Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ultimate goal of erasing Umno Malay by the DAP, does YB BABI care?

This was sent to me, an excerpt from Jeff Ooi screenshot over his comment titled Anwar fingered on Karpal Singh criticising YAB BABI, interesting enough as I have always suspected DAP or rather the Chinese chauvinists of the country has always wanted to get rid of the perceived Malay political domination in the country.
I don't think Penang can ever be reverted to Umno or BN rule, not unless we bombed Georgetown or Komtar to bring DAP to their knees, so to speak. Nevertheless this is again an excerpt of what Jeff Ooi wrote to comment on what Karpal actually said and what he surmised as the real thinking of the DAP, pay attention the the paragraph in red:

So, Karpal went ballistic and fingered Anwar Ibrahim for all the bad political culture in this country?

To prevent any confusion, I gave Reuters a concise context to Karpal's statement when news broke yesterday afternoon.

DAP's Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng and MP Leader Kit have both released their statements, which I received at 11:15hr and 13:24hr today, respectively.

The tone is, for the sake of big-picture politics in Malaysia where the ultimate goal of erasing Umno has yet to accomplish, DAP will continue to regard Anwar as the leader in Pakatan Rakyat. All deliberation will be done through the internal channels, cross parties.


vinnan said...

Tell you what go ahead and bombard Penang. UMNO has the Police and armed forces under its belt shouldn't be difficult. Now, when the non-Malays flee the country the economy of Malaysia WILL collapse.
Malay men and women WILL ened up like the Indons today leaving their countries in drove to look for a living . Malay girls will be like the Indon teens in Batam, Balai and so on selling their young bodies.

At that point in time guess who the Malays will blame for their predicament. Fcuk*** UMNO a**h***s lah. So go ahead and do your worse if you have the telor.

Anonymous said...

Vinnan, saya sokong cadangan anda.
Sekurang nya semua orang termasuk Jeff dan sdr vinnan dapat merasai kesenanagan yand anda mahu kan.
Paspot dan siap lame dah,akan kat Vancouver dah ade 15 tahun dulu.
sedra mara dah ramai (30,000 tak ade permit kerja)di Mancester.
Owang kate bon voyeur lebi macam tu,anda owang putih reti base owang putih kan.
selamt hari baik.
mah ngah tong

Anonymous said...

cakap saja boleh la vinnan..looking forward to see u get lost from here..this what indian/chinese gertak and i am very sick to read it..berambus je lah..pendatang anyway..

Anonymous said...

that's what i have been hearing from you pendatang we won't mati tak makan because a bunch of pendatang like u..i wonder how many can afford to get lost from this place anyway..hmmmm..

they will consider u as negro anyway..

Anonymous said...

Vinnan and his likes,

Why dont you just shut up and just get lost. Please pack up and move out to any country of your choice, dont ever come back.Go ahead la. Please, dont worry about us. Try Mumbai -loads of underage indian girls in Mumbai to suck ur telor what. or U dont have one?

Anonymous said...

cibai betul le vinnan nih..keling memang berlagak ...dia lupa ke atuk dia datang sini tak pakai selipar

Bangsa Malaysia said...

UMNO has passed expiry date, for the good of the country every race have to work together. No single race should dominate politics, we have to respect the Kandazans, Ibans, Malanau, Orang Asli, Malays, Chinese, Indians and every other race.

DAP cannot dominate Malaysia politics alone yesterday, today and tomorrow. UMNO can dominate Malaysia politics and that is bad for our country, Jeff Ooi doesn't like it so do I. We know this is bad for our country, the last 52 years proved.

Look at our beloved country where every race contibuted to help bring what we have today otherwise we would be sending our wife, sister, mother to foreign countries as maids. I say thanks to the Malays, the Chinese, the Indian, the Kandazans, the Orang Alsi, the Ibans and many others.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:46 PM,

people like vinnan are mentally retards thinking malaysia depend on them. the irony is that they never want to leave this malay-malaysia - even if the malays put them in a tongkang full of pigs enough to last them a year's meal or even if Air Asia offer RM1 airfare out of Malaysia to any destination of their choice. LOL.

