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Is the government afraid of Raja Petra Kamaruddin?


This anonymous comment was sent to one of my postings in Barkingmagpie, I suspect it could be Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) himself, or may be not. Below is the excerpt:

"Read the statement by a Malay who is from royal family and get the truth yourself, Sleepy Bird!" ".......If Tuanku refuses to comply with what is clearly lawful, then challenge him and, if necessary, trigger a Constitutional Crisis like never before seen in the 52-year history of this nation. The people are ready. The next ‘revolution’ is not going to be a race riot a la May 13. It is going to be a class struggle. And I am with the Rakyat on this, never mind my so-called Royal background............." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I and many other law abiding silent majority Malays or Malaysians I am sure do not like threat. What came out of RPK's Malaysia Today sounds like a threat to me, to the Malays and Malaysians alike, to the country in general, to the government, to the monarchy and to the whole institution of the country. Its like a declaration of war!
But, anonymous, or RPK, whoever wrote the comment, I have news for you, we accept your challenge, we accept your challenge from the "rakyat" that you claim to be behind you. You have crossed a line of no return.
For your information there is no grand scale class struggle in this country except for a bunch of bleeding heart liberals who have tasted power and led by their leader YB BABI who will have signed a pact with the devil himself to be in power, for power sake. YB BABI doe not care if the Malays are losing out, or the country in flames, so long as he is in power! That is not a good enough reason for a Malay like me to accept!
RPK, the "rakyat" you claim that will fight your cause with are those who have benefitted from the 52 year of Umno and BN rules. Now that they have the education, the money and they all appear to be envious of what they perceive as a group of Malay elite, incuding the royalty, that you all are perceived having a good time and to be above the law.
No, they are not above the law, they are part and parcel of the constitution that keeps this country politically, socially, economocally,and PSYCHOLOGICALLY together!
Break these down, there will be chaos, a good sample is in Perak where the rules of law have been flaunted and the novice opposition clearly could not hold a state government together, when even a sacked Speaker of the state legislatiuve assembly even refused to report to the police for a statement when asked to nicely. RPK to quote your famous line: "bring it on to us"

For the uninitiated here is a bit about this man RPK who is known for telling the "truth".
He once told me he is pro-monarchy and will die for it! I guess like a loose cannon anywhere he is psychologically unstable and untrusworthy with his words!
He was just a Raja by virtue of his father who was a member of the Selangor royalty and who died when RPK was very young. His father was a cousin to the late Sultan of Selangor. However, the present Sultan of Selangor was quoted as saying "RPK ni dah gila" or "RPK has gone mad".
His mother, if I am not mistaken was Welsh, also died when he was young. RPK was adopted or rather raised by Tengku Ampuan Terengganu when he was small. Not much is known about his childhood upbringing, obviously not a happy one. We have a lot more on his family and personal history, including a stint in a sanatorium in England, but will not divulge it since we are Malays with adat, we do not believe in shaming the entirely family for a sin of one father.
We even have compromising pictures of a very famous politician who wants to be the next prime minister. He was photographed with a male partner, clearly seen. But to quote TDM, "by showing it will inflict shame to the family". You see the government can also play a dirty tricks, the dirtiest if it wants to.
I liked RPK and had him and his wife at my place for tea and we had a good chat. In the beginning I found him interesting and clever. He also begged me to take him to see a certain politician, which I did.
He had wanted some financial help from this politician that I shall not disclose as promised, as I am a man who always keeps his word. I took him to see this politician because he needed financial help for his website. He was not entertained since we thought he could not be trusted and was obviously a mercenary.
He was at that time working for Tun Mahathir, at least that was what he said. He told me that if the person that I took him to see would pay him, he (RPK) would write all the good things. That was when we thought he was not being sincere and cannot be trusted.
How one man can get away with accusing and defaming others and can get away with it!


Anonymous said...

Good story for a lazy Saturday afternoon. This is as good as the one about Badawi staying on as PM come next month.

Anonymous said...

This is the actual Raja we should kick in the but !!!.
Hati Busuk this RPK. I wonder is there any Malay blood in his vein. or maybe more on Jewish Welsh.

Anonymous said...

Malay mamaks and half breed racists of UMNO are the root cause of all the evil problems that this country is facing now

Anonymous said...

yep. this is exactly how McCain supporters were when they heard of Obama. I pray that giant cat which got all of their tongues gets yours as well.

Anonymous said...

you know, pasquale, judging from your posts and comments on rocky bru's blog, i'd say you have the character and imagination of a nine year old. apparently wordplaying on people's names and taking pot shots are joyful glee to you. i do really wonder what kind of reporter you were let alone how you even became one. do grow up, mate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2:29 PM:
Piss off, you anti-semitic piece of dung.

Anonymous said...

"YB Anwar Ibrahim does not care if the Malays are losing out, or the country in flames, so long as he is in power!"

losing out?? you mean after 51 years of NEP and crap, and they are STILL losing out?? Show me 10 malays 'losing out', and i will show you a hundred thousand non-malays who have lost out.


Anonymous said...

