Friday, January 16, 2009

War on Terror vis-a-vis Scomi's Nuclear Centrifuge Debacle! Is it a US selective persecution?

The PM has become detached from the rakyat and he is now perceived as being elitist: Pak Lah, Kamaluddin (Scomi co-owner), Khairy should all be sanctioned for one thing or another I don't give a rat's ass for what!

Shah Hakim, Scomi's CEO and business partner of Kamaluddin Abdullah, the son of our current PM

* news update"

Umno must have a serious makeover, re-branding or whatever or else it will be an irrelevant Malay party, and the majority Malays will not be a happy lot if the party slides further, take heed!

Scomi's CEO Shah Hakim has been sanction by the US government with his asset in the US and US held territories frozen. If I recalled Kalamuddin Abdullah the son of our PM is also with Scomi. My question is why is the son of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not affected atn all after all he is also a decision maker, not a sleeping partner, with the company and also a major share holder.
This is not a naughty enquiry, it is just I want to know, we want to know right!? That is why are some people appear to be above the law??!! This is not about malice but we just want to know and can someone please enlighten me. Especially the US government's action taken against Scomi's CEO Shah Hakim, and Malaysian government decision to place another Scomi consultant BSA Tahir under ISA! Is Kamaluddin being spared??



straycat's strut said...

My guess is Kamal's insurance or as KJ put it, "protection" has not expired. The murphy's law says that you'll get into accident or ran into a police roadblock at 12.01 am the very day your insurance / road-tax expired.

Anonymous said...

beats me!

this is a job for some one special...........ask higglytown.

Kak Jayn said...

A PM that can be blackmail can put Malaysia in jeorpady..arent we already are?