Tuesday, February 03, 2009

MACC getting tough on environmental crooks is just all hot air!

Douglas Unggah don't just talk you moron!

This is what will greet you at Blue Valley, Cameron Highlands!

No regards for the tax-paying citizens of this country!

If I am a foreign tourist from anywhere I will say this country sucks!

Lojing, another environmental degradation that the Fundamentalist Islamist state government of Kelantan can and will never understand!

Every action will always be another equal reaction!

Once it was a beautiful valley until Kelantan was ruled by a sarong-clad mullahs, hey what do they know!

How so!? Well a recent drive from Kuala Terengganu via Gua Musang then to Cameron Highland we were taken by surprise when we saw how Lojing was raped and shaved bald by the Kelantan state government. Then were were at the junction to Cameron Highland heading for Simpang Pulai, when we saw a blatant disregard for the environment!
Okay if I had not seen it I can probably shut it off my mind even though I know the countryside of Malaysia is littered with many, many dumping sites.
But this is at the entrance junction to Cameron Highland at Blue Valley, where tourist will be taken by a shocking surprise when they will see and be greeted by a massive garbage dumping site right before their eyes and by the road side!
Environment and Natural Resources Minister Douglas Unggah Embas, in which the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) is under his watch, please do something or I will make Blue Valley shame as a blotch on your forehead as a minister empowered to clean up corruption that leads to a beautiful valley, a jewel, of Malaysia marred and stenched by one of the biggest rubbish dumps I have ever seen.
Oh yes! Another beautiful car ride from Kuala Kelawang to KL when were were again greeted by yet another biggest dumping site I have ever come across. The dump site is at Genting Peras, before we descend to a junction to Batu 18 Huku Langat.
By the way Genting Peras is part of our water catchment areas. Haven's we learn from our Ampang Valley dumping site debacle that has contaminated that areas water table, turning well water into black sludge?
Douglas Unggah please do not make stupid and tough talks unless you mean it and that you must be sure that you are on top of keeping tab of all environmental degrader and to punish them for destroying the environment.


Anonymous said...

Ah , environmental awareness , an old issue brought up amidst political talk that bored most Malaysian .

Please do more research,digging and exposure on the matter that affect rakyat as a whole . I prefer to read and be alerted more these issues rather than katak,political takeover etc .

adam B

Anonymous said...

bang,.. i rasa tapak pembuangan sampah adalah kuasa PBT bukan NRE
tak adil la u nak marah menteri NRE aje

orang lalu