MBS Anonymous!
The whole of KL and the choicest prime real estate in the country is owned by Chinese, and the richest group in the country is Chinese, so if you show me one hundred thousands no-malays that have lost out I can probably show you more malays that are not all that well off!
Malays are disfranchised int heir own country so don't talk crap!


Anonymous said...

Stop reading MT way a long while ago when this otak-tak-betul started foaming at the mouth. The kind of comments and readers he gets is only worthy of his blog! Dia ni banyak makan nasi langkah p...* bacin ni.

Chinese losing out- my ass!

Free Tibet

Anonymous said...


you can't be wrong on this. even HRH the Sultan of Selangor said similar things that there are Malays that are undermining the monarchy and constitution.

obviuosly, these are the two malays or half-malays. one is gila kuasa and the other one is sudah gila.

ini dua orang harus taubat.

Anonymous said...


Answer to your stupid question is "Yes"...because it's probably the TRUTH". And to "Melayu who cannot get Housing Loan"....sudah kah Anda memasuki UMNO dimana RASUAH berluluasan?....Boleh jadi dapat duit beb!!! TAKGUNA punya Melayu pinjam Bank pun tak boleh!!!

Macam mana mau hidup.

Anonymous said...


I don't blame you, dude. you're just one of the million of poor Malays who are still blaming Chinese for your poor status. Umno has been very successfully in deverting your moronic senses for your real cause of your problems. Wake up dude, go back and ask your Umno tuan why you still couldn't get your housing loan.

Going-to-get-my-fourth-house-and fourth-wife-Melayu

Canny Boo said...


Hahaha, you must be the real idiot type of Melayu and that's why you can't get your housing loan. Join UMNO and be the goon then you may probably own a bank one day. Even an ex-KTM post guard by the name of Zakaria Moron owned a palace in Klang.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.13am
Ah..blessed be your bangsa - they got all this prime land and deals through their 'honest and clean' efforts ya. Bedtime stories you tell your another-bigot-in-the-making kids to share with their friends in their racist ethnic schools the next morning.You're no different, you're so blinded by your hate for the malays, you'ld rather kiss this lunatic 's ass.

Pegi mati lo lagi senang- but do creamate, dont make itu dubur, solly la i mean, kubur, besar2 kasi itu tanah melayu waste saja.

Bodoh Wee said...

Melayu bodoh yang cannot get a housing loan

Malu sebagai Melayu kalau housing loan pun tak dapat. Pergilah cari UMNO politikus untuk bantuan. Kalau tak dapat, terjunlah dari tingkat teratas Bangunan UMNO!

fencesitter said...

stupid racist comments like those posted here will be the cause of racial war in this country. something like what happened in bosnia. a lot of malaysians apparently refused to acknowlede how lucky they are, living in this land of plenty. cant even think rationally before speaking. so much hate floating about the cyberspace these days. and some said May 13 is just a BN's bogeyman. hopefully najib will be able to put a stop to all these when he takes over.

Anonymous said...

Melayu tak dapat housing loan? Check your payslip lah! Dah bagi diskaun ape. Nak FREE ke?

Thank god! Kalu tak Malaysia pun akan hadapi krisis sub-prime mortgage.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Anonymous said...

Work on this !Another hate article ofslam.Time like this is when I quetion myself , where is the holy PAS people ?

RPK, a liar for Islam, or just incredibly ignorant?
Posted by admin
Monday, 09 March 2009 18:25
A piece for all of your perusal, a rebuttal I have written in response to RPK's latest column. It's doubtful that anyone in Malaysia has the cojones to post this, but I'd like to be proven wrong.

by The Anti Jihadist

Today, here in fair Malaysia, it's the so-called 'Prophet's' birthday and hence a national holiday for everybody. Well, I certainly don't mind having a day off, so I cooked a nice tasty haram bacon breakfast, and now I'm going to write my first column in several weeks. What better way to celebrate the birth of that delusional, 7th century psychopathic 'prophet'?

My favourite Malaysian writer and provocateur Raja Petra ('RPK') has an annoying habit of writing pieces that apologise for Islam, the aggressive and intolerant ideology that somehow has won his allegiance. His latest piece has a jaw-dropping title that is breathtaking in its audacity: Freedom of opinion and speech in Islam. And RPK's main idea here? Rather than paraphrasing, I shall quote from his piece thusly:

"The concept of freedom of opinion as applied by the Prophet is mentioned in various verses of the Quran revealed in both Mekah and Medina. The total freedom of opinion and speech is a principle that was guaranteed by Islam since the beginning of the revelation."

Wait an infidel he kidding?!? Islam guarantees freedom of speech? The idea is laughable, ridiculous and absurd, until one realises that RPK, that powerhouse writer, intellectual extraordinaire, is being absolutely serious. Hence, RPK's thesis deserves a careful and thorough debunking.

