Monday, February 09, 2009

So who do you think will make the best opposition leader!

Yes to Ibrahim Ali!

No to Hadi and of course YB BABI

No to lightweight Azmin Ali

In your dream Tian Chua!

Now DAP chairman Karpal Singh has come out publicly saying Yang Berhormat Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (YB BABI) is not fit to be the leader of the opposition who then among the opposition deems fit to take over?!
Let see I have listed some in my mind and have deleted them as being either, too stupid, racist, lightweight, gay, pseudo-socialist, charlatans, parvenus, ex-postmen, smelly unkempt sarong-clad Arabs wannabe, to all the totally China apek tongkang opposition members who cannot SPEAK Bahasa Melayu (the national language) if their lives depended on it , and Hindraf sympathiser types who believe just because India is a nuclear that they can create havoc in this country!
Well I have only one candidate in my mind that is somewhat available within the opposition gene pool that can take over as the official opposition leader and he is none other than DatukIbrahim Ali, I am serious.
Ibrahim seems to tried to make a serious makeover from his problem of being totally suffering from a personality bypass, he took great pain to be seen as a serious politician. He can speak.
About the others let see!
Lim Kit Siang is perceived as a too chauvinist pro-Singapore Chinese; Sarong clad Hadi Awang is too Hamas-type; Azmin Ali a total lightweight; Syed Husin Ali well he squeaks when he speaks no charisma; Karpal cannot speak Bahasa Melayu; Gopalakrishnan still have that Indian- cendol seller mentality, Tian Chua may look like an opium addict no one will take him seriously.
Well guys there is only one and that is Ibrahim Ali!

Have a good Thaiphusam holiday to all sane and like minded Malaysians!


Anonymous said...


YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS....AND YOU'RE THE PITS!!! Having KATAK IB as the new Oppositon Leader is equivalent to having a brain transplant FROM your arse.

Anak murid Cikgu Bedah.

Nasionalis said...

If Ibrahim Ali rejoin UMNO, hmmm ... dearth of the opposition.

Anonymous said...

cendol seller and opium addict.. you are really ...


Anonymous said...

How about Theresa Kok? She is still a virgin, I think. Good barang. It smells a bit though, being associated with piggeries.

And Khalid Ibrahim. He fancies himself to be the country's economist. Only shortcoming is that he has virgin brains - never being used which is now deemed defective. See how he stammers... de, de, de,...

And how about Lim Guan Eng ? Only good for brylcreem advertisement.

...And the winner is Michelle Yeoh.

Ipoh Mali

Zawi said...

I beg to differ. How could Ibrahim be an effective opposition leader? When the PM in waiting becomes the PM he will rejoin UMNO so he wont be independent anymore. UMNO's constitution barring an ex UMNO guy isn't meant to stop such people from rejoining even if one is banned for life. The rule can be bent to suit the situation. Furthermore he won't be MP of Pasir Mas anymore comes the next GE. Nobody in Pasir Mas wants him anymore unless your constutuency wants him. So how could he be an opposition leader when he is not even an MP?
There is an UMNO Dato' from Kuantan Pahang who could be groomed to be a great opposition leader. My choice is SakmongkolAK47. You can forget all the rest in your list. I guess you are familiar with that nick.

ik said...

talking about cina apek can't speak Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia, I think it's even more shameful when melayu can't speak proper BM. Some malay ministers kids go to international schools and speak macam omputeh...apahal... mak bapak melayu. I heard from some reporter friends that many melayus they interviewed, prefer to speak in English than BM. The friends said "sadly, their English is not that fantastic either." melayu2 tak payah la malu nak cakap bahasa ibunda.
But wait... Ibrahim Ali can't speak proper BM...dia cakap kelate.;)

Anonymous said...

I vote for Loh Gwo Burne as next PM in waiting.

Brilliant cameraman and can document today in history.

The rest are a bunch of idiots.

Karpal is a criminal lawyer specialising in releasing criminals back to the streets, and charging legal fees from the loot.

Hadi and other PAS gays in sarongs now wear the turbans meant for Karpal Singh.

Anwar wants to set up a milk factory because he is always crying over spilt milk.

Lim Kit Siang? Hmmm, the Lim dynasty is in the making to fight the Anwar family of father, daughter and mother.

Together, they are Pariah Rakyat made up of devils in disguise.


Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang is perceived as a "too chauvinist pro-Singapore Chinese; Sarong clad Hadi Awang is too Hamas-type; Azmin Ali a total lightweight; Syed Husin Ali well he squeaks when he speaks no charisma; Karpal cannot speak Bahasa Melayu; Gopalakrishnan still have that Indian- cendol seller mentality, Tian Chua may look like an opium addict no one will take him seriously."

this part a good one..especially about the last 2 guys.

Anonymous said...

Whew! For a moment there, I thought you were gonna suggest YAB Nizar instead.
You know who I think should be opposition leader? tun mahathir mohammad kutty.
That should get all the pseudo-malays back to Pakatan.
But seriously, all this stepping down talk is wishful thinking. Let Karpal run his mouth, let the so called cracks form. You cannot name me a party that has not had any internal strife before. It takes fair minded leaders to work out the bugs, while it takes ruthless dictators to spin everything to their favour and sweep problems under the rug.

Anonymous said...

Pasquale I nominate you but not for the opposition but for UMNO. Najib is just not GOOD enough.You will be perfecto, godsend in fact, for the leadership and verbal skill that I think you have. For a start, you adore Mahathir, one of the last dictators, infatuation with PAP, which Mahathir also has, talk like Mugabe, Mahathir's only friend, use of ISA for everyone that dissents, which Mahathir brilliantly did. Now, with that it's moot whoever the opposition throws as their leader, how can they triumph in face of these overwhelming odds? Come to think of it, by the the time you are sworn in, we won't have any opposition. For your deputy I suggest RockyBru. Conniving just like the PM-in-waiting. And he spins better.


Anonymous said...

Pasquale, you are nominated to be the czar of Malaysia, oops, Malayan union...

Chow Chee Bai

Anonymous said...

ZAID IS THE ONLY CHOICE.No DAP chinese chauvanist history,No PAS islamic extreme, rejects UMNO policies,well educated and rich.Why is rich important?because it reduces the temptation of corruption.
A true Malaysian and he shall take RPK as his deputy.