Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sultans should ban karpal from Perak and Selangor?

The caption left out a part that says "the proclamation of Independence on Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (PTM), yes Tanah Melayu"


*News update*

I read the news today oh boy! The Sultan of Selangor urged a bunch of not very nice people, probably people like former mentri besar of Perak nizar and DAP chairman karpal singh, not to "be rude"! Daulat Tuanku, but this is like telling monkeys not to eat banana.
Also to Shafie Afdal, the minister in charge of national unity, urging the same not too nice and a badly brought up people, not to make multi-racialism as an issue that can bring national stress to the country. Well Shafie, good luck to you telling YB BABI, karpal, nizar, lim guan eng, lim kit siang and their fanatical followers to abide to your civilised request!

This was what I read in Malaysia-Instinct:

"The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, should ban DAP chairman Karpal Singh from stepping into his state, said the Kedah Royal Household Association.
Its president Datuk Tengku Zainol Rashid Tengku Yahya said such a ban would be the appropriate for insulting the Perak Ruler.
Karpal Singh had threatened to sue Sultan Azlan Shah for consenting to the appointment of a new Perak Mentri Besar.
“His action does not portray his credibility as a senior lawyer and as an elected representative,” Tengku Zainol Rashid told a joint press conference with The Malay Unity Action Front (BBPM) in Alor Setar yesterday.
Both movements also urged the Malay Rulers Council to hold a special meeting to discuss the type of action that should be taken against Karpal Singh.
BBPM president Osman Abu Bakar said the movement had prepared a memorandum that requested Malays, regardless of their political beliefs, to unite and protect Malay special rights.
In KUANTAN, the former People’s Representatives Council (Mubarak) urged UMNO to debate a motion on the immunity of the Malay Rulers.
Mubarak deputy president Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Rahman said the monarchy seemed to have been made fun of and UMNO should be responsible in reinstating their immunity.

This is what I think:

It is not going to happen because Malays in general have lost it, they have lost their guts and will to stand for their rights, they have low threshold of pain be it in business, politics and basically in anything that they endeavour in.
It is not going to happen because Malays who initially were believed to be a very accommodating people? But in fact that was a wrong perception, they weren't accommodating but they were in fact a bunch of cowards, a bunch of people who were and are still afraid of confrontation or even to die to protect their rights.
My predictions will be Karpal, and his like, will continue to harangue and to ridicule anything Malays because Karpal and his like knows they can get away with it and they know the Malays are just a bunch of morons! Morons mean a bunch of adults with an intelligence of a child, yes morons or otherwise this country is not in the present shit hole that it is in today.
I realise Malays will react to this column frankly I don't care, but I urged them not to just run amok and bang their heads against the wall and to get angry to what I have just said but to think of what I have just said carefully

Meanwhile if I am a non-Malay like Karpal or like any of the belligerent DAP member I will do the same under this ideal situation to get rid of a perceived Malay dominance and to get rid of any institution perceived to be Malays, including the monarchy system that is so hated my the non-Malays! But always remember this the name Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (PTM) was changed to the name Malaysia was to reflect the mild multi-racial society that this country is.
Frankly I would prefer that this country to be reverted to the original name of PTM, then respective people will know their own respective stations well!


anon said...

Magpie, you hit the right note. Beside Karpal there is another worst, a mamak by the name Maharthir who make it possible for our sultans to be taken to court.

67 and 69 said...

Those countries that held fully or nominally by monarch have been numbered down over the decades in response to the people's power of revolution for law of equality. Malaysia is heading towards one of them.

The only contribution made by Mahathir in this country is the setting up of special court for Malay rulers. That's all!

Anonymous said...

since i am a malay guy, i agreed with you about not standing up for the malays.
btw to anon 11.17. fuck you.
and 67 and 69. fuck you,

sayadahbosan ULTRA said...

Aku pun Melayu juga tapi aku rasa macam aku duduk dalam negara yang dipimpin oleh bukan Melayu dan kebanyakannya Taliban jadi-jadian.