Anonymous said...

jeffooi is a pin head that complains about everything. He is the same mold as tony pua. will someone smack him and make him realize that malays make up 60% of the nations population.

Anonymous said...

Vinnan go back to India the if life here is so bad. See if the indians there will welcome you. Ungrateful shit. Sick and tired of being looked down, get an education. sick of being poor, learn how to do business. Dont just talk. And you think DAP is so clean, if they take power all the contracts will go to the chinese. And then the indians realize you guys have been suckered again. Shut up and wake the fuck up. That is the reality, 10% of the population and wanna make so much noise. go fly kite.

sayadahbosan ULTRA said...

uhhh i love it when racists are out from their closets.. peekabo!

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Anonymous said...

Alo Tambi Vinnan,

Why don't you take your muruku and shove it up your ass, cos that is where it rightly belongs.

As long as you are here, you shall remain a pariah dog. They all know the likes of you will be a bloody nuisance whether in Ostolia, Yingland or Ahmeerika. Huh, even Chennai won't want you back. Forget Bombay. Stay in Sentul quietly o.k.

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erasing racist said...

What Jeff Ooi rubbish is not important, the fact remains clear that his party needs the support of the Malays so he better know what he is talking. You can have an ultimate goal of erasing UMNO but you cannot erase the Malays in government, today the government is UMNO but tomorrow they can be PKR still they are Malays.

The big picture is that UMNO had lost her plot, afraid to return power to the rakyat in Perak is a sign that the party is laying on her death bed.

Anonymous said...


I share your view. UMNO Malays will be worse than orang Indon if non-Malays leave this country. They've been long spoon-fed by UMNO. Their brain has been toxicated with racist waste. Their IQs are equally downgraded to moronic standard of "tunggu durian jatuh" and that is why their kepala otak sudah lama melayu and they can never progress and survive in open world.

Thamby Bala-Disappeared

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you're not happy here, then just leave lah. i had enough of these empty threats of non-malays leaving and foretelling the collapse of malaysia. If you think china or india will take you guys back, then fucking go. Even in those countries you guys are pariahs the minute your ancestors boarded the ships bound malaysia.







Anonymous said...

To all the little anonymous ultra malays here:
Congratulations! You've just proven once again how your 'Islamic' values have no effect whatsoever on your tiny little skulls. Pats for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9.32pm!
I know for a fact that half Of those so-called ultra-Malays are are just a bunch of Malay speaking Indians and Chinese ultras, old game really to make Malays look bad!

9As Chinese boy/man SPMers!

Anonymous said...

It will be good if people like vinnan or jeff ooi go back to India or China respectively. They will given red carpet welcome and live happily ever after !! I dare to challenge to do so if they feel this country is not good enough for them.

Pak Nasution

Anonymous said...

What Vinnan said was morally wrong and blinkered. The reaction to his statements, although seemingly justified due to the racist sentiments, are also equally blinkered.

On a grassroots level, most people in this country get along. Ask yourselves:

How many of you grew up with, or have good friends or neighbours who are Malay, Chinese, Indian or DLLs?

Although I'm ethnically Chinese (i can trace my ancestry to Malaccan Baba Nyonyas), I consider myself Malaysian first. I love this country, and i think we have a great thing going for us in terms of all the abilities and talents we can pool together as a multicultural society.

The problem with this country is that throughout our nations' history, our political parties are divided by ethnicity, and not proper ideology.

Because of this, most of our country's wealth is taken by an elite few who want the status quo to remain.

It's not only the average Chinese or Indian or Orang Aslis who are victimized, it's the average Malay as well.

To preserve their hold on their wealth and power, the elite have to use 'divide and conquer' tactics among the people, including inflaming racial sentiments. Because of this inflammation of racial issues, each ethnic group blames the other for social inequality and unfair wealth aggegration.

Please remember that all of us are essentially immigrants, with the exception of the Orang Asli. As long as we are born in this country, and (symbolically) we sing Negaraku as our national anthem and believe in our Constitution, we all deserve to be here.