like the Jews, is only how we think.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

you, pasquale, are a racist. plain and simple. if the man wants to associate with a jew, it's a crime toward the malays? grow up, adolf.

Omong said...

Dear Boleh race

smart is ok

but cunning, cruel and greedy, oh no, NEVER!

i think some ABI supporters know him for what he is

they are just in for a slice of the action and the promised wealth

Boleh race said...


Cunning, Cruel and greedy is not restricted to any particular nationality or race. Magpie in the whole world has black head and black tail.

In Malaysia we also have cunning Malaysian like Mahathir who always at odds with his successor, cruel Malaysian like Mahathir who marginalize the Penan in Sarawak, greedy Malaysian like Mahathir whoes proxy sons make him the richest in our land. He is not a Melayu but a Mamak, Najib and Anwar are Melayu.

straycat's strut said...

To Anon January 14, 2009 2:39 AM

Oh Dear, why so naive? If u think the support, the association, the fund that came from the Jews have no string attached to it or just because Anwar is a good-looking guy, I really have to assume that you are no older then 12.

Mind you, we are not talking buddy-buddy (or associates)having a few drinks every now and then at the local joint. Its about about red carpet welcome and gun salutes kinda of friendship. Let me tell you, it aint cheap and somebody has to pay. Ask Estrada, ask Marcos, ask Saddam and pray hard its not gonna be you.

Anonymous said...

I noticed many people here have a 'romantic passion' toward the zionist these days . Read clear my word , Zionist , not Jews as a whole race.
I have Jew friends in Europe that hate the Zionist regime for the absurd cruelties and giving them headache fo carrying Jewish surname.Some of them converted to Catholic belief but their surname remains.

For Anwar case , understand that his friendship is with a Zionist sympahtizer who is by birth a Jewish descendant. That is my concern

Understand the difference.


Anonymous said...

Pasquale is simply Najib's stooge. Roger and out.

kulopbesar said...

Rasulullah pun berurusniaga dgn Yahudi, come on le bro yg boh"remark" YB BABI tu sape yg ajar tu, bullshit lah bro