Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pak Lah was tricked into attending a religious day earlier!

He was tricked into coming a day earlier and he also did not expect to see YB BABI at same function! The face tells it all!

*news update*

(This was what reported by the NST today Thursday, March 12th.)

KUALA LUMPUR, Wed: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has refuted reports that he had a discussion with Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim during a religious event in Hulu Langat, Selangor, yesterday.
Abdullah said he attended the event on the invitation of prominent religious figure, Syeikh Mahmud al-Majzub.

"I was invited and I went, and when we were in the midst of having lunch, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim came. He was invited to sit and have lunch. That's all. No discussion.

"Syeikh Mahmud conveyed his view to me about the various problems in the world today and he stressed that it was important for leaders of this country to be fair and to always ensure peace.

"He (Syeikh Mahmud) spoke to me; he did not speak to Anwar. Nothing more than that," Abdullah, who is Defence Minister, told reporters after visiting the Sepanggar Naval Base here today.

And yes he wasn't told YB BABI was coming!

One of the PM's aides also said "hogwash" when asked whether if there was indeed a pact between Pak Lah, the outgoing PM, and with opposition leader YB BABI!
"No way, my boss, a decent man, he is ready to leave and give it to Najib. He was definitely tricked into coming a day earlier to this religious function in Hulu Langat and he was equally shocked to see Anwar Ibrahim and his wife at the same function," said this aide.

And do you wanna hear a real saucy sources story? Hear this!

Prime Minister Abdulah Ahmad Badawi was told to attend a Maulidur Rasul function in Hulu Langat one day earlier, as told by one his trusted "aides".
What ever being said about him, he is a decent bloke and a very religious one. He was not supposed to be at the function today but he came because a religious man simply cannot say no to such function.
"It was already scheduled in the book for him to be at the function in Hulu Langat on Wednesday 11th. Then we found out that he had to attend the function today (Tuesday)," said an aide who wished to remain anonymous.
The aide said: " What can Pak Lah do?! To walk out of a religious function?"
"He was equally shocked to see Anwar Ibrahim and his wife suddenly behind him. Of course as a guest of honour he had to be civil. We found out later Anwar was also the guest of honour, imagine that?!" exclaimed this aide.
When asked this morning (at 12.10am Wednesday morning) whether if it was true what Anwar said to Pal Lah about Najib taking as over as PM a mistake, this aide again said "hogwash".
"Any reporter can ask him (Pak Lah) if it was true that he said that it was already too late and that Najib will take over. Pak Lah never said that and he also never said he had core people in the party to keep tab of Najib when he is the prime minister," she said.

Excerpt of what Malaysiakini wrote: "The presence of the two leaders at the same table raised eyebrows as well as questions on whether the outgoing premier and the waiting-to-be premier are stitching a political pact."

What do we expect from Malaysiakini, a pro-opposition and pro-YB BABI news website and we do not expect less for it to spin the untruth into something that can actually destroy this country.

May the force be with us!


Anonymous said...

Pak Lah's aide. Sokongan yang membawa rebah.
It's also kind of weird when pak lah actually arrived in time.

Anonymous said... sore losers are just picking on Anwar because he wants to abolish the NEP. if given a chance, you parasites would want to cling on to this racist policy forever.

Anonymous said...

Err. 2 politicians meet at a function, big deal.

Why always this spinning by everyone, including you?

Anonymous said...

It may be true. Anwar has never thanked Pak Lah openly for his release from prison. Had it not been for Pak Lah, Anwar would still be lining up for food in jail.

But being an ungrateful man, Anwar instead wants to bite the hand that opened the door.

So, it may be true that a secret'trade off' pact was made by these two somewhere along the way.

Anwar's been defended by Pak Lah and allowed to conduct unlimited chaos since his release. And if one ever notices, Anwar never said anything bad about Pak Lah's weaknesses, but jumps like a mad fool before others could even open their mouths.

In politics, be prepared to expect the unexpected, expectedly or unexpectedly.


straycat's strut said...

I don't know much about protocol but seriously, you can "trick" a Prime Minister into attending a function? Idiotic ain't it? What is the chance of me tricking him into attending my birthday celebration? I'll make it a religious do with nasyid thrown in.

Care to elaborate why our brother wants to be seen with our out-going PM?

And for you to say that PL is a decent and religious man, well, I have my own reservation and honestly, I am not even sure what this guy is actually capable of. For a start, he was quite good at lying while appearing "alim" and for Anwar, such trait is an asset.

And they need someone to take Eli's place too. Atleast he could be assured that there'll be no more indecent exposures this time knowing that PL will always be sleeping in his jean.