First of all, RPK fails to mention in his own article which verses of the Quran supposedly guarantee 'freedom of speech.' Perhaps we're supposed to just take his word for it, then? And what does RPK mean when he says 'freedom of speech', anyway? Does he mean that Islam or its founder can be criticised? It stands to reason that Mohammed, were he alive, would certainly disagree with RPK's notions; Mohammed had critics of his movement (the poet Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf, among others) assasinated on his personal orders, during his own lifetime [1]. In other words, Muslims have a word for 'freedom of speech' and 'criticism of Islam', and that word is blasphemy.

Mohammed's followers have diligently followed their prophet's example, killing untold numbers of people (Muslims and otherwise) over the years who dared to criticise Islam. Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was stabbed to death in broad daylight on a street in Amsterdam in 2004 by a Muslim immigrant following the release of his film 'Submission' which was highly critical of Islam [2]. At the trial, Gogh's murderer Mohammed Bouyeri was unrepentant -- and absolutely clear about why he murdered van Gogh. “I did what I did purely out my beliefs,” he explained, Quran in hand. “I want you to know that I acted out of conviction and not that I took his life because he was Dutch or because I was Moroccan and felt insulted….If I ever get free, I would do it again.” He was, he said, acting in accord with Islamic law: “What moved me to do what I did was purely my faith. I was motivated by the law that commands me to cut off the head of anyone who insults Allah and his prophet.” [3] Other well-known critics of Islam, like Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, require round-the-clock protection and face nonstop efforts (litigation, death threats, etc) from Muslims and others to silence them.

But this barbarous Islamic behaviour is not just a recent phenomena. Nor was van Gogh the first critic of Islam to be silenced. Back in 1946, Islamic radicals of a group called Fadayan-e Islam murdered Iranian lawyer Ahmad Kasravi in court; Kasravi was there to defend himself against charges that he had attacked Islam [4]. Four years later, members of the same group assasinated Iranian prime minister Haji-Ali Razmara after a group of Muslim clerics issued a fatwa calling for his death. In 1992, Egyptian writer Faraj Foda was murdered by Muslims enraged at his 'apostasy' from Islam--a capital offence under traditional Islamic law. Foda's countryman, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist Naguib Mahfouz, was stabbed in 1994 by more of RPK's co-religionists after being accused of blasphemy [5].

But Muslims are not content with the mere murder of individuals, however prominent they may be. Criticism of Islam or of its prophet is against the law in virtually every country with a Muslim majority or with a Muslim-controlled government. To wit, in supposedly 'moderate' Malaysia, such activities are deemed as a "national security threat", punishable with fines and/or imprisonment, with or without trial or charge [6]. These blasphemy laws permit the arrest, detention and torture of suspects of either Muslims or non Muslims on the slimmest of evidence. In some of those countries, such as Sudan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, such criticism is a capital offense [7]. Curiously, these laws have never aroused the ire or disapproval of any Muslims or Muslim groups. Rather, it is always the other way--Muslims continuously wish to shut down debate regarding Islam in their own nations and elsewhere, via censorship, blasphemy laws, lobbying, lawsuits, litigation and any other means at their disposal [8]. What kind of 'freedom' are Muslims peddling here?

Is it possible that all these Muslims, from every part of the world, over the course of decades (if not centuries) have all somehow 'misunderstood' the teachings of their prophet? This is what RPK desperately wants everyone to believe. Or rather, have these Muslims faithfully carried out the core teachings of Mohammed? The traditional Muslim view, supported by centuries of Islamic jurisprudence and enunciated by Pakistan's Federal Sharia Court, is simply this: "The penalty for contempt of the Holy death and nothing else." [9]

Does this sound like anything remotely resembling 'total freedom'? RPK, what planet are you living on?


1. Website URL Accessed 9 March 2009

2. Robert Spencer, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam" Regnery Publishing, 2005, pg 214

3. Website URL Accessed 9 March 2009

4. Website URL Accessed 9 March 2009

5. Website URL Accessed 9 March 2009

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7. Website URL Accessed 9 March 2009

8. Website URL Accessed 9 March 2009

9. Ashok K. Behuria, "It is Election Time...," Asian Affairs, October 2002

-Expose and condemn these malicious mockery.

Adam B

Anonymous said...

RPK is better than the medicine man at the pasar malam. Full of convincing talk but may not even be able to tie his own shoe lace.

A great story teller. Nothing more.

He can tell you how to dismantle a car, piece by piece, screw by screw without lifting a finger. The idiots will follow his instructions till the car is in pieces and it ends there. You and pieces of your car. Build it back? Aha, that's your problem, my friend, so don't make it mine.

Same thing with Black Money Scam, Magic Stone and Get Rich Quick Schemes. Despite knowing it is a con job, people still believe in miracles.

Bravos, RPK.


Average_ Malay said...


Looks like the forum has turned ugly since.I dont think all visitors to this blog are Perakians but the logo on the right top most is clearly that of the state of mine that I suggest all bloggers here to show your real 'picture' in giving comments as good as how you are going to speak spontanuosly in open public forum.Otherwise you perhaps are only an oppurtunist who throws many stones at your rivals so cowardly that nobody would even notice you. I respect all bloggers who dare to withstand to his critics in cyberworld or in ral space.