Thursday, February 05, 2009

The sleeping prime minister slept while Perak was in political imbroglio!

prime minister dollah badawi asleep at official function, enough already!

For those who think prime minister dollah badawi, who led the country to almost a political defeat when five states went to the opposition, has anything to do with Perak coming back to Barisan Nasional's (BN) rules, to think again. He was asleep when his deputy was busy!
He was even told, in not so many words, not to make a press statement through Bernama, a national news agency, to say many oposition members will "jumped" ship to help BN formed a state government.
He was briefed by his ever loyal deputy on the possibility of BN to again forming a state government in Perak hoping his boss will not blurt it out to the press just yet, and guess what, he did the expected!
As in any political imbroglio in the past it was all about power, the right power that is and who should wields it. In the case of PBS, the Sabah party then was smug and arrogant after winning and was showing that un-Malaysian characteristic. PBS tried to play hard-ball with the veteran Feds and lost, quite miserably.
In Sabah the country was at its best under Tun Mahathir whose philosophy was "if you want to have a demonstration we can organise a bigger one".
Under dollah badawi the country suffers and this man has even the audacity to claim credit when credit was definitely not due for him.
This prime minister must vacate his office immediately soon after the Umno General assembly and allows Najib his deputy to take over as PM in order to repair the house that has been considerably damaged by the current prime minister.
Meanwhiloe, by tomorrow Perak will again be under the BN government and hopefully the new mentri besar will not be as arrogant as the last one, who was definitely an amateur.

P.S. The government must now be decisive when trying Anwar Ibrahim in court and to discharge its duty and to sentence this man appropriately. This is the same Anwar who said he will vow to silence the Hindu temple in Penang. And yet the Hindus are still weak as not to tell the difference between a good and a bad leader.


Anonymous said...

You are so so damned right.. Pak Lah can blah if possible blah now.. just cant stand to see his face on the tv and hear his stupid speech..DOesnt he wanna finish off his leave, cukup lah bazirkan duit taxpayer for his paid vacation. Memalukan Malaysia saja bila Pak Lah buka mulut...

Anonymous said...

Oi Burung,

what's your take on Tun's statement that it does no good to BN to be seen accommodating crooks like the two kataks? The old man must be scratching his head on the apparent stupidity of Najib. This is the REAL MORON!
I don't think Nizar is arrogant. He's a pretty decent guy, the sort that UMNO finds difficult to unearth in their midst.


Anonymous said...


Nizar and all PAS YB in Perak are really orang betul and baik. Just ask their constituents

Abang Muda

Anonymous said...

NIzar and all the PAS YB @ Perak mmg sgt baik sebab itu dia jadi PAK TURUT apa yang NGA-NGEH cakap!!

Ooops lemme see again, baik sampai Nga-Ngeh bole cakap, lu ikut apa gua cakap saja, lu ada berapa kelusi dalam ini kelajaan?