Anonymous said...

Y U repeatedly called another human being BABI?

Slanderous will get u nowhere, old fool!

Pasquale said...

Anonymous YB BABI is short for Yang Berhormat Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim, so I cannot be expected subsequently to spell the title and his name every time, eh! Too long!
Plus those who do not respect my Malay institution deserved to be called worse than BABI!
Call me anythjing but I am happy!

Cheers Moron!

Anonymous said...

bro go to:

byk cerita pasal pertemuan itu & ajaran sesat. wallahualam.

* nuri *

sfso@pulaijb said...


Looks like your blog manage to make these so called
"new malaysian"@anti malay panas punggung..Well done bro.Actually they love and adore u..That's why they never forget to leave u a comment..

Here's something to ponder.Wether it's true or not,have to ask Parpu Kari.Just merely pasting it here

Here it goes,


Sebelum ini kita umat islam telah banyak didedahkan akan beberapa sikap liberal dan munafiknya anwar bin ibrahim(YB BABI) memperkuda/merosakkan Islam demi mengejar cita-citanya kemaruk kuasa untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri.

Anwar Bin Ibrahim pernah menyanjungi Salman Rushdie dalam komentarnya memuji buku satanic verses, anwar bin ibrahim tidak pernah menyatakan BANTAHAN dalam persoalan murtad lina joy, hudud yang selama ini diperjuangkan oleh parti pas kini sudah menjadi bahan cacian karpal singh, kumpulan artikel 11 dan pejuang-pejuang IFC ( INTER FAITH COMISSION) kini sudah kembali 'bertenaga dan bersemangat' setelah anwar secara komited memberikan HARAPAN BARU untuk mereka menyamarata kan hak ISLAM DAN BUKAN ISLAM.

ini adalah beberapa contoh betapa 'terdesaknya' anwar bin ibrahim untuk 'mengejar saki baki masa' yang ada untuk MEROSAKKAN SECARA TOTAL HAK AGAMA DA BANGSA DEMI MEMENUHI TUNTUTAN NAFSU UNTUK BERKUASA MENJADI PERDANA MENTERI KE 6.

Hari ini anwar telah memerangkap paklah untuk bertemu dengan seorang tua bernama Mahmud Bin Hj Abd Rahman (pengasas ajaran aurad ismailiah) yang telah difatwakan sebagai SESAT oleh bekas mufti negeri selangor, almarhum dato' ishak baharom. orang tua ini telah dijadikan medium perantaraan untuk anwar bertemu dengan paklah dan digunakan sebagai 'agenda pemula' anwar untuk kembali menjadi pejuang islam dan ikon perpaduan melayu. sayang perangkap anwar bin ibrahim ini TELAH DAPAT PIHAK KAMI KESAN.


Enactment. 2 / 1989
IN exercise of the powers conferred by subsection 31(1) and section 32 of the Administration of Islamic Law Enactment 1989 the Mufti for the State of Selangor, after discussion with the Islamic Legal Consultative Committee, makes the fatwa as specified in Schedule.


( 1 )
Ajaran Aurad Ismailiah yang diajar oleh Mahmud bin Abd.Rahman didapati menyeleweng daripada ajaran Islam yang sebenar. Oleh yang demikian, umat Islam dilarang mengamalkan ajaran itu.

( 2 )
Orang-orang Islam yang telah menerima ijazah dan mengamalkan Aurad Ismailiah yang diajar oleh Mahmud bin Abd.Rahman di mana-mana jua berada hendaklah meninggalkan dan segera bertaubat serta memohon keampunan kepada ALLAH Subhanahu Wata'alla.

Dibuat pada 25hb Oktober 1995
Made the 25th October 1995.[JAI.Sel.8014/7 Jilid IV; P.U.Sel.AGM/0007.]

Mufti Negeri Selangor

For more details;

So don't trust everything that u read in malaysiakini only ok..

Malaysiakini also bias maaa....

outkhai said...

semua dok mengadap paklah makan apahal??

Anonymous said...

Err.. maybe they were discussing about a smooth transition, since Pak Lah did not meet DSAI last September....

Idzan Ismail said...

Dear Pasquale

Malaysians love to see sinister things behind every move.
Abdullah and BABI were plonked tgether because they were both invited by the host.
It is not in Abdullah to play dirty on anyone.
And to plot against Najib with many standing in attendance.

capt cock said...

hmmm.....he must be pretty naive then.....also suddenly our intelligence service is not that intelligent .....whatever it is, the picture tell it all.....

Anonymous said...

PAk Lah muka blur...

Tok Guru Senyum Kambing, macam mengharap

Anwar senyum mengena..