Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hope Tony is not like Luncai who terjun dengan Labu Labu nya!

I do not know this Tony Fernandes guy personally and all that well that I go drinking with him, apart from being introduced to him by Rockybru.
He appears to be amicable, friendly and genuine and obviously a genius of sort for being able to do what he has done to Malaysian aviation industry.
I will always thank him for allowing me to fly to Balikpapan, a destination on our SEAsian map that I always wanted to visit but MAS does not fly there. I will always forever be indebted to him for giving me a chance to fly to Siem Reap (many times) to see the majestic Angkors, especially the Angkor Wat, all via Air Asia and that MAS was not able to take me.
Soon it will be Menado, Bali, and many many more destinations that I will be able to visit and again thanks to Air Asia.
I believe Tony will not be bitter like that proverbial "luncai who jump into the river with his pumpkin" now that KLIA-East at Labu has been scrapped. The old adage means this Luncai is a die heart and convinced wholeheartedly in what he believes, that he was willing to jump with his pumpkin thinking the pumpkin is all that valuable! However, Tony remember, every cloud has a silver lining!
Okay Tony, about the only thing I hate about your airline is I, my wife and I, have to travel from Ukay Heights, Ampang to almost reaching my hometown in Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan, bjust to get to your LCCT! That is ba wee bit too far!!
Tony please develop your new LCCT at the KLIA so we all can travel by the ERL from KL Sentral without fuss and stress to get there.
My personal observation is, Bangkok super international airport also caters to LCC and the LCCT is attached to this fantastic airport. My question is, why can't we do the same?!!

Cheers to both you and Rocky for being proactive!


anon said...

This Tony is kind of great for our country, see how much he contributed to our economy and his Air Asia had benefitted the man on the street. How I wish we have more Indians like Tony and less of Samy Vellu or monkey Kayveas.

We should consider to invite Tony to take over TNB and Tenaga.

Anonymous said...

Woi Hishamuddin Aun,

Tak malu ke kau sekarang ni jilat j**ur Rosmah?

Dulu kau yang kata Najib di queen control oleh Rosmah. Dulu kau yang cakap Rosmah yang akan jadi PM dan dia yang akan decide siapa akan jadi GEIC NST, bukan Najib.

The whole world knows that you have been running down Rosmah and Najib.

Malu lah sikit, my friend.

Your time is over lah...

sfso@pulaijb said...

See,in Malysia people of all races can live in harmony an contribute to the economy.The key is hardworking,less sceptism and less prejudice

I do feel that Tony is a good CEO and we need more people like him. I wish him all the best.

Pasquale said...

anon, I agree with you the government should invite Tony to take over ailing government corporations, or may be MAS!

Anonymous said...

True or False. KLIA is planned to handle 120 million passengers at its peak assisted by five runways.Who needs Labu.Ramalx