Pasang bendera PAS keliling surau al-islah di bangi dan laungkan takbir yang sepatutnya ditujukan kepada Allah dan bukannya untuk mendapat simpati pada parti.

Bodoh punya manusia.


Jom tukar balik dari Malaysia ke Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

Biar kapal sing menyalak lagi dan BABI menyondol semua burit lelaki Melayu

straycat's strut said...

Pasquale, please allow me.

From Anon

Beside Karpal there is another worst, a mamak by the name Maharthir who make it possible for our sultans to be taken to court.

February 14, 2009 11:17 AM

I don't think you even know what Tun has done and the circumstances at that time. Actually, Sultans could be taken to court for actions on his own personal capacity. You know what that means? If you don't, I pun give up.

From 67 & 69
The only contribution made by Mahathir in this country is the setting up of special court for Malay rulers. That's all!

February 14, 2009 1:28 PM

You must be either 7-year old, someone who has a brain of 7-year old or simply someone who listened to Anwar too much. Ever been to KL or Putrajaya? Ever heard of economic downturn 1998? Ever travelled thru' our highways? There is one airport called KLIA, you know that? And once upon a time, do you know that we used thumb at LKY's nose? Just a few examples. The simple ones for you.

No. No. For your info, it was not Anwar or Hadi or Karpal Singh who was the PM then. If I am not mistaken, it must be either you or one cool dude named Tun Mahathir.

Sorry Pasquale, just have to say that. Its hard when someone calls you "one accomodating coward." The truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Magpie,

did you think before you wrote this crap? Just like when you proposed Jins for candidancy, you never really engaged your brain.


Anonymous said...

Hantar dua tiga atau setengah dozen gajah putih kapda mereka.
Tiap tiap orang satu ekor gajah putih.
changkat lobak.
arjuna waspada.

Anonymous said...

hi pasquale,

can we malays do it? i mean to change back malaysia to persekutuan tanah melayu? what then? you can't reverse history and that's the fact.

as a malay, i think its not the issue of being too accomodating to the non-malays, its the issue that some non-malays and some malays are getting too kurang ajar, ungrateful, forgetting their roots and what have you not.

these are the bunch of motherfuckers that runs this country down and the malays down. people like karpal & co, kit siang & co and the likes can only dream if they think they can achieve anything to belittle the malays and dump anything malays in their political struggle.

its the malays themselves that can only achieve this. look at today's malay political leader, what are their political goals other than to mass wealth at their shortest time in power? they are not struggling to take the malays strategically to next higher level in generation to come. they are just clueless in their political vision.

just see for yourself the critical thinking ability the malays have be it in the umno PAU or pas MUKTAMAR to name few largest malay organisation though the letter may claim to be more islamic than malays itself.

in the end we have two group, one claiming to be more malays than islamic and the other one more islamic than malay. see, we are confusing ourselves here. instead we should just be what we are supposed to be that is malay and islamic all the times. yes, we are born malay then islamised and it holds true to all too.

you see, the non-malays especially the cinais, they have the economic numbers though they don't have the masses compared to malays. this the area the malays need to improve and the rest will just follows. the malays will earn the respect and the feeling of living in persekutuan tanah melayu if they can be in front of the economic numbers then.

the malays are accomodating because they feel inferior economically. do you really think we are at the 30% level? how many malay millionaires around compared to the cinais.

only the malays themselves can change this numbers.

Anonymous said...

uncool mate, very uncool post.

Pasquale said...

"uncool mate, very uncool post" if you find it so you are most welcome not to visit me. I am merely venting out what I feel, mate! Do you have am opinion apart from your comment?

Anonymous said...


Was watching BBC "Fall of the Shah", about Iran pre-Khomeini.
There was a quote by Hoyveda, a PM under Shah of ran who said, "if the Shah is weak Iran will be controlled by the British, Russian and American"
It just occurred to me all we have to do to the quote is to change the word Shah to Umno, and the British and the Russian and American to Chinese, Indian and other than non-Malays!.

