Friday, February 13, 2009

Desperate YB BABI wants Pak Lah to stay on as PM!

Yeah right!

"Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will clock out from his office in Putrajaya on March 31, a Tuesday, as prime minister, ending a tumultuous period which saw him lead UMNO and Barisan Nasional to their best-ever and worst electoral performances"

This was what reported by a news portal Malaysia-Instinct quoting Malaysiainsider.
And yet next week it was reliably learn that Yang Berhormat Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) will, on behalf of the opposition, will table a motion of CONFIDENCE in parliament for Prime Minister Dolah Badawi to stay on as PM.
The way I see it the opposition is so desperate as to resort to parliamentry procedure to further its losing effort to stay on as a credible opposition party trying and resorting to all sorts of tactics to gain power.
Instead Karpal Singh should also table a motion in parliament to sack YB BABI as a leader of the opposition and to sack him as a con man passing himself as a politician.
Personally speaking YB BABI reminds me of a five-foot way medicine sellers at Batu Road and Chow Kit Road who were my favourite pastime to watch when I walked to and from Batu Road School and Maxwell School.
The opposition is also so desperate enough as to spend money to place a huge bill board of Pak Lah along Jalan Syed Putra forn motorists to gawk at. The billboard sas for the rakyat to send their thought to Pak Lah via internet to an address to aks him probably to stay on. I think DBKL should pull it down.


veteranpas said...

Anwar is so desperate as Najib begins to show his colours which will eventually kills Anwar's futures. Bye Bye Anwar !

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows, though there are many who will refute it, that PR is scared of DS Najib. They know DS Najib has the capacity to incapacitate, if not obliterate, them.

That's why they told TDM to shut up; that's why Hj Hadi and Karpal Singh have voiced their support for AAB. That's why now they want to officially do it in Parliament.

They believe they still have a chance if AAB - and as a consequence the continued presesnce of KJ - were to remain in power. They know they cannot play pucks with DS Najib.

It explains all the villification of DS Najib. All the unsubstantiated accusations, innuendos and what have you. I may not like UMNO that much but the dirty way PR has gone about trying to usurp the powers of the legitimate government of the day is something I cannot stomach. And the racist element in their campaign: UMNO = Malays.

I hope their hopes will never see the light of day.


Anonymous said...


In your poor attempt to be sarcastically clever there is NO SUCH THING as tabling a motion for a vote of confidence on the Leader of THE have succeeded to be YET AGAIN THE PITS (that means where all the waste products of the bowels get to reside)!!!! Ask you to go to school you end in Batu Road and Chow Kit watching orang jual ubat...TENGOK APA JADI SEKARANG...SERUPA MACAM BATU TEMBOK.

Ms Aru
Ex Maxwell School Teacher

sfso@pulaijb said...

So obvious..

Yea right,let's support the weakest ever PM..

Go PR go

straycat's strut said...

Its amazing in the sense that how could two opponents be so in love with each other. But if u put yourself in DSAI shoes, you will understand. Come on lah, who would'nt want an opponent who is self-distruct? Give PL a gun and he'll shoot himself in the foot. Give him a shoes and he'll put it in his mouth. Give him a job and he'll fall asleep. I love this guy lah... so comical and I really don't mind having him as my father-in-law either.

But its even more amazing how self-centered these DSAI and Hadi guys could be. True that PL is BN's most vulnerable spot and it is good for PKR. But they should know that the price is too high for the nation i.e. in term of economy and social order; enough said about that. And for the Malays, they are at the weakest to the point that they even have to justify why Malays are Malays these days.

It is sad how political interest is being placed above all else by these two men. For goodness sake, we don'y want PL to be there anymore. To DSAI or Hadi or whoever in PKR who think that PL is an asset, by all means, ask him to join PKR lah so that he can continue with with his "perjuangan." The rest of us need a decent PM.

666 said...

Actually the motif behind the opposition is to help Najib from embarrassment as Najib does not have what it takes to be a PM. You people are reading too much, a good gesture is being twisted.

Anonymous said...

Who should justify who's BABI who's not. Maybe a BABI's mother love the children so much and by mistake call others a BABI too but almost forgotten she herself is a DAM BABI. He or she sure come from one of the BABIs family in Lukut i guess.

Anonymous said...


You really pray to have a hardliner to be our next PM. I personally do not see there will be any change nor improvement in politics and economy under the premiership of Najib. In fact, he will make this country even worse as compare to Anwar.

Ipoh Bayi

Anonymous said...

Dear Pasqual,

This is an interesting blog. I know it thru a friend and a follower. Keep it up. Put the YB BABI on the defensive.

Pak Nasution