Frustrated Malay!

Anonymous said...

The difference between a wise man and a fool. 'The Wise man does at the biginning what the fool does at the end'. Ramlax

Anonymous said...

It appears that you are stuck in a 1959 time warp.Your arguments all hold good for that time. But today I am not sure. You do not have to worry people are aready voting with their feet simply because 'brain drain is better than brain in the drain'. Pre Bumiputra.

Anonymous said...

Look to the earliest posting from anon,

How old are you when '93 incident happened ? I was 17 and training among the hockey team mate of English College.My pals was called back by the Sultan of Johor and the coach at that time , Late Mr Gomez ( an Indian , yes a non Malay) critised the Sultan interference in the match.Back to JB he was summoned to see the Sultan and aggression was inflicted upon him.Mahathir,the racist PM ( as you all always proclaimed)then knew that common public must be protected irregardless of race.That is when the amendment of some technicalities of the immunity of Sultans in respect of rakyat protection against violence toward them and some other immunities but not at the expenses of administration power of the royalties such as appointment of MB and ceremonials remains.What Mahathir did was iconic , make Malay heart halfhearted with the action but ... in layman term it does protect you and from having hockey stick striking your ribs by the royalty and get away with it.
Fair isnt it in a civil,loving society ?

Gosh and you have a smart , suave , loving Perak ruler et you people show finger to him..SHAME ON YOU.

To the ultra Malay here , listen I have non Malay friends that I will protect with my blood as they live and respect me sincerely.Do not give blanket hate to other races.
I have an adopted a Chinese son living with me.I speak Mandarin fluently for business use yet love reading translation of al Quran.

Adam B

Anonymous said...


Have you heard the latest about Hishamuddin Aun, the Group Chief Editor of NSTP? Apparently, he has asked Jamaluddin Jarjis to talk to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to retain him as GEIC.

It is disgusting as to how low he can stoop.

Last week, Berita Minggu carried an interview with JJ and this week it was the Sunday Times, all by Hishamuddin's instructions.

I almost puked reading his column on Najib today. He is carrying balls lah.

Last week he even kissed Rosmah's a*se. And this is the same guy who has been going around saying that Rosmah is the actual Prime Minister-in-waiting. He has even said that Najib is being queen-controlled by Rosmah.

And guess what Hishamuddin has even dyed his hair black...

p.s. Kenapa takut sangat Hisham? Kan kau dah banyak bagi bisnes pada isteri kau, owner of Casa Impian. You are part owner of the company. Takkan sampai nak jilat ju**r Rosmah, Najib dan JJ. Malulah sikit...

Hang Lekir

Mr.KETAM said...

Aku rasa ramai org tak faham apa yg Tun Mahathir buat.. Tun MAhathir pinda perlembagaan untuk hapuskan kekebalan RAJA-RAJA MELAYU jika MEREKA membuat kesalahan sivil atau jenayah BUKAN ATAS URUSAN RASMI KERAJAAN..ini bermaksud JIKA SULTAN PERAK SEBAGAI KETUA KERAJAAN NAK PECAT MB dia lakukan tugas rasmi..kalau SULTAN PERAK tak bayar hutang itu kesalahan sivil peribadi bukan atas tugas rasmi..
yang korang sibuk nak kembalikan kekebalan raja-raja membuta tuli kenapa?? kalau raja atau anak raja bunuh anak korang korang nak biarkan ke?? lain kali fikir sebelum buka mulut..

jgn jadi bodoh!!

two-face said...

Reverse psyco?

Dayak warrior said...

Please don't mistaken, if you want to identify Persekutuan tanah melayu that covers only West Malaysia or Malaya if you know what I mean. Sarawak is called Persekutuan Tanah Dayak and Sabah is called Perselutuan Tanah Kandazan.

Anonymous said...

Dayak warrior,

Dayak dan Kadazan pun rumpunan Melayu jugak lah!

Boyan warrior!